Supreme Uprising Chapter 617

Chapter 617 Landscapes Like Paintings Emperors Descending From Heaven

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The mans purple-golden crown, purple-golden robes, the fact that he dressed even more exaggeratedly than the Emperor of the Tianyunshen Dynasty, combined with his bold and mighty look, made others feel oppressed.

Elder Cheng and the other disciples of the Iron Palm Sect bowed respectfully when they saw this man. "Our respects, Sect Master!"

"No need for formalities." As the man spoke, his gaze fell on Luo Yunyang. Although Luo Yunyangs aura had changed a lot from the past, Yun Feiyangs heart could not help but tremble the moment he saw him.

Extremely dangerous!

This was the thought he had the moment he saw Luo Yunyang. The only people who could make him feel that way were this person and Celestial Thearch-Grade existences.

The blue-clothed man had a knife by his side.

Yun Feiyang almost confirmed the identity of this person immediately. He had not expected that this individual would appear before him in such a manner.

Although he was already prepared, his heart couldnt help trembling. After all, he knew that this person could definitely slay him in an instant.

"I am Yun Feiyang. May I know your name, distinguished sir?"

His words made Elder Cheng and the others expressions change drastically. As the sect master of the Iron Palm Sect, Yun Feiyang had always been bossy and domineering.

The Burning Emperor was like a giant tree they could lean on, as there were few people in this world who frightened him. It was so uncharacteristic of him to be so polite.

Luo Yunyang looked at the solemn Yun Feiyang and said, "I am whoever you think I am."

As soon as he said that, his eyes moved past Yun Feiyang and stared at the endless horizon. "Since you are here, theres no need to hide yourself!"

This sentence, that seemed to come out of nowhere, was followed by a golden light that appeared in the sky.

Amidst the golden light and miles of sand, on top of the mountain range consisting of 99 mountains made of golden grains of sand, stood a person that was looking down from the sky.

This person had appeared like a Celestial Emperor descending to the mortal world!

This image made it hard to believe that this was a real person.

Luo Yunyang watched the golden expanse that seemed to be a world of its own with a cold gaze. He had already guessed that this matter was more complicated than he had imagined.

"As I said before, since youre here, theres no need to hide yourself." His voice rang out once again with a hint of indifference.

The instant he heard this voice, a black light appeared again in the void. This time, the black light evolved into a vast land filled with deadly stillness. In the center of the vast earth was a black throne.

On the throne sat a dark-faced old man who was looking at Luo Yunyang with an amused expression.

Luo Yunyang glanced at this person. He seemed unfazed, whereas Yun Feiyang was stunned. He could not help but exclaim, "The Black Emperor! He Why has he come?"

Yun Feiyangs voice was low, yet he couldnt even hide the slightest thought, let alone his mumbling words, from the existence on the black throne.

"Hmph!" A low groan came from the Black Emperor. A strong force was concealed within this low groan.

Yun Feiyang felt as though countless steel needles were pricking at his mind, making him extremely uncomfortable.

"Old Black, why bother lowering yourself to deal with a junior?" The Burning Emperors appearance was a bit forthright, but his thoughts were very meticulous.

The moment he spoke, a force split and shrouded Yun Feiyang. Yun Feiyang, who had been feeling very uncomfortable, instantly felt much better.

He didnt even dare have any strange thoughts right now, as he couldnt afford to provoke any of these people.

The Black Emperor did not speak or look at Yun Feiyang again.

The hearts of the ordinary disciples of the Iron Palm Sect were pounding like drums. They didnt know how to describe the current situation.

Although their Ancestral Master was there and he would never let anything happen to them, if a conflict really broke out between these high-ranking existences, they were definitely going to die.

Luo Yunyang simply nodded at the Black Emperor. His eyes continued to scan the surroundings before he said mockingly, "The three of you, why bother concealing yourselves when you are here? Let me see what this joke is about!"

When he said this, a long laugh reverberated around the area. This laugh was followed by three different people that appeared in the sky.

Out of these three people, one stood above the clouds and the sea, one sat quietly under a divine tree, and one stood in the middle of a galaxy, overlooking everything beneath.

The one sitting under the divine tree was the Holy Divination Emperor, who spoke first. "I heard that Mr. Ye was extraordinary. I found out that Mr. Ye was even better than I expected upon meeting him today."

"Sky Blade, Sky Sword Blade and Sword vying for splendor. This really made us envious!"

Luo Yunyang glanced at the Holy Divination Emperor and seemed to understand something. Then, he said coolly, "Did all of you appear here because of you, Holy Divination Emperor?"

"Mr. Ye, youre flattering me." The Holy Divination Emperor did not seem to be trying to avoid Luo Yunyangs question.

Lady Xie and the others were now really confused. The Black Emperor, the Burning Emperor, the Holy Divination Emperor

The 12 Sacred Celestials were godly existences in their eyes. Some ordinary mortals even worshipped them dearly. However, these individuals, who only existed in legends, had appeared right before their very eyes.

God knew how many people had dreamed of being able to meet one of the 12 Sacred Celestials and receive tips from such entities.

However, as they aged, people became more and more aware that this was nothing more than a pipe dream. Their status had already determined that ordinary people wouldnt be able to get a glimpse of this sort of entity in their entire lifetime.

Yet now, five of them had appeared there.

No, six. Although Mr. Ye had not revealed his abilities, if he could make five Celestial Thearch-Grades appear, he definitely wasnt inferior to these people.

"Mr. Ye, we are not here to set ourselves against you," the Holy Divination Emperor said with a smile, "As long as you turn back now, we will see you off respectfully."

Go back? How was this possible? Luo Yunyang needed to gather power from all his 10 lifetimes. How could he possibly be short of one?

"Sir, are these people the 12 Sacred Celestials?" Xiers crisp voice was heard beside Luo Yunyangs ears.

Among all the people present, only little Xier could maintain his composure. The reason he was able to maintain this state of mind was naturally due to his age.

Luo Yunyang met Xiers curious eyes and smiled gently. "This is just a bunch of useless dogs, Xier. You dont have to worry about them."

Many people had used the words fallen dogs before. However, when these words left Luo Yunyangs mouth, everyone fell silent.

The residents of the City of Gold and the members of the Iron Palm Sect trembled. He had called the five Celestial Thearch-Grade existences useless dogs. This person was really

They had no idea how to describe Luo Yunyang. After all, they were facing a high-end confrontation, so they were more worried about self-preservation.

The Black Emperor gave a cold snort. He had the most murderous aura and the highest prestige among the five great Celestial Thearch-Grade Sacred Celestials. He was offended when Luo Yunyang did not treat him with any respect.

However, Luo Yunyang did not care if hed made the Black Emperor uncomfortable. He had said what should have been said, and he would show no respect if it wasnt warranted.

"Whats wrong? The two of us can duke it out if you are unhappy." Luo Yunyang glanced at the Black Emperor. "Either you come out, or I will come to your place for a round."

The Black Emperors expression steeled upon hearing this. Although he wasnt afraid, Luo Yunyang had killed Ning Shenxiu with one slash, and the horrific battle between him and Sky Sword Bai Jingtian had left the Black Emperor apprehensive.

Hence, he definitely did not want to fight Luo Yunyang one-on-one.

"Ha ha! Why is Brother Ye doing this?" Although the Holy Divination Emperor hadnt liked speaking much in the past, he was actively speaking up now. "The five of us are here, so we wont fight with Brother Ye in single combat."

The Holy Divination Emperor spoke righteously and confidently, as if he did not care about his status as a Celestial Thearch-Grade powerhouse.

"Therefore, Brother Ye should leave!" the Holy Divination Emperor said with self-confidence shimmering in his eyes.

"Just because of you guys?" Luo Yunyang glared at the Holy Divination Emperor and said coldly, "Dont blame me if you guys have a death wish! Now, I will give you two options. Either scram and return to where you came crawling out of, or stay here for all eternity!"

As soon as Luo Yunyang said that, the Black Emperor snorted again. "This repulsive being sure talks big. I shall see how powerful your sky blade is today."

Then, he waved his hand and a white bone lance appeared in it. The moment the lance was thrust, the power of the vast heaven and earth behind him gathered within the lance.

"Dont look!" As the sect master of the Iron Palm Sect, Yun Feiyang naturally did not want his subordinates to get hurt. Thus, when he saw the Black Emperor make a move, he shouted loudly.

A battle of the gods would cause injury and damage to ones mind!

The members of the Iron Palm Sect and the residents of the City of Gold closed their eyes tactfully. They had stopped thinking about escaping, as this was too difficult to accomplish.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang, who was facing the spear that was approaching like a torrent, didnt produce his blade. With a single thought, a figure had already rushed out of his body.

Although this figure was an astral projection, its purple robes and proud disposition resembled Luo Yuanchu a lot. A black long stick appeared in the hands of the astral projection and swept toward that lance.

It was the Horizontal Empyrean Sweeper!

Although the Horizontal Empyrean Sweeper had been an ultimate technique of the Divine Martial Hall, there was nothing wrong with using it in the Tianyunshen Dynasty.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the iron rod and the lance collided, the black lance was deflected away. Then, Luo Yunyang turned towards the Holy Divination Emperor and the others and said, "Since you guys arent going to fight solo, then come at me together!"