Supreme Uprising Chapter 64

Chapter 64


Extra large bags, large bags, small bags…

Luo Yunyang was about to drown in bags. He was staggering a little as he walked forward while carrying all these bags.

He had bought food, clothes, and all sorts of other products.

Ji Tian must have done this on purpose. When they had visited a supermarket, she had swept nearly half the products on display into their cart. When they parted ways, Ji Tian laughed her head off comically.

“What are you guys doing?” As Luo Yunyang charged straight into the courtyard like a tank, he realized that all the participants of the competition were gathered there. They seemed to be discussing something.

They all turned their gazes on him when he came in.

“Big Brother Yunyang! Let me help!” Zhao Buge, Chen Yong and the others immediately rushed over to help Luo Yunyang.

“Wow! She even bought him underwear. How touching!” Chen Yong teased.

Luo Yunyang’s face flushed red when he saw the undergarments with the cartoon designs hidden at the bottom of a big bag. How could that foxy girl do such a thing?

He couldn’t allow Chen Yong to keep talking nonsense, so he quickly adjusted his Mind Attribute to 40 and stared at him. Chen Yong felt a stifling sensation.

“Bring everything inside!”

Chen Yong, who was shaking inwardly, didn’t have any intention of teasing Luo Yunyang anymore. He just carried all the bags inside like a good boy.

“You came at just the right time. Ten outstanding martialists were selected at the seven armies’ hero gathering. Did you hear about it?’ Xu Zhong slammed his hand hard against the table. “Damn them! We are a part of the Eight Armies of the East, yet no one informed the Rising Dragon Army!”

Luo Yunyang and the others belonged to the youngest generation of the Rising Dragon Army, yet the Sky High Military hadn’t invited the Rising Dragon Army to the hero gathering. This made Xu Zhong extremely furious.

Chief Instructor Lu and the Eagle King were frowning deeply as they sat in a quiet room.

“The Da governor has been backed into a corner. The Sky High Military has always been powerful, yet now they want to recommend a pro-Sky-High person for the Da Eastern Parliament!” the Eagle King said solemnly. “The Rising Dragon Army has to persist!”

“The Sky High Military is using this opportunity to establish its authority among the eight armies. Those who obey it rise, those who oppose it die!”

“We have to obtain at least one A-grade source fluid, no matter what!”

“This isn’t just about the Rising Dragon Army’s prestige. It will also determine whether the Rising Dragon Army will continue to exist! Do you have any plans up your sleeve, Old Lu?”

Chief Instructor Lu remained silent. He had always lived at Base 7 and trained the Rising Dragon Army elites. He hadn’t expected the circumstances in the divine capital to be so grim.

“It won’t be long before the source beasts break through the space barrier. They said that all their efforts would go into preparing for the war, yet here we are…” Chief Instructor Lu stopped speaking.

The Eagle King snorted, but he didn’t say anything either.

“The person most likely to obtain an A-grade source fluid is Luo Yunyang!” Chief Instructor Lu’s voice didn’t sound very certain.

“He definitely has the ability, but he has a humble family background and his combat ability is inferior. He was able to deal with Old Guan’s grandson easily, but the people he will be facing this time are really strong!”

The Eagle King’s majestic demeanor became dejected. He shook his head as he said, “I have only one worry right now. The Sky High Military built a five-kilometer bridge. If their people defend the bridge’s entrance, not a single person will be able to cross it. If that happens, we will lose a lot of face. Furthermore, I fear that the other six armies won’t dare provoke them.”

“I met with some fellas from the Royal Forest Military and the Grand Sky Corps recently, in the hopes that they would be able to help. Those fellas just don’t care!”

Chief Instructor Lu knew that the Eagle King was the most dignified among the Rising Dragon Army’s four great generals. If he had stooped so low as to ask others for help, then the situation had to be really dire.

“Let’s try our hardest!”

Xiping Lake had a perimeter of 50 kilometers. At its deepest point, the water was at least 50 meters deep. Before the apocalypse, this area had been a tourist hotspot, but afterwards, all sorts of mutated dire beasts had begun to appear inside the lake’s waters.

Most ordinary fish species had already died, so the place was uninhabitable by normal humans.

Right in the middle of Xiping Lake was an island. The area of this island was only one square kilometer. In the past, there had been only a few D-grade dire beasts on the island, yet now the Sky High Military had transported over 10,000 D-grade and C-grade dire beasts.

The inscribed cards of the source fluids were on the bodies of those dire beasts.

“Ha ha A long bridge over a calm lake. A scenic sight indeed. If they were able to build such a long bridge in three days, then the Sky High Military must indeed be extraordinary!” There was a pre-apocalyptic terrace on top of a small hill on the eastern side of the lake.

The terrace, which was quite large, had been constructed to mark out this scenic spot back before the apocalypse. That old scenic spot had already become a place that man and beast would have trouble getting close to.

The terrace had been cleaned, and a huge electronic screen had been placed on its northern side. Over 1,000 men in all sorts of military uniforms were standing on the terrace, taking up more than half its space.

Right at the heart of this terrace were eight old military men with grizzled white hair and bright eyes. Although their sizes differed, they all gave off an oppressing aura.

The one who was speaking was a fat man, whose round shape gave the impression that his entire body was made of fat.

However, the man’s most distinguishing features were the two gold stars on his shoulders and the words “Sky High” on his shoulder emblems.

He was the Sky High Military’s general!

The fat man’s words made many others echo his thoughts. In no time, the atmosphere all around him had livened up.

The Eagle King, who was the Rising Dragon Army’s representative, stood beside the fat man. His expression was grave and stern, so it seemed incompatible with the atmosphere around him.

“The younger generation is our true hope. Everyone in the Sky High Military has taken it upon themselves to groom the most talented martialists. As a crisis gets ever closer, we should all have a general stand and use our most precious resources on elite martialists instead of follow outdated conventions.”

The fat man’s sharp words sounded reasonable, but everyone present knew that he was an old fox. Who knew what his real intentions were? Maybe he just wanted to snatch the Rising Dragon Army’s benefits under the pretext of grooming elite martialists!

This matter didn’t concern the others, who just acted dumb. No one wanted to take a stance over this.

The Eagle King groaned coldly, but he didn’t say anything.

When the fat man heard his groan, he chuckled. “You don’t have to feel indignant, Old Eagle. We will get to see the difference between a horse and a mule later! This round has been the fairest one ever. The Sky High Military has selflessly placed a portion of golden body fluid on that island.”

The Eagle King was itching to slap the fat man across the face, but if he didn’t hold himself back, he would lose his status and become a laughing stock.

The fat man’s cultivation base was not any weaker than his, so if he acted now, he would put the Rising Dragon Army at a disadvantage.

“Ha ha That bunch of kids has been storing up their strength. Stop standing here and bragging. Let’s start already!” an old man with a gloomy expression said in an icy tone.

The fat man, who seemed a little afraid of the gloomy old man, laughed immediately. “If my old brother has asked me to start, how can I not follow his orders?”

As he spoke, his gaze landed on the group of 20 martialists in Sky High Military uniforms. The man felt pleased.

When he glanced at a delicate young man of average height, the smile on his face became even brighter.

“I hereby announce the start of the source fluid competition!” The old man didn’t deliberately raise his voice, yet everyone around could feel a boundless power reverberating as he spoke.

These words had barely left the old man’s mouth, when a silhouette suddenly darted towards the bridge.

When the fat man saw the rushing silhouette, he shook his head with a sigh. “These young kids are really ignorant. Why are they so impatient? Ha ha This will be good entertainment for everyone!”

The fat man soon choked on his next words. He was shocked to find out that the young man who had rushed out wasn’t someone from the Sky High’s Seven Pillars, as he had expected.

Hadn’t they said that they would obstruct the Rising Dragon Army’s people at the bridge’s entrance and not let a single one pass through? Why weren’t they doing anything? Had they all turned into a bunch of ostriches?

The person seemed to be from the Rising Dragon Army.

A hint of regret flashed across the old man’s eyes when he saw that silhouette rush out. It was too close to the bridge’s entrance. Even if Little Mo chased him personally, he wouldn’t be able to catch up to him in time.

“Rising Dragon Army people are really quick. Ha ha! He is leaping around like a rabbit as if he has received information beforehand!” the fat old man, who was an extremely shrewd person, was adept at turning a bad situation into a good one.

If he couldn’t stop the martialist, then he would have to embarrass the Eagle King.

Although the Eagle King felt that acting beforehand was slightly dishonorable, if the martialist was able to make it onto the island, the Rising Dragon Army would win the lottery. This sure was better than no one being able to set foot on the island.

By the time the Eagle King was about to speak, the silhouette had already stopped. Now he could see the person who had been the fastest clearly.

It was the Rising Dragon Army’s greatest hope, Luo Yunyang.

Why did he stop? Why isn’t he hurrying onto the island? We won’t have a hope of obtaining some A-grade source fluid otherwise.

“Ha ha ha! If you wish to pass, you need to ask for my grace. Non-conformers who think they have guts will get slaughtered!” The instant Luo Yunyang reached the bridge, he looked up at the sky and roared with laughter. “Anyone who isn’t good-looking or has an inferior cultivation base must hurry up and leave. Your mother is calling for you to go home and drink your milk!”

Being ugly and having an inferior cultivation base were two completely different things. Nobody knew whether to laugh or cry when Luo Yunyang lumped the two together.

When the eight powerhouses watching heard Luo Yunyang’s proclamation, they glanced at each other with stupefied expressions.

This was wrong. Why was the Rising Dragon Army reciting the Sky High Military’s lines?