Supreme Uprising Chapter 653

Chapter 653 Undiscovered Talent Sword In Bone

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Jinlang appeared very respectful. Although he sensed that Luo Yunyang’s cultivation grade was only at the Celestial Domain Grade, he didn’t dare treat him like any other ordinary Celestial Domain-Grade martialist.

He had the power to hold up against Saints and kill four Universe-Grade Saints in one swoop. Thus, he was worthy of respect in Jinlang’s opinion.

“I know.” Luo Yunyang took the invitation and said, “I will definitely participate at the time.”

“Thank you, Saint. If that is all, Jinlang shall take his leave,” Jinlang said respectfully.

Luo Yunyang gently waved his hand dismissively and left with the Bloody Blade Monarch. He quickly opened his communication device and searched for information on the Tianzhen Meet through the Sky Vision.

There wasn’t much information on the Tianzhen Meet on the Sky Vision. However, what caught Luo Yunyang’s attention was an exchange that would occur during the meet. Any sort of rare treasures could appear during this meeting.

Plus, many more people would be there to try and grab hold of those lucky finds.

10 days later, Luo Yunyang set off on a golden spaceship towards the Immeasurable Maha Mountain.

According to the Sky Vision, the Immeasurable Maha Mountain was located within the internal universe of Emperor Moguo, but the Tianzhen Meet would randomly appear in any location when it occurred.

The spacecraft sailed through the starry sky!

While he was in the starry sky, Luo Yunyang’s heart was rather calm. For a period of time, or rather ever since he had returned from his Samsara Cycle, Luo Yunyang had been really impatient.

Although he concealed it very well, the crisis caused by the departure of the Celestial World Supremacy had made him very impatient.

Now, his heart slowly calmed down and some confusing problems he had faced in the past gradually became clearer.

As Luo Yunyang was mulling in silence, he no longer controlled the direction of the spacecraft. The intelligent spacecraft would operate on autopilot mode and head in the direction specified by Luo Yunyang.

After some time, Luo Yunyang was finally roused from his deep thoughts. At the same time, he found out that he had reached a region he had no clue about.

Luo Yunyang hurriedly switched on his star chart and discovered that his location deviated from the position of the Immeasurable Maha Mountain by several dozen light-years.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t anxious about this. He quickly readjusted the direction and made sure his spacecraft continued to move quickly in the direction of the Immeasurable Maha Mountain.

Thanks to his careful navigation, the spacecraft flew quickly. Just as the spacecraft took a shortcut to skip crossing a star, Luo Yunyang’s gaze landed on a planet.

This huge planet contained an assortment of lifeforms. What caught Luo Yunyang’s eye was a human boy who was holding a broken sword while struggling to fend off a saber-toothed tiger.

There were actually humans here!

Luo Yunyang had always thought that the Human Tribe’s territory was restrained within the Milky Way. Hence, he had never expected to see a human boy in this star system.

The boy’s sword wasn’t sharp, and the saber-toothed tiger was much stronger.

The saber-toothed tiger, which was at least at the peak Planet Grade, was as agile as the wind. It clawed at the void, conjuring countless razor-sharp claws that struck towards the young boy.

If it hadn’t been for the young boy’s nimble technique, the overwhelming claws would have sliced him into half.

After all, the young boy had only just attained the Planet Grade and couldn’t compare to the saber-toothed tiger.

The saber-toothed tiger seemed extremely pissed at the young boy, who was avoiding its attacks. With a low but resounding roar, the tiger took flight and dashed straight towards the young boy.

If the young boy had no means of evading the attack, he would definitely die.

Although Luo Yunyang intended to save that youth, just as he was ready to take action, he saw a white bone sword fly out of the back of the young boy and stab the neck of the saber-toothed tiger.

This happened as fast as lightning.

The saber-toothed tiger hadn’t expected that the youth would hide such a move up his sleeves. Hence, he didn’t evade it in time and was stabbed through the neck by that sword-light.

Luo Yunyang had seen plenty of weird techniques after entering the Divine Martial hall. However, he was still very shocked after seeing what the young boy had done.

The white bone sword which had turned the tide of the battle had in fact been derived from the young boy’s own bone. Furthermore, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that the white bone sword wasn’t some kind of cultivation technique smelted into the young boy’s body, but rather a mutation of the young boy’s bone structure.

This was a strange cultivation method.

In Luo Yunyang’s opinion, it was a special cultivation technique.

Luo Yunyang, who already had a strong interest in the young boy, flew towards the boy. He wanted to explore this young boy’s origin.

The teenager, who was sorting out his loot after killing the saber-toothed tiger, adopted a slightly guarded stance the instant Luo Yunyang appeared.

Although Luo Yunyang did not conceal his own cultivation, he was surprised that a nobody who had only reached the Planet Grade could actually sense his arrival. This improved Luo Yunyang’s opinion of the young boy a little more.

“Hello, uncle. I am Zeng Yunhu. You Are you from the warrior race?” The boy stood up the moment he saw Luo Yunyang with curiosity.

The warrior race? Luo Yunyang’s mind flashed and he immediately understood. In fact, given his cultivation, he could know everything the young boy did as long as he reached out to touch the top of the boy’s head.

However, this would cause some harm to the young boy.

Although another person might have chosen to do so, Luo Yunyang had developed a liking for the young boy after seeing him kill the saber-toothed tiger.

He was actually thinking of accepting the young boy as his disciple!

“I am not from the warrior race. I am human,” Luo Yunyang said faintly as he chuckled.

“Human? You’re from the Human Tribe?” Zeng Yunhu showed a hint of curiosity as he asked, “What is the Human Tribe? I have not heard of it.”

“I am from a very distant place. I just drifted here along the way.” Luo Yunyang glanced at Zeng Yunhu. “Are your elders here? I would like to pay a visit to them.”

Luo Yunyang’s mind power shrouded the entire planet as soon as he said the word “visit”.

In an instant, he was able to gain a good understanding of the top powerhouses on the planet.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Zeng Yunhu exclaimed with some excitement. “Our elder would definitely be delighted if he knew that you came from the faraway reaches of space.”

During their conversation, he reached out, grabbed the huge carcass of the saber-toothed tiger, and propped it on his back. Then, he said, “Follow me, uncle.”

The word “uncle” sounded weird to Luo Yunyang, who felt as if he had really become an uncle.

Although Zeng Yunhu had fought well against the saber-toothed tiger, he was still a child, so he quickly explained all he knew about the warrior race.

Of course, he only knew bits and pieces of information.

He had been living on the planet Fallen Star for a long time, but there were only less than 100,000 of his kind.

The bone sword he had displayed was actually an ability that they were born with. The name of this ability was Bone Manipulation Sword Technique.

This technique didn’t require any form of cultivation, as the martialists from the warrior race would awaken their bone weapons normally at the age of ten.

Luo Yunyang realized that this technique could be a type of evolution. He listened quietly until they soon arrived at a small city on a plain field.

The city was very simple. It could not be compared to the cities of the current Milky Way, or even to the cities in the Da Alliance. It was incomparably plain in comparison.

“Uncle San Qiang, can you report to the patriarch that an uncle from the Human Tribe of the Milky Way is here to visit us?” Zeng Yunhu shouted loudly at a strong, stout man after being greeted by various people.

The stout man had a Star-Grade cultivation base.

A hint of doubt appeared on his face when he saw Luo Yunyang. His expression immediately changed for the better when he heard what Zeng Yunhu said.

Luo Yunyang naturally could sense the change in his attitude.

He smiled at the stout man in response to his now warm and welcoming attitude.

When the stout man left to report this matter to the patriarch, an old man appeared in no time. This old man, who was tall, had a radiant smile. His cultivation was already at the Peak Galaxy Grade.

After studying Luo Yunyang for a while with his bright eyes, he cupped his fists respectfully and greeted him. “Greetings, senior.”

Luo Yunyang didn’t hide his cultivation base. Of course, not hiding his cultivation was also a form of concealment. After all, the cultivation level he revealed was only at the Celestial Domain Grade, while his actual combat power was no weaker than a Universe-Grade’s.

“You’re too courteous, old patriarch.” Luo Yunyang waved his sleeves gently while helping up the elder, who had already lowered himself to pay his respects.

Zeng Yunhu’s jaw dropped open. Although he knew that any person that arrived from a faraway place could be amazing, he had not expected that his old patriarch would call that person a senior.

Luo Yunyang and the old patriarch entered the Warrior Race City as guest and host. Because they could feel the hint of intimacy in each other’s blood, their conversation was also very harmonious.

According to the old partiach, Zeng Luoqian, their warrior race was tens of thousands of years old. However, even he was unclear about the origins of their race.

The Fallen Planet that they lived on was within the territory of the Bug Race.

Although there were no Bug Race martialists on the Fallen Star, every race on it had to prepare an offering for the Bug Race once in every 100 years.

The old patriarch did not object to Luo Yunyang’s desire to study why the warrior race could produce weapons from their bones.

He knew that their people had studied this phenomenon for many years without getting any results. Although he didn’t think that an elite from the Human Tribe would come up with anything in such a short span of time, there was no harm in trying.

“Zeng Luoqian, get out here right now!” Just as Luo Yunyang started making an introduction about the Human Tribe, a furious voice boomed.