Supreme Uprising Chapter 618

Chapter 618 Clones Battling Emperors

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The Holy Divination Emperor stared at Luo Yunyang. He had never thought that the Sky Blade would still try to challenge them under the circumstances.

By his reckoning, the Holy Divination Emperor felt that the conditions were perfect for them. Thus, Luo Yunyang’s best choice of action would be to give up the City of Gold and leave.

As long as they occupied the City of God, the Holy Divination Emperor believed that he would definitely uncover the secrets within it and find out what the inheritor of the Sky Blade was seeking in the Hidden City. However, he had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would refuse to retreat and even conjure a clone that would force a draw against the Black Emperor in battle.

The Burning Emperor and anyone else who had become one of the 12 Sacred Celestials possessed exceptional intellect. However, they all felt threatened when Luo Yunyang’s conjured clone appeared.

“Holy Divination, since he doesn’t want to leave, we’ll just fight it out!” the Burning Emperor said while waving his hands, causing vast sandstorms around him to condense in his palms.

The moment the sandstorms condensed in his palms, they transformed into 99 golden streaks before they were released.

That golden palm strike was extremely dazzling!

When the elites of the Iron Palm Sect observed it, their eyes started to glow.

They knew that the Great Desert Rising Gale was the first move of the Iron Palm Sect’s Raging Gale Iron Palm Technique.

Nearly all the disciples in the Iron Palm Sect had practiced this move before. However, they only realized its true power now.

A huge palm came crashing down heavily from the sky. Its might was enough to make the earth shake in fear.

Luo Yunyang smirked when he saw the Burning Emperor’s attack. He immediately reacted, making two figures appear from his body.

One of the figures was slightly taller than the other. However, when both of them appeared, they held hands immediately.

Then, they struck with their free palms towards the sky simultaneously. A fist as bright as the sun and a dark fist without any luster converged, forming a greyish fist-light that collided heavily with the Burning Emperor’s palm strike.

The enormous shockwave that ensued caused the Burning Emperor to be pushed back several steps.

In terms of power, it could be said that the Burning Emperor had an edge over the two figures. However, the moment the two figures executed their moves, they were somehow able to suppress him.

“Extreme Daylight Fist, Sacred Darkness Palm!”

The two legendary techniques mentioned by the Burning Emperor were techniques that were rumored to be extinct. However, now, the two clones conjured by the Blade Demon were able to execute them.

The other two Emperors felt the urgency of the matter as they exchanged glances before taking to the sky. The Celestial Thearch who stood above the galaxy waved his hands and pieces of stars began to fuse in his palms, transforming into a golden longsword that he slashed with.

At the same time, the other Emperor created a golden pagoda that headed directly towards Luo Yunyang with the intention of suppressing him.

After discovering what had happened to the Burning Emperor, both of these Celestial Thearches executed their moves without any mercy.

Luo Yunyang grinned. Even if the two of them hadn’t attacked, he would have tangled with them anyway. Thus, as he smiled slightly, two other clones flew out to meet these two Emperors.

One of the clones, who held two giant hammers in its hands, moved against the figure wielding the golden longsword and executed the Mountain Partitioning Nine Fragmented Peaks, thus sweeping it away without much resistance.

The other clone transformed into a giant as tall as a mountain and blasted an enormous fist towards that pagoda.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The might of this move made heaven and earth shudder. If both parties hadn’t planned to prevent ordinary people from getting hurt, the people from the Iron Palm Sect and the City of Gold would have been grounded into powder already.

The Holy Divination Emperor stared at Luo Yunyang’s body gravely. His theory that the City of Gold was an important ground for Luo Yunyang had been spot-on. However, he had never expected that Luo Yunyang would be that overwhelming.

His five clones actually had the ability to suppress four Celestial Thearch existences.

“You’re strong. However, even though it seems like your clones perform dazzlingly against the Burning Emperor and the others, they are flawed. If the battle stretches on, they will be suppressed.”

The Holy Divination Emperor’s eyes twinkled. “Listen to me. It would be wiser for you to leave.”

“There’s no need. I’ll be fine after I kill you.” As he said that, Luo Yunyang’s palms had already reached out towards his broken blade.

The Holy Divination Emperor turned solemn as he saw Luo Yunyang reach for his blade. He said faintly, “Although I’m famous for my divination and estimation skills, I’m actually much more proficient in array formation. Right now, I’ve altered the space that we’re in with formation arrays so our current location is much stronger than before. It’s impossible for you to kill me.”

The Holy Divination Emperor spoke with confidence. He had the right to do so, as the Celestial Thearch-Grade space that he had created was indeed extraordinary.

The power of laws shrouded the Holy Divination Emperor’s surroundings like the beams of a house and supported that massive space.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t pissed about this situation. He actually looked slightly delighted.

His delighted expression made the Holy Divination Emperor even more uncomfortable. He had a feeling that they had, in fact, made a wrong move by scheming against this Sky Blade.

Just as he had this thought, he felt a massive energy exploding inside the space he had created.

Following that explosion, the space created by him, which seemed to have the strongest defense, shattered all of a sudden.

There was utter destruction, as the collision of different power of laws created a massive destructive vortex that even the Holy Divination Emperor found hard to withstand.

Hence, he hastily escaped from the vortex. He had no other choice.

Unfortunately, the moment he escaped, Luo Yunyang’s broken blade swatted down towards him.

That blade was extremely violent! The Holy Divination Emperor felt as if a death threat was looming over his head as he faced this blade.

“Open!” The Holy Divination Emperor waved his hands. With a thought, a star chart began to form in the void and appear before him.

This means of defense was the strongest defensive technique the Holy Divination Emperor had possessed before he had attained the Celestial Thearch Level. After attaining the Celestial Thearch, that technique was basically useless.

He had never thought that he would have to use it again, but he actually did in this situation.

On this star chart, every single star was derived from the Holy Divination Emperor’s techniques. It could be said that an ordinary being would never decipher it.

However, Luo Yunyang’s blade technique was the Sky Blade. Although Luo Yunyang had yet to attain the Celestial Thearch Level, his power was already stronger than an ordinary Celestial Thearch’s.

Even if one accounted for the five clones, his strength wasn’t any weaker than the Holy Divination Emperor’s.

The blade-light struck the star chart, destroying it in an instant. The Holy Divination Emperor quickly retreated. Just as he was about to conjure a space of his own in order to aid his escape, it crumbled again.

This destructive force made the Holy Divination Emperor feel even more terrified.

“Everyone hurry up and gather! We must not let him break through!” the Holy Divination Emperor shouted. However, just as he was sealed by that overbearing force, Luo Yunyang struck again with the broken blade in his hand.

He used the Sky Blade Phaseless Cleave!

This move had killed Ning Shenxiu in the past. Now, Luo Yunyang had unleashed it once again.

An ominous feeling rose in the Holy Divination Emperor’s heart when the blade appeared. He had originally thought that he wouldn’t be much weaker than Sky Sword Bai Jingtian, even if he wasn’t a match for him.

Hence, even though he wasn’t fully confident in stopping Sky Blade Ye Tian, he had believed that he had a rather high chance of success.

Unfortunately, he had just managed to make his move and demonstrate how strong their alliance was before the others were stopped by the conjured clones. Now, Luo Yunyang had just unleashed an unstoppable killing strike against him.

His life was threatened! It could be said that the Holy Divination Emperor did not have any means to counter this sort of crisis. He had always relied on his divination to succeed. However, in terms of combat abilities, he was considered the weakest among the five of them.

This was also the main reason Luo Yunyang had made his clones tangle with the Burning Emperor and the others.

One should die without holding any grudges if one were to miscalculate and lose one’s life. However, the Holy Divination Emperor didn’t want to die. In fact, he wanted very much to attain the legendary Heavenly Venerate Platform and become a supreme Heavenly Venerate.

“Brother Ye, please spare me. I am at fault for plotting against you. However, there’s nothing to gain by killing me.” The Holy Divination Emperor disregarded everything and started pleading.

Luo Yunyang had no intention of saying anything. The blade in his hand did not waver in the slightest as the Sky Blade Phaseless Cleave was executed.

The Holy Divination Emperor’s body was sliced in two without so much as a sound.

The expressions of the Burning Emperor and the other people who were tangling with Luo Yunyang’s clones turned rigid. They had already started to gain the upper hand against the clones.

Actually, the Burning Emperor was fully confident about killing one of the clones he was facing within 10 moves.

However, they suddenly saw the Holy Divination Emperor’s body get split into two by the Sky Blade Phaseless Cleave.

The shock they felt was inconceivable.

“You You have experienced 10 cycles of reincarnation. Everything is coming full circle. I’ve finally understood. Bai Jingtian, listen up. His last reincarnation cycle will be on the Sky Sword Mountain. You must never let him attain his final Samara!” The Holy Divination Emperor’s eyes glowed as he used a mysterious technique to broadcast his voice throughout the Tianyunshen Dynasty at the last moment.