Supreme Uprising Chapter 636

Chapter 636 If I Said So It Is So

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How powerful was a black hole? To ordinary martialists, the power of a black hole couldn’t be put into words. They just couldn’t express it.

Absorbing a black hole that occupied one-third of a star system for cultivation purposes shouldn’t be too much of a problem for Supremacies.

However, this sort of cultivation wouldn’t provide Supremacies with much progress. Therefore, Supremacy-Level entities wouldn’t waste their effort for nothing.

Universe-Grade powerhouses who were weaker than Supremacies didn’t have the courage to do so. By the time one entered Universe-Grade, the various laws within the created internal universe had already started to stabilize.

It could be said that the controller of that internal universe was the Universe-Grade powerhouse themselves.

With a single thought, everything within the internal universe would act according to the owner’s wishes. However, one could imagine the consequences if something like a black hole that could even make Universe-Grade powerhouses flinch were to enter the internal universe.

Therefore, a Universe-Grade martialist wouldn’t dare absorb a black hole even if they could.

Now, Luo Yunyang, who had an initial Galaxy-Grade cultivation base, was going to swallow this massive black hole and use his own black hole to completely absorb the strength of that massive black hole.

In many people’s opinion, this was simply something impossible to achieve.

However, Luo Yunyang had already made the necessary preparations. As he started the engulfing process, a small figure that looked like a little black dot appeared within that smaller black hole.

The small figure was tiny, yet on closer inspection, it had the appearance of Luo Yunyang.

Not many people within the Divine Union’s realm would recognize this sort of technique. However, within the Tianyun Void, this small figure had a nameMartial Path True Body.

Now, Luo Yunyang had formed his Martial Path True Body within the black hole that he controlled. Then, he used that Martial Path True Body to absorb the power of the massive black hole and form his own black hole boundary.

Although this process sounded very easy, it was actually extremely dangerous, as two different cultivation systems would be assimilated together.

Should there be any problems, Luo Yunyang would immediately die.

However, thanks to his prior derivation and the control of his Heavenly Venerate consciousness, everything went extremely smoothly.

Although the power of that massive black hole was extremely boundless, it shared the same origin and source of power as that little Martial Path True Body. Thus, the absorption became smooth and effortless.

Unfortunately, this large black hole was really enormous. Even though the Martial Path True Body could absorb its power very quickly, it still took Luo Yunyang at least half a year before completely assimilating it.

When Luo Yunyang absorbed the last strand of black hole energy, his own black hole, which was only the size of a dot now, took up the entire galaxy.

This meant that, at the moment, Luo Yunyang’s internal galaxy had already been completely occupied by the black hole. The power contained within had undergone a massive leap.

However, the tiny Martial Path True Body didn’t vanish. It was in Luo Yunyang’s galaxy, controlling the large black hole.

As long as Luo Yunyang wanted to, he could advance to the Celestial Domain Grade right away. However, Luo Yunyang still didn’t take this step.

Although he was willing to raise his grade, his strength wouldn’t improve much after he stepped into the Celestial Domain Grade.

After all, the Martial Path True Body, which had already refined the black hole into creating a supreme realm, could now give Luo Yunyang a power akin to a Celestial Domain-Grade.

In the Tianyunshen Dynasty, only Sky Celestials and higher entities could possess the power to create a realm that they controlled. During his 10 reincarnation cycles, Luo Yunyang had become most familiar with the Sky Celestial-Grade.

Now, he was stepping into the Sky Celestial-Grade once again. Furthermore, he was stepping in using his own strength. This delighted Luo Yunyang.

After some silent thinking, he headed towards the coordinates of his spaceship. If he didn’t return, the spaceship naturally wouldn’t move.

The Bloody Blade Monarch and the others were anxious. Luo Yunyang hadn’t returned in half a year and had so far been uncontactable. This was like a prelude to a mishap.

However, they also knew that Luo Yunyang’s relationship with the Divine Union wasn’t that great. If they contacted the Divine Union hastily, the outcome might not be desirable.

Unfortunately, waiting made them even more frustrated. Just as they were about to contact the Divine Union, Luo Yunyang appeared.

“My lord, we have to go. Otherwise, we will be wasting time.” Although the Bloody Blade Monarch wanted to ask Luo Yunyang where he had been, he ultimately suppressed his curiosity.

Luo Yunyang waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, let us proceed with the same speed as before.”

The Bloody Blade Monarch hesitated slightly before saying, “My lord, we have already notified the Divine Prestige Star System about our expected time of arrival.”

“It’s alright.” Luo Yunyang gestured for the Bloody Blade Monarch to leave. As his subordinate left, Luo Yunyang’s eyes glinted coldly.

There weren’t even 10 years left before the news of the Celestial World Supremacy’s reincarnation cycle would spread. Once this news leaked, Luo Yunyang would encounter overwhelming pressure.

Before this sort of crushing pressure arrived, he would have to accumulate whatever small bit of strength he could obtain. During these 10 years, he couldn’t let anybody see that there was anything different about him.

The journey that followed was smooth sailing. Although the Bloody Blade Monarch hadn’t gotten permission from Luo Yunyang, he still increased the speed of the spaceship.

Thus, Luo Yunyang arrived on the Prestige Star, the core of the Divine Prestige Star System, 10 days later than the original expected time of arrival.

Before entering the Divine Prestige Star System, the spaceship that Luo Yunyang was aboard had already contacted the Divine Incarcerate Legion through the virtual realm. Therefore, over 1,000 spaceships appeared to receive them as they approached the Divine Prestige Star System.

Three peak Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses led over 100 initial and mid-stage Celestial Domain-Grades to welcome them.

These people were from different tribes of the Divine Union. Out of the three peak Celestial Domain-Grades, two were from the Demigod Tribe and the other was from the Flame Dragon Tribe, which was one of the 18 Primary Tribes.

“The Divine Incarcerate Legion’s Vice-Commander, Zhe Ming, pays his respects to the Commander-In-Chief!”

“The Divine Incarcerate Legion’s Vice-Commander, She Lun, pays his respects to the Commander-In-Chief!

“The Divine Incarcerate Legion’s Vice-Commander, Qie Keshan, pays his respects to the Commander-In-Chief!”

Following the example of those three, the over 100 Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses greeted Luo Yunyang respectfully.

Perhaps these Celestial Domain-Grades had gone through some drills, as their greeting created an impressive, overwhelming image.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang, who had once been a Heavenly Venerate, found this sort of greeting just a small gesture.

Therefore, he said coolly, “No need for formalities.”

The three Vice-Commanders’ information had already been transmitted to Luo Yunyang’s communication device through the virtual realm earlier.

After exchanging greetings with Luo Yunyang, Zhe Ming smiled. “Commander, the Purgatory’s forces are getting restless. Your arrival would provide a pillar of confidence for the 13 million troops of the Divine Incarcerate Legion!”

Luo Yunyang didn’t even need to use his brains to think of why the Purgatory’s forces were getting restless. He chuckled and asked, “I wonder if Vice-Commander Zhe Ming has any wise ideas regarding the issue with the Purgatory?”

“I wouldn’t dare have any wise ideas. I should have reported at the Divine Courage Legion sometime ago. However, the Commander hadn’t arrived yet, so I stayed here to handle things,” Zhe Ming said with a smile. “My transfer order arrived half a year ago.”

Luo Yunyang understood as he watched Zhe Ming’s smile. It seemed like the fellas at the Demigod Tribe weren’t willing to let a talented man like Zhe Ming die here.

After Zhe Ming was finished, She Lun also said with a smile, “Reporting, Commander. My transfer order has also arrived. I actually wanted to fight against the Purgatory alongside you, but things with the Machine Empire are also getting restless so I am being transferred away.”

In no time, other Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses also took out their transfer orders one after another to report to Luo Yunyang that they were being transferred away.

80% of the people getting transferred out were Demigod Tribe powerhouses.

Qie Keshan’s eyes were burning with fury. His anger wasn’t directed at his comrades’ actions to pressure Luo Yunyang.

Instead, he had already sensed that something was not right. His application to get transferred out of the Divine Incarcerate Legion sometime ago had been rejected.

Qie Keshan felt like cursing when he thought about the reason for this rejection. He had been chucked in this place just because he wasn’t from the Demigod Tribe. When the fighting started, perhaps he would fall there.

“These are your transfer orders?” Luo Yunyang beamed as he looked at the transfer orders that Zhe Ming and the others had handed over.

Zhe Ming and the others nodded. “Yes, Commander. If there is nothing else, we will take our leave.”

The Bloody Blade Monarch and the others were following behind Luo Yunyang. Based on Zhe Ming’s reaction, they believed that things weren’t as simple as they seemed.

Although they were all strong, they were still a far cry from Zhe Ming and the other Celestial Domain-Grades.

After all, this person had led the Divine Incarcerate Legion for many years and his cultivation far surpassed their own.

“People always strive to climb high. To be honest, I am very happy that you are all leaving the Divine Incarcerate Legion. Unfortunately, you can’t leave,” Luo Yunyang said nonchalantly while glancing at Zhe Ming and the others.

They all stiffened. They had done a lot in a bid to be transferred out of the Divine Incarcerate Legion. Thus, what Luo Yunyang had just said made them burn with anger.

“What What do you mean?” Zhen Ming took a deep breath. “We have been ordered to leave. Unless you are going to disobey the Divine Union’s orders?”

Luo Yunyang chuckled. “I would not dare disobey the Divine Union’s orders. However, war is imminent. According to the Divine Union’s ninth Supreme Rule, no soldiers are allowed to leave in times of conflict.”

“There isn’t any conflict!” Zhe Ming raised his voice. “There’s only a little unrest on the Purgatory’s side.”

“If I say so, then it is so. In three days, I will lead our forces into the Purgatory,” Luo Yunyang said in an unquestionable tone.