Supreme Uprising Chapter 625

Chapter 625 10 Lifetimes The Ultimate Punch

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The Heavenly Venerate Platform was split in two!

Although the vast sky and earth were under the suppression of the blade and sword, all of the martialists watching the battle still felt extremely frightened.

The Heavenly Venerate Platform… In the eyes of everyone present, the platform shaped like a huge stone was a place where supreme elites underwent a baptism and became eventually supreme Heavenly Venerates.

This was a place where most people could only be subservient!

However, the Heavenly Venerate Platform had actually just been divided into two by the powers of those two.

Half a platform for each of them?

In the Blue Marquis Dragon Palace, Lu Bingyue’s eyes were beaming with fervent expectation. Although she had absolute trust in her cousin, the mighty clash between the sword and the blade had managed to shatter her confidence.

She found it hard to believe that her cousin would defeat Bai Jingtian, but she also did not believe that Bai Jingtian would defeat her cousin.

Many people had similar thoughts with Lu Bingyue. For example, the Sect Master of the Sky Sword Sect, Yuan Shenhui.

At the moment, Yuan Shenhui was also very shocked and believed that the battle between the blade and sword was going to end in a stalemate.

Both of them had exceeded the capabilities of a Celestial Thearch by far. So much so that Yuan Shenhui felt that it was very normal for one to say that they could match up to a Heavenly Venerate.

Under the circumstances, it would be really tough for anyone to determine who would win.

The three Heavenly Venerates were at a loss for words. They had ascended the Heavenly Venerate Platform before and were exceptionally familiar with the ancient-looking stone named the Heavenly Venerate Stone.

Even after they had become Heavenly Venerates, they had never thought that they would break the Heavenly Venerate Platform. However, the two potential Heavenly Venerates had actually just broken it.

Tens of thousands of Paths wailed in sorrow!

Rainbow streaks of cultivation paths gathered above the Heavenly Venerate Platform, making a wailing sound, as if they were crying because the platform had been destroyed.

A deep cry was heard from the broken Heavenly Venerate Platform before a five-colored hallowed glow rose up from it.

White, black, green, red, yellow… The five colors fused rapidly, transforming into a five-colored, blazing pillar of light in the sky. The cultivation paths wailing in sorrow frantically poured into the light pillar.

Luo Yunyang and Bai Jingtian, who were situated outside of the five-colored light pillar, recalled their attacks immediately. The boundless sword-light and blade-light dispersed very quickly, but the five-colored light pillar made both of them look very much like godly entities.

In the blink of an eye, the five-colored light pillar, which had gathered the power of 10,000 cultivation paths, vanished completely. The Heavenly Venerate Platform, which had been broken in half, was restored once again.

However, the Platform was now 10 times larger than before and over 100 meters in radius.

Every ancient pattern seemed like it contained boundless great paths, and the interweaving countless patterns could make anyone feel that the sky and earth had merged into the platform.

Even the most ordinary martialist could feel that the current strength of the Heavenly Venerate Platform had vastly exceeded its previous strength.

“Once the Heavenly Venerate Platform becomes stronger, anyone that is baptized on the Platform will receive a larger cultivation boost as well.” The Heavenly Venerate who stood on the left lamented.

However, the Heavenly Venerate on the right gave a much colder reply. “What can we do? We are situated outside the Nine Heavens.”

The Heavenly Venerate in the middle was silent. However, one could see in his eyes that he was yearning for the Heavenly Venerate Platform, which had grown 100 times in size.

“Take my sword again!” Bai Jingtian suddenly said, as though he was having a normal conversation while landing softly on one side of the Heavenly Venerate Platform.

However, after speaking, he did not make any moves. The sword in his hand did not move and there wasn’t any movement in his surroundings either.

A sham shot?

Even the Sky Celestials watching the battle couldn’t understand what Bai Jingtian meant. Even the all-knowing scholar’s expression contained a trace of amazement.

Should one deceive oneself or inadvertently alert one’s opponent?

These sort of methods were considered cheap tricks by entities like Bai Jingtian and Luo Yunyang, as they were useless.

Almost everyone agreed that Bai Jingtian wouldn’t be that senseless. However, even though they thought so, they also couldn’t understand why Bai Jingtian had said that.

At the moment, only four people could see and understand what Bai Jingtian meant.

The three Heavenly Venerates and Luo Yunyang, who was on the receiving end of Bai Jingtian’s attack.

Although it seemed like Bai Jingtian hadn’t made a move, Bai Jingtian actually had. However, he hadn’t used his hands or his sword. What he had used was his mind.

The Solitude Mind Sword!

Luo Yunyang had sensed the name of this sword technique the moment Bai Jingtian had spoken. He could even sense an inescapable sword striking directly towards his core.

The Mind Sword was very difficult to evade or defend oneself against. A hint of seriousness appeared in Luo Yunyang’s eyes.

“Take my punch too!” Luo Yunyang sounded indifferent. Compared to Bai Jingtian’s silent and traceless Solitude Mind Sword, Luo Yunyang’s technique was vastly different, as 10 silhouettes appeared behind him. These 10 silhouettes represented the different reincarnation cycles that he had gone through.

In an instant, the silhouettes and all their spiritual energy condensed into one before getting blasted out forcefully by Luo Yunyang.

This punch wasn’t the Divine Martial Technique. Unlike the Divine Martial Technique, this technique was gentler, just like a naughty child who was boxing.

There was no fist-style or fist-intent, just a plain and simple punch. However, as the punch met Bai Jingtian’s Solitude Mind Sword, there wasn’t any ripple or impact.

It seemed as if both techniques were in a different dimension.

There was no way to evade the Solitude Mind Sword. Hence, after blasting out his punch, Luo Yunyang waited patiently. As the Solitude Mind Sword entered his mind, he immediately executed the Shattering Heavens in his head.

The Shattering Heavens Technique had a destructive power that could crush the sky and earth. Although it was considerably low-risk for Luo Yunyang to execute this technique in his mind, he still felt that he had no other option.

The Solitude Heart Sword whizzed in upheaval for a moment before getting crushed. However, Luo Yunyang also felt countless cracks starting to develop in his mind power.

These cracks were forming at an unstoppable rate. Fortunately, Luo Yunyang managed to suppress their progress after almost half of his mind power had cracked.

Luo Yunyang, whose vital energy was greatly affected, stared at Bai Jingtian, who looked undisturbed.

It seemed as if the punch hadn’t landed on him. However, the moment Luo Yunyang turned to look at Bai Jingtian, he felt a slightly detached vibe coming from him.

“I’ve lost!” After admitting his defeat, Bai Jingtian smiled gently and added, “But I’m thoroughly convinced by my defeat.”

Bai Jingtian’s words had just left his mouth when he began to turn into nothingness and disappear completely.

The Sky Sword Peak on the Sky Sword Mountain had always been Bai Jingtian’s training ground. The moment Bai Jingtian disappeared, the peak also began to merge with the earth beneath it silently.

The other thousands of peaks on the Sky Sword Mountain also subsided half of their original height into the earth. It seemed as if the entire Sky Sword Mountain had shrunk greatly in size.

Yuan Shenhui and the other Sky Sword Sect disciples looked on helplessly in shock. They had already guessed what had happened. However, at the moment, they did not know how to express their emotions.

Bai Jingtian had been like a god to the entire Sky Sword Sect. A god who had bestowed strength unto everyone in the sect. Unfortunately, this god had now fallen.

“He won! Cousin won!” In the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace, Lu Bingyue screamed out loud in joy as her heart was filled with uncontrollable excitement.

Although she didn’t understand what had happened during the exchange between Bai Jingtian and Luo Yunyang, she could still feel the thrill.

However, this wasn’t important anymore, as her beloved cousin had won. More importantly, this meant that her cousin had ascended the Heavenly Venerate Platform.

He had ascended the Heavenly Venerate Platform, achieved immortality and reached eternity!

Luo Yunyang was standing on top of the Heavenly Venerate Platform. At the moment, he could feel the boundless powers surging in from every direction towards him.

However, he wasn’t paying attention to these things. He was instead paying attention to how a Heavenly Venerate could break through and attain immortality, eternity and a sense of accomplishment.

Heavenly Venerates in the Tianyunshen Dynasty were the equivalent of Supremacies in the Divine Union. If he could become a Heavenly Venerate during this reincarnation cycle, his road towards becoming a Supremacy back in his own reality would be smoother.


The radiance on the Heavenly Venerate Platform became much more dazzling. While he was in the midst of it, Luo Yunyang could feel the energy formed by countless cultivation paths, which was forming a surging river around him.

The torrential river surged endlessly.

Luo Yunyang, who stood on the Heavenly Venerate Platform, felt like an ant within this surging river.

When Luo Yunyang stared at the river, he saw Bai Jingtian looking back at him. The Black Emperor, the Green Emperor, and the others were struggling frantically, while people he knew and people he didn’t know were surging forward in the river.

When Luo Yunyang turned his head, he saw countless figures following him. They all appeared extremely blurry. However, when he observed their appearance, Luo Yunyang thought that he saw something.


The huge Heavenly Venerate Platform dragged Luo Yunyang’s body as it flew up from the surging river. At the moment, Luo Yunyang could feel the extremely mysterious strength of a source law enter his mind.

One needed to have control over space and time, detach oneself from fate, and become a Heavenly Venerate!