Supreme Uprising Chapter 629

Chapter 629 Depths Of Chaos

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3,000 Great Cosmos for one to roam!

What big words! Although Luo Yunyang didnt know what the 3,000 Great Cosmos were, he still had a vague sense of what this meant in the surging chaos.

If that boat could cross 3,000 Great Cosmos, could his current body be sent by this small boat back to the Divine Union?

If this body returned to the Divine Union, it would be a massive help to him. It could even be considered a big leap towards being the peak existence in this world.

He would no longer have to respect the Supremacies or need to rely on the Celestial World Supremacy in order to survive in this world.

Luo Yunyang had a look of firm resolution on his face as all these thoughts went through his mind. He sensed that this purple world possessed considerable danger that could even threaten his spiritual consciousness.

However, he still chose to proceed without any thoughts of turning back.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When Luo Yunyang threw himself into the purple sea of lightning, purple streaks blasted through the void.

This purple lightning seemed way weaker than the five-colored lightning. However, only Luo Yunyang knew how terrifying it was.

What was more frightening was that he couldnt use his Supreme Realm in this sea of purple lightning.

Thunderous lightning intent suppressed Luo Yunyangs Supreme Realm and prevented him from using a large part of his power.

Using the power to control space and time was even more out of the question.

Swing the blade, swing the blade, swing the blade!

Luo Yunyang could not swing his blade over and over. Streaks of lightning were cut with each swing, yet that berserk lightning and thunder still left a burnt smell on his body.

Cracks started to appear continuously on Luo Yunyang"s body. Although Luo Yunyangs powerful vitality mended these cracks, they still kept appearing so fast that it seemed like countless cracks were forming on his body.

The blade was swung before a black hole appeared within the blade-light, engulfing that surging lightning.

However, as this lightning was swallowed up, cracks started to show on Luo Yunyangs black hole, which had become more powerful after he had become a Heavenly Venerate.

Purple lightning turned into long purple streaks that flowed out of the cracks and blasted Luo Yunyangs body.

Countless more cracks appeared on his already-blackened body. Even Luo Yunyangs consciousness was cracking under this lightning.

This consciousness was too important to Luo Yunyang. Only his consciousness had arrived in this realm and only his consciousness would be returning.

If this consciousness was shattered, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Luo Yunyang, who did not dare hesitate, rapidly repaired his own consciousness. As those cracks were mended, Luo Yunyang discovered that a trace of lightning energy had actually appeared within his consciousness.

This was an extremely profound feeling. However, at the moment, Luo Yunyang had no time to care about this. Right now, what he needed to do was make his way through this sea of purple chaotic lighting and enter that small boat.

The distance between him and that small boat didnt seem to have changed at all!

Luo Yunyang had already spent an hour rushing into the lightning sea and acquiring injuries all over his body. When he looked back, there was no longer any trace of the spot where he had entered this sea of chaotic lightning.

However, the distance to the small boat still seemed the same.

There was only an hour left before his return. Perhaps this was a mirage? Or perhaps this small boat simply didnt exist in this sea of chaotic lightning?

Luo Yunyang thought of giving up. Wouldnt it be better to give up than to be tormented here?

However, upon thinking about what would happen to his body in the sea of chaotic lightning after his consciousness departed, Luo Yunyang hesitated before he set off in the direction of that small boat again.

In half an hour, he was already extremely weary. The broken blade in his hand was only left with a handle.

There was still half an inch of blade edge!

It could no longer be called a broken blade, but rather a destroyed blade. The broken blade that was made of ordinary steel now had a faint purple glow and contained a huge amount of purple lightning source.

If this blade was put on auction in the Divine Union, even Universe-Grade powerhouses would go crazy over it.

It was a pity that such a good item could not be brought back!

"Mhm!" After swatting away another violent wave of lightning, Luo Yunyang discovered that there was a tree that was about three inches tall not too far from him.

The little tree had a handful of leaves, but each leaf looked different. Some looked like crystals, others like a pill furnace, and there was even one that had the shape of a blade.

Luo Yunyang stretched out his hand and grabbed at the small tree. However, before his hand could even come into contact with the small tree, the leaf rushed towards his hand at practically the same instant.

The leaf, which was like a small cauldron, transformed into a treasured cauldron and shot purple lightning at Luo Yunyang.

This purple lightning was even more terrifying than the lightning in the purple sea.

The leaf that looked like a mirror flashed and mirror lights turned into countless blade-lights that cut at Luo Yunyang.

The other leaves werent ordinary either, especially the leaf that looked like a long blade. As it swept across the void, it seemed to contain a bone-chilling might.

After advancing to a Heavenly Venerate, Luo Yunyang had talked with Heavenly Venerate Purple Crane and the other two and learned quite a bit regarding various treasures.

However, regardless of whether it was Heavenly Venerate Purple Cranes pagoda that could integrate the power of laws or Heavenly Venerate Mysterious Silences sacred zither, all those treasures couldnt compare to these leaves in the Tianyunshen Dynasty.

Luo Yunyang moved the broken blade in his hand in a bid to ward off those attacks. Although this process seemed easy, more cracks appeared on Luo Yunyangs body each time he parried one of these attacks.


A large pagoda was hacked in two as a snapping sound came from Luo Yunyangs body.

This was the sound of the bones in his body snapping.

More than half of the bones in his body snapped in an instant. Although Luo Yunyang sighed, the leaf that looked like a long blade was already approaching him.

Now that his wrist was broken, Luo Yunyang no longer had the strength to wield his blade. As this blade-light cut towards him, Luo Yunyang used his other hand to smash at the blade.

Luo Yunyangs palm was cut open and his blood rapidly covered the area that had been heated up by the purple lightning.

The leaf blade that cut Luo Yunyangs hand suddenly stopped and assimilated itself into Luo Yunyangs bloodstream.

Actually, this strange leaf blade entered Luo Yunyangs mind. As long as Luo Yunyang thought about it, that leaf blade would immediately appear in his hand.

To think that he had caught a blade this easily! Luo Yunyang, who was delighted, wanted to rush and catch the other leaves. However, before he could even try anything, those leaves flew back towards the little tree as if they had sensed something.

The little tree swayed and moved far away in an instant.

The little tree hadnt left. Instead, Luo Yunyang had been moved a great distance away by the swaying movement of the little tree.

He discovered that the surrounding sea of lightning was now black. A sort of black that would make ones heart palpitate.

Ever since he had advanced to a Heavenly Venerate, Luo Yunyang had felt that there were very few things that could still threaten his life. However, at the moment, he knew that he was really taking a big risk.

This black domain was an unparalleled level of terrifying. Luo Yunyang just had to make the slightest move and this massive power would blast him.

He wouldnt be able to block this attack.

Luo Yunyang took a deep breath. He had already lost track of time. What he needed to do now was take a look at exactly what sort of place he was at.

This was a sea of black lightning. He seemed to be able to see a translucent barrier on the fringes of this blackness. Luo Yunyang couldnt see what was on the other side, but he believed that this barrier was another realm or perhaps the edge of this realm.

As long as he rushed through this barrier, he could free himself from the binds of the Samsara Wheel and continue traveling this world as a Heavenly Venerate.

If he could rush through Luo Yunyang frowned.

While he thought about that idea, he felt a massive sense of terror.

When he turned his head, Luo Yunyang saw black electricity taking shape. This attack was actually directed at him!

Luo Yunyang believed that he wouldnt be able to dodge this lightning. At the moment, the only thing going through his mind was that he was going to die.

As he prepared to conjure the leaf blade from his mind, he suddenly realized that the small boat had appeared a short distance away from him.

Although the boat wasnt large, the words "Cross 3,000 Great Cosmos on me" had become very clear.

The small boat that he had been chasing was actually here!

No wonder the distance had been so hard to close. It turned out that this small boat was actually moving in the depths of the Chaotic World.

Without any hesitation, Luo Yunyang soared towards the boat. When he took flight, the black electricity also shot at him.

Lightning and thunder obliterated everything!