Supreme Uprising Chapter 643

Chapter 643 Life Death Resounding Fate The Samsara Palm

Chapter 643: Life-Death Resounding Fate; The Samsara Palm
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The Forsaken Desolation Saint hadnt used his own power to seal the virtual realm. Thus, troops from both sides and people who wanted to spectate could quickly use the virtual realm to send this image to the virtual realms Sky Vision.

The Sky Vision immediately went crazy!

A short time ago, the fact that Luo Yunyang had destroyed Xin Jinlongs internal universe and made him experience a crushing defeat had been a trending topic. However, the focal point now was the Forsaken Desolation Saints challenge.

Had what Luo Yunyang had done actually been a fluke? Or could he really cause the internal universe of a Universe-Grade powerhouse to crumble?

This topic, which immediately garnered a lot of attention, was discussed enthusiastically.

"The Forsaken Desolation Saint is one of the top Saints of the Purgatory. His internal Desolation Universe is filled with the power of death."

"Once, a tribe fought the Forsaken Desolation Saint. In the end, after killing the tribe leader, the Forsaken Desolation Saint trapped all the tribe members inside his Desolation Universe."

"The tribe trapped in his Desolation Universe was completely exterminated within three days."

"The Desolation Universe is practically amongst the strongest universes! Luo Yunyang will be in for some trouble!"

The big shots of the Divine Union were all gathered in the virtual realm. The Universe-Grade powerhouses were paying close attention to this matter.

After all, this challenge would determine whether they could still go on using their internal universes to bully inferior martialists.

Blue Lotus Daozi, who was on a luxurious spaceship, was at a loss. He didnt know whether to applaud the Forsaken Desolation Saints challenge or give him a scolding.

Although he possessed a considerable status within the Purgatory, he knew very well that each day he wasnt a Supremacy these positions remained virtual.

Even though those Universe-Grades respected him on the surface, they respected the Blood Lotus Supremacy, not Blue Lotus Daozi himself.

"Its fine to have a try, I guess." Although he was a little displeased about his plans being spoiled, Blue Lotus Daozi still muttered to himself in the end.

Black Shenzi and the others, who were advancing, also started to focus their attention on spectating this battle.

When Luo Yunyangs figure appeared, the Sky Vision zoomed in on him, as though it was using this method to verify that Luo Yunyang wasnt the same.

"Are you sure you want to allow me into your internal universe?" Luo Yunyang said while taking note of the lifeless-looking Forsaken Desolation Saint.

"Of course. Dont tell me you are afraid?" As the Forsaken Desolation Saint said that, his body shimmered. In a second, Luo Yunyang was absorbed into his bodys internal universe.

Unlike Xin Jinlongs internal universe, which was filled with lava and fire, the Forsaken Desolation Saints internal universe was deathly and silent.

Even the planet Luo Yunyang set foot on had a gray, drab atmosphere. The moment Luo Yunyang landed, he felt like there were many tiny straws all around him, sucking away frantically at the life force within his body.

Luo Yunyang sealed up his cultivation base while surveying his surroundings. He discovered that this Desolation Universe was quite good indeed.

Based on its form alone, this Desolation Universe was much stronger than Xin Jinlongs internal universe. At the very least, it was much more stable than Xin Jinlongs.

Besides, this universe could quickly absorb the life force of any living things that entered it.

"Ha ha ha! Luo Yunyang, arent you adept at destroying universes? Show me now!" A huge face made of deathly Qi appeared before Luo Yunyang.

This huge face belonged to the Forsaken Desolation Saint. As he was speaking, 10,000 giant snakes appeared with this void.

The giant ash-white snakes bared their fangs and a massive suctioning force took over Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang, who possessed the consciousness of a Heavenly Venerate, very quickly determined the weak point of this deathly universe. However, he didnt intend to use this flaw immediately. His lips curled into a faint grin as he saw the 10,000 giant snakes frantically trying to engulf him.

He grinned indeed

"Life!" This was the first time Luo Yunyang utilized the Life-Death Resounding Fat Technique. When this earth-ending word left his mouth, the vast deathly Qi rapidly gathered towards this vitality.

The giant pale snakes that were frantically trying to swallow Luo Yunyang started to shatter one after another.

In just an instant, a majestic vitality had appeared within the Forsaken Desolation Saints internal universe.

Vitality was beneficial for other Saints. However, this surging vitality simply harmed the Forsaken Desolation Saint.

The various laws in his internal universe were mainly composed of death and desolation. This vibrant, surging vitality was like a supreme current that multiplied endlessly. It flowed frantically within his internal universe as if it was unstoppable.

If this sort of vitality hadnt been much, the Forsaken Desolation Saint would still have been able to control it. However, Luo Yunyangs Life Death Resounding Fate rapidly reversed vitality and death. The vitality within the Forsaken Desolation Saints body was becoming increasingly powerful.

Just a moment later, the Forsaken Desolation Saint couldnt deal with it any longer. Regardless of the methods he used, he was still unable to quell the rising vitality within his body. On the contrary, that vitality was still rapidly suppressing his own desolation power and changing it.

"Luo Yunyang, what the hell are you up to?" As a Saint, the Forsaken Desolation Saint was naturally very prideful.

However, he no longer cared about his own dignity as he roared maniacally at Luo Yunyang. Right now, he felt intense regret. If he had known that this fellow was so nefarious, he wouldnt have let him into his internal universe to piss off Xin Jinlong!

Lessons had to be learned from the mistakes of ones predecessors. He had clearly known that Xin Jinlong had suffered a crushing defeat. Why had he tried the same thing?

"What I love most is to please others! I heard that the Forsaken Desolation Saints deathly aura is too great. Thus, I shall imbue you with a little vitality. You dont have to be nervous, I wont just bless you with drops of kindness. I will repay you with a gushing spring instead!"

Luo Yunyang spoke like a hooligan and tapped his finger in the void. A whole slab of vitality surged frantically towards an inconspicuous position.

This position was just an extremely simple-looking place in the Forsaken Desolation Saints internal universe. However, as this wave of vitality descended upon it, the already chaotic Desolation Universe started to crumble all of a sudden.

If the Forsaken Desolation Saints internal universe hadnt started crumbling, then everything would still have been under his control.

However, his internal universe was collapsing so the Forsaken Desolation Saints control was no longer as effective.

The power of death absorbed life force from its surroundings as the Life Death Resounding Fate Technique rapidly reversed the power of death. The rules within his own internal universe were quickly being rewritten and the Forsaken Desolation Saint. who was trying hard to prevent the universe from crumbling, had a black face.

His face was as black as could be!

Not only would his losses be great, but he had also disgraced himself completely. He had just shouted at Luo Yunyang moments ago, yet he now seemed to be receiving his retribution.
"Luo Yunyang, I will fight with you till my last breath!" Although he possessed many methods, he was unable to use them. One could imagine how sullen he felt.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the hysterical Forsaken Desolation Saint and chuckled. "Stay calm! You have to stay calm! If we do as you say, you will die and I will live!"

As the Forsaken Desolation Saint was about to curse, Luo Yunyang aimed a palm at him!

This time, he used the Samsara Palm.

The might of the Life Death Resounding Fate Technique had made the Life Death Resounding Fate extremely curious about the Samsara Palm. The Forsaken Desolation Saint was currently like a toothless, clawless tiger so the Life Death Resounding Fate decided to test this out on him.

"This is too much, young man!" the Forsaken Desolation Saint snarled as he faced Luo Yunyangs attack. His palms gathered lots of deathly energy that he threw at Luo Yunyang.

The power of Luo Yunyangs Samsara Palm was already great to begin with. Luo Yunyang could at best make the power in his hands take the form of 10 reincarnation cycles, so each Samsara would double this power.

10 times equaled a tenfold increase.

What surprised Luo Yunyang even more was that as the Samsara Palm came into contact with the power the Forsaken Desolation Saint had blasted out, that deathly power was actually absorbed strangely by the Samsara Palm and converted into his own strength.

He was converting the opponents power into his own. Luo Yunyang had come across this sort of technique before. However, as ones enemies got stronger and stronger, these ordinary techniques were no longer of any use.

Later on, these sort of techniques were no longer effective at absorbing the strength of ones enemies and could easily be broken.

On the other hand, not only did this Samsara Palm not have this sort of flaw, but it could also be used for both offense and defense at the same time. This discovery delighted Luo Yunyang.

Boom! The Forsaken Desolation Saints body exploded when the palm struck him.

The Forsaken Desolation Saint was also a decisive person. When he realized that things werent looking good, he chose to flee without hesitation.

He even forsook the Desolation Universe without a second thought. The moment his Universe Flower bloomed, he fled frantically in the direction of the Beheading Light Saint.

Although a lot seemed to happen during this exchange, everything happened in only a minute. The various powerhouses watching all this through the Sky Vision watched dumbfounded as the Forsaken Desolation Saint ran.

"Ha ha ha! Serves you right, Old Forsaken Desolation!" Xin Jinlong roared with laughter. He had totally been able to tell what the Forsaken Desolation Saints motive for challenging Luo Yunyang was.

He had actually been fraught with worry. If the Forsaken Desolation Saint had been victorious, he wouldnt have been able to lift his head up before the Forsaken Desolation Saint in the future.

He had never imagined that the Forsaken Desolation Saint would bolt after a one-minute exchange with Luo Yunyang. This was even worse than his own situation.

This outcome made him feel like laughing to his hearts content. You tried to turn me into a laughing stock! Are you satisfied now, Old Forsaken Desolation?

He didnt have to worry about whether the iron curtain would fail or not. After all, there were still many Saints around.