Supreme Uprising Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Smashing The Stars

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“Luo Yunyang!” Supreme Daozi bellowed angrily before he instantly ignited the entire planet, causing the magma deep in the ground to gush up thousands of feet above the surface.

The planet turned a hell-ish scarlet color as the shapes of the bubbling magma constantly changed.

Although this wasn’t a deliberate attempt by Supreme Daozi to change the shape of the magma, because of Supreme Daozi’s cultivation path, the magma unconsciously followed his intent and fluctuated constantly within the void.

After a short while, all the magma had completely calmed down.

At the moment, Supreme Daozi had surprisingly entered the sixth-level of the Celestial Domain Grade.

Just as Supreme Daozi was taking delight in his advancement, a message appeared on his communication device.

“Luo Yunyang captured the son of Sacred Emperor Ding Guang. Sacred Emperor Ding Guang wants to kill Luo Yunyang!”

Although the news was short, after looking at it, Supreme Daozi was confused.

Although he hated Luo Yunyang to the core, after seeing the content of Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s battle warrant, he had to admit that Luo Yunyang wasn’t simply courting death. He had just

Upon thinking of Luo Yunyang’s battle record in the past, Supreme Daozi suddenly felt that the phrase “courting death” wasn’t suitable to describe Luo Yunyang anymore.

After all, the one who always walked out victorious after being surrounded by three sides was Luo Yunyang.

Unfortunately, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang wasn’t part of the three factions, so the power he possessed wasn’t equal to a Supremacy’s.

“How tormenting!” Supreme Daozi lamented after a moment of indulging in his thoughts.

Supreme Daozi wasn’t the only one that felt this way. Blue Lotus Daozi, Dahai Saint, and others whose reputations had similarly been destroyed by Luo Yunyang, also had the same thoughts after seeing Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s battle warrant.

However, no matter how they felt about it, most people realized that a war that would capture the attention of the four great factions was about to begin.

The Virtual World’s Sky Vision had once again allocated the bulk of its resources onto the oncoming war. After all, this time, a Sacred Emperor was going to make his move.

Luo Yunyang saw the battle warrant a minute later than Supreme Daozi. However, he began to feel fearful and worried when he saw it.

While the looming fear shrouded his mind, Luo Yunyang saw a giant hand that spanned 100,000 miles in the sky coming directly at him from tens of thousands of light-years away.

The palm radiated with a golden brilliance and seemed to contain seven colors of light. Countless stars and planets were turned into dust when they came into contact with that golden brilliance.

On the spaceship where Luo Yunyang was seated, the martialists from the warrior race were shivering in fear. Although some of them weren’t afraid of death, it was still difficult for them to muster up any form of resistance when facing such overwhelming power.

“The Star System we were in is going to be destroyed by that palm.” Zeng Luoqian inhaled sharply.

That was right! Zeng Luoqian couldn’t believe this, as the situation unfolding in front of him was too shocking for him to accept. He did not know how large a Star System was exactly, but he understood how many lives a single Star System could contain.

The amount was uncountable.

However, countless lifeforms on this Star System would be turned to dust by this palm.

“Saint Luo, What do we do?” Zeng Luoqian shouted the moment he saw Luo Yunyang.

To be honest, there were many ways for Luo Yunyang to handle such overwhelming techniques that traversed the void.

If he had retained his past Heavenly Venerate cultivation base, he would merely have needed a thought to turn both that palm of overwhelming power and its user to dust.

Unfortunately, he was only left with his Heavenly Venerate consciousness.

Luo Yunyang would also definitely have been able to block the palm if he had still had his Divine Martial Battle Avatar. Even if it hadn’t been able to break the attack, it would have at least been a match for it.

However, the battle avatar was being upgraded into Divine Martial Armor. Hence, Luo Yunyang could only rely on himself for now.

Evading would be impossible, as it wouldn’t be easy to escape a palm that had sealed off an entire Star System.

Many thoughts went through Luo Yunyang’s mind. After weighing these thoughts, Luo Yunyang finally made his decision.

He rushed into the void instantly and a blade appeared in his hand. However, he didn’t use the Leaf Blade this time.

He had yet to comprehend the mystery of the Leaf Blade. Hence, he wouldn’t use it in front of everyone unless things got critical.

Since he couldn’t use the Leaf Blade, he would use another blade. Although casting the Divine Martial Armor had nearly caused Luo Yunyang to go broke, he still possessed some high-end weapons.

Of course, high-end weapons couldn’t hold a candle to the Heavenly Cycle Water-Fire Star Cauldron.

“Break!” Luo Yunyang bellowed before he cleaved forward.

Converging Chaotic Hole Slash!

This was an evolution of the Converging Sky Blade Slash Technique. As Luo Yunyang cut forward, a nine-layered chaotic hole began to take shape in his blade-light.

It should be said that the nine-layered chaotic hole was very hard to conjure. However, thanks to Luo Yunyang’s powerful Heavenly Venerate consciousness, the nine-layered chaotic hole quickly merged into a single huge black chaotic hole and spiraled towards the palm barreling through the void.

The various attributes of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast were converted into Luo Yunyang’s stats and the rest of Luo Yunyang’s attributes, which he did not need, were quickly converted into Power Attribute.

However, even so, the black chaotic hole was shattered by the huge golden palm when they met in the void.

Luo Yunyang’s body was sent flying as his blade-strike was shattered.

Even so, the giant palm that spanned across 100,000 miles started to crack. In no time, it crumbled in the void.

“You do have a knack for it!” A golden pillar, which was accompanied by a cold and aloof voice, descended from heaven.

This wasn’t a pillar. It was a finger. An indomitable finger which intimidated the origin source laws that were around it.

Although it might be possible that the finger was weaker in terms of power than that palm, which could destroy half a star system, the concentration of power within this mere finger contained much greater killing intent.

Without any hesitation, Luo Yunyang manipulated his thoughts and conjured a surging bloody sea directly towards the finger, meeting it head-on.

The bloody sea could evolve into the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s body. However, Luo Yunyang had never intended to deploy the Primeval Underworld Monarch. Thus, he conjured the surging bloody sea directly and crashed against that finger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The finger, which looked like a Sky Pillar, crashed heavily against the bloody sea. The sea of blood, which was at the Celestial Domain Grade, did not even have time to do anything before it was shattered.

When the finger paused momentarily, the Five-Element World Tree clone conjured by the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast gathered an unlimited amount of sword-light, thrusting directly towards that finger.

It could be said that the five-colored radiance, which was accompanied by changes in the Five-Element World Tree, was exceptionally powerful. Although that finger was still pressing forward, it had weakened greatly during the clash with the sea of blood.

The Sky Pillar was bent with the snap of a finger.

The radiance and sword-light of the Five-Element World Tree were shattered along with the Five-Element World Tree’s physical embodiment.

Luo Yunyang had been waiting for that moment. The instant the radiance of the damaged Five-Element World Tree started sweeping across the finger, he used his blade to cleave down at the Sky Pillar.

It could even be said that Luo Yunyang and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s entire power had gathered in this blade-strike. When the blade was cleaved forward, it managed to slice the golden finger in two.

The golden radiance dissipated and the intent that shrouded an entire Star System also vanished.

“You should stay here today if that is all that you are capable of!” Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s voice was heard in the void.

Luo Yunyang cursed under his breath. The two blade moves he had executed were his best effort, yet they hadn’t even managed to secure him an advantage.

The Divine Martial Armor was still incomplete so it couldn’t be used yet.

Luo Yunyang took a deep breath and said coolly, “It is still undecided.”

Then, he took a step forward and unleashed the Life Death Resounding Fate from his mouth. The force of life and death formed a huge grinding disc at Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s side. At the same moment, Luo Yunyang executed the Samsara Palm with his hand.

These two ultimate techniques were not inferior at all to the blade technique Luo Yunyang had invented. Although Sacred Emperor Ding Guang had come prepared, his body was still caught by the grinding disc formed by the Life Death Resounding Fate Technique.

At the same time, the Samsara Palm also struck him hard.

Vast golden lights enveloped Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s body, causing Sacred Emperor Ding Guang to tumble over when the Samsara Palm struck him.

When had Sacred Emperor Ding Guang ever suffered such humiliation? He had prepared various ways to deal with Luo Yunyang, but most of them had mainly been used to deal with Luo Yunyang’s Divine Martial Battle Avatar.

Initially, he had thought that Luo Yunyang wouldn’t stand a chance without his battle avatar. He had never expected that Luo Yunyang would put him at a disadvantage even without using the battle avatar.

Being smashed onto the ground didn’t hurt Sacred Emperor Ding Guang much. In fact, he could heal his injuries by merely breathing. However, being smashed onto the ground when so many people were watching was very humiliating.

“Nice move. Now take mine!” A bow and arrow appeared suddenly as Sacred Emperor Ding Guang spoke.