Supreme Uprising Chapter 649

Chapter 649 Maverick

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The Jueluo Supremacy, the Shenluo Supremacy, and practically all the Supremacies were paying attention to the battle on the Violet Gold Star. They weren’t focused on Luo Yunyang but rather on the Celestial World Supremacy.

When Blue Lotus Daozi had commanded the eight Saints to attack, they had thought that things would move in the direction they had planned.

They had never expected that the situation would unfold vastly differently from their expectations. Luo Yunyang, who in their opinion was already at his wit’s end, actually had a trump card!

Furthermore, what was more infuriating was that by using this trump card, Luo Yunyang had turned things around, which was something they hadn’t considered possible.

“To think that there is actually such a strong person in this realm!” the Shenluo Supremacy lamented when the Battle Avatar appeared.

He had said “person” instead of “avatar”. However, the Battle Avatar that had reached a half-step Supremacy Level wasn’t taken that seriously by the Shenluo Supremacy.

What really caught the Shenluo Supremacy’s attention was the person who had created the Divine Martial Technique.

Although this battle avatar’s grandeur was considerably weaker than the person who had created the Divine Martial Technique, a slight glimpse of it allowed the Shenluo Supremacy to sense how powerful the person the battle avatar imitated was.

The Jueluo Supremacy remained silent, yet his expression was solemn. He had never expected that there would actually be such an unyielding existence in this realm either.

As the Divine Martial Technique was unleashed, they witnessed the death of the Forsaken Desolation Saint, the death of the Sky Tone Saint, and the death of the two Bug Race Saints.

Time after time, the Jueluo Supremacy wanted to use a technique but he ultimately didn’t do so.

Although those dead Saints had been sent out by them, their deaths wouldn’t distress the Supremacies at all.

Furthermore, the Blood Lotus Supremacy and the others also hadn’t acted.

In just a short moment, a strand of consciousness from each Supremacy had simultaneously entered an expanse of virtual space.

In this virtual space, there was only one empty seat. This seat belonged to the Celestial World Supremacy.

“Everyone, you all saw that youngster’s attack,” the Jueluo Supremacy said calmly. “What do you think we should do in regards to that?”

When the Jueluo Supremacy first spoke, the Shenluo Supremacy shot him a slightly condemning look.

However, although he was the leader of the three Demigod Tribe Supremacies, he didn’t have the authority and power to discipline the Jueluo Supremacy. Thus, despite being somewhat displeased with the Jueluo Supremacy, he could only endure this displeasure.

Everyone remained silent. Nobody said anything.

Although they were from four different factions, gratitude and grudges existed between the various Supremacies.

The Celestial World Supremacy, who was the most powerful one among them, was wrapped up in some kind of mystery. The others were worried that he might break through to a new boundary, so no one said anything.

This silence couldn’t be any more normal. Their strengths were roughly similar, and nobody could forcefully compel the others to do something they didn’t wish to do.

During this silence, Blue Lotus Daozi’s menace-filled voice was transmitted.

What he said wasn’t wrong in any way. However, the Shenluo Supremacies and the others all frowned slightly.

Although the joint actions of these Supremacies couldn’t escape anyone with discerning eyes, these people wouldn’t speak about it. Even if the Celestial World Supremacy knew, he wouldn’t mention it either.

However, Blue Lotus Daozi’s words had practically brought this matter to light. Not only was the Shenluo Supremacy unhappy, but even one of the Purgatory Supremacies had expressed a hint of displeasure.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy’s expression didn’t change. It seemed as though he simply hadn’t heard what Blue Lotus Daozi had said.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang’s voice rang out through the void. “The Supremacies don’t care about the wars between the four factions. Otherwise, do you think that the Shenluo Supremacy and the others would just allow three forces to gang up and suppress the Divine Union?”

At this point, Luo Yunyang chuckled. “Even if your various Supremacies wanted to make a move and save you, they would still have to pass through the Shenluo Supremacy and the other Divine Union Supremacies first.”

The Shenluo Supremacy felt unhappy about being used as an excuse twice. However, he could only pretend that this incident had never happened.

“Now, I am giving you two options: You can either surrender or die here.” As Luo Yunyang said that, the huge Divine Martial Battle Avatar he was now standing on once again brandished its fist.

When this fist finished moving, the Divine Martial Technique would be completed. After witnessing the previous strike, all the martialists from the three different factions turned extremely pale when they saw the Divine Martial Battle Avatar raise its arm.

These people were well aware of their own strength. If the Divine Martial Battle Avatar really unleashed another strike, nobody knew exactly how many people would be able to survive.

Even Black Shenzi’s face was rigid.

According to his estimation, the probability of him being able to escape from this strike was less than 1% and the probability of the remaining Saints helping out was only 10%.

These probabilities made him realize that the odds of survival were really minuscule.

He couldn’t die. He was a rare genius of the Machine Empire. Although he had suffered a setback, he still had a great deal of confidence that he would become a Supremacy.

It wouldn’t be too late to take revenge after becoming a Supremacy.

However, everything would end if he were to die here. With that in mind, he told Blue Lotus Daozi, “How about we get the majority of them to surrender?”

Blue Lotus Daozi’s face was fluctuating constantly. Inwardly, he was very reluctant to surrender just like this. However, that slow-moving arm posed an immense threat to his life.

He knew that he wouldn’t die. At this truly critical time, the Blood Lotus Supremacy would definitely save him. However, the moment the Blood Lotus Supremacy appeared, he would have to take a passive stance in regards to this incident.

Ever since his defeat during the battle for the Ultimate Samsara Token, Blue Lotus Daozi had not felt like troubling the Blood Lotus Supremacy again.

However, he was also very unwilling to surrender in this manner.

After mulling this over slightly, Blue Lotus Daozi gained some self-confidence and told Black Shenzi, “He wouldn’t dare attack.”

Just the words ‘wouldn’t dare’ calmed Black Shenzi’s frightened heart considerably. Luo Yunyang wouldn’t dare. After all, there were top individuals from the various factions and over 100 million troops around.

Even Black Shenzi couldn’t extrapolate what sort of consequences would ultimately occur if Luo Yunyang attacked.

Thus, he was slightly terrified over what might possibly happen.

If he feared the consequences, Luo Yunyang would also fear them. Therefore, Black Shenzi nodded his head after a short moment of hesitation.

“Luo Yunyang, leave now and everyone will mind their own business!” Blue Lotus Daozi’s voice rang out throughout the void.

The moment Blue Lotus Daozi said this, the coalition of over 100 million troops felt their hearts jump in their throats. They all understood that they had arrived at the most crucial juncture that would decide their fate.

If Luo Yunyang’s mind was warped, then a massive calamity would occur. A calamity that they wouldn’t have any chance of withstanding. A calamity they would only be able to watch with eyes wide open as they died.

The Demigod Tribe’s official hall could be considered the calmest one. After all, there weren’t any Demigod Tribe warriors amongst those 100 million troops.

Even so, many people were sweating profusely. The moment over 100 million troops were slain, nobody would be able to forecast the fallout.

They also couldn’t say that whatever was about to happen had nothing to do with them.

The top brass of the Purgatory, the Machine Empire and the Bug Race was watching the Violet Gold Star closely at their own places while discussing official business. Although these three factions were very powerful, losing such a huge number of elites on the Violet Gold Star would be…

In the Da Alliance, Lu Qubing and the others were already standing up nervously. Even Planet-Grade martialists were trembling while they stood up.

They all knew that this could potentially turn into an extremely terrifying situation that would be hard to contain.

The authoritative figures of the Milky Way’s Nine Paths were all tense. Even the normally calm Deep Earth Path Master said in a shaky voice, “Do you think that we should contact Luo Yunyang? That fist can’t…”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master was the calmest person around at the moment. However, he kept clenching and extending his fingers, which meant that he was also rather keyed-up.

“Luo Yunyang must probably have his own plans,” the Bloody Massacre Path Master said confidently after taking a moment to ponder this.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang was as calm as the sea. He glared coldly at the various forces that littered the heavens and continued to urge the Divine Martial Battle Avatar.

The remaining half piece of Origin Divine Crystal within the Divine Martial Battle Avatar could only unleash one more strike. After this strike, the Origin Divine Crystal would have to be changed.

Although Luo Yunyang still had two more Origin Divine Crystals in his possession, every single attack of the Divine Martial Battle Avatar was extremely important to him.

However, Luo Yunyang knew that he absolutely couldn’t put on a half-hearted show.

If Blue Lotus Daozi insisted, then Luo Yunyang could only persist, even if this meant that it would be difficult to control the aftermath.

The Divine Martial Technique was already halfway complete. In just an instant, the Divine Martial Technique that had killed four Saints appeared once again.

This time, the Divine Martial Technique wouldn’t just kill a handful of people.

10 seconds, 8 seconds, 3 seconds…

At the very last second, Luo Yunyang still didn’t show any signs of hesitation. His unperturbed expression hadn’t changed in the slightest.

Blue Lotus Daozi’s expression was still fluctuating rapidly. However, as that strike was about to be released, he heard a voice.

“Don’t take the risk!”

It was the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s voice. As he heard the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s voice ring out, Blue Lotus Daozi felt limp.