Supreme Uprising Chapter 654

Chapter 654 Pleasant Surprises

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Zeng Luoqian’s expression turned ugly. Anyone would feel unhappy about being berated. Furthermore, Luo Yunyang, who was a guest from the faraway Human Tribe, was still present.

He had recognized the voice right away. Besides the burning anger he felt, his eyes revealed a hint of fear.

“Senior, please have a seat. I’ll go handle it.”

The rest of the warrior race elites who were speaking with Luo Yunyang appeared angry as well. However, at the same time, they looked slightly indignant.

“I’ll take a look as well.” Luo Yunyang’s mind power had already shrouded the opponent that had arrived. He realized that the opponent’s cultivation base was at the Nebula Grade and hence decided to help.

Zeng Luoqian smiled respectfully at Luo Yunyang. “I’ll have to trouble you then!”

While talking, Zeng Luoqian arrived at the middle of the small city. At the moment, seven or eight men from the warrior race were struggling to stand up after having their limbs broken.

There were seven or eight legs stomping down on them. It was futile for them to stand, no matter how hard they tried to.

The person who led the assault was a being over 10 feet tall that was covered in violet scales. This male being also had three whip-like tails.

His blood-red tongue flickered upon seeing Zeng Luoqian. “Zeng Luoqian, how dare you split the treasure in two to fool me! Bring me the rest of the treasure, or I’ll decimate you and your entire race!”

“You must know very well that, once you do not have a race, any treasures you possess are useless anyway!”

The man brandished his hands and the tails behind him turned into a 100-meter-long whip that grabbed at the five warrior race men standing at the side.

Those warrior race men were much stronger than ordinary people. They actually could be considered elites among elites within the Da Alliance.

However, they seemed like little chicks with no form of resistance in front of this strange being.

Upon seeing the whips about to coil around the necks of those men, Zeng Luoqian took flight immediately and a white bone blade appeared in his hand.

The white bone blade flashed like lightning and cleaved towards the three long, massive tails.

The bone blade in Zeng Luoqian’s hand cracked as he winced in pain.

“How dare you retaliate! Very well… Do not blame me for going hard on you then!” The man with the purple scales waved his hands, conjuring a purple force which transformed a set of heaven and earth laws that barreled towards Zeng Luoqian within the void.

Zeng Luoqian was a Galaxy-Grade powerhouse. However, in the face of this enormous palm-strike, he couldn’t even muster any strength to withstand it.

He couldn’t even raise the blade in his hand.

Although Luo Yunyang was about to take action, he stopped as he took notice of the purple-scaled being’s hand.

The man was holding a black object that looked like a lid, while his voice sounded like he was howling. “This is the treasure of your Warrior Race. However, you told me that it was supposed to be a ball. Why is this all that is left?”

As he spoke, the purple-scaled man waved his hands maniacally, causing the ball to drop on the ground. The ground made of golden essence stone shattered instantly.

“Sir, this is the last treasure of our warrior race. It is true…. We’re only left with this!” Zeng Luoqian’s eyes were filled with grief.

However, although his heart ached, he had no chance of resisting this absolute power.

All the Warrior Race people that had gathered were furious. Their race’s treasure was more important than their lives.

How could they remain calm when their treasured inheritance that held their endless hopes was thrown on the ground and insulted?

“This is the last one? Tell me, how am I supposed to answer to the Emperor? Do you think the Emperor will believe me if I repeat what you just said?”

The man with the purple scales reached out with his hands towards Zeng Yunhu, who was standing next to Luo Yunyang.

His movements were so quick that nobody had any time to react. When he reached out with his hand, all the warrior race men were horrified.

Zeng Yunhu’s eyes widened as if he had remembered something scary. However, he simply had no way of retaliating against this absolute control.

As Zeng Yunhu was feeling grim, an arm moved lightly and blocked the outreached palms.

“He he… I didn’t think that a Celestial Domain-Grade elite would appear in the warrior race!” The purple-scaled man looked stunned for a split moment as his palms were blocked. However, his shocked expression turned into a smile instantly.

His sneer could make people’s hearts turn cold.

Luo Yunyang naturally didn’t fear this smirk. “A frog in a well can’t think too much!”

As he said that, he waved his hands at the object, which looked like a pot lid. It immediately flew into his hands.

“Ha ha! This is a component of mine. It’s a main component. Great, I finally found it!” The silver tower that had been on Luo Yunyang’s body sounded excited.

Although Luo Yunyang was equally delighted, he only appeared calm on the surface.

Back when he had advanced into the Galaxy Grade, he had tried to search for the other components of the silver tower, in hopes that the silver tower would be restored one day.

However, the importance of the silver tower had started to decrease ever since he had advanced to the Galaxy Grade.

So much so that the small tower was basically unable to provide him with any cultivation improvement currently.

Just as he’d stopped paying attention to the other components of the silver tower, he suddenly came across a core component.

Although he did not know what kind of new benefits the tower could bring, he wouldn’t reject a lucky find.

“Such audacity and impudence! Do you really think that you could be on equal footing with me, Zhi Yuehuang, just because you are a Celestial Domain-Grade?” The swaying tails shot out towards Luo Yunyang as the purple-scaled man spoke.

It could be said that he had an above-average control over laws among most Celestial Domain-Grade martialists. However, it was a pity that he had chosen the wrong opponent.

Luo Yunyang did not have a good impression of Zhi Yuehuang. Hence, he threw a punch when the tails came sweeping over.

Although he hadn’t deliberately executed any moves while throwing this punch, the power of the black hole attracted the sweeping tails to Luo Yunyang’s punch.

Instantly, those tails crumbled and turned to dust.

Zhi Yuehuang had broken out in a cold sweat. He had already realized that he would be a fool if he continued offending an opponent he couldn’t handle.

“Stop! I am a servant who works for Emperor Qinlong. You… You will be disrespecting Emperor Qinlong if you touch me!”

Zhi Yuehuang regained some of his composure after saying this. Meanwhile, the Warrior Race martialists became listless upon hearing Emperor Qinlong’s name.

Obviously, they knew who Emperor Qinlong was and they were also aware of the gulf in power between them.

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly. “So what if I disrespect Emperor Qinlong?”

Many Warrior Race martialists flinched when they heard Luo Yunyang’s words. Although they were grateful for Luo Yunyang, they were still worried about what he had just said.

Even Zeng Yunhu looked at Luo Yunyang in fear.

Luo Yunyang paid no heed to Zeng Yunhu. Instead, he grinned at Zhi Yuehuang.

Although Zhi Yuehuang looked big and menacing, he must have been exceptional in his own way in order to attain the Celestial Domain Grade.

He glared coldly at Luo Yunyang and said icily, “You’re already in deep sh*t!”

“Emperor Qinlong is going to grace everyone here with his presence, and he has a communication device that is connected to me. I believe that he has heard the bullsh*t you just spouted. So, what do you think is going to happen, huh?”

Zeng Luoqian’s gritted his teeth and quickly approached Luo Yunyang. “Mr. Luo, please leave now and take Yunhu away with you.”

Although Luo Yunyang was much younger than Zeng Luoqian, he was many times more experienced than Zeng Luoqian.

Luo Yunyang, who understood Zeng Luoqian’s intention right away, smiled at once. “You don’t have to worry, it’s okay.”

As he spoke, an icy voice resonated through the sky. “Talking drivel about Emperor Qinlong behind his back is a terrible crime! Give him a good slap!”

A splendid palace appeared in the void along with this voice. Many women dressed in palace costumes flanked both sides respectfully, while a young man sat in the middle of that large hall and drank.

The man was over 10 feet tall and exuded an air of majesty. When Luo Yunyang saw that person, he realized that their true form was a golden three-eyed toad!

The person who spoke was a Universe-Grade martialist.

The fact that he had a Universe-Grade martialist as a servant implied that Emperor Qinlong was quite exceptional. However, regardless of his background, Luo Yunyang wasn’t going to let him off easily!

“What did you just say?” Luo Yunyang snapped as he stared icily at that Universe-Grade being, who had a pair of long silver horns on his head.