Supreme Uprising Chapter 651

Chapter 651 A List Discuss It If You Want

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"Dahai Saint, I think that you are falsely reputed to be the leader of the Divine Union!" These words were said straight to the Dahai Saints face.

The Dahai Saint was the Patriarch of the Demigod Tribe, so his cultivation base was at the Universe Grade and he was a top-notch existence.

Although he generally never made any moves personally, he was still among the peak entities of this realm. He was the undisputed leader of the Demigod Tribe whenever the Supremacies werent involved.

Nobody within the Divine Union dared to be rude to him.

However, the person speaking had not shown him any respect. Although he was deeply angered, he could only swallow his anger.

After all, he was helpless against the Feiya Demon King, one of the three great Demon Kings of the Purgatory. Within the Purgatory, his status was similar to the Dahai Saints. The Feiya Demon King, who was also a peak Universe-Grade, had fought with the Dahai Saint many years ago.

The Dahai Saint was displeased as he watched the Feiya Demon King, whose eyes were burning red with anger. However, the Dahai Saint still maintained his poise.

"Feiya Demon King, you must also know what sort of person Luo Yunyang is. What do you want me to do at such a time?"

"How could I not know? It is because I know that I am taking with you," the Feiya Demon King said coldly. "The Purgatory has already suffered great losses. Do you wish for us to continue suffering losses?"

At this point, his gaze swept across the two others who had been standing quietly in the vicinity. "In that case, we can only make something false true. What do you two think of that?"

His words made the Dahai Saint grimace.

Right now, three great armies were putting pressure on the Divine Union. The Dahai Saint knew that they might seem harmless, yet if they were to attack, the Divine Union would suffer immense losses.

Although the Divine Union would be able to bear these damages, they would still cause them a headache if this went on.

"I think that this isnt out of the question!" replied the Third Consul of the Machine Empire, who looked like an exceptional, perfectly-proportioned man.

The Machine Empire had the best mechanical body frame and plating. Given the frame of the Third Consul, even an ordinary Universe-Grade powerhouse would find it difficult to penetrate it.

Although the beautiful Bug Race Queen only smiled silently, the Daihai Sant could actually see a threatening intent in her eyes.

The saying that "barking dogs never bite, but the ones that never bark do" applied to this situation. The Daihai Saint eyed the beautiful Bug Queen apprehensively before saying, "Please dont get impatient, everyone."

"Our Divine Union is doing its utmost. However, all of you should understand who we are dealing with. If Luo Yunyang listened to the commands of the Divine Union, I could order him to withdraw immediately. Unfortunately, he simply doesnt listen to our commands."

The Dahai Saint then reached out with his hand and said, "Even if everyone invaded our Divine Union and gained a large portion of benefits, the people held captive by Luo Yunyang wouldnt be able to return!"

When the Dahai Saint finished speaking, the beautiful Bug Queen giggled. "Since Dahai has put it this way, you ought to give us a way to resolve this."

The Queens soft voice seemed to contain a weird charm that would make anyone listening feel an urge to agree with her.

The Dahai Saint naturally understood that this sort of impulse was actually a very powerful elusive technique. However, he still unconsciously enjoyed this feeling deep down.

"I cant reject the Crystal Queens suggestion. Our Divine Union is partly responsible for this matter after all." Then, the Dahai Saint added unhurriedly, "Im afraid that Luo Yunyang also understands the reason for this whole fiasco."

"In my opinion, everyone should offer him some benefits to save the captives from him. Of course, our Divine Union is willing to cough up a quarter of the required resources."

The Dahai Saints tone was full of sincerity, especially when he suggested providing a quarter of the resources.

The reason he had been so forthright wasnt because he had been enchanted by the Crystal Queens beauty, but because doing so was the only way to show that the Divine Union was sincere enough.

The lady known as the Crystal Queen smiled slightly. She was clearly pleased with the Dahai Saints stance.

However, the Feiya Demon King, who was extremely displeased, slammed his hand against the table. "We have already lost the Blaze Fire Star System and the Violet Gold Stars wealth of resources, yet you still want the Purgatory to provide a quarter of the resources? Do you think that the Purgatory would not dare get hostile?"

The Machine Empires Third Consul and the Crystal Queen didnt say anything. Evidently, they were satisfied with the Dahai Saints proposal.

The lack of pressure from these two allowed the Dahai Saint to relax completely. He looked at the Feiya Demon King and said casually, "If the Demon King feels that this suggestion wont do, we can continue discussing this."

"However, Luo Yunyang isnt someone who acts according to common sense. We arent going to be held accountable if he continues invading the Purgatory."

The Feiya Demon King glowered. If looks could kill, the Dahai Saint would have been killed many times over.

After taking a deep breath, the Feiya Demon King said icily, "Alright, I agree."

Once he said this, the Machine Empires Third Consul chuckled. "Brother Feiya has made the right choice. Things will conclude sooner now."

"Humph!" The Feiya Demon King was extremely displeased deep down, so he naturally wasnt in the mood to reply to the Third Consul.

The Crystal Queen then said, "Since these conditions were proposed by the Dahai Saint, we will have to ask you to negotiate with Luo Yunyang."

The Dahai Saint didnt want to negotiate with Luo Yunyang. However, at this point, if he didnt handle the negotiation, the other three would definitely tear him to pieces.

"Alright, leave this matter to me!"

After leaving that small virtual space, the Dahai Saint made up his mind.

Within moments, he called Luo Yunyang. As the leader of the Divine Union, the Dahai Saint smiled generously at Luo Yunyang when the call was put through.

Although Luo Yunyang hadnt spoken with the Dahai Saint in person before, he wasnt unfamiliar with this leader of the Divine Union.

"Yunyang, our Divine Union is surrounded by enemies. I think that the most beneficial thing for us under the circumstances is to quit while we are ahead." The Dahai Saint studied the calmly smiling Luo Yunyang. Although he felt resentful deep down, he still smiled dazzlingly.

Luo Yunyang replied with a faint smile, "Saint, you are the leader of the Divine Union. Thus, I will naturally listen to your decision. If you tell me to withdraw the troops, I will lead the Divine Incarcerate Legion back right away."

"Your sensibility is really a great blessing for the entire Divine Union."

The Dahai Saint felt a shadow of a doubt as he said that. As the leader of the Divine Union, he naturally didnt believe that Luo Yunyang would be so easy to deal with.

"After you return, I will definitely propose promoting the Human Tribe to a First-Grade Tribe. Ha ha ha This way, the Human Tribes status within the Divine Union will rise greatly."

A promotion from a Second-Grade Tribe to a First-Grade Tribe would bring a lot of benefits within the Divine Union. However, these benefits wouldnt be of any use to Luo Yunyang.

After 10 years, when the news of the Celestial World Supremacys reincarnation cycle became too difficult to control, even being in a Primary Tribe wouldnt help Luo Yunyang much.

Thus, Luo Yunyang smiled at the Dahai Saints proposal but didnt say anything.

"Yunyang, if you have any conditions, feel free to list them out. As long as it is within my power, I will definitely grant them."

The Dahai Saints gaze became even warmer. Even though he was thoroughly fed up, he didnt show it at all.

"I really dont have any conditions. Dont worry, Union Leader." Luo Yunyangs attitude was so respectful that it was impossible to find any fault in it.

No conditions, my *ss!The Dahai Saint was very displeased. However, he still smiled and said, "In that case, could you please release all the captives of the three factions, Yunyang?"

"Release them? Why do I have to release them? These captives belong to the Divine Incarcerate Legion. Their fates are in the hands of the Divine Incarcerate Legion," Luo Yunyang said with a straight face.

"Yunyang, these are the conditions the three factions have set for withdrawing their troops," the Dahai Saint, who had already anticipated this, explained patiently.

Luo Yunyang snorted. "Although I could release them, I just cant bring myself to release them without a good cause."

"Luo Yunyang, feel free to list out whatever conditions you have." Although the Dahai Saint had already prepared himself mentally for his negotiation with Luo Yunyang, he still felt p*ssed with what Luo Yunyang had said.

"There isnt much I need." Luo Yunyang sent a virtual list to the Dahai Saint.

The Daihai Saint gritted his teeth as he saw the small, densely-packed words and figures on the list. "Isnt this a little too much, Yunyang?"

"Union Leader, I put my life on the line and narrowly made it out alive. If I asked for too little, then my efforts would not have been valuable at all. In that case, wouldnt it be better to kill every single one of them?" Luo Yunyang said in an unquestionable tone.

As he spoke, a dense killing intent clouded around him.

"How dare you!" the Dahai Saint exclaimed. His voice was shaking with fury. "Dont blame me for being rude if you cause any trouble."

As the leader of the Divine Union, the Dahai Saints might and influence were top-notch. However, this might, which could make many people afraid, only elicited a smirk from Luo Yunyang.

"Alright, dont act hastily. I will discuss it with them again," the Daihai Sant said eventually after being in a deadlock for some time.