Supreme Uprising Chapter 638

Chapter 638 Origin Divine Crystals

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Insane! This was seriously insane!

As the Vice-Commander of the Divine Incarcerate Legion, Zhe Ming had been in the legion for more than 3,000 years. However, at the moment, he felt like he didnt recognize his subordinates.

There were 13 million troops in over 1,000 warships. Every single one of these warships had a Galaxy-Grade powerhouse supervisor.

Newly-appointed Commander Luo Yunyang sat in the largest spaceship, overseeing things. Although Luo Yunyang seemed like he hadnt broken into the Celestial Domain Grade, more than 10 Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses were slain by him there.

As the main resistance was slain, the three impregnable passes the Purgatory used to guard itself against the Divine Union were broken and the defense line crumbled.

Lava Demons were surrounded and killed. Luo Yunyang destroyed planet after planet without stopping. Instead, he bombarded the planets where the three impregnable passes were with thousands of cannons.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Although ordinary planets couldnt compare to the planets where the three impregnable passes were, the defensive array formations shut down and the destructive arrays placed by Luo Yunyangs men allowed the rain of cannon fire to turn those planets into cinders within the void.

Planet after planet was obliterated. Although these planets didnt belong to the Divine Union, Zhe Mings heart shuddered violently as he watched this insane battle strategy.

He felt that, regardless of what the top brass of the Purgatory thought, the Lava Demon Army definitely hated the Divine Incarcerate Legion to the core.

At the moment, the members of the Divine Incarcerate Legion seemed like they had no other option but to strap themselves to the rampaging chariot that was Luo Yunyang.

"Sir, your subordinate obtained this from the destroyed Fire Demon Star." The Bloody Blade Monarch arrived before Luo Yunyang and handed over a piece of crystal while pretending that Zhe Ming didnt exist.

Zhe Ming had never seen this crystal before. However, when he saw it, he made a definitive judgment. This crystal was definitely an ultimate treasure.

Luo Yunyang hadnt really looked forward to whatever item the Bloody Blade Monarch would be offering up. However, upon closer inspection, his eyes lit up.

An Origin Divine Crystal! It was actually an Origin Divine Crystal!

After obtaining the Divine Martial Battle Avatar, what troubled Luo Yunyang the most was that he didnt have any Origin Divine Crystals in his possession.

He didnt know where Origin Divine Crystals were produced or where he could purchase them. However, he had never expected to chance upon this sort of thing while blasting the three impregnable passes of the Blaze Fire Star System.

Could this be the will of heaven?

"This is good stuff!" Although Luo Yunyang was clearly excited, he kept his cool on the surface. "My master once said before that this thing is called an Origin Divine Crystal. Using it for cultivation would bring about unimaginable benefits."

At this point, Luo Yunyang picked up the Origin Divine Crystal. "Go and announce that anyone who obtains an Origin Divine Crystal will be given a set of high-grade cultivation techniques by me."

The Bloody Blade Monarch had believed that this item wasnt ordinary and given it to Luo Yunyang. He had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would regard it so highly.

He was inwardly delighted as he replied at once, "Your subordinate will dispatch some men right away."

Luo Yunyang didnt hold him back any longer. He appeared mysteriously before the Bloody Blade Monarch and tapped his forehead with a finger. The full set of Sky Blade Seven Cleaves appeared in his mind.

This set of blade techniques were no longer of much use to Luo Yunyang. He had previously gifted only one technique to the Bloody Blade Monarch to prevent him from biting off more than he could chew. Besides, rewards should be given out for good performances.

Luo Yunyang was someone that thought a lot and hoped that the people below him would use the correct methods. Using power and kindness to lead was good, but correct methods needed to be used at different times. Of course, if he could gain something that he was seeking, Luo Yunyang wouldnt hold back in conferring rewards.

When the Bloody Blade Monarch sensed the blade techniques in his mind abruptly, he couldnt conceal the delight in his eyes. He prostrated himself respectfully on the ground immediately. "Thank you, my lord."

Although Zhe Ming didnt know what sort of cultivation techniques Luo Yunyang had imparted to the Bloody Blade Monarch, he could tell that there definitely was something good based on the Bloody Blade Monarchs ecstatic expression.

He thought in silence for a bit before saying, "Commander, I seem to recall that Qie Keshan also possesses a piece of this crystal."

Luo Yunyang had kept Zhe Ming by his side out of fear that this fellow would misbehave behind his back. However, he had never imagined that Zhe Ming would say this.

Qie Keshan also possessed such an Origin Divine Crystal. Was Was this really what was called the will of heaven?

However, regardless of who provided the information, this Origin Divine Crystal had to be acquired even by force. Luo Yunyang simply couldnt pass this up.

"Vice-Commander Qie Keshan, come over." Luo Yunyang immediately contacted Qie Keshan through his communication device.

Among the three Vice-Commanders, it could be said that Qie Keshan was the only one who was truly a subordinate of Luo Yunyang. Knowing that he was in the same boat as Luo Yunyang, Qie Keshan really gave it his all.

He immediately flew over from far away with his subordinates when he heard Luo Yunyangs summons.

"My respects, Commander." Although he didnt know what the outcome of Luo Yunyangs invasion of the Purgatory would be, Qie Keshan now viewed Luo Yunyang with even greater respect.

He had attacked the three impregnable passes in one move. Although this was because the Lava Demons had been caught off guard, it was also because Luo Yunyang had found the three flaws in the defensive arrays of the three impregnable passes.

Otherwise, they would have had to pay a great price to break through these three impregnable passes.

"No need for formalities. I heard that you possess a crystal just like this one. It just so happens that I have a use for these crystals. Would you be willing to give it to me?" Luo Yunyang said rather casually.

Qie Keshan looked at the crystal in Luo Yunyangs hand and frowned slightly. He had randomly chanced upon this crystal in space.

He hadnt been able to determine what this thing was used for, nor where it had come from. Thus, Qie Keshan had no idea how to use it.

However, after toying with this crystal for some time, Qie Keshan had already started to sense that this crystal contained a very strong power.

Now, Luo Yunyang actually wanted this crystal so he asked for it right away. This put Qie Keshan in a difficult spot.

Qie Keshan was unwilling to hand it over!

How could Luo Yunyang not see through Qie Keshans mood? Luo Yunyang had never been someone who liked to force people in the past. However, things were different now.

When faced with an unprecedented pressure that would determine his fate, Luo Yunyang couldnt shrink back.

"Is the Vice-Commander unwilling?" Luo Yunyang said icily. "Actually, I do not have the capability to use such an item either. If you are unwilling, I can only report this to my master."

Luo Yunyangs master was the Celestial World Supremacy. Although there were lots of rumors about the Celestial World Supremacy circulating among the higher-ups, an existence like the Celestial World Supremacy was unreachable. People like Qie Keshan could only look up hopefully at him.

"The Commander makes really funny jokes. How can I not hand it over if you want it?" Although Qie Keshan was really unwilling deep down, he still plastered a smile on his face. "I was just searching for where I had placed that piece of crystal."

As he spoke, Qie Keshan respectfully passed an Origin Divine Crystal to Luo Yunyang.

He had obtained yet another Origin Divine Crystal! At the moment, Luo Yunyang couldnt help but marvel at his luck. However, this wasnt the time to rest on his laurels. As he was holding the Origin Divine Crystal in one hand, he pointed in the distance. "Vice-Commander, you can select one-tenth of the treasures we looted."

Qie Keshans eyes lit up. His disappointment turned into ecstasy instantly. As a Vice-Commander of the Divine Incarcerate Legion, he knew how many treasures and resources they had obtained this time. Getting one-tenth himself was

"Commander, this is a little too much!" Qie Keshan declined while unconsciously licking his lips.

He really didnt want to decline. However, the things Luo Yunyang was granting him were too much so Qie Keshan felt that he might get his fingers burned.

Luo Yunyang laughed as he watched Qie Keshan. "I am someone who means what he says. I wont take my word back once I have agreed. This is what you ought to have."

Although Zhe Ming appeared calm at the moment, he was bubbling on the inside. The flames of jealousy were burning even brighter. Even though he had many resources in his hands, this great wealth made him feel excited.

He could only be envious of Qie Keshans good luck.

"Sir, go ahead. I will go and check out the situation there." Zhe Ming paused for a bit before speaking to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang, who didnt take much notice of Zhe Ming, nodded casually. "Alright, I got it."

Zhe Ming rushed without rest in the direction of the three great impregnable passes. In just a short while, he had reached the side of the last Vice-Commander, She Lun.

She Lun snorted after hearing Zhe Ming recount that Luo Yunyang had rewarded Qie Keshan. "Although there are many things, they can only be taken with permission."

His communication device was already displaying a lot of stuff. The contents of the displayed discussions within the virtual realm concerned this battle.

"How reckless! This is suicide!" This was the evaluation of a Universe-Grade Saint within the Divine Incarcerate. After presenting Xin Jinlongs combat strength, he suggested that the Divine Incarcerate dispatch top experts to recall the Divine Incarcerate Legion back. Otherwise, something big would happen!

Besides these discussions, a probability computation was also conducted by the Machine Empire. According to these calculations, the Divine Incarcerate Legion had a less than 10% chance of making it back alive.

Meanwhile, many people were voicing their opinions. Some people were not being optimistic about Luo Yunyang and the Divine Incarcerate Legion, while others were voicing their displeasure over the fact that the Divine Unions top brass had appointed Luo Yunyang as the Divine Incarcerate Legions Commander.

They said that this decision was too brusque.

Compared to all this, what really caught Zhe Mings attention was the news that the Lava Demon Army, Xin Jinlong and another elite Purgatory Army, who were led by a Universe-Grade powerhouse, were headed for the three great impregnable passes.