Supreme Uprising Chapter 659

Chapter 659 Amplified Light Arrow

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As a Sacred Emperor, his internal universe was at the Consummate Boundary. Thus, it could provide him with 100 or 1,000 times the power of an ordinary Saint.

Moreover, during the derivation of a cultivation path, a Sacred Emperor entity would have already reached the Extreme Boundary of their cultivation path.

Although Sacred Emperor Ding Guang was not inside his internal universe, his control over the surrounding environment was far superior to that of ordinary saints.

“Take my arrow!” The longbow that appeared in Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s hand was drawn and an arrow with a faint luster was shot out.

Fast! Fast! Fast!

Luo Yunyang could feel the amazing speed of that arrow. Exceptional figures like Luo Yunyang, who had astonishing cultivation bases, already had their own extreme speed.

However, the arrow released by Sacred Emperor Ding Guang was so fast that Luo Yunyang even had trouble finding any clue to its trajectory.

In the blink of an eye, the arrow had arrived in front of Luo Yunyang. Luo Yunyang brandished his blade frantically, conjuring a massive black hole that enveloped his surroundings against this blindingly quick arrow.

The black hole enveloped Luo Yunyang’s body so that any attacks directed at him would have to pass through it.

However, Luo Yunyang felt a looming danger heading towards him the instant the arrow came into contact with the black hole.

His underrated Heavenly Venerate spirit consciousness finally showed its worth.

Although Luo Yunyang evaded it quickly, he was still too slow. The sharp arrow had already pierced his skin and penetrated his shoulder blade.

Luo Yunyang’s body felt as if countless exploding light needles were rupturing inside him as the arrow pierced his flesh.

Too scared to hesitate any longer, Luo Yunyang quickly conjured the power of the black hole in his body and hurriedly swallowed the light needles inside it.

However, even so, Luo Yunyang’s injured shoulder blade still caused considerable trauma to him. It had been a long time since Luo Yunyang had suffered such a serious injury.

“It’s the Amplified Light Arrow!” someone in the virtual realm exclaimed when Sacred Emperor Ding Guang shot it.

The Amplified Light Arrow was Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s top offensive technique. It was rumored that he had once destroyed hundreds of planets with a single arrow.

However, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang had rarely used the Amplified Light Arrow after becoming a Sacred Emperor. When he finally executed it, he actually missed Luo Yunyang’s vital organs and the killing intent concealed within the Amplified Light Arrow wasn’t fully utilized. Hence, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang felt very annoyed.

He glared at Luo Yunyang before placing his fingers on the bowstring again and letting loose another arrow.

This time, the long arrow split after leaving the bow and the brilliance of the arrow transformed into 30 million arrows in an instant.

These fragments, which covered the sky, were extremely fast. Any part of the void they passed through started to crack.

Some parts of the void were even ripped apart, leaving small holes behind.

Although Luo Yunyang had sealed the wound created by the first arrow, the scene before him made him very worried.

Even though his Heavenly Venerate spirit consciousness was very powerful, he still lacked the power to support it and had sensed that arrow too late.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been injured by that arrow.

Many thoughts went through Luo Yunyang’s mind as the rain of arrows descended on him. Meanwhile, he frantically adjusted the attributes of the Space-Time Eye.

Luo Yunyang used the Space-Time Eye. When the technique froze the void for a moment, he cleaved with his long blade towards the storm of arrows again.

Black holes were collapsing one after another in the void. Very soon, the void also started shattering.

Shattering Heavens… Luo Yunyang managed to combine the notion of the shattering void into his blade technique by using his Heavenly Venerate spirit consciousness.

Shattering void and broken light arrows… Everything started to crumble and collapse.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang was concerned about his arrows, which were getting shattered in the void.

Although the Amplified Light Arrow wasn’t his most powerful technique, Luo Yunyang hadn’t utilized his battle avatar either. Hence, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang was rather anxious.

However, there was no turning back once one started something. Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s eyes squinted as he took aim and let loose another arrow.

This time, the arrow wasn’t aimed at Luo Yunyang, but at the spaceship that Luo Yunyang had left behind.

The moment Sacred Emperor Ding Guang drew his bowstring, everyone on the spaceship became terrified.

They felt massive fear over this imminent catastrophe. This fear, which they were unable to avoid, left a huge suppressive imprint in their minds.

Even Zeng Luoqian, who was a Galaxy-Grade elite, felt that he had no other choice but to die.

“Patriarch!” someone screamed in fright. This person was Zeng Luoqian’s relative. Although he could sense the impending disaster, there was nothing he could do.

Zeng Luoqian shrugged and remained silent, not because he didn’t want to talk, but because he did not know what to say.

Luo Yunyang saw Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s attack very clearly. Although the arrow hadn’t yet left the bow, Luo Yunyang knew what the consequences would be if it did.

The warrior race would be annihilated! If he did not intervene by blocking the arrow, the warrior race would definitely cease to exist in this world.

Luo Yunyang was worried as he watched Sacred Emperor Ding Guang, who was about to make his move. However, Luo Yunyang was still the epitome of calmness on the surface.

“A tiger, no matter how cruel, wouldn’t harm its cub. Seems like Sacred Emperor Ding Guang isn’t like most people,” Luo Yunyang said with a deep breath.

In his opinion, these words wouldn’t be of much use. However, he said them anyway.

After all, without his battle avatar, Luo Yunyang would have no other way of dealing with Sacred Emperor Ding Guang.

In the virtual world, many people were paying attention to this battle. Both the palm executed by Sacred Emperor Ding Guang and Luo Yunyang’s Samsara Palm had garnered plenty of attention and discussion.

Now, Luo Yunyang and Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s display made them even more excited.

“Will Sacred Emperor Ding Guang shoot this arrow? You must know that his son is on board that spaceship. Young Emperor Jin Guang may die from his father’s arrow…”

“It might really happen. After all, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang has a lot of other sons.”

“Not necessarily. I heard that there is only one small tribe called the warrior race onboard the ship. Luo Yunyang might not be able to protect them.”

Just as the discussion was bustling with excitement, someone asked, “Why is Luo Yunyang still not using his battle avatar? I’ve been waiting for a long time. He was beaten up really badly, yet he still decided not to use his battle avatar. Could his battle avatar be having some problems?”

The discussion, which had originally been about Sacred Emperor Ding Guang, suddenly took a turn towards Luo Yunyang.

“Yes, Luo Yunyang’s battle avatar definitely has some kind of problem if he’s keeping it out of the battle.”

“Ha ha… If Luo Yunyang’s battle avatar has really suffered an accident, I want to see how he will be able to escape this time. Offending a Sacred Emperor is no laughing matter.”

“I believe this is unlikely. The Divine Martial Battle Avatar is Luo Yunyang’s most precious weapon. How could he not safeguard it well? If there really is a problem with his Divine Martial Battle Avatar, then this will be Luo Yunyang’s biggest loss.”

All sorts of discussions flooded the Sky Vision. As people were talking excitedly, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang finally released his arrow.

The arrow left the bow and streaked towards that massive spaceship.

It was easy to assume that the small light arrow wouldn’t cause any significant damage to the huge spaceship based on their individual sizes. However, in reality, a mere glimmer of this light arrow would be enough to completely obliterate this huge spaceship.

Luo Yunyang hesitated when he saw the arrow fly out of the bow. His spirit consciousness told him that his best choice of action at the moment would be to retreat immediately.

The warrior race was of no use to him anymore, and he wouldn’t lose anything even if all of them were turned into ashes.

This would be the best, most rational choice.

Zeng Luoqian’s heart began to sink when the arrow left the bow. Although his cultivation base wasn’t weak, there was nothing he could do in the face of such an overbearing attack from a Sacred Emperor.

Children such as Zeng Yunhu also felt the imminent danger.

However, in the face of an impending crisis, they were like powerless ants that couldn’t do anything.

“Perhaps, this is fate.”

Zeng Luoqian’s expression was bleak while he mumbled this. However, his face lit up just as death was about to claim him.

Zeng Luoqian flew out of the spaceship immediately and saw a figure slashing with his blade towards the light arrow.

The light arrow with this infinite radiance came from the depths of heaven. Thus, everything the light touched was turned into dust.

The figure standing in front of the spaceship was engaging the light arrow by using a surging black light.

Although the black light made the figure look hazy, in Zeng Luoqian’s opinion, the figure was almighty!