Supreme Uprising Chapter 639

Chapter 639 Eight Forces Gathering

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“Yunyang is a little too impetuous!” Someone voiced their worry in a meeting amongst the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the other leaders of the Human Tribe.

Luo Yunyang was the pillar that held up the Human Tribe. This was not an exaggeration. Luo Yunyang’s fate was linked to the fate of the Milky Way’s Human Tribe. In terms of combat strength, the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others could already no longer provide Luo Yunyang with any support.

They had already sensed the conspiracy behind Luo Yunyang being appointed as Commander of the Divine Incarcerate Legion.

Under the circumstances, they felt that Luo Yunyang’s best choice was to conserve his strength and bide his time while dealing with all sorts of difficulties slowly.

However, they had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually act so tyrannically!

The invasion of the Blaze Fire Star System and the destruction of the three impregnable passes had made the relationship between the Divine Union and the Purgatory tense.

This was way too much. The Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others didn’t know what to do.

Unlike the Human Tribe, which was worried, tribes that harbored animosity towards Luo Yunyang, as well as his enemies, were secretly delighted.

The more problems Luo Yunyang caused, the more delighted they were. After all, they could now watch and enjoy,

However, some people who truly understood what was going on behind the scenes questioned Luo Yunyang’s actions.

Although the Supreme Demigod Tribe had been beaten to a pulp by Luo Yunyang during the fight for the Ultimate Samsara Token, his status within the Demigod Tribe hadn’t suffered.

After all, thanks to his unrivaled innate talent, Supreme Daozi had proved himself to be the most outstanding genius of the Demigod Tribe in thousands of years.

The Supreme Demigod Tribe had secluded itself and cultivated vigorously after coming out of the Samsara Wheel. His realizations during his 10 reincarnation cycles, as well as the vast quality resources that the Demigod Tribe had long prepared, enabled his cultivation base to rise up.

After leaving seclusion, his authority and the extent of his power had already surpassed the Demigod Tribe leader. He was now an existence only second to the various Supremacies.

He understood the intention of the various Supremacies about this.

Supreme Daozi had a very calm expression as he looked through the information on the reports, especially those that concerned Luo Yunyang’s sweep through the Blaze Fire Star System.

As he glanced at the Demigod powerhouse that had reported to him, Supreme Daozi said calmly, “Everything is going as planned. You don’t have to be worried. Remember, just ignore this and everything will be fine.”

After sending the subordinate away, Supreme Daozi mulled in silence before taking out a green jade band. This information, along with his own opinion, were quickly written down on the jade band.

This jade band could be used to contact the Shenluo Supremacy and the other two Supremacies directly. Although the band wasn’t very expensive, it still represented something important.

Within the Demigod Tribe, only Supreme Daozi and the Demigod Tribe leader could possess this sort of jade band.

15 minutes after Supreme Daozi had reported this information, a line appeared on the jade band.

“Eight-sided suppression.”

Although there were only two words on the band, Supreme Daozi looked delighted. He instantly understood what these words meant.

At the same time, his admiration for these Supremacies rose. To find out where the Celestial World Supremacy was, they had turned the realm into their chessboard.

The Empty Fire Saint and Molin met on a paradise-like planet. Molin still didn’t know that the Celestial World Supremacy had entered a reincarnation cycle.

“Saint, I think you should establish your own force!” Molin counseled him. “Take a look at His Highness Yunyang. The Milky Way’s Human Tribe is rising along with him.”

The Empty Fire Saint smiled but didn’t say anything. As this conversation went on, Molin said, “Saint, His Highness Yunyang has been a little too excitable. He has merely just assumed the Commander role of the Divine Incarcerate Legion, yet he attacked the Purgatory right away. Offending the Purgatory is not a good idea.”

“Even though the Blood Lotus Supremacy respects master, I fear that…”

As Molin lamented, the Empty Fire Saint suddenly twitched. A message had appeared on his communication device.

It wasn’t news from the virtual realm, but rather a message from the Empty Fire Saint’s own special channel. The Empty Fire Saint frowned even more when he saw the content.

He had originally had considerable confidence in Luo Yunyang. After all, Luo Yunyang had slain the Cloud Sea Saint.

Since the Cloud Sea Saint had already died, the Empty Fire Saint didn’t wish for his only remaining Junior Brother to be in danger.

Although the Empty Fire Saint believed that Luo Yunyang was slightly weaker than Xin Jinlong, he thought that this gulf wasn’t too great.

Even if he suffered, it wouldn’t be too bad.

However, the contents of this message made him understand that the situation was more severe than he had imagined. The force moving against Luo Yunyang didn’t just include the Purgatory’s Xin Jinlong. It included forces from the Bug Race, the Machine Empire, as well as the Purgatory. There were eight great armies in total.

Suppressive troops were also deployed on the other three great factions’ borders that were in contact with the Divine Union.

Under the circumstances, Luo Yunyang could only struggle hard without any support in the Divine Union.

The Empty Fire Saint had long known the cause and effect of this appointment. Thus, he knew that these eight forces that had been sent to suppress Luo Yunyang were actually a farce.

If no Supremacies showed up, the Divine Union would not have the power to save him. If a Supremacy appeared to save Luo Yunyang, then Luo Yunyang’s master, the Celestial World Supremacy, would have to show up.

After pondering this for a bit, the Empty Fire Saint stood up.

“Saint, where are you going?” Molin, who had been chatting happily, had never expected that the Empty Fire Saint would suddenly get up to leave. Although he was a little unhappy, his smiling face didn’t show it.

The Empty Fire Saint was about to say something, when someone said, “It’s best that you don’t go anywhere. Playing chess with me is actually the best choice you could make.”

A Machine Empire powerhouse had spoken. Although his body didn’t seem too tall or large, there was a peculiar vibe about him.

Upon seeing this Machine being, Molin was reminded of a scary individual from the Machine Empire. He couldn’t believe that such a character would appear once again at this time and place.

This was someone who killed with little regard for life. The Empty Fire Saint mulled this over for a second before sitting down unhurriedly.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape, so he no longer had any intention of leaving. “A visit from a friend from afar is a joy to behold. Seems like I will have to accompany you for the next few days.”

At this point, he looked at Molin. “Old Mo, you should return.”

The Machine Empire powerhouse, who didn’t find this strange, sat down by the Empty Fire Saint’s side.

“Take care, Saint.” Although Molin was reluctant, he had no choice but to leave now.

After Molin left, the Empty Fire Saint and the Machine Empire powerhouse sat down cross-legged. They both understood each other’s intentions, so the two of them had nothing to argue about.

However, although the Empty Fire Saint’s expression was calm, he was actually even more worried now. If he was watched, Luo Yunyang’s hopes of seeking help would be extremely slim.

While sitting with this uninvited guest, he prepared to send the message he had received to Luo Yunyang.

“Brother Empty Fire, are you about to send a message to that Junior Brother of yours? Let me tell you something… This is simply useless,” the Machine Empire powerhouse said calmly. “Truth be told, this news won’t be kept under wraps at all.”

The Empty Fire Saint’s hand went still upon hearing this. He gradually felt that a crisis was about to erupt.

So many people were concerned about the whereabouts of his master. If anyone was concerned, it should be the Supremacies who were interested in knowing what his master was comprehending.

Ultimately, the Empty Fire Saint still sent the message. Even if this information erupted, he still had to send it.

Just as the Machine Empire had said, news in the virtual realm spread wide.

The Machine Empire announced an alliance with the Purgatory. The 10 great armies of the Machine Empire were all in the Star System that bordered with the Divine Union.

Meanwhile, the Bug Race announced an alliance with the Purgatory. Six large clans were also occupying the domain bordering with the Divine Union’s territory. At the same time, the Bug Race’s two Universe-Grade powerhouses led two large clans to aid the Blaze Fire Star System.

The Machine Empire had assigned Black Shenzi personally to lead three armies headed for the Blaze Fire Star System. According to news from the Purgatory, Blue Lotus Daozi was leading the Refined Blood Demon Army towards the Blaze Fire Star System.

In no time, the Blaze Fire Star System had become the gathering point of eight different powerful armies.

Meanwhile, the Divine Union found it difficult to provide any support.

The joint suppression of these three powerful enemies put the Divine Union in an unstable position. Some pessimistic spectators even concluded that the Divine Union would lose at least half of its territory.

That Divine Union sinner Luo Yunyang!

He was the person who had caused the fall of the Divine Union!

All sorts of names were tossed around at Luo Yunyang.

The majority of the people that blamed Luo Yunyang came from the Demigod Tribe or its vassals.

Although most of them weren’t aware that the situation behind this instability was all a facade, the only dangerous place right now was the Blaze Fire Star System.

Eight forces gathered while swords were pointed at Luo Yunyang.

Many people thought that Luo Yunyang would probably be in a state of panic. He had to either be requesting troops from the Divine Union or frantically trying to set up a defense. However, Luo Yunyang was actually not doing any of the things that people considered a natural reaction.

He only urged on his legion forward unhurriedly, as if the crisis that was about to erupt didn’t exist at all!