Supreme Uprising Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Blade And Sword Occupy The Sky

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Three figures stood in the sky shoulder to shoulder in the distance. A frantic, turbulent, formless mess surged all around them. Just a little bit of this chaotic swirling energy could destroy anyone completely.

Above these three figures were three different lights colored violet, green and blue. The lights were shining towards the high heavens, each of them flickering differently in queer ways.

“The Sacred Emperor is dead. What a pity!” said the middle figure. Although he said it was a pity, his tone was devoid of emotion.

The figure on his left replied nonchalantly, “So what if he died? The weak are prey to the strong!”

The figure on his right responded coldly, “The battle between the blade and sword. The display of the ultimate force. No matter who wins, they will ride the wind and surpass us.”

The figure who stood in the middle felt his hand shake gently before he replied calmly, “What can we do about it? The will of heaven is inevitable.”

The three of them and their surroundings fell silent after the words ‘will of heaven’ were uttered.

Although they all resided high up in the Nine Heavens and were a long way from the Heavenly Venerate Platform, they were still very aware of the situation going on at the Heavenly Venerate Platform.

After calming down, the figure in the middle asked, “Who do you think is going to win?”

“Sky Blade!” the figure on the left answered firmly.

The figure on the right answered in an unquestionable tone, “Bai Jingtian!”

The figure in the middle took in a deep breath and waved his sleeves as he produced a treasured mirror from the formless mass around him and made it display the situation on the Heavenly Venerate Platform.

In the treasured mirror, Luo Yunyang and Bai Jingtian faced each other on opposite ends of the Heavenly Venerate Platform. Both of them were 10 meters away from the Platform.

This distance was negligible to both of them, as they could ascend the Platform in a flash if they wanted to.

However, both of them felt the boundless energy exuded from their opponent and could sense that, although they both appeared calm, it would only take a wave or gesture for them to unleash an earth-shattering power.

“World Walker, Ten Thousand Sword Burning Furnace!” Bai Jingtian finally spoke. His voice was extremely calm, but his words were filled with unquestionable confidence.

“My disciple merely grasped a superficial understanding of my technique and was simply courting death when he faced you.” As soon as he said that, Bai Jingtian’s tone became as sharp as a sword. “However, I’m his master and I should let you have a look at the true ability of my sword,” he added.

While speaking, Bai Jingtian took a step forward and many silhouettes of swords that were thousands of meters tall appeared behind his back. Below them was a sword furnace that was hundreds of times larger and clearer than Ning Shenxiu’s.

The swords were like trees in a forest, and the sword furnace was burning violet red. As Bai Jingtian took his first step, all the swords merged with the sword furnace.

In just an instant, the sword furnace shattered. Sword-light burst out from within and slashed towards Luo Yunyang violently.

That sword-light made everyone tremble and feel afraid. The sword-light seized the life away from heaven and earth.

Everything, from the gathering of these thousands of swords to Bai Jingtian’s move execution, happened in the blink of an eye. However, the might of this sword technique was 10 times stronger than Ning Shenxiu’s.

It was a refined sword from the Ten Thousand Sword Burning Furnace!

Luo Yunyang had been looking forward to this battle with Bai Jingtian. Now, his expectations became a reality as Luo Yunyang paid full attention to Bai Jingtian’s every action.

As he was facing the strongest sword-light ever seen in the Tianyunshen Dynasty in the past 1,000 years, Luo Yunyang did not hesitate. He unleashed his blade towards the sword-light.

Sky Blade Phaseless Cleave!

Luo Yunyang chose to use his Sky Blade Phaseless Cleave. However, as blade-light and sword-light collided in the void, the full power of the Sky Blade Phaseless Cleave was still showed clearly.

What was projected was a three-feet-long blade. The resplendent blade-light and the sword-light forged by the furnace of ten thousand smelted swords were caught in a deadlock.

The power of the blade and sword-light did not diminish or erupt. However, if any one of them were to explode, the power produced would envelop the world with flames.

Bai Jingtian did not continue to brood over the sword-light. Instead, he smiled lightly and said, “I stopped using this sort of smelting technique 500 years ago. Now, take this instead!”

While speaking, he waved the sword in his hands and a seemingly ordinary sword-light danced towards Luo Yunyang gently.

Upon seeing the sword-light, increased worry appeared in Luo Yunyang’s expression.

Without any hesitation, he waved the broken blade in his hands again and unleashed the Sky Blade Origin Cleave.

The blade and sword-light collided in mid-air and dispersed immediately. It was very difficult to determine who had the upper hand.

“Take my blade then!” Luo Yunyang took flight while brandishing his blade. When his blade move changed, a blade-light shot out towards Bai Jingtian,

This time, Luo Yunyang did not execute his Sky Blade Technique. Instead, he used one of the moves of the Divine Martial Technique, which was called Seizing the World With A Sweeping Blade!

Bai Jingtian appeared very calm while he faced the blade-light. The sword in his hand transformed into thousands of sword-shadows and smashed onto Luo Yunyang’s technique heavily.

Blade and sword-light crashed violently, causing countless cracks to appear in the sky around the two of them. Some parts of the sky even seemed like they would shatter if anyone touched them.

The radius of the Heavenly Venerate Platform was only 10 meters, and the power from the origin source laws below it appeared clearer than ever.

Although both Luo Yunyang and Bai Jingtian had yet to ascend the Heavenly Venerate Platform, the Platform had begun to release a mysterious attractive force towards the two of them.

Luo Yunyang wanted to ascend the Platform and Bai Jingtian. who was at the opposite end of the Heavenly Venerate Platform, also yearned for it.

“Let’s not waste each other’s time.” Bai Jingtian shot a glance at Luo Yunyang before sheathing his sword suddenly.

As soon as he put away his sword, a boundless sword intent shrouded Bai Jingtian’s body.

The moment the sword intent shrouded him, almost every sword in the Tianyunshen Dynasty began to whiz fanatically.

Bai Jingtian’s figure was rapidly covered by the swords. In the blink of an eye, it seemed as if he had become a sword that was tens of thousands of meters long.

Sword-light was radiating for hundreds of thousands of miles!

Luo Yunyang remained silent. However, when the sword-light began to cover Bai Jingtian, trails of blade-lights also started to appear from all directions, shrouding Luo Yunyang’s body and wrapping around him. About three-thirds of these blade-lights were the Sky Blade, but there were also some blade-intents from the Divine Martial Technique and some overwhelming battle intent.

Almost all of these blade-lights had gathered on Luo Yunyang’s body in an instant.

In a moment, Luo Yunyang transformed into a long blade that shone as brightly as Bai Jingtian’s sword.

Both the blade and the sword vibrated almost at the same time. Then, they both dashed towards the Heavenly Venerate Platform.

At the moment, there was almost no exchange of moves. However, when the two collided in the sky, both the sword and the blade grew in size and their radiance lit up the entire sky of the Tianyunshen Dynasty in an instant.

Many people felt like insignificant ants. Even the three Heavenly Venerates who were situated high up in the Nine Heavens frowned. Only people who had cultivated to their grade could understand the impact of the clash and the invincible power generated.

It was supreme Utterly supreme!

This was a display of absolute power. There was no trace of pretense in that clash. There was only the collision of the blade and sword in this realm.

Luo Yunyang, who had become a blade, was emotionless. At the moment, even the thought of obtaining the Heavenly Venerate Platform seemed tasteless to him.

He actually felt no regrets, even if he could not obtain the Heavenly Venerate Platform.

Although he could not see Bai Jingtian, Luo Yunyang was able to clearly feel what Bai Jingtian was thinking about.

“Damn it, why isn’t this over yet? This is killing me!” the elder, who was the second in rank Big Dipper Starlord and a senior figure who had single-handedly created the Tianyunshen Dynasty, cursed out loud.

His cultivation base had always been very good, but at the moment, he really did not want to wait any longer. The space was quickly occupied by the exchange between the blade and the sword. The entire sky was almost covered. It was getting hard for an elite like him to breathe, let alone conjure his powers.

He couldn’t endure this sort of suppression and did not wish to continue surviving under this pressure.

The scholar who stood beside the elder did not console him. He only looked at the blade and sword that covered the sky.

Cracking sounds came from the Heavenly Venerate Platform. Although there wasn’t any special means of broadcasting sound, the sound was still bright and crisp as it rang in everyone’s ears.

Almost the entire audience had the same feeling when they saw the cracking Heavenly Venerate Platform. The Platform was going to break.

Who could stop the clash between the blade and the sword?

The Heavenly Venerates were cast outside and all the Celestial Thearches were slain by the two of them. Both of them had transformed into a Sky Blade and Sky Sword.

Thousands of swords and blades were wailing below the Heavenly Venerate Stone!

Amidst this wailing, a loud and crisp sound resonated in the void. The simple, unadorned Heavenly Venerate Stone, which was filled with an ancient aura, broke into two directly in the void.

The Heavenly Venerate Stone had broken!

Every elite in the Tianyunshen Dynasty could not believe their eyes when they saw the Heavenly Venerate Stone break.

In their eyes, the Heavenly Venerate Stone was extremely sacred. However, the battle between the blade and sword had actually broken it!

How was this possible?