Supreme Uprising Chapter 647

Chapter 647 The Divine Martial Technique Who Would Strive?

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The strength of the virtual realm couldn’t be taken lightly. As the eight Saints prepared their attacks, the virtual platform’s Sky Vision was divided into eight split-screens and displayed each of the eight Saints’ attacks.

A meter-long ashwood blade appeared in the Forsaken Desolation Saint’s hand. This blade seemed a little shabby, as though it hadn’t been maintained in a long time.

However, as this blade appeared in the Forsaken Desolation Saint’s hand, an extensive, lifeless void appeared behind the Forsaken Desolation Saint.

When he swung this blade, that lifeless void was incorporated into the blade in a flash.

As the blade was brandished, the entire Violet Gold Star found itself amid a deathly power. More importantly, Luo Yunyang, who was the central point of this strike, was enveloped by this blade.

Xin Jinlong’s Colossal Blazing Palms smashed downwards from the sky. Besides the fact that it contained the surging blazes of varying colors, it also had a power that would strike fear into the heart of anyone who witnessed it.

More than 1,000 colossal blazing planets contained special energy.

Ordinary martialists didn’t know how terrifying these blazing planets were, but fellow Universe-Grade powerhouses who had fought with Xin Jinlong before knew that each of these blazing planets was the most essential core of a star.

They had been extracted by Xin Jinlong and refined within his internal universe. During combat, Xin Jinlong could use these to increase his power many times over.

The Ocean Watcher Saint was from the Machine Empire, so his attack was purely Machine Empire style. The instant he attacked, tens of thousands of mechanical arms appeared in the void. These mechanical arms formed thousands of marks.

Every one of these marks seemed really rigid. However, as these countless marks gathered together, a light beam was formed.

This light beam looked similar to the ocean.

That boundless light beam alone demonstrated the Ocean Watcher Saint’s power. It was a power that would make anyone feel despair.

The Beheading Light Saint, the Sky Tone Saint, the Thousand Beast Saint, and the two Bug Race Saints didn’t hold back either.

At the moment, they all wished to kill off Luo Yunyang immediately.

In the Divine Union, the special envoys of the 18 Primary Tribes watched silently this battle. Many of them were happy about these circumstances.

The Thunder Ray Tribe’s special envoy felt particularly happy. There was a clear delight in his expression that he hadn’t bothered to mask. The Thunder Ray Tribe and Luo Yunyang had great animosity. Luo Yunyang dying at that place would probably be the best thing that could happen.

However, at the same time, some tribes sympathized with Luo Yunyang. Although they didn’t dare say it outright, their intentions were clear when they exchanged glances.

If a genius like Luo Yunyang was put to death due to a conspiracy organized by the Divine Union and the other three great factions, it would be a great pity.

However, they didn’t dare say anything, even though they felt this way. After all, this matter involved people that they couldn’t afford to provoke.

If they didn’t want to stir up trouble for their own tribes, it would be in their best interest to keep their mouths shut.

Blue Lotus Daozi’s eyes flashed coldly. Although the command had been his, he didn’t feel the slightest bit excited.

After all, he wouldn’t be the one killing Luo Yunyang. His desire to personally take revenge would never be realized.

Blue Lotus Daozi had some complex feelings about this person dying because of a conspiracy that he had implemented.

However, as the various attacks converged, Luo Yunyang didn’t make a move. Blue Lotus Daozi had gotten someone to monitor Luo Yunyang’s situation all the way through the virtual realm.

Luo Yunyang definitely wasn’t someone who would sit around and wait to die, yet he had yet to make a move. These unusual actions caused Blue Lotus Daozi to feel that something wasn’t right.

Although Blue Lotus Daozi didn’t believe that Luo Yunyang could work a miracle under the circumstances, he couldn’t remain calm upon seeing how unperturbed Luo Yunyang was.

As Blue Lotus Daozi’s heart got tenser, he suddenly saw a large figure appear beside Luo Yunyang.

This figure was 30 meters tall. Within the void, it looked like a soul overlooking Luo Yunyang. Although this figure didn’t do anything yet, Blue Lotus Daozi shuddered when it appeared.

The fear he felt welled from the bottom of his heart. Blue Lotus Daozi had an extremely bad feeling when he felt this fear.

He had encountered this sort of trembling reaction very few times in his entire life. He didn’t even feel this way when he was before the Blood Lotus Supremacy.

Although this figure’s cultivation base was not higher than the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s, the vibe that this figure gave off surpassed the Blood Lotus Supremacy.

Blue Lotus Daozi had only one thought when he saw this figure—there was actually such a thing in this realm!

“What is that?” Black Shenzi, who had been observing the battle, exclaimed in alarm when he saw that figure.

Black Shenzi’s mind was actually like a computer operating many times faster. Therefore, Black Shenzi was extremely calm most of the time. However, he felt subconsciously alarmed when he saw the figure behind Luo Yunyang’s back.

Nobody could answer Black Shenzi because no one knew what was the thing that had appeared behind Luo Yunyang.

However, everyone present could sense the might of that huge figure.

The Divine Martial Battle Avatar had been created in the shape of the creator of the Divine Martial Technique. Although it was a battle avatar, all the power that had gathered within its body when it had taken shape was equal to 30% of the Divine Martial Technique’s creator.

Furthermore, the battle avatar was already being used by Luo Yunyang at full strength.

Although the power of a half-step Supremacy would only last 15 minutes, the strength of a half-step Supremacy far surpassed the Saints’ strength.

The eight Saints who had launched attacks felt a tremendous pressure all of a sudden. Although Blue Lotus Daozi and Black Shenzi also sensed the sudden pressure coming from the Divine Martial Battle Avatar, it still couldn’t compare to what Xin Jinlong and the other Saints were experiencing.

The eight Saints were basically facing this pressure straight ahead.

“Is it the Celestial World Supremacy?” Their first thought while they were under this crushing pressure was that the Celestial World Supremacy had emerged.

They really couldn’t deduce who could inflict such massive pressure on them and aid Luo Yunyang at this time.

However, they knew that they had been wrong upon seeing that large figure. Although the majority of them had never seen the Celestial World Supremacy before, there was one thing they were certain about. The Celestial World Supremacy’s body didn’t exude such overwhelming pressure.

Indeed, the body of a Supremacy couldn’t contain such overwhelming pressure.

What was this? Exactly what method had Luo Yunyang used? Each of them thought hard and exerted their power even more frantically.

After all, they couldn’t back off anymore. At this stage, either Luo Yunyang would die or they would.

As they unleashed their most powerful attacks, that figure made its move! The instant its palms were brandished, other figures flashed across everyone’s eyes.

Some of these figures held blades, some wielded hammers… There was even one with a giant ax…

As these figures gathered behind the large figure, a fist was blasted out by it.

Although this fist strike was basically aimed straight ahead, it was like a rock that was tossed into a pond.

Countless ripples expanded outwards from its central point.

The void was collapsing, and everything in it was crumbling. The various attacks aimed at Luo Yunyang were also breaking down at an insane rate. Some satellites in the vicinity of the Violet Gold Star were turned to dust by the ripples in an instant.

The Divine Martial Technique! This was the Divine Martial Technique!

Although Luo Yunyang could also use the Divine Martial Technique and believed that his own comprehension of the Divine Martial Technique was rather great, he only realized how much more he lacked when he saw the Divine Martial Technique unleashed by the Divine Martial Battle Avatar.

“Run!” Xin Jinlong shouted. He had already started escaping frantically when he said this. If he had given his all to flee when his internal universe had been collapsing previously, then he was putting in 120% to escape now.

Run, flee, escape!

The others were also running for their lives. Although reputation was very important to them, it still couldn’t be compared to their lives.

If their lives were forfeit, what good would reputation do? Facing punishment simply wasn’t something they could afford to think about right now.

The speed of a fleeing Universe-Grade powerhouse was very fast. However, it still wasn’t quicker than the force of the Divine Martial Technique enveloping the void.

In an instant, the Sky Tone Saint’s body was caught by the energy of that Divine Martial Technique. The Sky Tone Saint simply had no way of resisting when he was caught within it.

In a flash, the Sky Tone Saint was obliterated.

Saints were difficult to kill because they possessed a Universe Flower. However, the Sky Tone Saint had been enveloped by the ripples and ceased to reappear.

The Ocean Watcher Saint and the Thousand Beast Saint looked horrible. The Sky Tone Saint had also been from the Machine Empire, so the three of them had been tight.

Now, they could no longer detect the Sky Tone Saint’s aura or any signs of life. Although they were unwilling to admit it, this situation could only mean that the Sky Tone Saint had fallen.

The Forsaken Desolation Saint roared furiously. Knowing that he couldn’t escape, he moved his hands in a crazed manner and boundless deathly energy formed an ocean of death and desolation in the void. This ocean met the Divine Martial Technique fist strike head-on.

As he struggled, the Forsaken Desolation Saint tried to find just a shred of vitality.

Unfortunately, although the Forsaken Desolation Saint’s idea was decent, his sea of death was dissolved easily when it collided with the fist energy.

The Forsaken Desolation Saint also disappeared within that massive wave of power!