Supreme Uprising Chapter 641

Chapter 641 Heavenly Venerate Consciousness A Collapsing Universe

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“He’s overestimating his capabilities!” Black Shenzi exclaimed in delight when he saw Luo Yunyang fly out and challenge Xin Jinlong.

He had only recently advanced to the Celestial Domain Grade, but his exceptional innate talent and hidden methods allowed him to face Universe-Grade powerhouses without much fear.

However, even though he didn’t fear much, this didn’t mean that he could face a Universe-Grade powerhouse without any qualms.

Every single powerhouse that could attain the Universe Grade was a genius!

It was simply impossible to become a Universe-Grade without being a genius. Powerhouses that possessed their own internal universes weren’t as easy to handle as Celestial Domain-Grades.

The fact that Luo Yunyang had been caught in Xin Jinlong’s internal universe as soon as they’d met made Black Shenzi very pleased.

“How stupid! The most important thing when facing a Universe-Grade powerhouse is to not get caught in the opponent’s internal universe.”

“If one does get caught, the laws are all determined by that person and what kind of sh*t they can do!”

“Could this person have a death wish?”

This wasn’t just Black Shenzi. Blue Lotus Daozi had the same thought when he saw Luo Yunyang enter Xin Jinlong’s internal universe.

Blue Lotus Daozi was familiar with Xin Jinlong’s strength. Although he was rather proud of himself, he knew that he wasn’t a match for Xin Jinlong based on his strength alone.

If he entered Xin Jinlong’s internal universe, he would basically be committing suicide.

Would Luo Yunyang still be able to escape after entering Xin Jinlong’s internal universe?

In the Divine Incarcerate Legion, 13 million troops were using various means to observe the fight between Luo Yunyang and Xin Jinlong. They were all tense, as this also concerned their own survival.

While the three impregnable passes that the Lava Demons defended within the Blaze Fire Star System had been easily captured and vast resources had been gained, their acknowledgement of Luo Yunyang had started to increase.

However, the current situation made many of them worry.

After news of the iron curtain surrounding them was disseminated, some people lost their morale. The reason they didn’t crumble was because the Divine Incarcerate Legion was made up of elites from the Divine Union.

The most important conviction they received for marching on was disseminated by Qie Keshan, who said that Luo Yunyang was advancing boldly because he had already received support from the Celestial World Supremacy.

If things weren’t looking good, the Celestial World Supremacy would definitely come to Luo Yunyang’s aid.

This news helped stabilize the troops’ morale and calm them down. After all, the reputation of the Celestial World Supremacy was just too great.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang had actually entered Xin Jinlong’s internal universe. Could this mean that Luo Yunyang had already…

“Sir Commander, didn’t… didn’t he defeat the Cloud Sea Saint? How could…” Qie Keshan didn’t finish whatever he wanted to say, yet his expression spoke volumes.

Although Zhe Ming wanted to laugh, he really couldn’t bring himself to do so.

He had been displeased with Luo Yunyang for quite a while already, but they were already on the same boat. Thus, if Luo Yunyang couldn’t flee from this calamity, he wouldn’t escape either.

A Supremacy’s appearance was the only solution. Unfortunately, he wasn’t Supreme Daozi, so the Shenluo Supremacy and the others definitely wouldn’t do anything.

Thus, it was certain that if Luo Yunyang died there, they wouldn’t have a better end.

“Sir is fine,” the Bloody Blade Monarch, who was beside him, said calmly. The people that had started following Luo Yunyang from the Bloody Space River were probably the calmest.

There was only one reason for this. They had absolute faith in Luo Yunyang.

Although Qie Keshan didn’t say anything, Zhe Ming blurted out, “Fine? He he… You think that’s possible?”

“Open your eyes wider and take a good look. He has already entered Xin Jinlong’s internal universe. Have you ever heard of a martialist beneath the Universe Grade who escaped an internal universe?”

“You really are ignorant!”

The Bloody Blade Monarch ignored Zhe Ming and just turned to watch Xin Jinlong quietly. As his gaze fell on Xin Jinlong’s proud figure, Xin Jinlong suddenly coughed out blood.

Suddenly, a scarlet void appeared around Xin Jinlong in an instant.

This abrupt appearance threw everything around into a state of chaos.

Great amounts of lava erupted frantically while streaks of blazes shot all over the place. Meanwhile, smoldering mountains collapsed continuously. In an instant, an apocalyptic scenario started taking place.

Within the surging lava and blazes, Xin Jinlong’s hands moved frantically as he used various seals and incantations. The martialists above the Celestial Domain Grade could see that all his actions were actually trying to quell this violent, turbulent void.

Unfortunately, he acted fast. The tempestuous lava and blazes kept tearing up everything around.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thunderous roars were heard as countless lights crumbled within the void. Yet more blood was expelled from Xin Jinlong’s move.

“What is going on?” Qie Keshan asked Zhe Ming as he watched Xin Jinlong do his utmost to endure, even though he was coughing out blood and starting to look exhausted.

Although the two of them didn’t get along, they no longer cared.

Zhe Ming didn’t know what was going on either. Only the Bloody Blade Monarch beside them said uncertainly, “In the past, there was a situation called Universe Disorder. I don’t know whether this counts as one.”

The Bloody Blade Monarch’s words made Qie Keshan’s eyes light up. While he wasn’t a Universe-Grade, he originated from the Demigod Tribe and knew a lot more than Qie Keshan and the Bloody Blade Monarch in terms of cultivation.

“Yes, this is a Universe Disorder indeed. This isn’t right, though. Why would there be a Universe Disorder here? Although the small universe created by every Universe-Grade powerhouse has its own flaws and defects, that doesn’t mean…”

Zhe Ming didn’t manage to finish his sentence, because Luo Yunyang had already flown out from within that tempestuous mix of lava and fire.

At the moment, Luo Yunyang looked like a holy entity. This time, he reappeared with an additional blade in his hands and moved it hard in Xin Jinlong’s direction.

Divine Obliteration Blade Of The Great Chaotic Hole!

What Luo Yunyang used was the absolute blade technique he had comprehended in his Heavenly Venerate body. Although his current cultivation base wasn’t at the Heavenly Venerate Level, his consciousness was still at that level.

Thus, the blade intent of his strike wasn’t any weaker than it had been in the Tianyun Void. What he lacked was power. The power that belonged to a Heavenly Venerate-Grade.

However, even so, using this was more than enough to fight off Xin Jinlong, whose internal universe had already been broken.

Xin Jinlong brandished his fist and countless blazes gathered within the void to form a primordial mountain and face Luo Yunyang’s blade-light.

This move was a mystic art that Xin Jinlong had spent many years comprehending. It could mutually conform with the power of his internal universe and it was extremely profound.

However, before this fist strike could come into contact with Luo Yunyang’s blade technique, the projection of the gathered fist energy started collapsing in the void.

The primordial mountain collapsed and Xin Jinlong once again coughed out blood. His body couldn’t avoid this in time, so he was cut in two by Luo Yunyang.

Thanks to the protection of his Universe Flower, a new body was created for Xin Jinlong in the void. While escaping frantically, he shouted out, “Luo Yunyang, how could you possibly overcome my internal universe! How did you know the weakness of my internal universe? How… How could you have found its weak point?”

Xin Jinlong howled maniacally. He found what he had just experienced a little freakish.

He knew that flaws existed in his internal universe because Universe-Grade Saints couldn’t control the laws of space and time. This meant that their internal universes weren’t perfect.

However, Saints could carefully conceal these flaws. Even an existence of a similar level would find it difficult to discover these flaws upon entering their universe.

Unfortunately, moments ago, Luo Yunyang had actually found his weakness rather easily after getting caught in his universe. Furthermore, the speed at which he had detected and exploited this flaw to cause power imbalance within his internal universe had nearly caused it to collapse.

This was why Universe-Grades rarely took opponents of a similar level into their internal universe.

However, these restrictions didn’t exist when facing martialists below the Universe Grade. After all, even a peak Celestial Domain-Grade wouldn’t be able to cause their universe to crumble even if they found the flaws within the internal universe.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t going to let off Xin Jinlong. He chased after Xin Jinlong like a streak of lightning.

As he caught up with him, he swung his blade and an astonishing blade-light containing a black hole enveloped Xin Jinlong.

“Take a guess!”

As Xin Jinlong’s internal universe crumbled, his original power dropped by around 70%. Furthermore, he no longer had any intention of fighting after being slain once by Luo Yunyang.

Xin Jinlong didn’t hesitate to run frantically into the distance as he saw Luo Yunyang charge at him.

In just the blink of an eye, Xin Jinlong had flown many thousand miles away. His subordinates from the Lava Demon Army, who had been defending themselves, also started to escape in their ships upon seeing their leader flee.

In no time, the huge Lava Demon Army had started crumbling.

“Attack!” Vice-Commander Qie Keshan ordered the moment he saw this scenario unfold.

Actually, even before he had given this order, the warriors of the Divine Incarcerate Legion had already started chasing after the fleeing Lava Demon Army.

The side of the iron curtain that was supposed to blanket Luo Yunyang had crumbled!