Supreme Uprising Chapter 626

Chapter 626 Not Staying

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A Heavenly Venerate could reappear anywhere along the flow of time in his physical body in every situation as long as a trace of his spiritual consciousness still existed.

Heavenly Venerates knew the limitations of the river of time. Hence, time didnt affect them and, if they wanted to, they could live on forever.

Heavenly Venerates were able to control space, while their supreme realm transformed into a complete universe.

Luo Yunyang stood on the Heavenly Venerate Platform and overlooked the sky and earth. He felt as if he possessed an inexhaustible strength in his hands.

A purple cloud rose while brilliant dazzling rays shone for 90,000 miles

Numerous visual forms had appeared in the sky above the Tianyunshen Dynasty. These visual forms were all expressing their congratulations for the emergence of the new Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yunyang did not care about these visual forms or the people kowtowing before him.

He sat in a lotus position in the sky, comprehending the changes that were occurring in heaven and earth while fusing all the cultivation techniques he had learned throughout the years.

Luo Yunyang had already fully mastered all the cultivation techniques of the Tianyunshen Dynasty and the Divine Union. However, when it came to the cultivation of a Heavenly Venerate-Grade, everything was flawed.

Great Chaotic Hole Path, Shattering Heavens, Divine Martial Technique, Sky Blade Seven Cleaves

All sorts of techniques began to reach peak mastery based on Luo Yunyangs deduction.

Although those methods were not of much use to Luo Yunyang anymore, they would be the foundation of his battling techniques when he returned to the Divine Union.

10 years later, Luo Yunyang managed to create the Divine Obliteration Blade Of The Great Chaotic Hole. This blade technique condensed all the top-notch techniques that Luo Yunyang had learned into a single set of techniques.

Although it didnt seem to be able to surpass the Shattering Heavens or the Divine Martial Technique in terms of power, it was still the most suitable blade technique for Luo Yunyang.

The combination of the Chaotic Hole Obliteration and the Sky Blade Seven Cleave allowed every blade technique of the set to contain the obliterating intent of the Chaotic Hole and the extreme cleaving intent of the Sky Blade.

"Fellow Daoist, the three of us are here to visit you. Would you be willing to meet us?" A spirit consciousness entered Luo Yunyangs mind nimbly.

In the past, Luo Yunyang would have been slightly worried about the three Heavenly Venerates. However, now, there was nothing in this world that Luo Yunyang was afraid of.

He smiled gently and replied, "Isnt it a joyous event when friends from afar visit me? Its an honor for me to receive all of you."

Ever since he had become a Heavenly Venerate, Luo Yunyang had always trained in his supreme realm. However, hosting the three Heavenly Venerates in his supreme realm would be inappropriate now.

Hence, with a wave of his sleeves, he reentered the Tianyunshen Dynasty.

Three ancient-looking elders in long robes were smiling brightly atop a mountain peak. After seeing Luo Yunyang come out of his supreme realm, all of them greeted him earnestly. "Congratulations, fellow Daoist. You have gathered the power of 10 reincarnation cycles and become a Heavenly Venerate."

Luo Yunyang felt that there was nothing to hide regarding the power gathered during his reincarnation cycles. Hence, he replied calmly, "I was just lucky, thats all."

"I am Purple Crane. This is Brother Mysterious Silence and Brother Spring Frost, who became a Heavenly Venerate the earliest," said an elder in purple long robes. He sounded very respectful as he talked about Spring Frost and introduced everyone to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang could understand this sort of respect. After all, Spring Frost was the first Heavenly Venerate of this world.

In fact, there was no need for an introduction, as all of them were hailed as gods in this world.

While Luo Yunyang had been experiencing his 10 reincarnation cycles, he had often heard people pray to the three Heavenly Venerates or, at times, to one of them alone for a blessing.

However, since they had taken the initiative to introduce themselves, Luo Yunyang returned the favor by greeting them in a friendly manner.

Heavenly Venerate Spring Frost breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that Luo Yunyang was rather refined and courteous. Although he was the leader of the three Heavenly Venerates, this was merely a title.

In fact, martialists who had attained their level of cultivation grade often paid no attention to mortal rankings. They were worried about Luo Yunyang because Luo Yunyangs Heavenly Venerate Platform was 10 times the size of theirs.

Hence, it could be said that his core foundation was also 10 times better than theirs.

They all felt worried about facing someone like Luo Yunyang. Although he had only been a Heavenly Venerate for a short period of time, his abilities had far surpassed theirs. They were worried that he would dominate this world by brute force.

In that case, the three of them would definitely join hands and oppose him. However, if that happened, endless murder would take place.

"Fellow Daoist, you are called Sky Blade and Blade Demon. However, these titles are not fitting for a Heavenly Venerate!" Fresh Frost then added with a smile, "Why dont you give yourself a Venerates title that will become known across the world?"

He was talking about self-bestowing a Venerates title!

Although Luo Yunyang had not been very interested in such a title, he was moved when Fresh Frost mentioned it.

"In that case, Ill be Heavenly Venerate Samsara!" Luo Yunyang made his decision in a split second.

Fresh Frost, Purple Crane, and Mysterious Silence all shot a glance at each other before agreeing simultaneously. "Great, this is an awesome Venerates title. From now on, our world will have another Heavenly Venerate, Heavenly Venerate Samsara."

Almighty figures often tasked their individual sect disciples with handling trivial matters. A supreme Heavenly Venerate would only need to have a mere thought to convey what they needed and their disciples would take over from there.

Hence, when Luo Yunyang decided that he would be called Heavenly Venerate Samsara, Heavenly Venerate Purple Crane simply ordered his disciples to spread the news. Then, the three of them began to sit down and started discussing cultivation paths.

"We yearn for the 10-reincarnation-cycle technique. Would Brother Samsara mind helping us solve some of our queries?" Purple Crane asked Luo Yunyang as soon as he asked Luo Yunyang about some other cultivation techniques.

When Heavenly Venerate Purple Crane asked this question, the eyes of the two other Heavenly Venerates lit up. Their cultivation bases had already enabled them to reincarnate from a single drop of blood, reverse time and revive the dead.

However, it was extremely difficult for them to make someone enter 10 reincarnation cycles.

Luo Yunyang truly couldnt reveal the truth. After all, he couldnt tell the three of them that this was all because of the Samsara Wheel.

Hence, after pondering this for a moment, Luo Yunyang replied indifferently, "It was an opportunity I had the chance to receive that could not be replicated."

Although the three Heavenly Venerates were disappointed by Luo Yunyangs answer, they were all understanding. Even though they were supreme existences in the Tianyunshen Dynasty, there were a lot of things that they couldnt explain either.

That question aside, Luo Yunyang was willing to share his other secrets, including his Sky Blade Technique.

He did not try to hide, and the other three Heavenly Venerates didnt either. They all shared their cultivation secrets. The foundation of martialists of their level was already set, so even knowing other peoples cultivation techniques wouldnt allow them to reach the same level.

Therefore, they naturally did not hide anything.

Luo Yunyang received knowledge about three top-notch battle techniques during their discussion. Although he appeared to be calm and collected, his heart was bursting with joy.

All three battling techniques were not much weaker than Luo Yunyangs Sky Blade Technique. Although Luo Yunyang wouldnt need to use the three battling techniques in the Tianyunshen Dynasty, in the Divine Union these three techniques would be

It would be a blessing for someone who had undergone 10 reincarnation cycles to be able to obtain just one of those techniques.

However, the three top-notch techniques were served up like a simple dish to Luo Yunyang by the three Heavenly Venerates, who explained them in detail to him.

Even their direct disciples might not have had this sort of treatment.

"Ill explore the outside of the galaxy after my 100 years of preparation," Luo Yunyang said after their cultivation discussion in order to have an excuse to leave after the 100 years of his last reincarnation cycle.

Heavenly Venerate Fresh Frost and Purple Crane exchanged a glance before Heavenly Venerate Purple said, "Heavenly Venerate Samsara, I think you should reconsider your decision."

"Youre an almighty Heavenly Venerate, so you should know that the Heavenly Venerate Podium appears once in 10,000 years. However, why is it that there are only three of us after this time?"

"Its because Heavenly Venerates left one after another to explore the outside world but none of them came back."

Heavenly Venerate Qing Shuang then added, "Before becoming a Heavenly Venerate, we felt that reaching the Heavenly Venerate-Grade was the peak of cultivation. However, after becoming Heavenly Venerates, we realized that we were ignorant."

"Everything else aside, the reason why the Heavenly Venerate Platform appears is"

Heavenly Venerate Mysterious Silence hadnt spoken all this time. However, his frown spoke volumes.

Luo Yunyangs mind went into overdrive upon seeing the expressions of the three Heavenly Venerates. If there were existences superior to Heavenly Venerates, then where did these higher beings live?

In the entire Divine Union, the Supremacies were the strongest. In this world, the Heavenly Venerates were similar to the Supremacies.

However, Luo Yunyang wasnt surprised by what Heavenly Venerate Fresh Frost and the others had said, as he had experienced the Samsara Wheel, the Bloody Sky River, and the Heavenly Venerate Platform. If there werent any beings stronger than them, then it would be impossible to explain the occurrence of those events.

There was also the Divine Marital Hall, the training ground in the small tower, and the largest secret of them all, his attribute regulator

The fact that most Heavenly Venerates had never returned was the best excuse for Luo Yunyang. Hence, after mulling this over for a moment, he said seriously, "I do not wish to live an eternity in this world. If I get the chance, Ill definitely head out and venture."

Heavenly Venerate Fresh Frost and the two other Heavenly Venerates kept trying to persuade Luo Yunyang but stopped after seeing that he had made up his mind. In fact, people of their cultivation grade knew that it would be very hard to change the opinion of someone who had set their mind on something.

Their persuasion was nothing more than a kindly intention.

Their cultivation discussion lasted 30 years before the three Heavenly Venerates were satisfied enough that they decided to leave. There were 50 years left before Luo Yunyangs 10 reincarnation cycles would end!