Supreme Uprising Chapter 652

Chapter 652 Emperor Moguo


"Dahai Saint, tell me what this Dry Origin Source Ore is!" the Crystal Queen said with explosive fury.

The words "Dry Origin Source Ore" made the Dahai Saints mouth twitch. He really wished he could tell the Crystal Queen what it was, but he really didnt know.

Even though the Dahai Saint considered himself wise and experienced, he still felt somewhat ill-informed and ignorant.

Dry Origin Source Ore, Tri-Flood Source Dew, Wanzai Wood Heart, Sky Spirit Phoenix Wing

When he saw these names, the Dahai Saint realized that, despite how much he knew, he had never heard of them before.

However, Luo Yunyangs unyielding attitude had left him with no other alternative. He had to show this list to the other three parties.

"I do have some Tri-Flood Source Dew here." The Machine Empires Third Consul looked slightly pained as he spoke.

"However, using these things requires the approval of a Supremacy."

The Daihai Saint felt the Purgatorys Feiya Demon King glaring at him as if he was penetrating his soul.

"10 Super Essence Gold Planets? He really does know how to blackmail people."

Inwardly, the Dahai Saint couldnt help but feel a little pleased upon seeing the reactions of these three.

Although they had been overly rampant before him, in the face of Luo Yunyangs unyielding demands, they could only grumble and complain like a bunch of middle-aged women. No matter how unhappy they were, their saliva and sputter couldnt drown anyone!

"Everyone, I am also very uncomfortable with Luo Yunyangs rude demands. However, you are well aware of the situation regarding this fella."

The Dahai Saint added in a distressed manner, "If the Supremacies dont act personally, nobody will be able to deal with him. Besides, if he goes crazy, the 100 million elites will"

The Feiya Demon King, who was a Demon King after all, retorted icily, "The Purgatory warriors do not fear death."

"If Luo Yunyang doesnt know how to appreciate our kindness, the Purgatory will make him experience a fate worse than death."

The Crystal Queen and the Third Consul didnt speak. However, it was evident from their expressions that they were livid too.

Although the Daihai Saint was also itching to have Luo Yunyang killed, he understood that he currently had no way of doing this alone.

His top priority was to get the three factions forces pressuring the Divine Union to withdraw.

"Everyone, our Divine Union also has certain ways to threaten Luo Yunyang. However, you have to remember that Sir Blood Lotus Supremacy owes Luo Yunyang a favor. Do any of you think that Sir Blood Lotus Supremacy would go back on his word?"

The Dahai Saints voice wasnt too loud. However, as he said that, the other three kept their mouths shut.

They had all practically forgotten this. Now, the Dahai Saints words created a wave of trepidation.

If Luo Yunyang asked the Blood Lotus Supremacy and the other Supremacies to fulfill this obligation, the consequences could potentially be ghastly.

"Dahai Saint, these conditions do not just apply to us. We can discuss this more. We could give him some of the things we possess, but we really cant do anything about the stuff we dont have."

In the end, the Crystal Queen spoke up and represented the three of them.

The Dahai Saint nodded. This had been his intention all along, so he readily accepted this proposition.

Luo Yunyang knew that he wouldnt be able to get all the items on that list. After all, some of those items would be able to immediately allow the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to advance if he could gather them all.

However, the Dahai Saints conclusion still disappointed Luo Yunyang. The items they could provide seemed insufficient to even help him advance by a grade.

"Union Leader, you really arent sincere enough. I think there is no need to discuss this matter any further." Luo Yunyang just threw the compensation list the four factions had given him aside.

Although they were in a virtual space, the Dahai Saints expression turned extremely unsightly in this realistic space.

Had anyone ever thrown away something he had handed over personally so rudely ever since he had become the leader of the Demigod Tribe?

How could such a thing happen right before his very eyes?

Although the Daihai Saint believed that he wasnt a very magnanimous person, he ultimately chose to swallow his anger.

"Yunyang, you should know what kind of situation the Divine Union has found itself in. If you continue to act willfully, this massive war will really come into fruition."

He then added gravely, "I know that you dont feel too much pressure in regards to this matter, but when all the Saints of the four great factions attack the Milky Ways Human Tribe together, the consequences"

Luo Yunyang acted as though he was contemplating this. While the Dahai Saint felt a little worried, Luo Yunyang replied calmly, "Alright, since the Union Leader has put it this way, we shall do things according to the list you provided."

Luo Yunyangs concession allowed the Dahai Saint to heave a sigh of relief. At the same time, he felt that he had already determined Luo Yunyangs weak spot.

This youngster really harbored deep sentiments for his own tribe!

Soon, the captives were released and they proceeded with the transactions and everything else. The over 10 million members of the Divine Incarcerate Legion left the Purgatorys territory and returned to the Divine Union in a grandiose fashion.

This instability, that seemed like it could break at any moment, was controlled by the power of the four great factions for the time being. Thus, everything appeared to become peaceful again.

All seemed to be well, so Luo Yunyang finally relaxed when he returned to the Commander-in-Chiefs residence.

On the surface, other people believed that the trump card Luo Yunyang possessed had always been waiting to swindle people. However, Luo Yunyang himself knew how dangerous this situation had been.

As long as the Supremacies didnt make a move, he had nothing to fear. He had the Divine Martial Battle Avatar after all. However, once the news of the Celestial World Supremacys reincarnation cycle spread, the Supremacies would make a move on him at the first chance they got.

The Celestial World Supremacys aura was still weakening. Luo Yunyang, who could sense that, believed that other people were able to tell as well.

At best, the remaining time he had was only 10 years.

Inside his massive inter-spatial storage ring, may goods floated around like planets. This ring itself was a rare treasure that a Universe-Grade powerhouse had refined within his own internal universe before dying.

Although the refined ring had already lost a large portion of that internal universes effectiveness, it was still great for storing items.

He had received lots of resources this time. The Dahai Saint and the other leaders definitely wouldnt have provided him with this sort of top-notch inter-spatial ring, which contained all kinds of items that ordinary storage rings and bracelets couldnt contain.

This planet-sized amount of resources contained earth, wind, water and fire attributes. Although there were also some other different attributes, these four attributes were more common.

According to Luo Yunyangs estimations, if the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast could consume all of these resources, it would be able to advance to the Celestial Domain Grade.

Ordinary people would think that the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts appetite was really great, yet even so, it would take it more than 1,000 years to completely consume all these heaps of planet-sized resources.

1,000 years wasnt too long a time for the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast. However, Luo Yunyang only had 10 years right now.

He also hadnt obtained any more Origin Divine Crystals. Although Luo Yunyang had made a relevant request, the four factions hadnt been able to provide him with any.

Luo Yunyang knew that he was on a tightrope. If he was even the slightest bit inattentive, he would be in danger of getting burned. Thus, he quit while he was ahead after a few rounds of negotiations with the Dahai Saint.

Time seemed to pass very peacefully. Even the virtual realms of the Sky Vision seemed to lose their fervor. There was very little news that seemed fresh anymore.

Half a year passed by quickly. Although Luo Yunyang was frantically trying to increase his own strength, unfortunately, his original body, which had just reached the Celestial Domain 1-Grade, only entered the Celestial Domain 2-Grade.

This speed was startling for a Celestial Domain-Grade, yet it was really slow for Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang actually felt that he had already slowed to a standstill.

He rarely bothered getting involved in the matters of the Divine Incarcerate Legion or the Milky Ways Human Tribe.

According to his own estimations, if he had no way of dealing with these Supremacies, then any preparations he made would be useless.

"Reporting, Saint. Theres an invitation for you!" the Bloody Blade Monarch reported while Luo Yunyang was resting with his eyes shut.

The Bloody Blade Monarch had already reached the Celestial Domain Grade as well. The reason he had advanced that quickly was because of Luo Yunyangs support and guidance.

Therefore, the Bloody Blade Monarch was very devoted to Luo Yunyang and respected him greatly. Luo Yunyang didnt want to be called a Saint, yet the Bloody Blade Monarch and the entire Divine Incarcerate Legion insisted on addressing him as Saint.

Luo Yunyang, who had already gotten tired of rejecting this title many times, was slightly astonished when he heard the Bloody Blade Monarchs report.

The virtual realm covered the entire four great factions, so an invitation could be sent as a message. Since when did people still personally deliver invitations?

Ever since Luo Yunyang had defeated the joint forces of the Eight Saints and his status had risen, the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others had stopped letting in random or bored people. Who had personally come to deliver this letter?

"Let them in." Luo Yunyang instructed.

A minute later, a middle-aged man clad in golden armor walked in quickly. Although he looked similar to a human, there were golden scales between his ears that gave off an incisive vibe.

It was a Snap Gold Beast! A peak Celestial Domain-Grade Snap Gold Beast!

Luo Yunyang took a closer look at this persons body. As he sized up the human form of this Snap Gold Beast, he wondered what sort of person had sent out such a powerful subordinate!

"I am Jinlang, a subordinate of Emperor Moguo. I am under orders to invite Saint Luo Yunyang to the Immeasurable Maha Mountain to participate in the Tianzhen Meet!"