Supreme Uprising Chapter 630

Chapter 630 The Samsara Controller

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It was black lightning full of destructive power! Compared to the purple lightning, this seemed way quieter yet extremely terrifying.

If even a slight bit of black lightning were to graze him, Luo Yunyang feared that his Heavenly Venerate Body would be obliterated.

He felt a little dim when that black lightning approached. Although he knew that it would be difficult for him to block it, he still prepared to use the leaf blade that had already appeared in his hand.

However, just as he brandished the blade, the black lightning that was a meter away from him vanished completely.

It was as if this black lightning hadn’t existed at all.

However, the black lightning had definitely been there. The reason it had vanished completely was because Luo Yunyang had approached that small boat.

The small boat that was named Crossing 3,000 Great Cosmos!

Upon landing on that small boat, Luo Yunyang felt a great sense of fear. It was even more terrifying than the black lightning.

The boat didn’t have a cabin. The instant Luo Yunyang descended, he saw a drop of golden blood. That great sense of fear came from that drop of blood.

To think that he, who was already a Heavenly Venerate, would actually be frightened of just a drop of blood! This was something that Luo Yunyang had never imagined was possible.

He calmed himself down and then strode over in the direction of that drop of blood. However, when he was five steps away from that drop of blood, his mind felt a massive pressure.

Under this pressure, cracks started to appear on his mind power.

At what sort of level was the existence that had left behind this drop of blood? To think that it could actually cause so much damage! Many thoughts flashed through Luo Yunyang’s mind. However, he didn’t investigate this strange drop of blood any further.

Although he wanted to, his current identity didn’t have much time.

He wanted to understand where this boat was going. Only this way would he feel comfortable staying on this boat.

As he was busy pondering this, names started to appear in his mind. Returning Sun Great Cosmos, Pure Sun Great Cosmos, Golden Great Cosmos, Sky Awn Great Cosmos

There were 360 Great Cosmos!

Luo Yunyang only had one thought as he saw the names of the 360 Great Cosmoswhere exactly was the Divine Union?

He discovered over 100 names beneath each of these Great Cosmos. Yangxi Cosmos, Moving Lightning Cosmos, Mysterious Sky Cosmos, Clear Soul Cosmos

Just like before, Luo Yunyang didn’t see the region the Divine Union was in.

Actually, the pathetic Luo Yunyang didn’t even know the name of the cosmos the Divine Union was in.

What now? What was he going to do?

Although this little boat was very strange, as long as it sailed along on this realm, it would probably bring him back.

This was akin to having a treasure right before one’s eyes but not knowing the password to obtain it.

Just as Luo Yunyang started getting anxious, the name of the region he was currently in appeared in his headTianyun Void!

This was not a cosmos. It actually was a void!

Luo Yunyang didn’t understand the meaning of the void. However, upon noting the similarities between the Tianyun Void as well as the other countless voids, he had a feeling that the place he was from could also be a void.

At this thought, over 1,000 voids appeared in Luo Yunyang’s head. The names of these voids were strange and weird. Despite his strong mind power, Luo Yunyang felt as though all these voids were beyond his grasp for the time being.

Where exactly did he come from?

“Beep, Beep, Beep Ultimate Samsara User, your 10th reincarnation cycle is about to conclude. Please make the necessary preparations. The countdown is starting.”

Time was up! What was he supposed to do? Luo Yunyang had already made a decision. He used the Energy Shifter Ability and completely gathered whatever cultivation base he possessed into his current body.

Then, Luo Yunyang quickly made a choice. He didn’t choose all these unknown voids. Instead, he chose a cosmos.

The Mysterious Sky Cosmos.

This didn’t mean that Luo Yunyang was from the Mysterious Sky Cosmos. He really didn’t know how to choose, so he had just taken a wild guess.

Just as Luo Yunyang made his choice, he felt a shudder. Then, the small boat and the lightning and thunder around him vanished completely. Next thing he knew, Luo Yunyang’s consciousness was situated inside the formless mass of a void.

“Respected Ultimate Samsara User, your 10 cycles of reincarnation have already concluded. Thanks to the Samsara Wheel, your 10 cycles of reincarnation have been deemed perfect.”

“Now, you have been given an opportunity to compete with other Samsara Users for the chance of becoming a Samsara Controller. Will you participate?”

A Samsara Controller?

Luo Yunyang recalled the massive Samsara Wheel. How could he pass up such an opportunity? He didn’t even think about it before he replied right away, “I will.”

“Alright, respected Samsara User. You will bring over your memories and cultivation base from the Tianyun Void and arrive at the Samsara Space. If you obtain the Samsara Seal within this space, you will gain the right to become a Samsara Controller.”

“Please prepare. You will arrive in the Samsara Space in one minute.”

There really wasn’t any need for Luo Yunyang to make any preparations. He had countless theories regarding this Samsara Wheel. Now, this quota of the Samsara Wheel left Luo Yunyang filled with anticipation.

One minute passed by in a flash. Luo Yunyang realized that he had already appeared on a planet. This planet was as large as several hundred suns put together. Although it was filled with spiritual Qi, it didn’t seem to contain any life besides ordinary vegetation.

Luo Yunyang made some speculations as soon as he saw this planetthis planet was a virtual planet created by the Samsara Wheel.

The moment he appeared on it, Luo Yunyang discovered that he was already in his own original body.

However, his current cultivation base was the same that it had been in the Tianyun Void. He was a Heavenly Venerate!

After making some comparisons, he concluded that the only difference between this body and Ye Tian’s body was their appearance.

Everything else had been re-created according to Ye Tian’s body.

As Luo Yunyang surveyed his surroundings, powerful auras appeared on this quiet planet.

There were some auras that blazed like burning suns, some auras that felt like incisive swords puncturing the atmosphere, and some gloomy and cold auras freezing the area all around

Each of these auras probably represented someone that had also obtained an opportunity to become a Samsara Controller from the Samsara Wheel.

As Luo Yunyang released his mind power, he suddenly sensed a familiar aura.

This aura belonged to the Paragon Bug Queen of the Bug Race!

During the fight for the Ultimate Samsara Token, the Paragon Bug Queen’s performance had been extraordinary. It was a pity that, although the Paragon Bug Queen’s performance had been very impressive, she had still lost to Luo Yunyang.

To think that she also had the qualifications to vie for the role of the Samsara Controller! It seemed like the Paragon Bug Queen had gained quite a lot during these 10 reincarnation cycles.

As Luo Yunyang used his mind to probe the Paragon Bug Queen, he discovered that her cultivation base had already reached the Universe 5-Grade.

10 reincarnation cycles, 100 years per cycle. No, the Paragon Bug Queen hadn’t obtained the Ultimate Samsara Token. Although she also had 10 reincarnation cycles, each of her cycles would last at least 10 years less than Luo Yunyang’s.

Attaining a Universe 5-Grade cultivation couldn’t have been easy for the Paragon Bug Queen.

The Paragon Bug Queen had been pleasantly surprised by this chance to vie for the role of the Samsara Controller. She had already started taking precautions the moment she had arrived in this world.

Golden Wasps surrounded her. These Wasps had weird patterns on their bodies and when they gathered together, they gave off a strange vibe.

“I never imagined that I would actually meet a small bug here.” The Paragon Bug Queen heard a loathing voice filled with contempt.

As she heard this voice, the Paragon Bug Queen discovered a man with four eyes, four arms and six legs who was standing nearby.

The Paragon Bug Queen had never seen this man or anyone that looked like him before. However, a sense of fear welled in her heart the moment she saw him.

She wasn’t afraid because of the peak Universe-Grade cultivation base that this man possessed. Actually, it was the aura emanating from this man’s body that made the Paragon Bug Queen fearful.

It was an aura of total destruction An aura of complete annihilation!

She had never seen someone with this sort of aura back where she was from. Deep down, the Paragon Bug Queen immediately realized that she wouldn’t dare become the enemy of such a person.

“What are you?” The Paragon Bug Queen’s voice was quivering in fear.

“I am Xuan Guang and I come from the Mysterious Underworld Race!” the man said haughtily. “You should go and off yourself, little bug. This is no place for you.”

However, she was still the Paragon Bug Queen. Although her heart was stricken with fear, she still attacked immediately.

Thousands of Golden Wasps beat their wings simultaneously. The patterns on these wasps formed a golden spirit lance that streaked towards Xuan Guang.

This lance could be considered the Paragon Bug Queen’s strongest attack.

However, as this technique, which could match a Heavenly Venerate, approached, Xuan Guang didn’t try to move out of the way. He only glanced at it and the golden spirit lance started to disappear in the void.

“Too weak!”

Then, Xuan Guang said faintly, “Now, I should send you away from here. It’s a pity that I won’t be able to kill you due to the Samsara Wheel.”

Xuan Guang suddenly turned his head and looked in the direction of Luo Yunyang, who had stepped forward in the distance and appeared delighted.

“I never expected to see my favorite food here. Oh well, I shall eat you first then!”