Supreme Uprising Chapter 640

Chapter 640 Surrounded By An Iron Curtain A Preemptive Attack

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"Your Highness, are you really not going to participate in this joint attack on Luo Yunyang?" a beautiful Bug Race lady asked in the Paragon Bug Queens meditation palace.

The Paragon Bug Queen frowned. Although this lady had a warm, differential expression, her tone carried a hint of provocation.

This type of attitude really pissed off the Paragon Bug Queen. However, she didnt express her feelings immediately.

Ever since her defeat during the battle for the Ultimate Samsara Token, her status within the Bug Race had fallen drastically and she was slowly being challenged.

This sort of situation was very normal, as the Bug Race believed that the weak were prey for the strong. To redeem herself from her current state, she needed to show that she was stronger than the other challengers.

"Why would I want to participate?" the Paragon Bug Queen replied with a hint of indifference.

"Your Highness, you were defeated by Luo Yunyang so now is the time to get revenge," the beautiful Bug Race lady, who was also a Bug Queen, said softly.

The Paragon Bug Queen laughed softly. She didnt get angry upon hearing this. On the contrary, she replied nonchalantly, "It wont take too long before you discover that being defeated by him is actually a blessing."

Then, the Paragon Bug Queen waved her sleeves gently and faded away.

Although there was a faint hint of doubt in the eyes of the other beautiful bug queen, it ultimately turned into a look of disdain.

"Histrionics! Do you think you appear very profound?"

The Paragon Bug Queen didnt hear this sarcastic remark. She still wouldnt have cared even if she had heard it. After all, for this sort of sour bugs, hitting one when one was down could perhaps decrease unhappiness as a result of jealousy.

Ever since Luo Yunyang had become Commander of the Divine Incarcerate Legion, she knew that the various great beings had been playing an immense game of chess.

The objective of this game was to make the Celestial World Supremacy show up. Luo Yunyang and the other beings of the Four Great Factions were little more than pieces on this chessboard.

The Paragon Bug Queen understood the intention of the Supremacies. She already had some guesses about the circumstances of the Celestial World Supremacy.

However, right now, they werent willing to ruin their relationship and be at odds with him. Furthermore, the various Supremacies didnt really have a good opinion about Luo Yunyang, so their sights were set on him.

Regardless of what Luo Yunyang did, he would be facing a perilous situation.

The Purgatorys Xin Jinlong, the Forsaken Desolation Saint, the Beheading Light Saint, the Machine Empires Sky Tone Saint, the Ocean Watcher Saint, the Thousand Beast Saint, as well as two Saints from their very own Bug Race Hearing these names would strike fear in anyone who listened.

However, the Paragon Bug Queen reckoned that Luo Yunyang would be okay.

There was only one reason she thought so. She couldnt forget that Luo Yunyang had displayed the power of a Heavenly Venerate in the Samsara Land.

If he had become a Heavenly Venerate during his reincarnation cycles, then nobody knew exactly how many benefits he had actually gained during his reincarnations.

Even the Paragon Bug Queen had a feeling that, if the Celestial World Supremacy really fell, Luo Yunyang would definitely survive.

Black Shenzi looked smug, but Blue Lotus Daozi had a cold expression on his face. Although the two of them were in the virtual realm, they still seemed like blazes radiating with heat.

"You are all a little slow." Black Shenzis tone was harsh.

Blue Lotus Daozi replied coolly, "You have no right to criticize whether we are slow or not. If you have any complaints, you can tell the various Supremacies. Besides the fact that you are noisy, what you say here is also useless!"

Blue Lotus Daozi glared icily at Black Shenzi. He had never cared about Black Shenzi. He believed that, in this realm, the only person he could take seriously was Luo Yunyang.

However, Black Shenzi had actually dared talk to him in an unbridled fashion.

Although they were separated by virtual space, Blue Lotus Daozi was helpless to deal with Black Shenzi. He replied coldly, "Even without you, our Purgatory can still dispose of just one person like Luo Yunyang."

"The reason you were called is because the various Supremacies made this decision."

Although Black Shenzi couldnt stand Blue Lotus Daozis comment, he knew that he had to watch his words. However, he didnt want to appear weak. "Just one person like Luo Yunyang? What an arrogant attitude!"

"If you are so great, why dont you cut off Luo Yunyangs head while he is surrounded by his troops? If you do so, the great name of Blue Lotus Daozi will definitely rise and all the Supremacies will be surprised."

There was a cold flicker in Blue Lotus Daozis eyes. If Black Shenzi had been standing before him, he definitely wouldnt have let off this repulsive fella easily.

With a wave, Blue Lotus Daozi dissolved his virtual meeting with Black Shenzi and quickly opened a star chart of the Blaze Fire Star System. Currently, eight powerful forces were gathering in the huge Blaze Fire Star System, entrapping Luo Yunyangs Divine Incarcerate Legion in the central point.

There were close to 10 Universe-Grades and more than 100 million elites from different factions, which made the fact that the Divine Union had no intention of sending help even worse. If a Supremacy didnt act, Luo Yunyang would definitely find it difficult to escape with his life this time.

Blue Lotus Daozi gritted his teeth when he thought about his previous battle with Luo Yunyang during the fight for the Ultimate Samsara Token.

Disgraceful! Absolutely disgraceful!

In his opinion, this sort of shame could only be thoroughly washed off with blood. Although he didnt see himself personally defeating Luo Yunyang this time, he definitely would have to be the one to take Luo Yunyangs head.

As Blue Lotus Daozi gritted his teeth, the Divine Incarcerate led by Luo Yunyang encountered the Lava Demon Army that Xin Jinlong led.

However, Xin Jinlong was now adopting a defensive stance.

He had already received the battle strategy from Blue Lotus Daozi and thus knew that their biggest objective wasnt to slay this youngster but rather to draw his master out.

Therefore, wily and experienced Xin Jinlong quickly deployed his defense and waited for Blue Lotus Daozi and the various other forces to arrive before making a move.

Whether the Celestial World Supremacy would appear or not no longer had anything to do with Xin Jinlong.

Naturally, Luo Yunyang could tell what Xin Jinlong was up to. Luo Yunyang grinned slightly as he watched the defensive Xin Jinlong and his nervous Divine Incarcerate Legion troops.

He now possessed three Origin Divine Crystals. One could say that he really wasnt taking this eight-pronged attack to heart.

However, because this matter involved some of the high and mighty Supremacies, who werent willing to reveal themselves in person, Luo Yunyang still went about this extremely carefully.

He thought in silence and came up with an idea. Instantly, he flew out of the spacecraft he was on and exclaimed, "Xin Jinlong, do you dare come out and fight?"

Xin Jinlong was a Universe-Grade powerhouse as well as a reputable figure in the Purgatory. He had only taken a defensive approach because things were so complicated.

However, he had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually issue a challenge before he had even attacked.

According to certain reports, Luo Yunyang had a Galaxy-Grade cultivation base. Compared to a peak Universe-Grade powerhouse like him, the difference was just too great.

Although Luo Yunyang had slain the Cloud Sea Saint, Xin Jinlong reckoned that he had employed some dirty tricks.

Xin Jinlong believed that once Luo Yunyang was brought into his own universe, he would be unable to deal even if he had a lot of methods up his sleeve.

Xin Jinlong was itching to give this a go as he watched Luo Yunyang remain stationary in the void. Although he wasnt willing to make a move on Luo Yunyang right now, this fella had actually come out and approached him. Not doing anything now would really be inexcusable.

"Luo Yunyang, your courage deserves praise!" Xin Jinlong smiled grimly at Luo Yunyang when his body appeared in the void. A scarlet light flickered and everything turned red in an instant.

Luo Yunyang watched as his surroundings turned into scarlet lava and realized that he had already been brought into Xin Jinlongs internal universe.

The most common method Universe-Grades used against lower-level martialists was to immediately use their internal universe.

When cultivation paths evolved into Universe Laws, the user was the sky and earth. Within their own internal universe, the user was practically omnipotent.

In the entire history of the Divine Union, a Universe-Grade powerhouse had once instantly trapped a whole tribe within his own internal universe. He hadnt employed any vicious methods. Instead, he had only let that tribe slowly become extinct within his internal universe.

Now, Luo Yunyang was already caught in Xin Jinlongs internal universe.

Xin Jinlong didnt enter his own universe. The sides of his lips curled up into a grin as he watched Luo Yunyang, who was situated within his internal universe.

Many people had said that, besides the fact that he was powerful, Luo Yunyang was also crafty and extremely troublesome. Even a few Supremacies had suffered thanks to his tricks. However, based on what Xin Jinlong saw, Luo Yunyang didnt seem like much.

Now that he was inside his internal universe, Xin Jinlong could deal with him in an instant.

Just as he started to smile, Xin Jinlong saw Luo Yunyangs strange grin.

This grin caused Xin Jinlong to have an ominous premonition. Although this premonition lacked any foundation, Xin Jinlong immediately gathered the power of his internal universe to form a massive ring of fire that engulfed Luo Yunyang.

It didnt matter what Luo Yunyang had installed. This time, Xin Jinlong wanted to make it difficult for Luo Yunyang to even budge.

However, as that ring of fire closed down, Luo Yunyang lightly threw out a punch towards the void.

This punch didnt contain much power!

Although Xin Jinlong didnt take Luo Yunyangs attack too seriously, as Luo Yunyangs power poured into his internal universe, a hint of fear was visible in Xin Jinlongs eyes.

His internal universe was showing signs of crumbling!