Supreme Uprising Chapter 650

Chapter 650 Three Forces Weep Bitterly

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"Dont do it! We surrender!"

"Mr. Luo, stop! We surrender!"

"Lordship Luo, please wait! We surrender!"

A deluge of different voices rose all around Luo Yunyang. Along with these voices, countless troops from the three various factions rushed madly out of their warships.

Some people immediately prostrated themselves in the void while many white flags were raised.

This concerned their own survival. Thus, many people were terrified when Luo Yunyang brandished his fists.

They were afraid! Even some Galaxy-Grade rulers and Celestial Domain-Grades were stricken with fear.

This was a power that could turn Saints to dust. In the face of such power, there was simply nothing they could do except get blasted to pieces.

They werent currently in control of their own fate, which made them feel a lingering trepidation. Some people felt like this short moment dragged on for longer than a century.

Several people used their own power to form white flags, while others turned their treasures into white flags. Some impatient troops even hoisted their own white armor on top of spears and pikes.

Right now, there was only one thing they wanted to express"We want to surrender, Luo Yunyang! Please halt!"

"Saint Luo Yunyang, please stop. We have already surrendered!" Someones voice was especially resonant amidst all these cries.

The word "Saint" was the honorific title of Universe-Grades. Generally, martialists who had yet to reach the Universe Grade would not dare use this sort of honorific.

However, when someone used this honorific to address Luo Yunyang, not a single person objected.

This was because Luo Yunyang had already slain four Saints. Thus, Luo Yunyangs power was already above a Saint. Although he wasnt a Universe-Grade, his strength wasnt weaker than any Universe-Grades.

Luo Yunyang inwardly heaved a huge sigh of relief as he saw the void become littered with white flags. It was a huge sigh of relief indeed.

He hadnt hesitated to use the Divine Martial Battle Avatar just now. However, Luo Yunyang knew very well that things would become extremely dangerous if he let the Divine Martial Battle Avatar complete that strike.

Once that strike was unleashed, the consequences would be unpredictable.

Thus, a weight was lifted off his mind when everything went back to the way it should be.

However, although he was relaxed deep down, he still told the martialists waving white flags in an overbearing manner, "Did you people hear what I just said? Kneel down if you want to surrender. Otherwise, youll be killed without pardon!"

Luo Yunyangs words made many people frown. Some people even thought that this person was simply unreasonable.

"Hes too unbridled!" a Bug Race Supremacy within an unknown virtual space said coldly.

This Bug Race Supremacy was breathtakingly beautiful, and her eyes flickered with light.

The Jueluo Supremacy replied coldly, "If you think he is unbridled, then kill him with one move. I know that your Endless Sky Sacred Mark can pass through endless space and kill off someone within the void."

The Jueluo Supremacy had had dealings with this Bug Race Supremacy in the past. Back then, Jueluo had suffered a little at the hands of this Supremacy.

The Bug Race Supremacys eyes flickered as she laughed nonchalantly. "If a youngster thinks that everyone is beneath him, its his masters job to discipline him. As an outsider, what would I even gain by disciplining him? Perhaps, I might even get a visit from the Celestial World Supremacy."

"He he I heard that you have suffered at the hands of the Celestial World Supremacy in the past. Is that true?"

The Jueluo Supremacys face became rigid. He had indeed suffered at the hands of the Celestial World Supremacy before. Otherwise, the Celestial World Supremacy wouldnt have been the most top-rated amongst the Five Great Supremacies of the Divine Union.

"You better worry about yourself instead!" the Jueluo Supremacy snorted coldly. However, the way he viewed Luo Yunyang changed now.

"Luo Yunyang, dont bully others like this." Someone finally spoke amidst the sea of white flags. It was Black Shenzi.

Black Shenzi was the genius of the Machine Empire, so his status within the Machine Empire was only preceded by the emperor.

Even Supremacies hadnt asked him to kneel before, yet Luo Yunyang had made such an outrageous request.

Luo Yunyang knew that some people would oppose this. However, the show had to go on now. He couldnt let people see that he was just a paper tiger at the moment.

Although 10 years werent enough for him to advance to the Supremacy Level, those 10 years still represented unbounded hope.

Without these 10 years, even if he went into hiding, those related to him or close to him would definitely suffer greatly.

"Die then!" Without hesitation, Luo Yunyang urged the Divine Martial Battle Avatar to use the Divine Martial Technique once more.

Black Shenzis face was already black to begin with. However, it seemed like his face had turned a few shades darker. When Luo Yunyang prompted that strange avatar once again, Black Shenzi could clearly sense a number of furious glances get pointed in his direction.

He received some furious looks indeed. Black Shenzi could even feel killing intent come from the gazes on his back.

He understood how these people thought. Although it seemed as if he had spoken out for their dignity, these people were more concerned about their own survival rather than dignity.

When that massive terrifying pressure appeared again, many figures quickly knelt down in the void.

Although some of them werent afraid of death and wanted to remain standing. they still ultimately bit their lips and knelt down under the furious gazes of their comrades.

Black Shenzi and Blue Lotus Daozi absolutely werent going to kneel. However, as they saw the people all around them kneeling, they started to burn with rage and humiliation.

Luo Yunyang stared at Black Shenzi and Blue Lotus Daozi and chuckled. "Since you two dont wish to kneel, forget it. We are old friends after all."

The words "old friends" resounded, and that smirk was unbearable.

However, they still heaved a sigh of relief because they had really been worried about what might have happened.

"Congratulations, everyone. From now on, all of you are my captives. Please put away your weapons and wait for my subordinates to detain you."

Luo Yunyangs cheery voice reverberated all around them.

The Virtual Reams Sky Vision was congested with countless white flags. Meanwhile, some people made mocking remarks.

"The three forces weep bitterly. Not a single one of them is a man!"

This derisory post was anonymous. Otherwise, the person who wrote this would have faced the burning rage of the three factions.

Inside the virtual space of the Milky Ways Human Tribe, the Bloody Massacre Path Paster and the other Path Master sighed in relief. This was even better than what they had expected.

"There was no need to make anyone kneel under the circumstances!" the Deep Path Master said with a faint smile.

When he said this, the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others shook their heads. They had also felt that there had been no such need. Not only would this not bring about any benefits, but it would also deepen those peoples hatred for Luo Yunyang.

However, Luo Yunyang had displayed his strength, which already far surpassed theirs.

"Everyone, I think that we should probably discuss how we will associate with Saint Luo Yunyang in the future." The others might not be able to bring themselves to say such a thing, but the Bloody Massacre Path had to bring it up.

He didnt want to act too late, so he said this before this matter was even over.

Nobody objected to this suggestion, not just because of the virtual realms state, but because of the way the Bloody Massacre Path Master had addressed Luo Yunyang.

Saint! This was a title they could only look up to with respect. A title that they couldnt hope to acquire even if they combined all their power.

Meanwhile, many discussions were taking place within the Divine Union and the Purgatory regarding the next step and the 100 million troops Luo Yunyang held hostage. Luo Yunyang had already plundered the Violet Gold Star. If he was allowed to go on as he pleased, then

The Purgatory could support this, but they had to think of a solution once and for all.

In half a day, an agreement was reached. As the four factions all understood what had happened, this agreement was agreed upon by the Divine Union and the Purgatory in order to resolve the current predicament.

"Commander Luo Yunyang, you have fought and brought impressive glory to the entire Divine Union. All the higher-ups of the Divine Union are extremely satisfied with your efforts," a chubby Demigod Tribe powerhouse told Luo Yunyang with a wide smile.

"Because you have captured many elites of the other three factions armies and made them surrender, the special envoys of the Divine Union have decided to negotiate for peace with them."

The chubby powerhouse then chuckled. "You will lead the Divine Incarcerate Legion back to the Divine Union and the other factions will withdraw their forces from the Divine Unions borders. We will all act like this whole incident never took place."

Luo Yunyang understood what the Demigod Tribe was up to. There was a cold glint in his eyes when he heard the fat Demigod man say that they would act like this matter had never taken place.

They had overcome the greatest crisis for the time being. However, that didnt mean that the crisis had already passed. He still couldnt make any mistakes.

More importantly, the Demigod Tribe was clearly treating him like an idiot. He glared at the chubby special envoy and said coldly, "Scram!"

Although there was a flicker of anger in the special envoys eyes, he didnt say anything in the end.