Supreme Uprising Chapter 623

Chapter 623 Striving Between Blade And Sword

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Luo Yunyangs words caused the Black Emperor and the others to burn with rage. Everyone present, including the Black Emperor, were formidable figures that could make the skies and earth shake with just a stamp of their feet.

However, Luo Yunyang had actually mentioned that he was going to slaughter them as if they were lowly beasts.

Wasnt this arrogant of him? How could they find such a bossy, domineering attitude acceptable? However, when they glanced at Luo Yunyang, they all them felt the gulf between them and this man.

"Blade Demon Actually, let us address you as Sky Blade!" a handsome tall man said calmly. "Im not your opponent."

The Black Emperor and the rest were stupefied upon hearing what the man said.

After all, they had reached a point in their cultivation base when it wasnt an easy task to be so straightforward about being inferior to someone else. Nevertheless, this man had blatantly admitted that he wasnt equal to Luo Yunyang.

"However, we are still the strongest among the Celestial Thearches of our respective regions. You might be able to kill us, but you will definitely suffer greatly."

"Bai Jingtian definitely wont allow you to live." The man raised his voice and added, "Much less allow you to have the Heavenly Venerate Platform."

The Black Emperor and the others relaxed slightly after hearing what the man said. All of them had experienced plenty of ups and downs in their long lives and they could control their emotions easily.

Capitalizing on the current situation to ensnare the Blade Demon in a dilemma was a tacit understanding they immediately agreed on.

However, all of them looked a little gloomy when they came to that understanding.

This gloom was part unwillingness and part helplessness. After all, their words and actions were the law and they did as they pleased.

In the face of their absolute strength, any tricks and strategies were useless. Now, however, they had to adopt a strategy.

"The Green Emperor is right. We are the best among all of the Celestial Thearches. After all these years, we have even developed a formation array. Though it might not be able to entrap you, youll still pay a hefty price for killing us," the Black Emperor said self-confidently with a smirk on his face.

Luo Yunyang waited for the Black Emperor to finish before replying coldly, "If you dont have anything else to say, then its time to send you on your way."

"I couldnt care less even if all of you were stronger than the others by a little."

As he spoke, the short blade had already appeared in Luo Yunyangs hands. While Luo Yunyang gripped his blade firmly, the Green Emperor, the Black Emperor and the rest reacted simultaneously.

A green longsword appeared in the Green Emperors hand. As he warped and weaved his longsword, a boundless vitality and a might capable of splitting heaven and earth appeared.

Deadly energy began to gather on the Black Emperors spear, somehow forming a strange equilibrium with the Green Emperors longsword.

The three other Celestial Thearches also conjured their own techniques. Although their moves seemed ordinary, everyone had in fact executed their ultimate moves at full strength.

An attack generated from the combined efforts of six Celestial Thearches could shatter heaven and earth.

Luo Yunyang did not seem to be concerned at all while he was facing the attack, as he merely unleashed a cleave using his blade.

That cleave contained six different forms. It was frenzied, boundless, calm, severe

It combined six different blade paths into one! This move was the Converging Sky Blade Slash!

When this slash was unleashed, all their weapons, including the Green Emperors longsword and the Black Emperor long spear, seemed as if they had entered a whirlpool. All of them raced towards that blade.

The Black Emperor and the Green Emperors expressions stiffened while one of the others tried to retreat frantically.

A Celestial Thearch existence could escape tens of millions of miles with a mere thought. However, even though the Celestial Thearchs speed of retreat was quick, his body was crumbling at a quicker rate.

By the time he managed to retreat 10,000 miles away from the site, his body had already crumbled into nothingness in the void.

While Celestial Thearches tended to know techniques like Blood Rebirth, Inextinguishable Consciousness and Martial Body Rejuvenation, the Celestial Thearch who crumbled to ashes instantly was truly dead.

He had nothing left. Not even a drop of blood or a trace of consciousness was left in this world. He had been obliterated. One could say that he had been completely obliterated.

The Black Emperor, the Green Emperor and the others cried out loud in anguish. All of them felt a great looming fear coming straight at them. Hence, they conjured their remaining powers and unleashed everything they had.

Although their power was strong, they were still unable to retaliate in the face of such overwhelming terror.

"How could you? This This is the ultimate force!" the Black Emperor bellowed ragefully as his body started to crumble from that obliterating strike.

The ultimate force was normally something that only a Heavenly Venerate could wield. However, the Black Emperor was certain that the power displayed by Luo Yunyang was ultimate force.

Luo Yunyang did not care about the Black Emperors cries. He continued to brandish his blade forward as the boundless energy caused their surroundings to crumble.

The Black Emperor had perished, and the three Celestial Thearches had also been crushed into nothingness. Eventually, the Green Emperor also joined the rest and turned into dust.

As the Green Emperor and the rest perished, picture scrolls appeared in the vast sky. These picture scrolls depicted an endless purgatory, heavenly palaces of deities, and a huge divine tree which had taken root over the primordial chaos and was supporting an entire galaxy.

Any ordinary people who saw these paintings would yearn for them and admire them. They would even feel a desire to enter the paintings.

However, Sky Celestial elites all felt fear when they saw the beauty of these picture scrolls.

It was because they knew clearly that each and every painting represented a supreme realm, and every supreme realm represented an almighty Celestial Thearch.

The paintings only appeared in the sky for a quarter of an hour. As the burning sun scorched on, the paintings began to disappear one after the other.

It seemed as if they were a layer of mist that disappeared completely beneath the scorching sun.

"Six Celestial Thearches have fallen. How ruthless!" The scholar lamented.

Meanwhile, the crown-wearing elder beside the scholar said as if he was the only one who could understand, "Only today did I realize that it is a blessing to have a low cultivation level."

The scholar did not respond. Instead, he nodded his head in agreement.

"Bai Jingtian, well admit defeat this time!" a white-haired old man said solemnly before he added, "That Blade Demon massacred innocents. Together, we can exterminate him."

This old man was the oldest among the 12 Sacred Celestials. Everyone addressed him as the Sacred Emperor, as he had always ranked at the top of the 12 Scared Celestials.

However, this was because Bai Jingtian had rarely made any moves.

Now, the death of the Green Emperor and the Black Emperor had made the Sacred Emperor and the rest lose their fighting will. They only wished that they could all escape with their lives.

When the Sacred Emperor spoke, the rest immediately followed him. "Brother Bai, everyone has been hoping that you will become a Heavenly Venerate."

"We will definitely help you out this time in order for you to ascend the Heavenly Venerate Platform. We will never allow someone who murders mindlessly to achieve their schemes."

"Thats right! From now on, we will listen to your orders!"

Bai Jingtian, who held his sword in his hand, appeared rather indifferent. He listened to their words before saying, "My apologies, I personally still want to wrestle for control. Im sorry, but Ill have to reject your kind offers!"

"No worries, Brother Bai. You dont have to feel apologetic. If you do not want us to interrupt, well just be on our way," said the Sacred Emperor. Although he appeared extremely poised and calm, he was in fact very nervous.

"You can leave if you want. Its just that I had a bet with Sky Blade. Were trying to see who can eliminate the most threats, so I hope that all of you could lend me your lives."

This move put a huge pressure on the Sacred Emperor and the others. Although they were pleading, they were also making preparations in secret.

If Bai Jingtian agreed with them, they would definitely not do anything to him. However, Bai Jingtian had blatantly asked them to hand over their lives. Hence, they had no other choice.

In an instant, the Sacred Emperor made his move. His jade-white palms formed three seals in the void.

Toppling Heavens, Overturning Lands and Subduing Seas!

The three seals that converged into one contained a boundless might that swarmed towards Bai Jingtian. This might was enough to make anyones heart shiver.

The five other Celestial Thearches also joined forces and executed their strongest moves. In an instant, all of them formed a cleverly-crafted, comprehensive all-round attack.

A joint attack that made the sky and earth shudder!

Bai Jingtians longsword transformed into a sea of sword blossoms that enveloped the sky and covered every corner in an instant.

The three overwhelming seals started to crumble and fade into nothingness in the sea of dazzling blossoms.

The Sacred Emperor who had executed the three seals was also severed into two halves by that flashing sword-light. Compared to Luo Yunyangs tyrannical blade-light, Bai Jingtians sword-light was graceful and gentle.

However, although the bodies of the Sacred Emperor and the rest remained the same and didnt turn into dust, there was no longer any vitality in their bodies.

PIcture scrolls appeared in the sky once again as bloody rain poured as though the heavens were crying.

The heavens wept for the fallen Celestial Thearches!

Luo Yunyang and Bai Jingtian stood at the two ends of the Heavenly Venerate Platform as the endless bloody rain poured before both of them decided to head towards the platforms defensive perimeter hurriedly.

Both of them were equally fast, both of their auras were equally vast, and both of their wills were equally determined.

"There will no longer be any Celestial Thearches after this final battle!" the scholar mumbled to himself as he gazed into the sky.