Supreme Uprising Chapter 619

Chapter 619 Heavens Drive For A Celestial Thearch A Hidden City Appears

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When a Sky Celestial fell, bloody rain poured. However, what happened when a Celestial Thearch Level existence fell?

This sort of phenomenon was only recorded in the archives of ancient sects and never heard of in ordinary sects.

However, on this day, the entire Tianyunshen Dynasty and the realm lacked vitality. The sun and the moon were dull, while the sky was dark…

The Divine Emperor who was holding court nearly jumped up in fright when he saw this doomsday-like scene unfold before his eyes.

Although he did not know what had happened, this situation didn’t bode well for him.

“Sky Observer, what is going on?” the Tianyunshen Emperor sounded frightened.

“Your Highness, your humble servant has no idea!” The Sky Observer was an old man who was also shaking while observing the apocalyptic scene before him. He understood very well that this scenario was not good.

His Majesty might just take his life if he said the wrong thing.

The Tianyunshen Dynasty’s Divine Emperor was enraged when he heard that reply. He was also frightened and anxious to know what was happening. He had never thought that his Sky Observer would actually give him such a ridiculous answer.

Just as he was about to send the Sky Observer off to be beheaded, someone spoke up. “Your Highness, your servant once read in a book at the Imperial College about such a situation. This must be the result of a death of a Celestial Thearch existence…” said an elder in long red robes. The elder had a full head of white hair, but his voice was bright and crisp. However, before the elder could finish his words, a thunder-like echo was heard throughout the void.

“Bai Jingtian, listen up. His last reincarnation cycle body is on the Sky Sword Mountain!”

The voice boomed loud as thunder and echoed continuously through the void. Upon hearing that voice, everyone, including the Tianyunshen Emperor and that servant, felt an impulse to prostrate themselves.

It felt as if heaven and earth had spoken.

The sky was dark and the wind was raging. A golden dragon standing behind the main hall was shedding blood-red tears.

The golden dragon represented the Tianyunshen Emperor, and the blood-red tears were a looming omen.

“Your Highness, I’m afraid the person who died is closely connected to the Tianyunshen Dynasty,” the elder said astringently.

A Celestial Thearch closely connected to the Tianyunshen Dynasty? This made the Divine Emperor think of a name he was afraid of.

The name the Divine Emperor had thought of was like a sun that hung over the Nine Skies. This was the greatest guarantee of his throne. If that person really died, his throne and the entire Tianyunshen Dynasty would probably…

Just as the Divine Emperor’s heart started trembling, a figure appeared in the palace hall. The figure, which had always seemed so great and lofty, suddenly became extremely dispirited.

He merely took a few silent glances at the tearing golden dragon before saying solemnly, “Make the necessary preparations. We may need to leave this place.”

Although this announcement seemed to have come out of the blue, the Divine Emperor knew what it meant. However, the Divine Emperor still sounded very reluctant as he replied, “Patriarch, how could it…”

“I don’t believe it either, but the old Master has fallen.”

In contrast, the Sky Sword Mountain was beaming with sword-light compared to its sullen, dark surroundings. It seemed as if the razor-sharp sword-light had made the Sky Sword Mountain the center of attention as it surrounded it and created a barrier around its perimeter for 10,000 miles.

However, on top of every peak of the Sky Sword Mountain stood a Sky Celestial Level elite. They were the foundation of the entire Sky Sword Mountain, yet their eyes weren’t focused on the sullen, dark sky on the outside. They were focused on the peak at the center of the Sky Sword Mountain.

The Sky Sword Peak!

The Sky Sword Peak was highly regarded in the Sky Sword Sect, as Bai Jingtian resided on it.

“It was the Holy Divination Emperor who died. His words were straightforward. The 10th body of the Sky Blade’s reincarnation cycle is in the Sky Sword Sect,” said a martialist with a stiff and scared expression. “Senior Brother, I must find the body of his 10th reincarnation cycle and destroy it!”

The man who was addressed as Senior Brother was Ruan Shenhui, the current Sect Master of the Sky Sword Sect and Bai Jingtian’s eldest disciple. Although his cultivation was much weaker than Ning Shenxiu’s, his imposing manner while executing his duties and the support he received from Bai Jingtian had allowed him to secure his position as Sect Master for the past several thousand years.

He could also be considered one of the pillars of the entire Sky Sword Sect.

In all honesty, he was in shock right now. The news of a dead Celestial Thearch was already shocking enough.

However, this was made worse by what the Holy Divination Emperor said. 10 reincarnation cycles and one embodiment per cycle, yet even the Holy Divination Emperor had been slain. The power and might displayed was unimaginable.

More importantly, that person had agreed to meet his Ancestral Master on the Heavenly Venerate Platform in three years.

Everyone in the Sky Sword Sect had always had full confidence in Bai Jingtian. They had never believed that Bai Jingtian could be defeated.

However, this confidence had been greatly affected. After all, the person who had fallen had been a Celestial Thearch.

Although the Holy Divination Emperor’s combat abilities had been relatively weak, his defense had been exceptional. Could their own Ancestral Master have killed the Holy Divination Emperor that easily?

More importantly, that person had 10 reincarnation cycles and had yet to fully integrate his embodiments. Once he was allowed to complete his body, the odds of beating him would dwindle.

“Senior Brother, let’s not hesitate anymore. Although our Sky Sword Sect has a lot of disciples, we just have to search for those who are currently training in seclusion to determine who he is,” said a firm, determined-looking Sky Celestial.

Then, he added in a resolved fashion, “We must prevent any mishaps from happening to the Ancestral Master!”

His resolution and decisiveness made every elite in the Sky Sword Sect nod in agreement. To them, Bai Jingtian was a god that should never be allowed to encounter any problems.

Ruan Shenhui nodded his head as well and said, “Dear brothers, let’s search all of the disciples in the Sky Sword Sect who are currently training in seclusion. Have them come out of their training immediately.”

“Yes, Senior Brother!” the Sky Sword Sect elites who had already been eager to take action answered almost simultaneously.

The grey-masked sky was ripped open by a round of sunshine. Although the Holy Divination Emperor was powerful, he wasn’t a Heavenly Venerate. When a Heavenly Venerate fell, the sky would rain blood for 10 days and 10 nights. Although the sky darkened when a Celestial Thearch died, the duration was much shorter.

The Holy Divination Emperor had turned into nothing outside the City of Gold, and the Burning Emperor and the others who were still entangled by Luo Yunyang’s clones were facing increased pressure.

They weren’t that closely related to the Holy Divination Emperor, so sometimes they even yearned for the Holy Divination Emperor’s death. However, now, the death of the Holy Divination Emperor, which had happened right before their eyes, had caused them undue stress.

“Go!” the Black Emperor yelled as his white bone spear shook in the void, conjuring a huge mountain made up by piles of white bones that blasted towards Luo Yunyang’s clone, who was fighting against him.

As the clone was blocking the huge mountain, the Black Emperor ripped the void and vanished.

As a Celestial Thearch, not only was he capable of creating a supreme realm of his own, but he could freely move about the world using the coordinates of his supreme realm.

As a Celestial Thearch, not only was he capable of creating a supreme boundary of his own, but he could freely move about the world using the coordinates of this supreme boundary.

After the Black Emperor left, the two other Celestial Thearches who had a hard time also decided to flee quickly. Eventually, the Burning Emperor was the only one left dealing with Luo Yunyang’s clone.

The reason the Burning Emperor didn’t leave wasn’t because he still wanted to battle Luo Yunyang, but rather because his disciples were still there. If he were to leave, Yun Fengyang and the rest would be in trouble.

“Ha ha ha! I, the Burning Emperor, have been convinced by Brother Ye’s skills. Let’s end it here. What do you think, Brother Ye?” Although the Burning Emperor addressed Luo Yunyang as Brother Ye, as if they were equals, he was actually admitting defeat.

Luo Yunyang did not feel very happy after killing the Holy Divination Emperor. His last body in the Sky Sword Sect, which he had occupied during his second reincarnation cycle, was a very important secret.

The importance this body held to Luo Yunyang was unimaginable.

In the past, Luo Yunyang had never worried that the Sky Sword Sect would find out about this body. After all, he had utilized many concealing techniques. However, thanks to the Holy Divination Emperor’s warning, the odds of Bai Jingtian finding his body were now almost 50 percent.

Hence, when the Burning Emperor asked for a ceasefire, not only did Luo Yunyang ignore the request, but he even executed his Divine Martial Technique.

When this strike was thrown out, the Burning Emperor couldn’t evade it, even though he was quick. He was instantly sent flying away. Although the Burning Emperor’s exceptional cultivation prevented him from receiving a serious injury, he realized that it wasn’t a good idea to stay and immediately took flight.

After the Burning Emperor left, Yun Fengyang and the rest wanted to leave as well. However, they did not dare move an inch while Luo Yunyang stood there in the sky.

A jet-black city appeared slowly on top of the City of Gold. The city wasn’t huge and, when seen from afar, it looked like a mirage.

Luo Yunyang’s brows creased slightly upon seeing this. According to his estimations, there was still one day left before the Hidden City would appear. Little did he know that, because of the Holy Divination Emperor’s death, the hidden city would appear a day early.

He shot a passing glance at Yun Fengyang and the rest before walking in the direction of the Hidden City without saying anything.

Fusing his nine embodiments before heading directly to the Sky Sword Sect was his priority.

After all, he really didn’t have much time left!