Supreme Uprising Chapter 637

Chapter 637 Divine Union Bstard How Dare You

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The Purgatory’s Fire Blaze Star System was the hottest star system in the entire purgatory. Not just the very planet, but even the air in this expanse of space seemed to be burning.

There wasn’t much life there. Although this was a star system, it only had a population similar to one empire of the Milky Way’s Human Tribe.

However, anyone that could survive there, even animals or plants, were extremely powerful. The Lava Demon Army was considered the Purgatory’s most berserk army.

On a planet filled with lava, the dragon-headed Xin Jinlong was currently lying leisurely in scorching hot lava that could turn rock into vapor. Beside him, a tall and large Lava Demon was reporting to him respectfully.

“Attack the Divine Union’s Divine Incarcerate Legion. They guarantee that the combat strength of the Divine Incarcerate Legion isn’t one-fifth of its normal strength. The fellas in the Divine Union are really merciless when it comes to defrauding one of their own.”

Xin Jinlong said mockingly as he roared with laughter, “Accept it. How could we not?”

“The Blood Lotus Supremacy practically hates Luo Yunyang to the core. If I brought his head back, the Blood Lotus Supremacy would definitely be thrilled.”

“Furthermore, I already intended to let the kids let loose a little. We haven’t fought a large-scale battle in years.”

The Lava Demon standing beside Xin Jinlong said, “What sir means to say is that the kids have been stifled inside the lava every day.”

“This is an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. The moment you give the order, sir, I can guarantee that the kids won’t let you down.”

Xin Jinlong smiled sinisterly. “Send out the instructions. As long as Luo Yunyang assumes the position, all of you can start making preparations for the invasion.”

“Yes, sir.” The large Lava Demon acknowledged before quickly taking his leave.

Although he was the commander of the Lava Demon Army, Xin Jinlong still enjoyed solitude. Xin Jinlong never cared about the dangers of being alone.

He knew very well that if those Supremacy-Level entities wished to take his life, he would still die even if he had the full protection of the Lava Demon Army.

Of course, as long as there wasn’t a Supremacy, even individuals stronger than him wouldn’t be able to take his life. Thus, rather than issuing instructions and having a bunch of people following him every day, Xin Jinlong believed that it would be better to be alone and enjoy his peace.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Xin Jinlong received a message. Although this communication device made via a special method was really expensive, it could withstand the temperature of this lava.

“Old Ice, what is it?” Xin Jinlong answered with a chuckle when he put the call through.

A figure in his sixties or seventies with a face that seemed full of ice was projected in front of Xin Jinlong.

Old Ice snorted coldly. “I have a matter to talk about.”

Xin Jinlong knew the temperament of this old friend so he didn’t delay. He quickly spoke about this matter and asked, “Old Ice, don’t you think that getting someone else to do their dirty work is very shameless?”

“I’m not afraid of that Luo Yunyang youngling. I am afraid of being used as a tool and chucked away once my usefulness is up.”

The man known as Old Ice smiled slightly, even though most people would find his smile horrendous.

“Oh, not bad, not bad… You have learned to use your brains.” These words, which were said eerily, didn’t sound like praise.

Even though Xin Jinlong knew that Old Ice was actually praising him, he felt uncomfortable listening to his tone. It seemed as if he had never used his brains before.

He was helpless. His status and position weren’t the same as Old Ice’s. When this person scolded him, Xin Jinlong could only listen.

“Let me tell you something. Some time ago, Sir Supremacy said that the Celestial World Supremacy’s aura had started to weaken,” Old Ice said. “The Divine Union wasn’t the only one that paid attention to this. Our various forces were also focused on that matter.”

“Those few people in the Divine Union found out about the state of the Celestial World Supremacy. Our various sirs also wish to know what exactly is going on with the Celestial World Supremacy!”

“While sending you to face that fella is very despicable, you should know that the various Supremacies want to see whether the Celestial World Supremacy will be forced out when you come into contact with this fella.”

“You just stay at ease and go do it. Even if that fella is killed, the various Supremacies will support you. Even if the Celestial World Supremacy appears in the Divine Union, he won’t be able to harm you.”

“Thank you, Old Ice. If it was not for you, I really wouldn’t know what would happen to me once I outlived my usefulness as a tool!” said Xin Jinlong.

Old Ice snorted coldly. “You think you are someone else’s tool, Old Fire Dragon? What you said is wrong. You should know very well what sort of people we are.”

“We are the servants of the various Supremacies. What Sir Supremacy says is our decree. If I hear any more of this b*llshit, don’t blame me for being a b*stard!”

Xin Jinlong had a violent temper. However, in the face of Old Ice’s might, he kept his cool and replied with a smile, “Old Ice, what you said is correct. I have said something wrong indeed. I will definitely refrain from spouting such b*llshit in the future.”

Upon ending his call with Old Ice, Xin Jinlong’s expression stiffened up. His dragon claw fists smashed heavily onto a Sacred Blaze Flame Rock.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Sacred Blaze Flame Rock crumbled and unleashed a vast power all around him. Despite all the array formations set up by Xin Jinlong, this molten planet still trembled uncontrollably.

Xin Jinlong took a deep breath and calmed down. He knew that there hadn’t been anything wrong with what Old Ice had said. In the face of the various Supremacies, he really had no right to resist indeed.

Being able to become a weapon or tool at the hands of a Supremacy was also an honor.

Xin Jinlong flew up and prepared to make his next move when his communication device rang once again.

As soon as he accepted the call, a large purple figure was projected before him. Xin Jinlong frowned when he saw this figure.

“Ha ha! Brother Purple Yuan, you rarely have any time for me.” Although he really loathed this person, Xin Jinlong put on a smile.

As the commander of the Lava Demon Army, Xin Jinlong was widely known as a crazy person within the entire Purgatory. However, when dealing with the person before him, Xin Jinlong could only put on a smile and treat him nicely.

“I don’t have time for you. It is Blue Lotus Daozi who gave the decree that led me to help you,” the purple figure said coldly, as though he didn’t care about Xin Jinlong. “I will listen to your orders this time, but you better not botch things up.”

Xin Jinlong felt an urge to hit someone. Today just wasn’t his day. In the past, he could have had over 10,000 years of peace, yet today, in just a short while, two people he didn’t like had pissed him off.

Do you think that daddy is easy to bully?

Xin Jinlong still needed to rely on Old Ice for some things, so he naturally wouldn’t offend him. The Purple Yuan Rock Demonlord was someone Xin Jinlong didn’t dare offend either.

This fella was a consciousness born on a mysterious large mountain in the Purgatory. Not only was his defense impenetrable, but his fighting style was also extremely berserk.

Xin Jinlong reckoned that he wasn’t afraid of anyone. However, after a great fight with this fella in the past, he no longer wished to be his enemy.

This fella was really berserk and disgusting! He could unleash a few crazy techniques that Xin Jinlong couldn’t even think of.

“Luo Yunyang, you have pissed me off. I will definitely kill you. No, I will rip you to shreds!” Xin Jinlong bellowed. He could currently only direct all his anger at Luo Yunyang.

Beep, beep, beep!

The communication device rang once again. Xin Jinlong was in a bad mood when he heard it. When he noticed that it was his own subordinate, he growled in frustration and put the call through.

“Say whatever it is you have to say!”

As he was throwing a tantrum, he observed that his subordinate’s surroundings were a mess. Even the void was filled with lava that was being thrown all around.

“Sir, this is bad. The Divine Incarcerate Legion is attacking! They… They have invaded!” said a peak Celestial Domain-Grade Lava Demon. While he was midway through his report, a blade-light slashed in his direction.

The subordinate reporting to Xin Jinlong was sliced in half by the blade-light.

This blade-light was terrifying. It seemed as though it had descended from the nine heavens and it contained a vast power. Although Xin Jinlong’s subordinate was also considered an elite, he didn’t have the ability to deal with this attack.

It was actually difficult for this subordinate to be revived from a drop of blood at this point in time.

Xin Jinlong, who was livid, wanted to know exactly what was going on. Suddenly, a smiling young human appeared in the projection of his communication device.

“Oh yeah, hot springs! I never imagined that a big-headed, brainless fella like you would know how to have fun. He he!” The youngster smirked as he mocked Xin Jinlong.

Big-headed and brainless? Hot springs?

Xin Jinlong nearly went mad with rage. However, he understood that he needed to remain calm right now.

“You are Luo Yunyang!” Xin Jinlong sucked in a deep breath and growled.

“Yes, congratulations, that’s the right answer. You get a prize!” Luo Yunyang chuckled. “The reputation of the three impregnable passes of the Blaze Fire Star System was accurate. Daddy wasted half a day to take over it! Anyway, meeting each other like this must be fate. I think you should hurry up and run away. Otherwise, I will kill you if I get my hands on you. I really am unwilling to do so.”

“After all, not giving an idiot like you a chance to escape with your life seems a little unfair.”

Luo Yunyang’s grin widened when he called him an idiot. After cutting off the call, Xin Jinlong couldn’t help but roar with rage. “Divine Union b*stard, how dare you!”

As Xin Jinlong screamed, news of the Divine Incarcerate Legion’s invasion of the Blaze Fire Star System spread to the Four Great Factions and created shock waves.