Supreme Uprising Chapter 645

Chapter 645 Mystic Skill Revisited Ten Thousand Swords As One

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Within the entire Divine Union, Universe-Grades were the most important core strength. Every single one of them looked down on the common folk.

The reason the 18 Primary Tribes were able to gain their status was because they had Universe-Grade powerhouses.

A tribe without a Universe-Grade powerhouse couldnt become a Primary Tribe.

Luo Yunyang had actually just said this pompous line before the watchful eyes of many people. If this had been said by an ordinary person, people would immediately have thought that this person was completely insane!

However, when these words left Luo Yunyangs lips, despite their fury, the Universe-Grade powerhouses couldnt say that he was severely overestimating his abilities.

After all, this insufferable, arrogant fella had already defeated two Universe-Grade powerhouses.

The Beheading Light Saint had an ugly expression on his face. He had originally thought that relying on strength would be enough to turn Luo Yunyang into dust. However, he had never imagined that he would actually be the loser of this clash of power.

Although he wasnt willing to admit it, facts were facts. He hadnt been Luo Yunyangs match during the previous clash of power.

He didnt want to admit it, but the outcome had been undeniable.

He glowered with rage upon hearing Luo Yunyangs words and said icily, "This isnt something that you can shoot your mouth about."

As he said that, a golden longsword appeared in his hand.

While this longsword vibrated, the power of laws within it buzzed. Luo Yunyang felt a power of suppression laws coming from within this longsword.

The instant he saw the longsword, Luo Yunyang realized right away that this was a top divine weapon refined and crafted within the Beheading Light Saints internal universe.

When a Universe-Grade powerhouses internal universe took form, the dominant cultivation path of the universe would create a weapon according to the Universe-Grade powerhouses thoughts.

Within the Divine Union, this weapon was called a Divine Universe Weapon. It could be said that half of the combat strength of a Universe-Grade powerhouse was inside this Divine Weapon.

Xin Jinlong and the Forsaken Desolation Saint had been unlucky, as they hadnt even had the chance to take out their Divine Weapons before being defeated by Luo Yunyang.

The fact that the Beheading Light Saint had drawn this weapon was a form of acknowledgment.

An acknowledgment that Luo Yunyang was an equal adversary.

"The swords name is Frostlight. Please enlighten me!" the Beheading Light Saint told Luo Yunyang when the longsword materialized in his hand.

As Luo Yunyang looked at the sword in the Beheading Light Saints hand, the first thing he thought of was that blade-shaped leaf.

It was a treasure that Luo Yunyang found difficult to comprehend despite his Heavenly Venerate consciousness. He hesitated for a moment and decided not to use it for the time being.

Instead, he led his troops and swept in every direction. The only thing he could do while facing this eight-pronged encirclement was make himself seem even more arrogant and tyrannical.

Thus, he didnt display his most adept blade techniques immediately. Instead, he drew out a sword from within his storage space.

This was an ordinary sword. Of course, it was only ordinary when it came to Luo Yunyang. This sword would cost a great deal if it was put up for auction.

"This sword has no name. However, after today, it shall be called the Frostlight Defeater!"

Although Luo Yunyang wasnt a flamboyant, brash person, things were different now. The Celestial World Supremacys departure had caused him to lose his greatest support.

He needed time. Only by advancing the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast into the Celestial Domain Grade would he have the confidence to resist a Supremacy.

Therefore, he needed 10 years.

This flamboyance was sometimes a camouflage. Therefore, Luo Yunyang wouldnt mind being a bit flamboyant at a crucial time.

The Empty Fire Saint quietly sipped his tea as he watched Luo Yunyangs battle with the Beheading Light Saint through the virtual realm screen.

Deep down, he knew the reason behind Luo Yunyangs brashness. The Machine Empire powerhouse seated opposite him said in disdain, "Brother Empty Fire, this Junior Brother of yours isnt like you at all!"

"Yeah, he is way stronger than me. If I had his strength back then, I wouldnt even be here having tea with you."

The Empty Fire Saint kind of understood why Luo Yunyang acted this way. However, he wouldnt divulge such a reason so easily.

Thus, the lament in his tone seemed normal to the Machine Empire powerhouse.

"Its alright for youngsters to be brash. However, one needs to have the ability to back that attitude up," the Machine Empire powerhouse said casually.

While he was speaking, Luo Yunyang and the Beheading Light Saint made a move at the same time.

The Beheading Light Saints body was as quick as lightning. The Frostlight sword was brandished and countless sword projections appeared.

The number of sword projections was overwhelming. The projections were like a vast torrential tsunami that lacked any gaps. The power of a Universe-Grade, in combination with those extremely fast sword projections, alarmed many martialists who were watching through the virtual realm.

They all believed that, if these moves had been used against them, they wouldnt even have had a chance to struggle before dying.

However, in the face of this vast sea of sword projections, Luo Yunyang smiled faintly. "No biggie!"

While speaking, he took a step forward and 10,000 sword projections appeared behind him instantly. Beneath these sword projections was a massive sword furnace that occupied half the sky.

It was Bai Jingtians mystic technique, the Ten Thousand Sword Burning Furnace!

Luo Yunyang felt that this sword technique was not only powerful but full of momentum. Thus, after becoming a Heavenly Venerate, he had specifically tried to derive this sword technique.

Although he wasnt able to display the full might of this sword technique with his current strength, he was still able to use 50% of its full power. Of course, the power unleashed by Luo Yunyang was considerably weaker than the one Bai Jintian had shown back then.

Although he didnt have Bai Jingtians Supreme Boundary, he was able to surpass Bai Jingtians might by relying on his Heavenly Venerate consciousness.

The 10,000 swords were assimilated into the burning sword furnace in an instant. As the sword furnace crumbled, a sword-light like a rainbow that swathed the nine heavens shot at the blanket of sword-lights that the Beheading Light Saint had unleashed.

"What sort of sword technique is that?" Blue Lotus Daozis tone was heavy. He had never liked conceding, yet a form of respect rose up in his heart when he saw that extremely stunning sword-light.

He could feel the breathtaking nature of this sword-light and sense the sword intent contained within that made one feel inferior.

Xin Jinlong also exhaled sharply when he saw that sword-light. He only had one thought: Luo Yunyang could back his actions.

Luo Yunyang had dared invade his Blaze Fire Star System, not because he was rude and impulsive, but because he held certain cards in his hand. If it had not been for the iron curtain surrounding him, perhaps Xin Jinlong himself would have been beaten to a pulp and run away with his tail between his legs.

He laughed at himself when he thought about this. Wasnt his current situation pretty much the same?

The sword-light cut a swatch and the countless sword projections vanished completely. Although the Beheading Light Saint had swung Frostlight, he didnt manage to parry the sword-light produced by the sword furnace. Without any resistance, his body was sliced in two.

It wasnt easy for a Saint to die. Killing a Saint required spending a lot of time to slowly grind them down. Therefore, the Beheading Light Saint hadnt died yet. His Universe Flower started to blossom rapidly as soon as it appeared.

Countless laws once again helped the Beheading Light Saint congeal another body. The moment this body was formed, the Beheading Light Saint turned and left.

He wasnt an obstinate person. The situation was already clearhe was no match for Luo Yunyang. Under the circumstances, being persistent would make him a laughing stock.

Or perhaps even worse than a joke.

For a Saint, everything was fake. Only ones life was true. After all, when a Saint had already formed a universe, they wouldnt die unless an absolute calamity took place.

Luo Yunyangs sword move had already made the Beheading Light Saint experience the threat of death. As long as Luo Yunyang performed a few more of these slashes, perhaps the Beheading Light Saint would really fall and never get up again.

Therefore, the Beheading Light Saint fled without hesitation!

It was already difficult for a Universe-Grade to try and stop another Universe-Grade from fleeing. Although Luo Yunyang currently seemed to be on par with Universe-Grades in terms of strength, he wasnt able to prevent this escape either.

Thus, he could only laugh as the Beheading Light Saint left.

"Press on ahead and kill! The Amethyst Star System is right ahead. Although you will be submitting 10% of the spoils of war, you can keep 90% of what you gain!" Luo Yunyang announced to the Divine Incarcerate Legion behind him.

Everyone within the Divine Incarcerate Legion, from Celestial Domain-Grade officers to ordinary soldiers, was fired up. What sort of place was the Amethyst Star System? It was the most flourishing Star System of the whole Purgatory. The amethysts produced per year in the Amethyst Star System were even greater than the output of the Blaze Fire Star System in 1,000 years.

There werent any powerful armies stationed there, as the Amethyst Star System was situated in the center of the Purgatory. Invading it now was as simple as collecting riches.

The Purgatory forces that had come with the Forsaken Desolation Saint and the Beheading Light Saint also left without any resistance. Although they didnt believe they were weaker than the Divine Incarcerate Legion, fighting without a Universe-Grade to oversee them would be akin to throwing their lives away.

Thus, under the circumstances, no one tried to resist.

"Scumbag!" Blue Lotus Daozis fist smashed against the fine jade table before him. The Purgatory had mobilized three Saints, yet he had never imagined that these three Saints would get defeated before the iron curtain was even in place.

He knew very well that this iron curtain encirclement was actually like a set of game rules set up by the Supremacies. The Supremacies simply wouldnt intervene unless the fate of the Purgatory was at stake.

Furthermore, their goal was to use this iron curtain encirclement to determine if the Celestial World Supremacy still existed.

"All Universe-Grades gather and attack Luo Yunyang at the same time!" Blue Lotus Daozi ordered as he viewed the star chart and realized that the Machine Empire and the Bug Race Saints were already close by.