Supreme Uprising Chapter 655

Chapter 655 Blinding Alluring Treasures

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Any Universe-Grage Saint could become a mighty presence in any region. Although Luyuan Saint had a long silver horn on his head and was a servant, his status still couldn’t be compared to an ordinary person’s.

Luyuan Saint didn’t have any complaints, as he was the servant of the three-eyed golden toad Emperor. However, he was currently fuming after being questioned by a Celestial Domain-Grade youngster.

This was clearly the biggest insult ever!

As he fumed in anger, the third eye of the young toad-like man flashed brightly.

It seemed as though he had suddenly thought of something as he told Luo Yunyang, “Unless I’m wrong, you are Yunyang Saint!”

The toad emperor’s face stiffened the moment he said this. Luyuan Saint also went rigid.

Although he was a saint as well, he knew that he was much weaker than other saints, such as the Forsaken Desolation Saint and the Saints of the Purgatory.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been someone else’s servant.

Even the Forsaken Desolation Saint had been killed by this person. Although Luo Yunyang relied on a battle avatar, most Saints wouldn’t care what means were used as long as their strength increased.

“I am Luo Yunyang.” Luo Yunyang glanced at the golden three-eyed toad and asked nonchalantly, “And who are you?”

Zeng Luoqian and the rest were not familiar with Luo Yunyang’s name, as they were a minority in the Bug Race’s territory and did not have easy access to the virtual realms.

Although many elites from the respective subsidiary races protested against such restrictions, nothing was resolved in the end.

However, Zeng Luoqian could notice the fear that the Emperor felt as he faced Luo Yunyang.

He felt afraid indeed!

As a patriarch of a small warrior race, Zeng Luoqian was just an average figure on the Fallen Star. Purple-scaled Zhi Yuehuang could be considered the most important person he dealt with.

To him, this toad emperor was an almighty figure he could only look up to. However, he could clearly see that the Emperor looked frightened.

There was no doubt that he was afraid.

With a deep breath, the golden three-eyed toad smiled and said, “My father is Sacred Emperor Ding Guang. I am Jin Guang.”

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang ranked fifth among the six great sacred emperors and dwelled in the territory of the Bug Race and the Purgatory.

Although he wasn’t from the Bug Race, his relationship with the Bug Race was very good and many people considered him part of the Bug Race.

Because of the battle avatar, Luo Yunyang was considered equal to the six sacred emperors. He twitched his eyebrows as he glanced at haughty Jin Guang and said, “Oh, it’s the eldest nephew!”

Luyuan Saint’s face turned dark when he heard this. As the saying went, the servant suffered when the master was humiliated. He was the protector of this young emperor, so Luo Yunyang had just humiliated him. In Luyuan Saint’s opinion, this was simply a dishonor.

He wished that he could slap and squash this guy, who seemed like he only had a Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base at this very moment. However, he also knew that if he really did so, he would end up on the ground instead.

He decided to speak after taking a deep breath and trying to restrain himself. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to answer to Sacred Emperor Ding Guang.

However, Young Emperor Jin Guang took the initiative to say first, “You’re right, Uncle. Some time ago, your battle shook the world and I looked up to you very much.”

Young Emperor Jin Guang continued speaking respectfully. “I didn’t know that you were here. It’s all my fault. I was really ignorant and I actually offended you. I will bring him back and punish him severely.”

Luo Yunyang glanced at the smiling Young Emperor Jin Guang and snapped coldly, “What did you just say? Bring him back…”

Young Emperor Jin Guang flinched instantly. He pondered for a moment before replying, “You are right, Uncle. Zhi Yuehuang offended you, so it’s only right that you punish him.”

The Young Emperor watched Luo Yunyang and cursed his bad luck under his breath.

Of all the people he could have chanced upon, he had actually been unlucky enough to meet a devil on the Fallen Star. Although he thought highly of his status, he didn’t think that he was stronger than Blue Lotus Daozi.

If Luo Yunyang had dared to attack Blue Lotus Daozi, how could he believe that he could be saved? Hence, he decided to compromise after thinking things through.

Although Zhi Yuehuang was an obedient subordinate used to bossing others around, his own life was more important than that of a subordinate.

Zhi Yuehuang was already prostrating on the floor like a pile of soft jelly. In his eyes, Young Emperor Jin Guang was a figure famous for his tyrannical ways.

Emperor Jin Guang, who was an unruly person, had actually made an effort to please Luo Yunyang. Hence, he knew what his fate was going to be.

“The warrior race is also a part of the Human Tribe. Don’t you think so?” Luo Yunyang, who did not directly answer Young Emperor Jin Guang, said aloud.

Beads of perspiration were breaking out on Young Emperor Jin Guang’s forehead. He was a smart person, so he knew the meaning behind Luo Yunyang’s words.

This wasn’t going to end!

He actually did not care much about the warrior race on the Fallen Star. However, some of the things sent by Zhi Yuehuang had caught his attention.

Although those things didn’t appear outstanding, Young Emperor Jin Guang could still sense that they were extraordinary. This time, he had asked Zhi Yuehuang to extort something from the warrior race and see if the warrior race still had any other stuff hidden away. However, he’d had no idea that he would be meeting Luo Yunyang.

“Uncle, I promise to take care of the warrior race in the future. If there are any problems, you can hold me accountable for them!”

Luo Yunyang smiled gently after listening to the words of Young Emperor Jin Guang but did not say anything. However, an invisible pressure was already wrapping itself around Young Emperor Jin Guang’s body.

This invisible pressure made Young Emperor Jin Guang feel that he could lose his life in an instant if the person before him wished so.

Although this feeling was very uncomfortable, there was no other way for Young Emperor Jin Guang to counter it except by using his mind to resist.

However, he had barely confronted the pressure for two minutes before an extremely terrifying thought flooded his mind.

Even in the face of his father, Young Emperor Jin Guang had never felt such great pressure before. Although in his opinion, his father wouldn’t treat him in such a vile manner, this constant surging pressure still made him very fearful.

“Uncle, please let me know if you have any other requests. As long as they are within my ability, I will not decline to fulfill them.” Young Emperor Jin Guang’s eyes were flashing pleadingly as he spoke.

Luo Yunyang, who knew that he was going overboard, decided to say, “Return to the warrior race whatever you took from them. Everything… Understand?”

Young Emperor Jin Guang did not think that Luo Yunyang’s request was that simple, but he decided to agree hastily. “Rest assured, Uncle. I will send someone to bring everything to you.”

While speaking, Young Emperor Jin Guang took out his communication device and quickly attempted to connect through. However, after attempting to connect for a moment, a peculiar expression began to surface on Young Emperor Jin Guang’s face. He actually looked a little bewildered.

He tried to force a smile as he said, “Uncle, my father wants to speak to you.”

Everyone present knew what sort of person Young Emperor Jin Guang’s father was. He was a Sacred Emperor among Saints that was second only to the Supremacies.

The reason Luyuan Saint had decided to become a guardian of Young Emperor Jin Guang was because of Young Emperor Jin Guang’s father, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang.

Through the communication device, the image of a 10-feet-tall, middle-aged man was projected.

Although the face of the middle-aged man was very similar to that of Young Emperor Jin Guang, he possessed a more majestic grandeur that a mature person would normally possess.

“Brother Luo, the young one is ignorant. I’ll not pursue this matter any further.” Emperor Ding Guang then added, “Brother Luo is supposed to participate in the gathering of Sacred Emperor Moguo. I suggest you head to the Immeasurable Maha Mountain early,” Sacred Emperor Ding Guang said in an unquestionable tone.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes were beaming with brightness after hearing what Sacred Emperor Ding Guang had said. Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s rude, imposing manner made him extremely uncomfortable.

In his opinion, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang didn’t seem like the sort of person that would casually start a feud with anyone, especially someone like him. Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s bizarre attitude made Luo Yunyang focus his attention back on that lid-shaped object.

It seemed like Sacred Emperor Ding Guang knew exactly what it was. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be acting so tough about this matter.

Some thoughts flashed through Luo Yunyang’s mind. He had a feeling that his intuition was right. Hence, in order to verify his theory, he said. “Since Sacred Emperor Ding Guang says so, I’ll lead the warrior race away then.”

“Before we leave, I ask that all warrior race belongings are returned to their owners. After all, they are their inheritance.”

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang snapped instantly, “Everything within my territory belongs to me! Luo Yunyang, I’ve given you enough face and I think that you are a smart person. You wouldn’t start a feud with me because of a few tribesmen.”

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang sounded very threatening. The more he acted this way, the more he reaffirmed Luo Yunyang’s thoughts.

As he watched almighty Sacred Emperor Ding Guang act like everything was under his control, Luo Yunyang moved his hand and slapped Young Emperor Jin Guang.

Although Luo Yunyang didn’t exert much force, Young Emperor Jin Guang strangely had no chance of escaping.

He landed his palm right on Young Emperor Jin Guang’s face. After that good smack, Luo Yunyang chuckled cheekily and said, “Lad, congratulations. From this day on, you are going to be my captive. You’ll be free when your daddy decides to come and pay the ransom.”

Young Emperor Jin Guang was petrified. He had never thought that Luo Yunyang would do this!