Supreme Uprising Chapter 657

Chapter 657 Battle Warrant

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"Good news first." Luo Yunyang pondered while studying the image of the female Divine Martialist in front of him before speaking with a chuckle.

Luo Yunyangs choice made the artificial intelligence in the female Divine Martialist form hesitate a little before saying, "The good news is that, according to the information I received, there is a way to transform the Divine Martial Battle Avatar into Divine Martial Armor."

Although this was splendid news, Luo Yunyang started to have a bad feeling when he thought about the bad news he still had to hear.

"Did you get it? Or do you still need me to announce the bad news?" the voice asked in a slightly teasing manner.

Although Luo Yunyang knew that the female Divine Martialist was deliberately annoying him, he still felt a little pissed. "Of course, Ill need to hear it from you."

"Ha ha ha! As expected of the Honorary Emperor, Ill put the bad news in simple terms. You lack the materials required to upgrade the Divine Martialist Armor to the Advanced Divine Martialist Armor." The female Divine Martialist deliberately winked at Luo Yunyang as she spoke.

Luo Yunyangs mind went to work when he heard that. Actually, he felt a little delighted.

Even though he did not have enough materials to upgrade it to Advanced Divine Martialist Armor, he was still able to transform it into an inferior version of the Divine Martialist Armor.

Luo Yunyangs face broke into a smile.

"It seems that you are still quite smart. Yes, we cant achieve the highest-grade armor, but we can achieve the lowest-grade first. In fact, armor can be divided into nine grades. By using the materials you have currently, I can turn that Divine Martialist Battle Avatar into ninth-grade Divine Martialist Armor."

When the artificial intelligence got serious, the female Divine Martialists face displayed a terrifying charm.

Luo Yunyang was slightly disappointed when he heard about the ninth-grade armor. "What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Divine Martialist Armor?" he asked.

"On the upside, it can further enhance the power of the Divine Martialist Battle Avatar. Although the upgrades are minute, they are still an improvement. Most importantly, the consumption rate of the Origin Divine Crystals is only one percent of the battle avatar."

"This means that a piece of Origin Divine Crystal is enough for 1,500 minutes of battle."

A piece of Origin Divine Crystal could enable the Divine Martialist Battle Avatar to unleash power equivalent to a half-step Supremacy for a quarter of an hour. Once the Battle Avatar was upgraded into Divine Martialist Armor, this would become 100 quarters of an hour.

That in itself was a great leap forward.

For Luo Yunyang, this was a greater jump than the boost his Heavenly Venerate Level spirit consciousness granted him.

Based on that, even if the power of the Divine Martial Armor was weaker than the Divine Martial Battle Avatars, Luo Yunyang would still choose to transform the Divine Martialist Battle Avatar into its armor form.

"Heavenly Cycle Water-Fire Star Cauldron!" When Luo Yunyang saw the list of required materials, he suddenly felt his heart ache.

Although the Heavenly Cycle Water-Fire Star Cauldron was no longer very useful to him, it was still a treasure with rather sentimental value.

He reluctantly bargained with the artificial intelligence. "The cauldron is very important to me."

"I know that. It can allow you to unleash power equivalent to a Universe-Grade once, right? To be honest, it really isnt useful to you anymore. You can unleash Universe-Grade power without it."

Speaking of that, the artificial intelligence added, "The Heavenly Cycle Water-Fire Star Cauldron has a special metal core, which is an indispensable material for the upgrade to Divine Martialist Armor. If you are not willing to give it up, we will not upgrade the armor."

How could he not agree to that? Although Luo Yunyang was unwilling, he still gritted his teeth and said, "Use it then."

One, two, three

As treasure after treasure was taken out by Luo Yunyang, he slowly realized that he was going broke.

When all the materials for the upgrade were prepared, he discovered that the leaf blade he had brought back from the Samsara Realm was the only usable treasure he was left with.

"All set and done. You can come back and collect the armor in three days." The artificial intelligence chased Luo Yunyang away after collecting all the materials.

Luo Yunyang left the small tower helplessly and started to feel a little worried.

The Divine Martialist Battle Avatar was his biggest fallback. If the refinement went wrong, then it would be

"Greetings, Saint Luo." Zeng Luoqian bowed respectfully and greeted Luo Yunyang, who had been contemplating.

Luo Yunyang smiled at Zeng Luoqian and said, "Old Zeng, were all humans. Say whatever you want, whenever you want to. Why spend effort maintaining formalities?"

Zeng Luoqian cursed inwardly.Its easy for you to say so in such a forthright manner. If I really skipped the formalities and addressed you as an equal, youd definitely think that Id overestimated myself. I wouldnt dare do so even if you lent me your courage!

Hence, even though Luo Yunyang sounded amiable and approachable, Zeng Luoqian still replied respectfully, "You are the leader of our Human Tribe, so the warrior race is also your subordinate. Rules must remain rules. A subordinate like me wouldnt dare break them."

Luo Yunyang smiled gently. Zeng Luoqian was a wise man, as he willingly submitted himself as Luo Yunyangs subordinate, saving Luo Yunyang from potential gossip outside.

"Saint, these are images of our races treasures that have been handed down for generations in my family. Unfortunately, the younger generations are useless and unable to protect these treasures."

Zeng Luoqian handed Luo Yunyang an album as he spoke.

The album contained a total of seven items, including some big and small items. The smallest of them was a palm-sized bead.

Luo Yunyang noticed that bead right away. Although he wasnt a Supremacy, his consciousness was at the Heavenly Venerate Level.

Luo Yunyang could sense a hint of spatial power.

This was a spatial treasure. Based on its appearance, Luo Yunyang believed that it wasnt inferior to that lid-like treasure.

However, this treasure wasnt in his hands.

While Luo Yunyang was looking at the image of the bead, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang was manipulating a black bead that was only the size of a babys palm in his own suffocating space.

While manipulating the bead, Sacred Emperor Ding Guangs body split into nine within the void. The movements of each body were different.

Ordinary clone techniques were easily executed by powerhouses like Sacred Emperor Ding Guang.

However, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang wasnt executing a clone technique. Although the nine bodies that appeared in the void were all him, they were in a different time and space.

"This is me nine minutes ago, me eight minutes ago, me seven minutes ago" Sacred Emperor Ding Guang muttered.

Even though he sensed something, as he was conjuring this technique, eight of his nine bodies suddenly collapsed.

"No, this still isnt right. It must be because I still lack the necessary understanding." Sacred Emperor Ding Guangs eyes landed on a few jade podiums shrouded by suffocating air.

There were large and small jade podiums around, with an item placed on each of them. The color of those items was similar to that of Luo Yunyangs lid treasure. However, none of them showed any anomalies at the moment.

"Jin Guang is a fool!" Sacred Emperor Ding Guang snorted coldly. Although Jin Guang was his favorite and most spoiled son, this situation still pissed him off.

He had originally thought that sending his son to handle this matter would be more than enough. However, he had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would be involved!

Moreover, based on the way he acted, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang could tell that Luo Yunyang was aware of the value of those seemingly normal yet extraordinary items. Otherwise, Luo Yunyang would never have gone to such lengths to start a feud with him.

Normally, figures like Luo Yunyang and Sacred Emperor Ding Guang wouldnt rashly establish a hostile relationship with anyone. However, once personal interest was involved, neither he nor Luo Yunyang would cower or retreat.

Sacred Emperor!

Although this title had a pleasant ring to it, the Sacred Emperor knew that his status was rather awkward. As long as there were Supremacies, it would be difficult for him to establish his own strength against the four factions.

More importantly, his lifespan wasnt going to exceed the river of time. That seemingly perfect internal universe would only allow him to live a little longer than an ordinary Universe-Grade elite. The only way to break away from these invisible fetters was to break past his current cultivation grade and become a Supremacy.

Unfortunately, it was too difficult to become a Supremacy. After years of cultivation, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang had already lost his will to become a Supremacy by improving his cultivation base.

Opportunities What he could rely on were rare opportunities However, a rare opportunity that would enable him to become a Supremacy was just too hard to come by. Just as his hopes of obtaining such an illusory opportunity had turned into dust, he had accidentally discovered this unknown bead in his treasury.

He could sense the power of time and space that was coming from this bead. He also felt hopeful about advancing his cultivation. However, that bead seemed to be incomplete, so he would fail spectacularly if he tried to grasp the opportunity within.

"Reporting Sacred Emperor, we have discovered Luo Yunyangs spaceship. He is still heading towards the Immeasurable Maha Mountain. He is 10 hours away," a Universe-Grade subordinate reported respectfully.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang looked at the subordinate and said faintly, "Send all the Bug Races Supremacies a battle warrant. Just say that Luo Yunyang killed my subordinate and imprisoned my son. I want him dead."

The subordinate trembled when he heard this. "I will do as you bid."

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang watched the leaving subordinate and shook his head gently. They would not be sending a battle warrant to all the Bug Races Supremacies because he wanted to show off his influence, but because he was feeling helpless.

Although the six Sacred Emperors seemed free and unfettered, this was in fact a restriction. For example, killing any martialists above the Celestial Domain Grade would require a battle warrant to be sent to a Supremacy to be recorded.

Normally, the battle warrant would be approved directly by the Supremacy. However, the battle warrant also acted like a shackle that shrouded all the Sacred Emperors.

An hour later, the battle warrant was posted to the top of the virtual realms Sky Vision, shaking up the entire galaxy!