Supreme Uprising Chapter 642

Chapter 642 The Self Confidence Of A Saint

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Xin Jinlong had lost and suffered a crushing defeat!

This outcome was something countless Purgatory powerhouses were unable to accept. In their opinion, although Xin Jinlong wasnt a supreme individual like the Supremacies, he was without a doubt an apex individual.

When Luo Yunyang had led the Divine Incarcerate to attack the Blaze Fire Star System that Xin Jinlong held, many people had thought that Luo Yunyang had a death wish.

Just Xin Jinlong alone would be enough to slay Luo Yunyang.

However, an iron curtain had been implemented around him due to the consideration of those supreme beings.

The iron curtain had just been assembled when Xin Jinlong, who was a Universe-Grade powerhouse, had actually fallen.

Following the collapse of Xin Jinlongs internal universe, recovering his cultivation base wouldnt be an easy matter.

"How? How could Luo Yunyang make Xin Jinlongs internal universe collapse given his cultivation base?" Black Shenzi exclaimed in astonishment.

He wasnt asking anyone for answers. He was just expressing the disbelief in his heart.

Nobody could answer Black Shenzis questions. In fact, most people were currently shocked by this turn of events.

If a Supremacy had been involved in this situation, this would have been normal. If a Universe-Grade powerhouse had done so, people wouldnt have been surprised either. However, it just had to be this unpredictable fellow called Luo Yunyang.

Although Luo Yunyang had managed to slay the Cloud Sea Saint, he had relied on many methods to accomplish it.

However, he had just defeated Xin Jinlong with ease, like a hot knife slicing through butter.

As everyone was filled with doubt, Xin Jinlongs message was quickly sent out. Besides asking Black Shenzi and the others to attack as soon as possible, he also advised them to absolutely not let Luo Yunyang enter their internal universes.

If this sort of warning had been issued in the past, no one would have taken note of it. After all, there hadnt been any problems in many years. Universe-Grades had been crushing Celestial Domain-Grades and weaker individuals for ages. However, things were different now.

Xin Jinlong was a prime, fine example.

"Xin Jinlong only fell for Luo Yunyangs tricks because he was caught unaware. Advance and slay Luo Yunyang in the Blaze Fire Star System!" Blue Lotus Daozi was the overall commander this time. His orders were quickly sent out.

Although Black Shenzi felt that it was beneath him to work with Blue Lotus Daozi, he knew that this wasnt a time for the two of them to hold a grudge. Therefore, he quickly led the Machine Empires three large armies onwards to quell Luo Yunyang.

Back in the Demigod Tribe, Supreme Daozi and the top brass of the Demigod Tribe read Xin Jinlongs message in silence. They were also filled with doubt.

The Divine Union, which appeared to be unstable from the outside, was actually very calm. After all, the Divine Unions top brass knew exactly what was behind this.

This was the joint suppression of three great factions. The losses would only include some small tribes. These losses were something that the Demigod Tribe didnt care about.

"Contact Zhe Ming and ask him exactly what the hell is going on!" Supreme Daozi made a decision after thinking in silence for a bit.

His order was executed very quickly. In just a moment, Zhe Mings face had already appeared before them through the virtual realm.

"My respects, sirs." Zhe Ming appeared a little anxious when he saw Supreme Daozi and the others.

Although he looked forward to what would happen to Luo Yunyang, he also knew very well that he was still in a perilous situation.

The moment Luo Yunyang was defeated, he could easily be slain by the Purgatory or the Machine Empires coalition.

Getting a call from his tribe made him feel hopeful.

"Zhe Ming, tell us how Luo Yunyang was able to break Xin Jinlongs internal universe!" Supreme Daozi, who had no intention of feigning civility with Zhe Ming, asked bluntly.

Zhe Ming felt a little unhappy deep down. Not only had he been abandoned, but he hadnt been given any consolation before getting interrogated like a criminal.

"I dont know." Fortunately, he could still speak the truth.

A Universe-Grade powerhouse standing beside Supreme Daozi wanted to say something. However, Supreme Daozi had already put up a hand to stop him. "Its normal that he doesnt know. After all, this is also an important hidden method of Luo Yunyangs. Luo Yunyang would be too naive if he were to divulge such a method."

"Zhe Ming, what position are you at? Has Luo Yunyang given any new commands?"

Zhe Ming, who was aware of Supreme Daozis reputation, answered right away, "No new orders whatsoever."

"Alright, I got it." After ending the call with Zhe Ming, Supreme Daozi asked everyone present, "What do you think Luo Yunyang is truly relying on?"

Advance, advance, advance!

By following Blue Lotus Daozis mobilization orders, the seven large forces used space jump points and other methods to rapidly advance to the Blaze Fire Star System. The fastest to arrive amongst them were the Purgatorys Forsaken Desolation Saint and the Beheading Light Saint.

Their subordinates had also convened with Xin Jinlongs ravaged host half a day later. No one knew where Xin Jinlong had hidden to tend to his injuries. After sending two messages through the virtual realm, he no longer spoke.

"Seems like this fella had cowardice beaten into him!" The Forsaken Desolation Saint looked dried-up. Although he had appeared in the shape of a man, those eyes of his looked like they belonged to a dead person.

However, despite his dried-up appearance, his reputation within the Purgatory wasnt any worse than Xin Jinlongs.

There were actually many people who were more willing to encounter Xin Jinlong, who liked turning opponents into ashes, than incur the hatred of the Forsaken Desolation Saint.

The Forsaken Desolation Saints Desolation Universe didnt just absorb the vitality of all living forms. It could also form a Desolate Demonic Qi that caused lots of problems to anyone experiencing it.

The Beheading Light Saint also had the shape of a man. Each of his four eyes flickered with a silver glow.

As a Saint, his status in the Purgatory wasnt as high as the Forsaken Desolation Saints or Xing Jinlongs. However, he wasnt afraid of these two because his speed far surpassed theirs.

If these two attacked him, the Beheading Light Saint might not be able to defeat them. However, they wouldnt be able to kill him either.

The Beheading Light Saint smiled silently. He didnt wish to upset another Saint while trying to get in the Forsaken Desolation Saints good books.

The Forsaken Desolation Saint snorted. "Luo Yunyang is just ahead of us. Daozi has ordered us to absolutely not let Luo Yunyang enter our internal universes during combat."

"That coward Xin Jinlong has been scared sh*tless. In my opinion, Luo Yunyang probably knew about the weakness of Xin Jinlongs internal universe and made use of it to make Xin Jinlong suffer."

"My internal universe has a weakness. However, besides the Supremacies, nobody else can find this weakness."

"I shall let Luo Yunyang have a taste of my internal universe when we encounter him. Lets see whether he can cause my internal universe to crumble."

The Beheading Light Saint snickered in his heart. He knew that the lifeless-looking Forsaken Desolation Saint was actually a very prideful person.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have fallen out with Xin Jinlong over their respective reputations. However, even though the Beheading Light Saint wasnt willing to say anything about the conflict between those two, he still felt the need to advise caution upon hearing the Forsaken Desolation Saints arrogant words.

"Forsaken Desolation, I know that your Desolation Universe has great, rare artistry. However, Luo Yunyang is strange. I think that we should still be cautious. If you are defeated, your reputation will go up in flames."

The Beheading Light Saint used his most sincere tone. "If that happens, your cultivation base will suffer great damage."

The Forsaken Desolation Saint glared icily at the Beheading Light Saint. "Are you trying to say that you believe I am not that fool Xin Jinlongs equal?" the Forsaken Desolation Saint said coldly.

The Beheading Light Saint wondered to himself how this was a provocation. He pondered in silence for a moment before chuckling. "Im just worried about you. After all, Luo Yunyang is really unusual."

"Who cares what this Luo Yunyang is like? He is nothing more than a youngling. Xin Jinlong was just incompetent."

The Forsaken Desolation Saint smirked as he added, "Later on, I shall let the whole world see where that cowardly fool Xin Jinlong has gone to hide."

As the two of them were talking, someone reported through the virtual realm. "Reporting, Saints. We have already detected traces of the Divine Incarcerate Legion. Should we proceed with the attack?"

"You dont have to bother attacking." The Forsaken Desolation Saint flashed a faint smile at the Beheading Light Saint. "If you think that this kid is impressive, then lets just wait here for the good news."

The Forsaken Desolation Saint then soared high up into the starry heavens. He eyed the vast cosmos and announced, "Luo Yunyang, do you dare enter my internal universe for a battle?"

Although Xin Jinlong was tending to his injuries in hiding, he was still paying attention to the battle that was underway.

After all, he wanted to see exactly who would be able to avenge his grievance.

How could he not realize the Forsaken Desolation Saints intent when he heard this declaration of combat?

He immediately felt as if a vicious, resounding slap had landed across his face. Despicable! This was really despicable!Who does the Forsaken Desolation Saint think he is? How can he actually do something so childish?

This was This was

Xin Jinlong knew that it wouldnt be a problem if he was the one entering the Forsaken Desolation Saints Desolation Universe. However, Celestial Domain-Grade entities were rarely able to escape alive.

Was Luo Yunyang an ordinary person?

As a deluge of thoughts was flashing through his mind, Xin Jinlong longed for Luo Yunyang to come out victorious.

Damn it, Forsaken Desolation Saint! Are you trying to slap me across the face? I hope Luo Yunyang batters your old rotting face till its swollen!

While Xin Jinlong felt overwhelmed by all these complaints, Luo Yunyang rushed out of his spacecraft.

"Since the Forsaken Desolation Saint is so interested, daddy shall play with him!"