Supreme Uprising Chapter 635

Chapter 635 The Commander In Chief Of The Divine Incarcerate Legion

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A piece of news spread rapidly via the virtual realms!

Luo Yunyang, who was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Divine Incarcerate Legion, would be stationed in the Divine Prestige Star System!

Upon seeing this, many people had different reactions, especially the tribes that harbored animosity towards Luo Yunyang. For example, the authoritative figures of the Thunder Ray Tribe were all in disbelief.

Every commander of the Divine Unions 10 Great Legions led a huge amount of troops. It could be said that their status was comparable to the Tribe Leader of one of the 19 Primary Tribes.

According to the rules of the Demigod Tribe, the commander of each of these 10 Great Legions had to be a Demigod Tribesman.

However, Luo Yunyang of the Human Tribe had actually become commander of the third-in-rank Divine Incarcerate Legion. This really shocked everyone.

"How did this happen?" The Thunder Ray Tribes leader immediately gathered the tribes powerhouses in the virtual realm to discuss whether there was a conspiracy behind this matter.

The majority of the Thunder Ray Tribe powerhouses had initially thought that the Demigod Tribe would have to rope in Luo Yunyang proactively.

Now, Luo Yunyang had been made commander of one of the 10 Great Legions. Would the Human Tribe become one of the 18 Primary Tribes?

"Tribe leader, we definitely have to express our stance on this matter to the Demigod Tribe," a fuming Thunder Ray Tribe powerhouse said angrily. "Our tribe has always been loyal and devoted to the Demigod Tribe. However, they havent even given us a commanding position in the 10 Great Legions so far."

"The Thunder Ray Tribe cannot keep being this weak. If this went on, wouldnt we just be tormented?"

Although the majority of the people capable of climbing to the Thunder Ray Tribes top brass werent stupid, there were still a few individuals who parroted this view.

The Thunder Ray Tribe didnt have any complaints about being subservient to the Demigod Tribe. However, they would now become subordinates of a human they despised. This was something they couldnt accept.

"Tribe leader, everyone Listen to me first," said a rather skinny Thunder Ray man who looked intelligent. "This situation is very unusual. During the fight for the Samsara tokens, Luo Yunyang practically gave the three Demigod Tribe Supremacies a slap across the face."

"Although he just returned, he has been given a heavy responsibility. This looks like the three Supremacies are trying to appease the Celestial World Supremacy. However, if you analyze this carefully, you will realize that their true intentions probably lie on the side of the Purgatory."

The Thunder Ray Tribe leaders eyes flashed with knowledge upon hearing about the Purgatory. He had become the head of the whole tribe, so he naturally wasnt an idiot.

He hadnt thought about it because he had been focusing on the Divine Incarcerate Legion. However, his focus had now changed.

What the Divine Incarcerate Legion repelled was the Purgatorys Lava Demon Army. There wasnt any need to mention the powerful Lava Demon Army. All one needed to mention was the commander of this army, the second person in rank beneath the Supremacies, Xin Jinlong!

Xin Jinlong, who was right at the top among peak Universe-Grades, was someone with an immense ability to slaughter.

3,000 years ago, he had personally slain three Universe-Grade powerhouses of the Divine Union.

Could Luo Yunyang deal with Xin Jinlong? Although the Celestial World Supremacy was behind him, Xin Jinlong also had a Purgatory Supremacy that he could rely on.

"I understand. Send word that the Thunder Ray Tribe supports Luo Yunyangs appointment as Commander-in-Chief of the Divine Incarcerate Legion."

As the Thunder Ray Tribe declared its stance, the other 18 Primary Tribes also more or less gave their support.

Their intent was the same. They all showed support to Luo Yunyangs appointment as the Commander-in-Chief of the Divine Incarcerate Legion.

The Human Tribe was silent. Although the Nine Path leaders of the Milky Ways Human Tribe were far inferior to the Thunder Ray Tribe powerhouses, their intent wasnt lacking.

They knew that something shady was going on if Luo Yunyang had been given the role of commander of the Divine Incarcerate Legion.

There was a shady conspiracy targeted at Luo Yunyang.

However, they couldnt do anything even though they had detected this conspiracy.

Although they didnt lack adequate wit, in the face of an open plot and absolute power, the Human Tribe couldnt think of a response.

Ultimately, after discussing this, they started to contact Luo Yunyang and voice their worries.

Xin Jinlong was the second strongest Universe-Grade powerhouse of the Purgatory. Not only was his cultivation base immense, but he also possessed powerful support.

Luo Yunyang didnt care much about Xin Jinlong. Right now, he was pondering how to respond to the true intentions of the Shenluo Supremacy and the others.

They should have already sensed the abnormality of the Celestial World Supremacy. They had made this appointment to probe out the Celestial World Supremacy.

Under the circumstances, what did Luo Yunyang have to do to ensure that he could fight for 10 years?

Many thoughts flashed through his mind before he connected his ideas and came to a decision.

10 days later, Luo Yunyang set forth towards where the Divine Incarcerate Legion was garrisoned under the escort of the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others. Before leaving, the Bloody Massacre Path Master had suggested that the Milky Ways Nine Paths form an army of elite disciples to accompany Luo Yunyang. However, he had rejected the notion.

The strongest martialists within the Milky Ways Nine Paths were only Galaxy-Grades. This level of martialists werent of much use to Luo Yunyang.

Rather than sending them to their deaths at the Divine Incarcerate Legion, it would be better to let them stay safe and sound in the Milky Way.

The Bloody Blade Monarch and his other subordinates all had solemn expressions on their faces. They were elites of various tribes, so they could guess that something wasnt right.

However, they didnt say anything else after pointing this out to Luo Yunyang. They just followed him to the Divine Incarcerate Legions garrison.

Although Luo Yunyangs spaceship was currently the fastest ship in the Divine Union, traveling to the Divine Prestige Star System, which was the westernmost point of the Divine Union, would take a year.

Luo Yunyang entered seclusion after entering the spacecraft.

Half a year went by in a flash. Even his close aide, the Bloody Blade Monarch, didnt catch a glimpse of Luo Yunyang.

However, during the journey, the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others werent lonesome. Before setting out, Luo Yunyang had given them all some guidance.

This guidance made everyone feel a sort of enlightenment. After giving them his guidance, Luo Yunyang had left each of them a set of cultivation techniques.

The Bloody Blade Monarch had received a blade technique. He vaguely sensed that this was only one move from a set of blade techniques, yet he felt that it was too difficult to comprehend it.

It was the Obliteration Sky Blade Cleave!

He believed that, as long as he could comprehend this move, his strength would improve by leaps and bounds. Perhaps breaking through to the Celestial Domain Grade wouldnt be too much of a problem either.

However, the more he cultivated during these six months, the more doubts he had. He would feel his cultivation path become more comprehensive each time he resolved a doubt. All this was really important.

"Greetings, my lord." As the Bloody Blade Monarch was comprehending the Obliteration Sky Blade Cleave, he suddenly sensed someone beside him. He looked up and discovered that it was actually Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang put his hand up. "You continue to cultivate properly. Im heading out for a bit."

Heading out for a bit was a simple thing, yet the Bloody Blade Monarch wanted to accompany him instinctively. However, he immediately remembered that their spaceships were currently in a deadly star system filled with black holes.

This star system contained over 10,000 black holes. The largest of these black holes took up one-third of the space in this star system.

If it had not been for their complete star charts, the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others wouldnt have taken this path no matter what.

"My lord, there are many black holes all around. If you must head out, how about you let your subordinate accompany you?"

Luo Yunyang waved his hand dismissively. "I have my own plans." As he said that, he vanished strangely from the spaceship.

The Bloody Blade Monarch was still worried. He quickly activated the sensor system on the spaceship, hoping to locate Luo Yunyangs position. However, the sensor system couldnt detect Luo Yunyangs position due to the large and small black holes all around.

He hoped that his lord

Although the Bloody Blade Monarch firmly believed in Luo Yunyang, the path that Luo Yunyang had taken really couldnt let him rest easy.

The Bloody Blade Monarch had good reason to worry. However, Luo Yunyang already had plans for this journey.

Right now, he was closing in on the massive black hole that occupied one-third of this star system. Luo Yunyangs motive for approaching this black hole was clear-cut. He was going to swallow this hole.

Although swallowing a black hole sounded crazy, this was actually a method used for rapid advancement that Luo Yunyang had derived from his time in the Tianyun Void.

Of course, this method would be simply suicidal if an ordinary person were to try it.

However, Luo Yunyang already had one black hole in his internal galaxy. He also had his Heavenly Venerate consciousness, so the degree of danger wasnt too high.

There was a roughly 10% chance of failure and, once the absorption was complete, Luo Yunyangs body would be able to advance to the Celestial Domain Grade.

Given Luo Yunyangs current strength, advancing to the Celestial Domain Grade wouldnt be too difficult. He just needed 100 years to advance into the Celestial Domain Grade without any problems.

However, Luo Yunyang couldnt wait anymore.

As he stepped into the black hole, he felt an extremely powerful sucking force. Without any hesitation, he released the galaxy within his body into this space.

Luo Yunyangs galaxy was already larger than any ordinary martialists. When it appeared, that galaxy rapidly absorbed the black hole within itself.

This process was really quick. Just as that massive black hole was absorbed into Luo Yunyangs internal galaxy, an overwhelming ripping, engulfing force started to surge up frantically in the internal galaxy.

Luo Yunyang had already anticipated this. While he suppressed the surging black hole, he quickly unleashed his own black hole towards the massive black hole that had been forcibly absorbed in a bid to engulf it.