Supreme Uprising Chapter 620

Chapter 620 Nine Worlds Merge As One The Supreme Celestial Realm

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The Hidden City was hidden in a mysterious space and appeared every ten years. Therefore, even though Luo Yunyang was the ruler of the Hidden City, he also had to wait to enter it.

The death of the Holy Divination Emperor had triggered the change of heaven and earth, which had caused the emergence of the Hidden City to shift by one day.

Upon entering the Hidden City, Luo Yunyang frowned. He did not feel Tuoshan’s Qi in the Hidden City.

Where had simple and honest Tuoshan, who had loved to laugh and followed him for many years, gone?

Luo Yunyang did not believe that Tuoshan would leave the Hidden City and disregard his trust.

However, he did not rush into searching for his whereabouts. Whilst thinking about this, he flew into the depths of the Hidden City.

Luo Yunyang had imposed a lot of prohibitions in the past in order to deal with the enemies who had entered the Hidden City.

According to the topography of the Hidden City and his arrangement, even a peak Celestial Thearch-Grade entity would get trapped while entering the Hidden City.

However, these prohibitions had no effect on Luo Yunyang, who had set them up. He reached the depths of the Hidden City and stopped before a rockery that only looked taller than a foot.

This rockery was not eye-catching. However, this place was where the body of Luo Yunyang’s third reincarnation cycle was stored.

Due to the various array formations in place, it would be difficult for someone to find Luo Yunyang’s body, even if they managed to enter the Hidden City.

His hands moved quickly, forming hand seals that fell like flowing water towards the rockery. The rockery, which had initially seemed no different than ordinary stones, slowly started to glow faintly.

The golden lights became denser and eventually formed a golden door out of thin air.

After Luo Yunyang made the last seal, he stepped through the golden door and walked into the rockery.

A tall soldierly body sat in a lotus position within the cave dwelling, which could only accommodate a single person.

After glancing at this body, Luo Yunyang didn’t hesitate. A mental projection flew forth from his mind and shrouded that body.

The function of the Energy Shifter Ability was once again displayed, and a pure and incomparable power poured into Luo Yunyang from that body.

Because he had already had seven previous similar experiences, the power absorption this time was a walk in the park for Luo Yunyang.

However, halfway through the power influx of his third reincarnation’s body, Luo Yunyang felt the power in his body begin to surge.

This surge was a natural surge; it was the kind that came when the conditions were right.

Luo Yunyang knew very well that he was stepping into the Celestial Thearch-Grade because he had sufficient accumulation.

There was no forcing or any deliberate attention. Luo Yunyang simply allowed that power to surge into his own body quickly.

In an instant, nine worlds were born in his surroundings. Among these nine worlds, which had red suns shining down on them, were endless golden deserts and countless stars that were illuminating in every direction

The nine worlds each represented what Luo Yunyang had cultivated in each of his nine lives. Although these boundaries did not break through to the Celestial Thearch now, they emerged simultaneously.

There was a combination of red suns and stars, yellow sand and blue seas. Various life forces welled up silently in these nine worlds and began to link these nine worlds together

Luo Yunyang was extremely clear about the integration of those nine worlds behind him. However, this time, he did not intervene at all. Slowly, along with the integration of the powers, Luo Yunyang felt his spirit become extremely ethereal. Everything around him seemed to be unrelated to him.

When the conditions were right, success would follow naturally.

After an unknown period of time, the nine worlds around Luo Yunyang vanished without a trace. Luo Yunyang, who was awakened from that thoughtless and formless state, realized that he was already in a new world.

This world had a high-hanging red sun, mountains and valleys, plateaus that touched the heavens, lands without horizons, countless stars, and

All of these things were under Luo Yunyang’s control. He could make the stars burn, he could freeze thousands of waves, he could split space He could do any of these things with just a single thought.

Luo Yunyang had reached the Celestial Thearch-Grade, or what was known as the Universe-Grade in the Divine Union!

With this thought in his mind, he calculated the size of the Supreme Celestial Thearch boundary he had formed. If the slain Holy Divination Emperor was used as reference, then Luo Yunyang’s Supreme Celestial Thearch was a more than 100 times greater than the Holy Divination Emperor’s.

The size of the Supreme Celestial Thearch Boundary was determined by the extent of one’s power. Although every Celestial Thearch-Grade was powerful in the eyes of ordinary people, the difference in power could only be known when a Celestial Thearch-Grade was compared to another fellow.


From then on, as a Celestial Thearch-Grade existence, he could live within the Supreme Celestial Thearch Realm, regardless of his cultivation or anything else within the Tianyunshen Dynasty.

Here, everything was under his control.

Although Luo Yunyang had read a lot of guides and records during his ten reincarnations to help him achieve the Celestial Thearch-Grade and knew almost all the wonderful functions of the Celestial Thearch-Grade, the feeling of entering the Celestial Thearch and reading excerpts written by others was completely different.

With that thought, Luo Yunyang exited his own Supreme Celestial Thearch Boundary. Actually, Luo Yunyang was still within his own Supreme Celestial Thearch Boundary. However, it had already been compressed to about the length of a foot.

Nevertheless, if anyone were to attack Luo Yunyang now, they would still have to break through the foot-long space in the Tianyunshen Dynasty. In fact, this space was thousands of miles long.

The Hidden City was still the same. It hadn’t changed just because Luo Yunyang had become a Celestial Thearch. Luo Yunyang arrived at the main hall of the Hidden City after a short walk.

Although he had already settled his own affairs, he still had to find Tuoshan and see what had happened to the subordinate he had delegated here.

The main hall of the Hidden City was really tall. As he pushed open the door with some familiarity, Luo Yunyang saw a body sitting in a lotus position on the floor inside the hall.

He had already confirmed that the body was Tuoshan’s by the time he saw the corpse.

He did not move towards the body quickly. Instead, he waved his hand toward it and gained some information from it.

“Qi Deviation!” Luo Yunyang looked at the silent Tuoshan and frowned slightly.

He had never expected that this subordinate, whom he had placed high hopes on, would have died in the Hidden City from Qi Deviation 100 years ago.

Tuoshan’s Qi Deviation had definitely been an accident. Although this did not affect Luo Yunyang’s situation, his heart still stung slightly.

It was no wonder that the City of Gold was in turmoil.

With that in mind, Luo Yunyang placed Tuoshan’s body into a small stone box inside the Hidden City. He did not have the ability to reverse time, nor could he revive someone yet. He could only preserve the body of his subordinate for the future.

After dealing with Tuoshan, Luo Yunyang didn’t stay in the Hidden City for too long. He took a few things he had stored in the Hidden City and rambled out of it.

The Hidden City gradually started to disappear. When Luo Yunyang walked out of it, he saw Lady Xie, who was still wearing her black veil, as well as many powerhouses from the City of Gold. They all looked at Luo Yunyang in silence.

Luo Yunyang understood what Lady Xie and the others were thinking. He pondered for a moment and pointed to Xi’er. “From this day onwards, he will be the lord of the City of Gold, and no one shall make a move against him.”

As soon as he said that, Luo Yunyang drifted away into the wind.

Right now, his words were a supreme decree. No one in the City of Gold, or in the Tianyunshen Dynasty, would dare defy him.

“We will do as you bid!” Everyone present knelt on the ground respectfully, even though Luo Yunyang’s body had already disappeared.

The news of Luo Yunyang’s departure from the City of Gold was disseminated right away. The Burning Emperor and the Black Emperor left their own abodes immediately when they heard the news. They were afraid that Luo Yunyang would seek them out to get even.

However, in contrast to their evasive tactics, more people began to turn their eyes to the Sky Sword Sect.

Sky Sword Bai Jingtian and Sky Blade Yetian made a pact at the Heavenly Venerate Platform.

At the time of his death, the Holy Divination Emperor had mentioned the 10 reincarnations and the last true body, which was in the Sky Sword Sect.

News that the search for the last embodiment of his reincarnation in the Sky Sword Sect had begun spread throughout.

The 12 Sacred Celestials and almost all the Celestial Thearch-Grade powerhouses turned their attention to the Sky Sword Sect.

Although Sky Celestial-Grade and Earth Celestial-Grade martialists were also really concerned about this, they dared not approach the Sky Sword Mountain.

However, speculations spread rapidly like a plague throughout the Tianyunshen Dynasty. Did the Sky Blade’s departure mean that Bai Jingtian and Ye Tian, who represented the two supreme cultivation techniques, blade and sword, would initiate a decisive battle?

“Ye Tian is 300 miles away from the Sky Sword Mountain!”

A message sent from a Sky Celestial-Grade powerhouse made everyone’s blood rush. However, the arrival of this news made the Sky Sword Mountain, which was already in a tense state, become even more panicked.

Within a quarter of an hour, everyone who had the qualifications to compete on the Heavenly Venerate Platform turned their attention to the Sky Sword Mountain eagerly.

They did not have any intention of making a move right now. All these people were waiting.

They were like the best hunters, waiting for an opportunity.

Just as countless people speculated whether the battle of the blade and sword would happen, Luo Yunyang’s silhouette appeared outside the Sky Sword Sect!