Supreme Uprising Chapter 656

Chapter 656 The Tower Evolves Divine Martial Battle Armor

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Young Emperor Jin Guang had always been pampered. He lived like a prince, so he was very well-regarded wherever he went. He had never thought that, one day, he would become someones prisoner. However, it was very difficult for him to change this situation.

Luyuan Saints expression fluctuated continuously. His duty was to protect his young master. However, Luo Yunyang had dared to challenge Sacred Emperor Ding Guang. Although he had always done his best to ensure Young Emperor Jin Guangs safety and get recognition from Sacred Emperor Ding Guang for his loyalty, he realized that he lacked the courage to stand up for his young master when his own safety wasnt guaranteed.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang, who could see everything clearly through the connected communication device, glared daggers at Luo Yunyang.

"Luo Yunyang, are you going to move against me?" he said frostily.

"Huh? How can you invert the truth? Are you unable to distinguish right from wrong? How is this on me? You are the one who moved against me!" A black chaotic hole light shrouded Young Emperor Jin Guangs body, imprisoning him while Luo Yunyang spoke.

Young Emperor Jin Guang wasnt a weak person. However, he was completely unable to resist Luo Yunyangs power. Young Emperor Jin Guang was fuming with anger at the moment.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang bellowed, "I will kill you, Luo Yunyang!"

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang cut off the communication as soon as he said that.

It was a very decisive move. That line felt like it contained an immense pressure that passed through the virtual realm and suppressed anyone who watched.

Zeng Luoqian and the other martialists of the warrior race felt breathless against this wave of pressure.

Zeng Luoqian understood that this matter had escalated to a point where things were out of his reach. He was little more than an insignificant ant when it came to this matter.

Luyuan Saint hesitated for a moment, gritted his teeth and stepped forward. However, Luo Yunyang appeared beside him eerily when he took the first step.

Luyuan Saint made his move. He did not utilize his internal universe. He had his worries about Luo Yunyang and had repeatedly studied the footage of Luo Yunyang breaking the Forsaken Desolation Saints internal universe.

Hence, he knew that he would be courting death if he used his internal universe.

The power of his internal universe concentrated onto his fist and created the projection of a starry galaxy.

Luo Yunyang didnt take any notice of Luyuan Saints technique. He didnt even bother using his attribute regulator.

A black blade-light flashed in Luo Yunyangs hand. With a cleave, Luyuan Saints fist energy was split into two and his body was severed.

This sort of method naturally wouldnt kill a Saint. However, after Luyuan Saint recombined his body through the Universe Flower, he viewed Luo Yunyang with even greater trepidation.

He did not dare rush over at Luo Yunyang now.

Young Emperor Jin Guang had been watching the two of them exchange blows. Although he was aware of Luyuan Saints cultivation base, he still held on to a small glimmer of hope.

The main reason Luo Yunyang had such a great reputation was because he had a top-level battle avatar in his hands.

Although it would be best if Luyuan Saint could hinder Luo Yunyang, unfortunately, this couldnt happen. After all, Luyuan Saint clearly wasnt Luo Yunyangs match.

"Hey, nephew, listen to your uncle! Stay here obediently, or Ill kill you!" Luo Yunyang adjusted his Power and Speed Attributes by using his attribute regulator.

After transferring all of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts power to his body, the only leaf blade in his mind appeared in Luo Yunyangs hands.

Then, Luo Yunyang slashed toward the Luyuan Saint.

The blade move was an upgraded version of the Obliteration Sky Blade Cleave. It had also been developed through a combination of Luo Yunyangs understanding of the Great Chaotic Hole Path and his Heavenly Venerate cultivation.

Luo Yunyangs spirit consciousness was at the level of a Heavenly Venerate, and his power had exceeded the Luyuan Saints even before using the weapon he now wielded.

All along, Luo Yunyang had carefully studied the weapons he possessed. Unfortunately, no matter how he studied them, it was impossible for him to discover the origins of the leaf blade.

However, when he waved this blade, Luo Yunyang felt that it didnt just enhance his strength. It also possessed a domineering, indestructible sharpness.

Luyuan Saint shouted out loud. Although he was a Universe-Grade powerhouse, he was treated like a beast. Luo Yunyangs blade move was like a massacre to him.

Luyuan Saint, who shouted out loud, unleashed his ultimate moves without a second thought.

His fist blasted again before he also conjured 3,000 illusions of a broken galaxy.

However, the strike that contained his vast cultivation base was directly broken up by Luo Yunyangs blade and his recombined body was shattered.

The Luyuan Saints Universe Flower wanted to start reconstructing his body the moment it was destroyed.

However, when the Universe Flower started to blossom, Luo Yunyang unfortunately used the Life Death Resounding Fate Technique, inevitably shattering the Luyuan Saints Universe Flower.

When the Universe Flower was destroyed, Luyuan Saint perished.

Young Emperor Jin Guangs face was completely black. He had already sensed Luo Yunyangs viciousness from the way he had killed Luyuan Saint.

If his father couldnt meet Luo Yunyangs conditions, he might really become a victim too.

Therefore, even though he was extremely worried, he still tried very hard to keep himself in check and appear obedient and respectful.

Luo Yunyang was not surprised by how Young Emperor Jin Guang acted. Against the threat of death, even an Emperor would find it hard to maintain their composure.

"Pack up your stuff. You are leaving with me." Luo Yunyang turned to Zeng Luoqian. "You must understand that, if I werent here, your warrior race wouldnt exist for much longer."

Zeng Luoqian did not question Luo Yunyangs words. Although Zhi Yuehuang, who oversaw the Fallen Star, had already been captured by Luo Yunyang, many people who would try to flatter Sacred Emperor Ding Guang would appear when Luo Yunyang left.

They couldnt deal with Luo Yunyang, but dealing with the warrior race was a different story!

These thoughts went through Zeng Luoqians mind as he nodded his head in agreement. "I understand."

Zeng Luoqian didnt say anything about his races inheritance, which was in Luo Yunyangs hands. Luo Yunyang didnt mention it either. After giving instructions to Zeng Luoqian and the rest, he headed right into the small silver tower.

"Central console! This is the central console!" a slightly excitable voice said in Luo Yunyangs ear.

A robot quickly rushed out of the center of the small tower and retrieved the object that looked like a pot lid from Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang wasnt familiar with the things in the small tower. However, when he saw the artificial intelligence controlling the tower get excited upon seeing it, he realized that this component was definitely extraordinary.

"What does that contain?" Luo Yunyang asked the AI.

"Memories, lots of memories!" the little robot said as it quickly stored the object away.

Memories? Luo Yunyang was somewhat disappointed. He had been hopeful that this thing would enhance the power of the small tower. Actually, it would be best if it could allow him to wield a similar level of power as a Supremacy.

"Please do not belittle these memories. He he My memories include plenty of awesome stuff. That That battle avatar you have I could turn it into Divine Martial Armor if I had enough materials. Although the battle armor wouldnt provide a large boost to the battle avatar, it could improve your chances of protecting your life."

Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up immediately when he heard that the battle avatar could transform into Divine Martial Armor.

Although the robot made it sound like it could only protect his life, Luo Yunyang knew very well that his strength would receive a considerable boost once the battle avatar was transformed into battle armor.

Luo Yunyang was confident that even if the combination of his Heavenly Venerate Level consciousness and the battle avatar failed to overcome a Supremacy, he would definitely be able to escape from a Supremacy.

"Can you really turn the Divine Martial Battle Avatar into Divine Martial Armor?"

"Of course!" The lid-like item was placed at a central point of the small tower as the robot said, "Please wait a moment. Ill need a reboot. This process usually takes a couple of minutes."

"Beep, beep! This process will take a couple of minutes."

Mechanical lifeforms generally had no emotions. However, the reaction of the robot made Luo Yunyan feel that this upgrade was not going to be simple.

Although the robot said that it would need a couple of minutes, Luo Yunyang actually waited for an hour before the robot spoke again.

"Welcome back, respected Honorary Emperor!" the sweet voice said in Luo Yunyangs ear. Along with the voice, a tall, radiant lady appeared in front of Luo Yunyang.

Although Luo Yunyang knew that the lady was only a projection, he still felt his heart skip a beat.

He realized that he was actually stunned by the gloriousness of this woman!

As Luo Yunyang thought about it, the lady spoke. "Ive chosen the image of the female Divine Martialist of the past. What do you think?"

Luo Yunyang cursed silently in his heart. How could a mechanical lifeform be so vain? However, he nodded. "Not bad."

"Although youre a hypocrite, I still like it. Theres good news and bad news. Which would you prefer to hear first?"

As Luo Yunyang stared at that beautiful life-like face, he felt a sudden urge to swing his hand and slap it.