Supreme Uprising Chapter 65

Chapter 65: You Shall Not Pass

Xu Zhong stared in shock at Luo Yunyang, who was standing at the bridge's entrance, and almost shouted abuse at him. You son of a b*tch! How dare you act all pretentious here!

Why aren't you rushing over and snatching an A-grade source fluid? That is jolly well what we are supposed to do!

If you crash through this bridge and get one, I will call you daddy from now on!

However, Luo Yunyang, who never followed the rules, didn't act as expected. He just stood confidently on the bridge and scolded the Sky High Military kids.

To be honest, Xu Zhong was delighted over Luo Yunyang's arrogance and savagery. Just the previous night, he had imagined holding the bridge himself and pushing back 10,000 enemies. People were unable to bear such a provocation. All that it took was a small spark to start a fire!

Unfortunately, these impractical ideas had been mere fantasies for a while. However, Luo Yuyang had actually… How could he have acted so straightforwardly? Xu Zhong's good mood made the kid's smiling face seem especially pleasing.

Chief Instructor Lu felt as carefree as a rebellious young man venting at his parents. He felt gratified, yet also a little worried about this kid. The risk was too big. If any problems came up, then he would become a big laughing stock.

However, he couldn't deny that Luo Yunyang was really straightforward.

Ji Tian used her hands to cover her lips as she giggled.

Just a while back, she had tried her best to persuade Yun Lei to help Luo Yunyang. She had thought that Luo Yunyang was a good person.

She hadn't expected that he would pull this off as soon as the competition started.

Yun Lei's face lit up, and the sides of his mouth curled upwards. "It seems like you aren't a good judge of character, Instructor!" he said bluntly. "If he acts this way, everyone will crush him!"

Everyone's gazes were fixed on Luo Yunyang. The fat old man from the Sky High Military roared with laughter. "Where did you get this dunce, Eagle King? Ha ha ha! I used to think that the Rising Dragon Army lacked a sense of humor, but it seems like I might have been too prejudiced!"

The Eagle Kind didn't utter a word. He didn't understand Luo Yunyang's abilities. Although he currently gave off the vibe of an immovable rock, he didn't believe that Luo Yunyang would be able to stand steadily on that bridge.

"Someone is being a pain, Big Brother!" a tall, sturdy young man told the feeble-looking young man next to him with a smile.

They were all important, powerful martialists from the Sky High Military. Together, they were the Sky High's Seven Pillars!

The feeble-looking young man smiled indifferently. "Stealing this spot can be considered a counterattack. Anything they do is nothing more than a useless struggle."

"I shall slap that kid to the ground. Then, we won't let a single one of them pass!" the tall young man said, already heading in the direction of the bridge.

"This would be like slaughtering a chicken with a butcher's cleaver. Don't worry about this trivial matter. Let your little brother handle it!" As the owner of this voice spoke, he had already become a streak of lightning in the air and charged straight ahead.

The moment he acted, the chubby old man smiled. If this skinny young man made a move, he would surely be able to get rid of that troublemaking fella.

"He he... I didn't know that people from the Rising Dragon Army could talk this big. Now, try telling me whether I can cross or not!" The skinny young man stopped not too far away from Luo Yunyang and grinned at him.

As he spoke, his entire body was like a drawn bow ready to fire a sharp arrow at any given time.

"You shall not pass!" Luo Yunyang said confidently.

"Whether I can pass or not isn't for you to say!' the young man said as he exerted strength in his legs and rushed towards Luo Yunyang like a whirlwind.

Only the word "fast" could be used to describe his speed!

"This is the Sky High's Seven Pillars' seventh in rank, Cuan Tianhou. His speed ranks second among the Seven Pillars. It's only inferior to one other person's…" someone who knew the slim young man muttered softly.

Although only four Sky High martialists had managed to make the top 10 Outstanding Martialists, nobody would dare look down on the remaining three. Every single one of them had their own unique abilities after all.

Cuan Tianhou was so fast that he seemed like he was going to cross the bridge in an instant.

One second, two seconds, three seconds...

Cuan Tianhou had already stepped onto the five-kilometer bridge and passed the 100-meter mark, when he felt that he should probably stop, turn around and tell the others that he had pulled a successful prank.

However, the instant he turned his head, the smile on his face froze. The scene before him made him feel scared.

A heavy fist approached him and hit him like lightning.

Cuan Tianhou felt as if his face had been smashed by a huge steel plate. He didn't have any time to react before he was sent flying backwards on the long bridge.

As soon as he got his bearings, he felt a vice-like hand grip him and lift him up.

How disgraceful!

He had disgraced himself completely! Cuan Tianhou tried to think of a way to struggle out of this disgraceful situation.

Unfortunately, he realized that even budging was too difficult. Whenever he tried to struggle a little, the huge hands clutching his neck would constrict and prevent him from breathing. He was going to suffocate!

"Who is this kid? He isn't very good-looking. I was lucky I was careful. Otherwise, I would have fallen into the lake and become turtle food!" Luo Yunyang said loudly as he carried Cuan Tianhou.

"Nice!" The Eagle King slapped his palms together. When Cuan Tianhou had first opened his mouth, the Eagle King's palms had started to sweat.

Luo Yunyang had been bragging a lot, yet if he wasn't able to stop the first martialist, then he sure wouldn't be able to do anything about the ones that would follow.

Being able to stop Cuan Tianhou was not something that most people could do. Although Chief Instructor Lu had told him that Luo Yunyang was very fast, would he really be quicker than Cuan Tianhou?

Now, it seemed like he had been worrying unnecessarily.

If Luo Yunyang's speed surpassed Cuan Tianhou's, then even if he found himself at a disadvantage later on, it wouldn't be a big one.

The fat man from the Sky High Military, who had been beaming earlier, had frozen up. He had wanted to establish his army's authority and isolate the Rising Dragon Army, and in order to do so, he had wanted everything to be perfect.

Thus, he hadn't spared any effort or manpower in creating this five-kilometer bridge at the last moment.

Never in his wildest dreams would he have expected that not only would they be unable to stop the Rising Dragon Army, but they would actually receive a counter-blow instead. Cuan Tianhou now looked like a dead monkey.

The fat man dreaded that most people would view them as a joke from now on!