Supreme Uprising Chapter 631

Chapter 631 Bloodline Hatred

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An actual Mysterious Underworld being!

Back in that training facility, Luo Yunyang had seen a simulated projection. Although that image had been very lifelike, something fake could never be real.

Even under the circumstances, upon seeing a being from the Mysterious Underworld Race, Luo Yunyang felt immediately hatred get etched in his bones.

This sort of animosity wasn’t for him. It was an animosity buried deep in his bloodline. A hatred that was difficult to dissolve even if many eons passed.

His cultivation base was insufficient and the missing parts of the training facility were difficult to repair, so Luo Yunyang hadn’t gone searching for the Mysterious Underworld Race.

However, he had always been paying attention to the decline of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Unfortunately, the Divine Union had no records or memories of the Mysterious Underworld Race, and neither did anyone else.

Now, an actual Mysterious Underworld being had just appeared in this Samsara space.

Although the body of this Mysterious Underworld being was a virtual body created by the Samsara Wheel, Luo Yunyang knew that behind this body was an elite genius of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Therefore, he didn’t hesitate. He went in for the kill right away…

The Paragon Bug Queen’s tightened heart relaxed slightly when she saw Luo Yunyang. However, she still quickly conjured up all the power in her body and prepared to support Luo Yunyang the moment he failed to beat the opponent.

After all, this being called Xuan Guan was really fearsome. Although Luo Yunyang wasn’t ordinary, he also wasn’t that far out of her league.

Xuan Guang’s three sets of eyes flashed and hexagonal chains appeared strangely and started to surround Luo Yunyang.

The appearance of these hexagonal chains was really strange. However, as soon as they appeared, the surrounding space was sealed up by them.

The Paragon Bug Queen went pale. Her cultivation base was startling and she had gained lots of cultivation experience during her 10 reincarnation cycles. However, these strange chains made her feel utterly helpless.

If Xuan Guang had used these strange chains on her instead, the Paragon Bug Queen was certain that she wouldn’t have stood a chance. As things stood now, if she used this opportunity to slip away while Xuan Guang was dealing with Luo Yunyang, she might still have a small hope of staying alive.

However, the Paragon Bug Queen did not flee in the end. She possessed outstanding wit and knew that escaping from this sort of place wouldn’t be easy. Besides the fact that there was a low possibility of escaping with her life, this would also be inhumane. How could she possibly harm someone else without benefiting herself?

Now, her only chance was to join forces with Luo Yunyang and strike Xuan Guang while he was dealing with Luo Yunyang.

Just as she was about to unleash the Golden Wasps from their hives once again, she heard Luo Yunyang, who was locked down by those hexagonal chains, suddenly say calmly, “Insignificant skill…”

As he said that, Luo Yunyang tapped his finger and those hexagonal chains started to crumble.

“Heavenly Venerate!” There was a look of alarm on Xuan Guang’s face as he soared up and shot off into the distance without a moment’s hesitation.

“Come back!” Luo Yunyang naturally wouldn’t let Xuan Guang escape his grasp. His finger tapped the void and Xuan Guang, who was already 100 miles away, landed before Luo Yunyang.

“How… How can this be? How could you be a Heavenly Venerate?” Xuan Guang roared in disbelief.

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly but didn’t say much. His palms moved as he used a mind-searching technique.

“Human, I don’t care how you became a Heavenly Venerate. However, you are bound to die.”

Xuan Guang’s eyes were filled with malevolence as he watched Luo Yunyang’s falling palm. “Wait till my race finds the whereabouts of you burrowing rats. I will definitely kill you personally. No, I will make a meal out of you. Ha ha ha!”

As Luo Yunyang’s palm descended, Xuan Guang’s body immediately crumbled in the void.

Due to the protection of the Samsara Wheel, the entirety of Xuan Guang’s consciousness rapidly disappeared from inside the Samsara Space.

However, even though Xuan Guang’s consciousness vanished, Luo Yunyang’s mind-searching technique still saw something in Xuan Guang’s mind.

He saw countless humans being slain by the Mysterious Underworld Race. He saw countless infants rounded up by the Mysterious Underworld Race to be reared…

These were scenes that Xuan Guang had intentionally wanted Luo Yunyang to see. Although Luo Yunyang felt that he was already extremely adept at being at peace due to his many years of cultivation, these scenes still made him burn with rage.

His blood was boiling, and the fury in his heart raged. His rage put the entire Samsara Space in a state of immense fear.

The Paragon Bug Queen watched Luo Yunyang as her heart shuddered violently. Right now, she could only lower her head subconsciously.

The other elite geniuses who had been prepared to battle it out stopped as well. They watched the sky that seemed to be filled with heaven’s fury. Suddenly, someone said bitterly, “It’s a Heavenly Venerate!”

“Are you kidding me? Someone actually became a Heavenly Venerate in this Samsara? What the f*ck are we even vying for then!” a chubby man with a tiger’s head grumbled.

Although his words weren’t what most people wanted to hear, everyone in this Samsara Space acknowledged them.

They might be geniuses and talented individuals, but they had also gained heaps during their reincarnation cycles. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be entering this Samsara Space now, neither would they have been given the opportunity to vye for the role of the Samsara Controller.

At first, they had thought that they would only be facing opponents of a similar level or perhaps slightly superior ones. However, by employing certain methods, these opponents could still be defeated.

Now, they had discovered that they were actually facing a Heavenly Venerate!

“Everyone, even if someone has become a Heavenly Venerate, they should be the weakest of Heavenly Venerates. If we just wait and accept our loss, then this Samsara Controller opportunity will have nothing to do with us.”

A nimble man in long green robes said, “If we work together as one, perhaps we could defeat this Heavenly Venerate and obtain this opportunity.”

There was only one opportunity. This man didn’t say who would end up getting the opportunity, yet everyone present knew what he meant.

Anyone who qualified to be there was an outstanding individual. The majority of them could take on high-level entities, and a number of them were widely known for being unyielding and indomitable.

“What you say makes sense. If we give up now, then this extremely rare opportunity won’t be ours. However, if we put everything on the line, perhaps there will still be a glimmer of hope.”

A lady with beautiful features but piercing eyes spoke calmly. “Anyway, dying just means leaving this place.”

Thanks to someone’s instigation, an alliance was formed in no time. All these people were fully confident in themselves, so this alliance didn’t have a leader. However, there was a tacit understanding between them as they rushed in Luo Yunyang’s direction.

They didn’t move too quickly. Instead, they proceeded with extreme caution as they neared Luo Yunyang. However, as they moved, an unconcealable killing intent enveloped the entire void.

Luo Yunyang responded as soon as this killing intent arrived. Among the people rushing at him, Luo Yunyang sensed four Mysterious Underworld beings as well as over 10 different races that he had seen before in the Divine Martial Hall.

However, he was the only human.

Luo Yunyang had a cold expression on his face as he watched all of them cooperate to try and slay a Heavenly Venerate—him.

Suddenly, he felt a burning rage inside that needed to be vented. However, it would be very difficult to achieve this. Right now, a great opportunity had presented itself. How could he afford to miss it?

Immediately, Luo Yunyang appeared in front of those people. He didn’t make a move right away. Instead, he kept watching the many geniuses pouring towards him with an icy gaze.

Basically everyone who had the opportunity to vie for the role of Samsara Controller could not be intimidated easily. Even existences at the level of a Blue Lotus Daozi or Supreme Daozi weren’t able to get such a chance. One could imagine how powerful and scary this group was.

“Die!” someone shouted as they surrounded Luo Yunyang. Although the others didn’t shout, they also attacked at the same time.

Countless secret techniques interwove in the void. They gathered and formed a dazzling light that crashed towards Luo Yunyang.

There was no blade in Luo Yunyang’s hand. His broken blade had been left on that boat, and he wasn’t willing to use that strange leaf blade that was left in his mind.

Thus, he used his hand as a blade and formed a black hole that seemed capable of obliterating everything against the attackers.

The powerhouses caught in the middle of the black hole continued to struggle. Some of them even used secret arts that Luo Yunyang couldn’t think of to try and escape the black hole.

However, although lots of effort was made to use these methods, they were still cut up.

As the black hole formed from blade-light dissipated, only Luo Yunyang and the Paragon Bug Queen were left standing in the huge Samsara Space.

An extremely dark shadow was cast on the Paragon Bug Queen’s heart after she watched the blade technique that Luo Yunyang had just used.

At least 500 powerhouses from various different places who had been no weaker than her had been obliterated with a wave of Luo Yunyang’s hand. How much power was this?

It was a pity that this power couldn’t be brought back to the Divine Union. Otherwise, the entire Divine Union, or rather all the Four Great Factions, would be at his mercy.

“It’s over just like that.” The Paragon Bug Queen’s voice was slightly upset as Luo Yunyang’s gaze landed on her.

Right now, the crazy impulse in Luo Yunyang’s heart had calmed down. Thus, he said faintly, “It should probably be over.”

“Well, I shall go then.” The Paragon Bug Queen’s voice was a tad emotional. “I will immediately enter seclusion upon returning. If you require help or assistance for anything in the future, I will do everything within my power to help you.”

As soon as she said that, her body shattered in the void.

Luo Yunyang shook his head before looking at the peak of a mountain. He believed that what he was looking for lay at the top of that mountain.