Supreme Uprising Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Gigolo

Ji Tian, who was very beautiful, also had a very pleasant voice. Chen Yong and everyone else's eyes were filled with respect.

Their leader certainly deserved his position of power. All sorts of girls liked him. He had barely arrived at the Rising Dragon Army's barracks, yet he had already been invited over by a beautiful girl from the Royal Forest Military.

Xu Zhong's face turned slightly darker. He had just ordered these kids to be obedient and stay put, when this son of a b*tch received an invitation from a beautiful girl. How could Xu Zhong rest easy now?

"Thank you, Big Sister Ji. I shall head over in a bit. Where are you staying?" Luo Yunyang liked Ji Tian, so now that both of them were in this small town, he couldn't turn down an invitation to meet her.

"We are staying at the barracks just beside yours. Come over!" Ji Tian chuckled. "It just so happens that the Sky High Military's elite martialists are here as well."

Luo Yunyang hung up and looked at Xu Zhong. Xu Zhong waved his arms around and said, "You are too much trouble, you little bastard! Go on then! Oh, I forgot. You must remember to return early and you are absolutely not allowed to spend the night out!"

Before Xu Zhong could finish speaking, Chen Yong and the others burst into laughter. They all had knowing looks in their eyes.

Luo Yunyang felt slightly embarrassed by Xu Zhong's joke. He really didn't have such an intention, so he just headed out of the encampment with a laugh.

As Ji Tian had said, the Royal Forest Military's barracks were just next door. When he stepped out through their own barracks, Luo Yunyang saw Ji Tian standing beside the door in her Royal Forest Military uniform.

The girl was tall and fair. Although her looks weren't especially outstanding, when people saw her, they thought that she looked fresh and neat.

"Hello, Yunyang! You have gotten even more handsome since the last time we met. If I knew that this would happen, I would have persuaded you to join the Royal Forest Military no matter what!" Ji Tian teased him as she checked him out.

She's flirting with me!

Luo Yunyang was a little embarrassed. When she noticed, Ji Tian smiled. "Let's go! The Royal Forest Military's elite class members are inside. There might be a few among them who are even stronger than you."

"Yun Lei sure is. Although he might be arrogant and proud of his own abilities, he has the goods to back that pride up. If you make a couple of friends, perhaps you might get a chance to work together during the competition."

As she said this, Ji Tian turned and headed into the barracks. Luo Yunyang followed her helplessly. As he entered, he saw about 10 young martialists who seemed to be heading out.

Ji Tian's face changed when she saw them. She had just opened her mouth to speak, when the young man at the front said indifferently, "We have a matter to attend to, Instructor Ji. We will be heading out for a bit. This must be the person you wanted me to meet. I will look out for him!"

Although the young man's appearance was ordinary, the way he held his head high made him seem superior to everybody else.

Ji Tian found herself in an embarrassing predicament. She had invited Luo Yunyang over, yet these people were making her feel uncomfortable.

Luo Yunyang patted Ji Tian's arm as he said nonchalantly, "These must be the people you asked me to take care of, Big Sister Ji Tian. I'm not looking down on the Royal Forest Military or anything, but it seems like any Tom, Dick or Harry can enter your elite class. He he!"

The young man's expression immediately turned ugly. His eyes were now blazing with rage.

"You must be crazy, kid. I'm not even interested in touching you. Lei Qi from the Sky High's Seven Pillars has already said that he won't let a single person from the Rising Dragon Army onto the island!"

Yun Lei sucked in a deep breath as he chuckled. "This time, the Rising Dragon Army will stay off the island and cry! We were originally going to give you a portion of D-grade source fluid, but it seems like that is no longer necessary."

As soon as he had finished his words, the young man swaggered off.

The others followed suit, striding past Luo Yunyang with their heads high, their chests out, and their noses in the air.

"Instructor Ji, the Sky High's Seven Pillars have invited over elites from the Eight Armies of the East. Yun Lei received an invitation, so we will be going over to join the fun," a young girl who had a good relationship with Ji Tian told her softly.

Ji Tian looked on helplessly as the group of martialists left. Her face was full of disappointment. She had put in a lot of effort, yet the outcome wasn't what she had expected. She hadn't even been able to help.

She smiled weakly at Luo Yunyang as she said helplessly, "Don't get mad at Yun Lei. His family owns the Yun Clan Financial Group, so he has received the best grooming from a very young age. It is said that the Yun family still uses ancient prescriptions and all sorts of dire beast blood to strengthen their bodies."

"He really is very strong. He had already beaten a martial master before he even entered the Royal Forest Military."

A moment ago, Luo Yunynag had reached a conclusion about Yun Lei, so he felt very confident in himself.

When he noticed Ji Tian's guilt-ridden demeanor, Luo Yunyang tried to console her nonchalantly. "I'm not weak either!"

"I know you are very strong too. I just wanted to introduce you to a few people. I never expected things to turn out this way. How about I take you shopping to make this up to you?" Ji Tian looked at Luo Yunyang dejectedly. She looked like a sad maiden trembling in fear.

Shopping? Luo Yunyang was speechless. Back when he had lived in Donglu Town, there had been no places to shop at, and ever since he had arrived at Base 7, he hadn't had any free time to go shopping.

However, now he would go shopping with a pretty and understanding lady. Buying something for his mother and little sister wouldn't be a bad idea. As he thought about it, he nodded his head in delight. "Alright, shopping sounds like a great idea. Except, I don't have any money!"

This was the truth. Before he had joined the elite class, he had left all his money at home. He had only used points ever since.

"That's alright. Just let me pay for you!" Ji Tian flashed him a crafty smile.

Luo Yunyang found being broke somewhat embarrassing. Especially when a 40-year-old woman saw Ji Tian take out money to pay for his purchase. The woman grabbed Ji Tian's hand and whispered in her ear, "Be careful, girl. Don't let him fool you. Gigolos don't have any good intentions."

Although Luo Yunyang hadn't increased his Mind Attribute, it still surpassed the average person's, so despite the fact that the older woman had tried to lower her voice, he had still heard every word she'd said.

Damn you! How have I become a gigolo?

"Give big sis a smile, pretty boy!" Ji Tian was holding a large bucket of popcorn in her hands as she teased him.

Luo Yunyang's expression darkened. He instantly raised his Mind Attribute to 20 and stared straight at Ji Tian.

At first, Ji Tian only felt that Luo Yunyang's gaze was especially bright, but she suddenly felt herself being attracted to him. She felt an impulse to throw herself into the boy's embrace.

Luo Yunyang was about eight years younger than her! How could she have such dirty thoughts? When Luo Yunyang turned away his gaze, Ji Tian reproached herself in embarrassment.

"Let's keep shopping, pretty boy!"