Supreme Uprising Chapter 616

Chapter 616 The Great Desert Sand Gale

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The black-robed lady was also an impressive figure in the City of Gold. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to ascertain that her son would become the next City Lord after the death of her husband.

She had actually returned this time to look for assistance. She would also spare no effort to entice the people that could help and assist her.

However, she had never imagined that she would actually hear such news upon returning to the City of Gold.

Her beloved son would become the disciple of this sinister old fellow with some laughable excuse, and she would become the concubine of someone she had never heard of before.

She hadn’t heard the word concubine for so long, yet she would actually become one.

Upon hearing the Iron Palm Sect decree, the lady in black started fuming. However, a shiver ran down her spine when she saw the smile of that sinister old man.

The Iron Palm Sect of the Great Desert was a sect that even the Tianyunshen Dynasty dealt with carefully, as one of the 12 Sacred Celestials supported them.

The Burning Emperor!

Although the existence that lorded over the Great Desert hadn’t appeared for many years, his will was the law and order in the entire Great Desert. Nobody could question it or be disobedient.

The members of the Iron Palm Sect of the Great Desert were his disciples. Although they didn’t have much power and influence, nobody dared resist the will of the Iron Palm Sect within the Great Desert. If they disobeyed, their family would be destroyed.

“Sis-in-law, Blossoming Divine Palms Mr. Mu is famous for having tender feelings for the fairer sex. It would be an honor for you to stay by his side for many years!” Suhe Jinlei’s eyes were gleaming with ecstasy.

The lady’s trembling got stronger when she heard the name Mr. Mu. As a woman that held half the authority of the City of Gold, how could she not have heard of Mr. Mu’s reputation?

Women that fell into this fellow’s grasp either became insane or were turned into shells of their former themselves that would rather be dead.

How dare one have the gall to actually make her one of his subordinates? Just thinking about it made the black lady feel as though she was going crazy.

“Suhe Jinlei, this is rubbish. Our City of Gold and the Iron Palm Sect of the Great Desert aren’t intertwined, so we don’t have to pay attention to them,” said the middle-aged man standing by Xi’er’s side. At the moment, his eyes were wide open.

As a peak Man Celestial-Grade elite, this person had a reputation within the City of Gold. His master was also an Earth Celestial-Grade existence within the city.

Although he wasn’t on the Earth Fiend Starlord list, he was still a tower of strength.

Suhe Jinlei had not agreed to let Xi’er become the next successor just because of Xi’er’s bloodline, but also because he was supported by the master of this middle-aged man.

“He he… I was wondering who was talking big! Turns out that it’s Su Longgai. Your master has already fled with only one arm left. I ought to send you on your way in a bit.” Suhe Jinlei glared viciously at the middle-aged man.

There was a trace of impatience in Elder Cheng’s eyes as he said, “Alright, enough talking. I will take the little brat with me. You handle the rest yourself.”

“Yes, Elder Cheng!” Then, he affixed his gaze to the thousands of guards of this troupe. “All of you listen up. You should know what the Great Desert’s Iron Palm Sect’s main rule is.”

“Those who obey live, those that oppose die!”

The surrounding area suddenly became uneasy. However, the lady in black finally remembered something and said, “Suhe Jinlei. Do not forget about the Hidden City. The Ancestral Master of the Hidden City wouldn’t let you act this way.”

“Hidden City? You know about the Hidden City? This is just great!” Elder Cheng chuckled. “Your Hidden City’s Ancestral Master? Very good! Our sect’s Ancestral Master is prepared to have a meeting with the fellow from your Hidden City. However, we have to see whether he will dare show up.”

Then, Elder Cheng clapped his hands and a blond middle-aged man walked out slowly.

If the lady in black had still wanted to struggle before, her heart turned cold rapidly when that middle-aged man walked over.

Ultimately, she still said, “Big Brother, I never imagined that I would see you here.”

“Stop this futile struggle, sis. This matter involves a supreme existence. Our Patriarch’s instructions are that you listen to their arrangements.” Although the man seemed to be in anguish, he eventually spoke resolutely.

He had no choice. His entire family, much less he alone, couldn’t go against the will of that sort of supreme entity.

Although this sort of order made him furious, he had no choice but to go to the City of Gold in the Great Desert to dispel his young sister’s ultimate thoughts of resistance.

Suhe Jinlei was pleased and jubilant as he watched the lady in black, who was at a loss for words.

Fortunately, he had chosen to rely on the people of the Iron Palm Sect when they had first arrived. If someone else had grasped this opportunity, then perhaps he would have been the one in a miserable state instead.

“Enough, sis-in-law. No, I should address you as Lady Mu. Stop these useless actions and return to spend your life with Mr. Mu!”

Suhe Jinlei turned to Xi’er and motioned. “Xiao Xi’er, come over!”

Xi’er might be young, but he was already very sensible. The sudden changes had made him sense that something wasn’t right.

He stood by Luo Yunyang’s side and unconsciously tugged on the man’s hands before he started to bawl.

Elder Cheng stared at the sky. He didn’t care about the grievances and grudges within the City of Gold. What he needed to do was bring the entire City of Gold under control according to his sect’s arrangements.

“Are you from the Iron Palm Sect?” An indifferent voice was heard.

Elder Cheng was displeased when he heard this lazy voice because he felt that this question was disrespectful to the Iron Palm Sect.

He looked over and saw Luo Yunyang, who was standing beside Xi’er. He simply didn’t have any intention of noticing this seemingly ordinary figure.

Thus, he gestured with his hands, which were behind his back. An Iron Palm sect disciple jumped out towards Luo Yunyang and blasted out a palm strike.

As he did so, a huge golden palm mark formed in the sky. This golden mark seemed as though it could punch a hole in the sky.

Peak Man Celestial Su Longgai stiffened. Without any hesitation, he brandished his sword and reacted to that palm strike.

He was at the peak of the Man Celestial, whereas the other party only had a level-five Man Celestial cultivation. However, when blade-light and palm strike collided in the sky, Su Longgai felt a surging, roiling power enter his abdomen. He instantly coughed out some blood involuntarily.

“How naive!” said the Iron Palm Sect disciple. He simply didn’t care about Su Longgai. Thus, he shot out another palm strike towards Luo Yunyang.

Su Longgai had taken a hit, so no one tried to help Luo Yunyang this time. Suddenly, the lady in black said loudly, “Stop!”

Unfortunately, nobody listened to her. The golden palm strike descended heavily and smacked the ground just before Luo Yunyang. The disciple that had attacked had a savage look in his eyes. However, that look turned to fear soon.

It was a fear that welled from the depths of his heart. A trepidation that was difficult to believe. Amid this fear, his body shattered without a sound.

Elder Cheng was well-versed in his own disciple’s cultivation base. Seeing this person shatter his own disciple without even lifting a finger made him realize that the man they had encountered wasn’t ordinary.

“Sir, I do not know who you are, but you have to know that anyone who opposes the Iron Palm Sect of the Great Desert does not meet a good end.”

“My Senior Brother, the Iron Palm Sect’s sect master, Great Desert Sand Gale Yun Feiyang, who ranks 9th among the Celestial Dipper Star Lord, is already overseeing the City of Gold.”

Practically everyone exhaled sharply when the words ‘Great Desert Sand Gale Yun Fengang’ were said. Although the exports by Lady Xie’s side were mostly Sky Man-Grade, this didn’t prevent them from knowing about Yun Feiyang’s reputation.

Saying that the Great Desert Sand Gale was a king within the Great Desert wasn’t wrong.

In no time, the way many of these people looked at Lady Xie changed. They no longer felt that there was any hope left for Lady Xie.

Although Lady Xie was unresigned, her eyes started to fill with despair when she heard about the Great Desert Sand Gale.

She knew that things had already reached the point of no return. However, no matter how unhappy she was, she could either obey or die.

It would also be best for Mr. Luo if he didn’t oppose the Iron Palm Sect. Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to escape.

Just as Lady Xie’s mind became a muddled chaos of thoughts, she heard Luo Yunyang say, “Yun Feiyang’s 9th rank among the Celestial Dipper Starlords is a gross overstatement. Given the little ability he possesses, he shouldn’t even be amongst the top 20.”

These words sounded like a senior’s opinion for a junior. Elder Cheng’s expression turned very ugly when he heard this.

He knew that, given that so many people were there, these words would definitely reach the sect. The moment it was known that he hadn’t done anything to this crazy fellow, Elder Cheng would have to forget about staying in the sect.

“F*cker, you are asking for it!” Elder Cheng moved his palm and a golden palm shining as intensely as the sun barreled towards Luo Yunyang heavily. This palm contained the immense power of laws.

Luo Yunyang only waved his sleeves gently, yet that extremely overbearing attack crumbled right away.

Elder Cheng was sent flying too.

“Sir, our Great Desert’s Iron Palm Sect wouldn’t let this matter end just like this!” Elder Cheng bellowed as he lay on the ground with a grimace. This was the first time he had been humiliated this way.

“Indeed, you are right. This matter isn’t over!” Luo Yunyang said icily. “The Iron Palm Sect has to give me an explanation!”

“I heard that somebody wants the Iron Palm Sect to give an explanation.” A furious gale seemed to pick up as these frosty words were heard.

While this gale revolved, a majestic figure appeared in the sky.