Supreme Uprising Chapter 627

Chapter 627 Returning

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For a Heavenly Venerate, 50 years would pass in the snap of a finger. A single training session in seclusion would easily take 50 years.

When it came to comprehending cultivation techniques or improving one’s cultivation base, 50 years was too short a time for a Heavenly Venerate.

Hence, after seeing off the three Heavenly Venerates, Luo Yunyang left his supreme realm again in an instant.

He arrived instantly at the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace with a single step.

The Blue Dragon Marquis Palace had become the Blue Dragon King Palace. The Divine Emperor of the Tianyunshen Dynasty had personally bestowed the title of the Blue Dragon King Palace on it.

The legend of the 10 reincarnation cycles was no longer taboo, and many people viewed Luo Yuanchu as the true identity of Heavenly Venerate Samsara.

Every day, waves of important royal figures arrived at the Blue Dragon King Palace to pay their respects. Every day, countless Great Sects arrived to pledge their loyalty.

Flower petals were scattered along with the gentle breeze as spring was welcomed by a light drizzle.

Amid the light drizzle and the gentle breeze, many thoughts flooded Luo Yunyang’s mind. Meanwhile, he saw Lu Bingyue standing in the midst of this shower of flowers.

Luo Yunyang was well aware of Lu Bingyue’s feelings, but he was still going through the 10 reincarnation cycles so he had to steer clear of those feelings.

“Quit being in a daze. Let’s go out for a walk!” Luo Yunyang said with a soft smile as he walked out of the gentle drizzle.

Lu Bingyue watched the graceful Luo Yunyang and followed him without any hesitation out of the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace.

Some people in the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace sensed that the two of them had left, but no one said anything or greeted them.

This wasn’t because their reaction was slow, or because they were unconcerned or just didn’t want to greet Luo Yunyang. It was because the thought of doing so only formed abruptly after both of them had disappeared in the distance.

Lu Bingyue was walking side by side with Luo Yunyang in a small city. It felt as if they were both ordinary people gazing at the bustling city scene.

“This… This is the place where I had my second reincarnation cycle.” Luo Yunyang pointed at a shabby wooden door.

During his second reincarnation cycle, he had been a core disciple of the Sky Sword Sect. Although he had only possessed the disciple’s body after the disciple had entered the Sky Sword Sect, Luo Yunyang had still known everything about the disciple.

1,000 years of rain and shine had changed the appearance of the wooden lodge, yet the location hadn’t changed a single bit.

“Do you want to head in and take a look?” Lu Bingyue asked with a smile.

There shouldn’t be anything left to see as, after all, countless people must have come and left in almost 1,000 years.

Luo Yunyang pondered this for a moment before nodding his head out of curiosity. There was nothing capable of stopping the two of them in the wooden lodge.

Although the family living there wasn’t well-off, the space was still very clean.

Everyone in the small home was busy with their own affairs. After walking around, Luo Yunyang stopped in a room situated in a corner.

The room in the corner was covered by a cloth with numerous names written on it. Surprisingly, the name he’d had during his second life in this world was written in the second row.

Upon seeing that there were no more names below his, Luo Yunyang let out a gentle sigh. His gaze fell on the family members, who were busy with their chores, for a moment before he decided to disappear completely from the lodge with a wave of his sleeves.

As Lu Bingyue saw the mist above the wooden lodge change, she nodded her head in agreement. “This is the best for them.”

As a Heavenly Venerate, Luo Yunyang could change a family’s fortune with a mere thought and destroy a dynasty just as easily.

Although the luck that Luo Yunyang had bestowed on the family wasn’t too great, it could still ensure that the family progressed and eventually became a wealthy family in 100 years.

This was the power of a Heavenly Venerate.

After a short while, Luo Yunyang and Lu Bingyue appeared outside the Sky Sword Sect. Compared to the Sky Sword Mountain, that had bustled with sword Qi in the past, the current sect had declined greatly.

Although there were still many people cultivating the path of the sword, this could not compare to the time when Bai Jingtian had still been alive.

At that very moment, thousands of people were gathered outside the Sky Sword Sect. Based on their expressions, it was obvious that they had gone there with evil intentions.

No one had dared do anything while Bai Jingtian had still been around to helm the Sky Sect Sword. Now that Bai Jingtian had perished, Yuan Shenhui couldn’t hold his ground and naturally everyone that harbored enmity towards the sect had shown up.

Battles were fought every day and almost all their enemies were closing in on them. Countless Sky Sword Sect disciples had either died or fled.

The people that were left were the Sky Sword Sect’s most loyal disciples.

Yuan Shenhui was injured, as were many of the remaining disciples. Although they appeared unyielding, they mostly just wanted to die with dignity.

After all, they had no other options.

“The Ancestral Master’s Sword Manual must not be handed over to those scoundrels.” Yuan Shenhui sounded calm, but his tone was still unquestionable.

“Although I cannot protect the Sky Sword Sect, I will never allow the name of our Ancestral Master to be tarnished by these b*stards.”

The martialists around him all responded bravely, “Yes!”

Although all of them sounded less respectful than they should, they were still filled with determination to do their best and risk their lives. Yuan Shenhui felt slightly touched as he watched these disciples.

“Scram!” Just as Yuan Shenhui was about to raise his sword and take his last stand, a voice resonated across the void.

The voice was filled with unquestionable vigor and a horrifying intent!

Upon listening to the voice, Yuan Shenhui suddenly felt his Ancestral Master reappear. However, as this feeling formed, he realized instantly that this was definitely not his Ancestral Master.

The person who had spoken was on a higher level than his Ancestral Master in all aspects.

“It’s Heavenly Venerate Samsara! Run!” Thousands of martialists that had gathered outside of the Sky Sword Sect screamed in fear as they frantically escaped.

Although some people among them were unwilling to part with what they had been about to obtain and were very unresigned, most people were wishing that they could run faster.

When Yuan Shenhui saw Luo Yunyang, he hesitated for a split moment before eventually kneeling on the ground respectfully.

Luo Yunyang didn’t pay attention to Yuan Shenhui as he brought Lu Bingyue into the cave where he had trained in seclusion in the past. After walking around, he said faintly, “I’m going to rest here for a period of time.”

This was said with quite a resolute intent.

While Luo Yunyang was residing in the Sky Sword Mountain for three years, the Sky Sword Mountain once again resumed its prosperity and countless disciples who cultivated the way of the sword gathered below the Sky Sword Mountain.

Luo Yunyang did not cultivate in seclusion during these three years. He spent almost every day outside of his cave residence with Lu Bingyue and sometimes even chattered heartily with some of the ordinary Sky Sword Sect disciples.

After three years, Luo Yunyang led Lu Bingyue away and left quietly.

In his opinion, the Sky Sword Sect was only part of his journey and he wanted to complete the rest of his journey within his remaining time.

When he reached the shore of the East Sea, Luo Yunyang entered the sea on a boat and set sail into the endless abyss. He reappeared in a secluded empty valley along with the faint sound of Lu Bingyue’s singing voice.

In just the blink of an eye, more than half of his remaining 50 years had gone by. Although Luo Yunyang hadn’t cultivated much during those 50 years, he felt that his mind had become much more refined.

Lu Bingyue was sitting quietly beside Luo Yunyang in the City of Gold in the Great Desert. However, in front of her wasn’t the common bustling scene of the City of Gold of the past.

Although she was still looking at a crowded Golden City, the attire of the people in the city had become much simpler and way more unadorned.

As the crowd came and went by, Lu Bingyue actually saw a familiar face. It was a supervisor of the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace.

The reason she knew this supervisor was because his mother had been Lu Bingyue’s servant before she had eventually married into an ordinary family due to her lack of cultivation talent.

It could be said that Lu Bingyue had seen this supervisor grow up and grow old. Now, this supervisor had actually appeared in the City of Gold.

As she watched him haggling over prices, Lu Bingyue suddenly recalled that this supervisor had been tasked by the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace to purchase something from the City of Gold.

While Lu Bingyue was fascinated by the abilities of a Heavenly Venerate-Grade, Luo Yunyang suddenly waved his hands and a divine light enveloped the supervisor, transporting him out of the City of Gold directly through time and space.

By the time the man saw Luo Yunyang and Lu Bingyue, Luo Yunyang had already used voice transmission to explain his reasons for summoning him. His emotions began to stir up as he hurriedly knelt down on the ground and started kowtowing before the two of them.

“Cousin, this…” Before Lu Bingyue could finish her sentence, Luo Yunyang raised his hand and said, “It’s not a big deal. Even resurrecting an ordinary commoner wouldn’t be too big of a problem for me.”

As soon as he said that, a strong and tall middle-aged man appeared in the same City of Gold, where time and space had been reversed.

The tall, strong man had a hefty aura as he walked with almighty vigor. Luo Yunyang smiled lightly when he saw him and gently grabbed towards the man, bringing him out of the City of Gold.

“Hello, Tuo Shan. It’s been a while!”

The City of Gold was Luo Yunyang’s last stop. After staying with Lu Bingyue and the others for five years, his 100-year reincarnation cycle was nearing its end.

Luo Yunyang had settled everything he had wanted. Thus, without bidding anyone farewell, he took a step forward and entered the surging turbulent void.

There were still three days left before the Samsara Wheel would arrive to take him back. Luo Yunyang wanted to use this opportunity to enter the vast cosmos and see if there were any ways of entering the Divine Union.

If there were, then he wouldn’t need to abandon his current cultivation.

However, it became very clear to Luo Yunyang as soon as he took flight that the possibility of this happening was going to be very small.

Luo Yunyang sighed gently as he stood in the void, watching the Tianyunshen Dynasty become smaller and smaller. He knew that the chances of him returning to the Tianyunshen Dynasty were slim regardless of whether he could find a way or not.