Supreme Uprising Chapter 648

Chapter 648 There Is Only Me If The Supremacies Dont Show

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Xin Jinlong was the first to escape. Although he and the last person to move, the Sky Tone Saint, were only a short distance apart, he eventually survived and the Sky Tone Saint didnt!

The Sky Tone Saint, the two saints from the Bug Race, and the Forsaken Desolation Saint all perished in that blinding fist-light.

In many peoples opinion, the two Bug Race Saints had suffered the most injustice. The reason they died wasnt because they were too late to escape, but rather because their speed was too slow.

However, in Xin Jinlongs opinion, their deaths were totally justified, as the weak ought to perish at the hands of the strong.

Xin Jinlong had already fled a million miles away from the Violet Gold Star. Even so, he did not dare to stop and rest, as he could not figure out what sort of means that godly figure still possessed. Hence, his lingering fear made him continue to flee as far as he could.

The further he escaped, the safer he would be.

He had known that things werent so simple right from the start. However, there was nothing he could do. Hed had no choice but to follow the orders of the Blood Lotus Supremacy and the other Supremacies.

Now, Luo Yunyang possessed a hidden trump card that would require everyone to pay a huge price. This was the cold hard truth.

He resented that hidden trump card to the core and felt an impulse to kill Luo Yunyang immediately.

However, fear shrouded him. It was a fear caused by Luo Yunyang and his hidden trump card.

This trump card was too strong and overbearing!

After fleeing for a very long distance, Xin Jinlong finally stopped, not because he didnt want to continue forward, but because escaping and traversing through space had taken a toll on him.

If he continued, it wouldnt take very long before his body crumbled in the process.

Xin Jinlong impatiently turned on the Sky Vision as soon as he stopped.

"What did I see? What did I just see? The eight Saints were annihilated. What a splendid mess!" A post appeared immediately before Xin Jinlong.

Xin Jinlong wanted to kill the person who had posted this. He was very much alive, so the annihilation of the eight Saints was a crazy claim.

However, while he was fuming, he felt a little gloomy as well. Although he was alive, a few of the other Saints were indeed dead.

Xin Jinlong didnt have many ties to the other Saints. Actually, he had wished for the Forsaken Desolation Saint to die right away!

However, the Forsaken Desolation Saints death had made him feel distressed. The Forsaken Desolation Saint would definitely feel gratified in his grave if he knew this.

Just as Xin Jinlong started feeling down, he saw another post. "Nonsense, only four of the eight Saints died. The Bug Race was the most unfortunate, as all of their saints perished!"

This post was much more reliable than the previous one. There were even images of the process and aftermath. Xin Jinlong was traumatized greatly after he saw the destruction of the Sky Tone Saint and the Bug Races Saints.

He knew that if he had been a step slower, he would definitely have perished along with the others in the face of that overwhelming fist strike.

After comparing himself to the Forsaken Desolation Saint and the Sky Tone Saint, Xin Jinlong felt proud. However, he also knew that he wasnt much stronger than them.

They had died really easily, which meant that he wouldnt last any longer as well.

"Who executed them? The Celestial World Supremacy?" Xin Jinlong continued to focus his attention on the rest of the post.

Upon seeing that question, he felt an impulse to reply. He knew that it hadnt been the Celestial World Supremacy. If it had really been the Celestial World Supremacy, he wouldnt have escaped alive.

Although the difference between Universe-Grades and Supremacy-Grades was only one step, the gap between the two was similar to the gap between heaven and earth.

One could only transcend worldliness by attaining the Supremacy Grade. Even if one attained the Universe Grade and possessed a universe in their body, their fate would still be controlled by the master universe and the universe in their body would crumble eventually.

Of course, as masters of their own internal universes, the Saints would perish when their internal universe crumbled.

"I dont know, but its definitely not the Celestial World Supremacy. The person who made this move was much weaker than the Celestial World Supremacy!" someone replied.

Replies kept coming in. In the blink of an eye, thousands of people had commented on the post. In the end, someone said, "Which one of the six Sacred Emperors do you think made the move?"

Xin Jinlongs heart skipped a beat when the six Sacred Emperors were mentioned. Even though other people were not familiar with the six Sacred Emperors, Xin Jinlong was very familiar with them.

However, it was definitely not one of them who had made the move. Although it shouldnt be difficult for any of the six Sacred Emperors to kill those Saints, it would still require considerable effort. Plus, it was not an easy task to dispose of four Saints at once.

Sacred Emperors were also Universe-Grade powerhouses. However, they had attained the Extreme Boundary of their cultivation path.

Normal Saints couldnt compare to them, as they were also able to hold their ground when facing Supremacies.

Although they might not be a match for the Supremacies, any Supremacy that wanted to kill them would need to make a lot of effort.

For example, once, the Mysterious Sacred Emperor had offended the Jueluo Supremacy and been hunted down.

At the end, when the Mysterious Sacred Emperor had been trapped by the Jueluo Supremacy, he had immediately used his internal universe and hidden in it.

As the universe in his body had become perfectly complete, he had been able to withstand hundreds of years of getting boiled by the Jueluo Supremacys technique. In the end, his universe had remained unbroken.

Finally, it was the Jueluo Supremacy who had decided to stop. This wasnt because the Jueluo Supremacy had experienced a change of heart and become merciful, but rather because the Jueluo Supremacy had realized that if he continued boiling the universe in the Mysterious Emperors body, it would definitely erupt violently.

Although this explosion wasnt scary, four of the cultivation paths that made up the internal universe had reached the Consummate Boundary.

Once this universe collapsed, the Origin Source Laws in the sky and earth would backfire. By then, even the Jueluo Supremacy would suffer greatly.

Hence, the status of a Sacred Emperor could not be undermined.

However, the six Sacred Emperors knew about the apprehension the Supremacies treated them with. Thus, half of them were disciples of the Supremacies and the rest would usually hide in their own internal universe and not interfere with the outside world.

"It wasnt a Sacred Emperor. It definitely wouldnt be that hard if it had been." Someone continued to write on the post. "After all, this matter is so serious that all the Sacred Emperors are busy hiding in their holes. None of them would dare trample in such muddy waters."

"In that case, who is it?" someone asked again solemnly.

This question actually lingered in Xin Jinlongs heart. He wanted very much to know who had done this.

However, he found it rather comical that he, a participant in the battle, wanted to find out who the assaulter had been by reading the words of the audience watching the battle via a virtual image.

Although he felt uncomfortable about it, he still continued to look at the post.

"No idea, but based on the might displayed, it felt like a person who has surpassed all the Supremacies."

"Oh yes, I just received news from the Machine Empire. According to their post analysis, it wasnt a person who unleashed that attack, but a battle avatar. What a strong battle avatar!"

Battle avatar? Xin Jinlong also had a battle avatar. However, the highest grade he possessed was a Galaxy-Grade avatar.

Xin Jinlong, who had always treated battle avatars as toys, had nearly been killed by one.

How could Luo Yunyang possess such a precious battle avatar? Did it belong to him, or had the Celestial World Supremacy given it to him?

Many people besides Xin Jinlong were also trying to guess the origin of this strong battle avatar. However, most people were focusing their attention on the situation on the Violet Gold Star.

The Eight Saints had collapsed, but the army of 100 million still remained. Now that Luo Yunyang had activated his battle avatar, how would the situation evolve?

Would he quit while he was ahead, or would he continue battling?

As many people were talking on the Sky Vision, Luo Yunyang was already standing beside the Divine Martial battle avatar. The 10-meter tall avatar moved in the void without a very imposing manner.

However, as the battle avatar strode forward, the huge Violet Gold Star trembled each time the avatar took a step.

Although there was a confident grin on Luo Yunyangs face, he actually felt his heart aching.

The battle avatar had just executed its strongest ultimate move and half of the Origin Divine Crystal embedded inside of it had been depleted. Luckily, he still had two origin crystals, or else he would have really gone bankrupt.

"Ill give everyone a chance to surrender now!" Luo Yunyang stared straight ahead as he shouted coldly.

He knew very well that the crucial juncture had just arrived. Although the Eight Saints were powerful, it was the Supremacies who held the power to decide.

The imposing grandeur he had exhibited previously made it impossible for him to cower. He just couldnt do so. Right now, even a hint of cowardice would make all the Supremacies gang up on him immediately.

This feeling hadnt been that intense when the Celestial World Supremacy had still been around. However, after the disappearance of the Celestial World Supremacy, Luo Yunyang felt it even more.

Blue Lotus Daozi, Black Shenzi and the rest, along with the 100-million army, didnt look too good.

Blue Lotus Daozi looked the worst. He was the commander of the joint armies and almost half of the Eight Saints had died, while some had escaped. Even if he was to command them to return, the four saints who had escaped would never return to throw their lives away.

Although he had plenty of trump cards up his sleeves, none of them could do anything against the Divine Martial Technique.

However, he was unwilling to surrender himself to Luo Yunyang.

"Luo Yunyang, these are the joint armies of the three factions. Arent you afraid of the punishment of the other Supremacies if you attack us?"

When Blue Lotus Daozi said this, the Violet Gold Star and the Virtual Realm fell silent.

Nearly everyone realized that this was the true crucial moment!