Supreme Uprising Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Golden Body Fluid

The two planes were practically side by side. As they descended, a warning echoed throughout the entire cabin. "This is the Da Alliance's Aviation Headquarters. The Rising Dragon Army transportation craft has to ascend immediately. This is an order!"

"This is an order!"

This was repeated thrice in a solemn tone. As the warning was broadcast, no sound was heard inside the entire transportation craft. Almost everyone was clenching their fists tightly.

"Ascend!" Chief Instructor Lu's voice was heard again. This time, his tone was furious.

The golden plane did not descend in a straight line. Instead, it drew a large circle in the air as it landed.

The circle was actually a smiley face.

Half an hour later, a voice from the command center was heard once again in the Rising Dragon Army's transportation craft. This time, they were allowed to land.

Xu Zhong walked over to Luo Yunyang, looking somewhat agitated. "Kid, if you are able to obtain a share of A-grade source fluid, daddy will treat you to a meal at the Evil Spirit Imperial Palace."

Although Luo Yunyang had already been at Base 7 for quite a while, he didn't know anything about the Evil Spirit Imperial Palace or what sort of place it was exactly.

"What sort of place is the Evil Spirit Imperial Palace?' Luo Yunyang asked suspiciously.

When he heard what he said, Xu Zhong turned around. As soon as he saw Luo Yunyang's curious expression, he felt like he was going to puke.

"What's up with you people? You clearly know that all instructions must be followed. If the two transportation crafts had collided, which one of you would have taken responsibility?" a sturdy man immaculately dressed in a suit roared angrily at Luo Yunyang and the others as they disembarked from the plane.

"I would!" Chief Instructor Lu stepped forward without waiting for the man to finish speaking.

The man was left speechless when he noticed the general star on Chief Instructor Lu's shoulders. He clicked his tongue in disapproval before he turned around to leave.

Although Chief Instructor Lu's reply had helped them vent some of their frustration, Luo Yunyang and the others still felt angry. An old man in a Rising Dragon Army uniform led a group of Rising Dragon Army officers over to them.

He had a tall, large frame that gave off an intimidating vibe. When he saw Chief Instructor Lu, the old man laughed heartily. "Don't bicker with them over such a trivial matter, Old Lu. All you have to do is teach them a lesson when you get a chance in the future."

"Come on, I have already prepared the place. Let this bunch of babies get some rest and save their strength to show the Rising Dragon Army's might."

Chief Instructor Lu shook his head. "It might be a trivial matter, but it is too damn distressing!"

The tall old man cleared his throat, but didn't say anything else. He clearly wasn't pleased either. If Chief Instructor Lu lost face, then all of them did.

"Chief Instructor Lu, if I am able to obtain all the A-grade source fluid, then that bunch of bastards from the Sky High Military won't dare be as arrogant again!" Luo Yunyang looked at Chief Instructor Lu calmly.

The tall old man stared at Luo Yunyang in astonishment. His expression was filled with admiration.

Although the newcomer was like a newborn calf that had said it didn't fear a tiger, this sort of spirit was needed in the Rising Dragon Army. His courage was commendable.

If this generation of Rising Dragon Army martialists didn't want to initiate a battle, then he would be sorely disappointed.

"Good kid! You must be Luo Yunyang. Your way of thinking isn't bad, but you don't have to obtain all the A-grade source fluid. If you obtain one portion of A-grade source fluid, you can pick anything you want from my treasury."

"Hurry up and thank Commander Eagle King!" Chief Instructor Lu said loudly.

The old man called Eagle King laughed heartily. "What's wrong? Are you afraid that I won't keep my word?"

The old fella seemed a little unhappy when he noticed that Luo Yunyang hadn't reacted to his promise. "If you are able to obtain the golden body fluid that belongs to the Sky High Military, I will let you ask for anything! If you like my granddaughter, I will give you her hand in marriage!"

As he looked at the Eagle King's tall, muscular body, an image of a masculine woman with large arms and fists appeared in Luo Yunyang's mind.

I would like to politely turn down that offer!

There were very few people that were interested in the Eagle King's promises, yet almost everyone was gazing at the Eagle King intently.

"Is that true, Eagle? Did the Sky High Military actually bring out their golden body fluid?" Chief Instructor Lu's voice trembled slightly.

Xu Zhong and the others, who knew what the golden body fluid was, looked shocked. This piece of news was clearly completely unexpected.

"According to them, this is merely a way to put more incentive to this fight, but their real intentions are clear as a day. The Sky High's Seven Pillars, which include Yao Nie, are so powerful that, even if all the seven armies tried their best, they still wouldn't be able to seize the golden body fluid."

The Eagle King had a determined expression on his face.

"What is the golden body fluid?" Luo Yunyang couldn't help but ask when he noticed the Eagle King's manner.

"Although the apocalypse caused some huge calamities, it also brought about some great strokes of luck," the Eagle King said as he gazed into the distance. "A golden fluid was found beneath the statue of a buddha at the roof of the world."

"If one rubs the golden body fluid all over their body before using source fluid, they become impervious to swords and guns, and the basic quality of their body increases substantially."

The Eagle King muttered something to himself before he said. "We even performed a test. It is very difficult for armor-piercing rounds to pierce the skin of someone who has applied golden body fluid."

Golden body fluid has this sort of use as well? Luo Yunyang's eyes glowed. This made him think back to the time when he had kept failing to make a breakthrough.

"The only problem is that the quantity of the golden body fluid is too small. The amount produced in three years can only fill one bottle. The Sky High Military is the strongest out of the eight armies, so the produced golden body fluid has always been kept there.

As the Eagle King explained this, two army vehicles with the Rising Dragon Army insignia drove over. Luo Yunyang and the others followed Xu Zhong into one of the vehicles. In 15 minutes, they arrived at some military barracks that covered at least several hundred acres.

"Important things have to be reported thrice, kids. You better behave well and stay here. Whoever dares to run out and have fun will get their legs broken when we get back!" Xu Zhong snarled at them as soon as Chief Instructor Lu and the Eagle King left.

Luo Yunyang and the others, who had long gotten used to Xu Zhong's temper, smiled at him without any fear.

Luo Yunyang suddenly received a notification on his communication device. When he glanced at it, he saw that Ji Tian was calling him. When he answered the call, he heard Ji Tian say, "Are you here yet, Yunyang? If you are free, come visit the Royal Forest Military and make some new friends!"