Supreme Uprising Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Striking One's Ears With Both Fists

"Aren't you arrogant? Aren't you fast? Let's see you stop me!" A booming voice that sounded like a thunderclap was heard as a big-sized young man stepped forward towards the five-kilometer bridge.

"Lei Qi, Lei Qi, Lei Qi!"

A series of cheers immediately came from the Sky High Military. There were even a few people who started chanting the young man's name.

The martialist, who ranked third among the Sky High's Seven Pillars, was also one of the top 10 Outstanding Martialists. Many people turned to watch him as he stepped out.

When Lei Qi walked forward, the old fat man from the Sky High Military smiled once again.

He had faith in Lei Qi. Although his speed couldn't be compared to Luo Yunyang's, his most important quality was his strength. Crossing the five-kilometer bridge wouldn't be a problem for him.

Lei Qi turned to look at the instructor in charge of the Sky High Military's elite class. His gaze was full of discontent.

The instructor felt insulted. Everyone in the Sky High Military considered the Rising Dragon Army and their Newcomer King insignificant.

How good of a cultivation base could someone from a humble family background have? They hadn't expected that Luo Yunyang would actually be able to fly so high that fast!

He had indeed soared up to the heavens with just one leap.

Based on the way he had defeated Cuan Tianhou, no matter what they said, it still wouldn't change the fact that the Sky High's Seven Pillars had suffered a defeat.

"Show no mercy!" the instructor muttered the instant Lei Qi met his gaze.

Lei Qi nodded. His pace wasn't quick, yet as he walked forward, the earth beneath his feet started to tremble.

Guan Wanli's eyes filled with fear when he saw Lei Qi. Back when he had been going through the Sky High Military's assessment, he had met Lei Qi, whose strength had left a lasting impression on him.

"Lei Qi's current strength is at least 20,000 kilos!" Guan Wanli told Sun Miaomiao. "If our leader fights him with his speed, he definitely won't be at a disadvantage. Stopping him from advancing won't be easy, though."

Sun Miaomiao gripped her long sword tightly. She came from a martial arts sect, so her knowledge of martial skills could be considered vast.

Strength and speed were both important components of martial skills, so one couldn't tell which of the two was more useful. Under normal circumstances, the fastest martialists would usually have an advantage.

If it had been Lei Qi standing guard on the five-kilometer bridge, Luo Yunyang would have just slipped past him. However, this time the roles were reversed.

Lei Qi was like a tank, while Luo Yunyang was like a bullet. Although a bullet was fast enough to strike a tank, it would be a little difficult for it to stop its advancement.

Although that was what Sun Miaomiao was thinking silently, she didn't feel like listening to Guan Wanli, who was right next to her. Why did it feel like he was taking delight in Luo Yunyang's predicament?

"Let's see you stop me, boy!" Lei Qi pointed at Luo Yunyang as he said icily, "I won't walk fast, so you'll have time to come up with something!"

Lei Qi's self-assured manner pissed many people off. Luo Yunyang estimated Lei Qi's strength and muttered something to himself before he raised his Speed Attribute to 35.

Lei Qi had barely finished speaking, when he felt a gust blow over. Two intercrossing slap marks suddenly appeared on his face.

He threw a punch out by relying on his own awareness, but unfortunately, the moment he tried to strike, the blur had already disappeared completely.

"Don't you have the guts to fight me alone, boy?" Lei Qin, who had acted all confident about winning right before getting slapped across the face, looked very displeased.

He should have already shed that rage of his. He was a Sky High Military elite martalist after all. However, receiving this sort of ferocious beating made him feel especially sullen.

"Kill, kill, kill!" Lei Qi snarled manically. However, Luo Yunyang's speed far surpassed his. Luo Yunyang used the Alert Monkey's Seven Leaps to slap Lei Qi on the face 20 times in one second.

"Rush over! Rush over!" someone roared at Lei Qi.

Lei Qi was going crazy!

He had originally thought that the moment he stepped forward, he would charge straight at his opponent, clear anything and everything in his path, and cross the five-kilometer bridge.

He hadn't imagined that this shameless fellow would actually be that agile! This martialist aggravated him. Luo Yunyang was aware that he couldn't compete with him in terms of strength, so he had attacked his face instead.

One slap had made Lei Qi angry, two slaps had made him furious, but over 10 slaps on the face had made him overflow with rage!

He knew that regardless of whether he would be able to cross that long bridge, he would still become notorious far and wide.

This sort of outcome naturally didn't suit his liking.

"Rush forward! Keep pushing forward while you protect your head with your hands!" a voice from the Sky High Military's ranks said.

The person who had shouted was a young man around 17. Compared to the calm boy, he was clearly more soldier-like.

He was the Sky High's Seven Pillars' second in rank and the second out of the top 10 Outstanding Martialists. His name was Shi Haoyuan.

When he heard him, Lei Qi calmed down immediately and quickly raised his arms to his face and waved them around. Then, he charged forward like a raging bull.

Being able to pressure the third in rank among the Sky High's Seven Pillars to this degree was already a glorious enough achievement. A number of people had faint smiles on their faces as they looked at the Eagle King. They might not have thought much of the Rising Dragon Army, but the Rising Dragon Army's performance had sprouted thoughts of uniting to take on the Sky High Military in their minds.

Even if they were the best among the top three armies, they still shouldn't be allowed to bully others as they wished.

"Lei Qi! Actually, the move I am the most proficient at isn't the Alert Monkey's Seven Leaps, but a set of techniques called the Clothing-Losing Celestial Being. Are you sure you want to protect your face?" Luo Yunyang's calm voice resounded across the huge tranquil lake.

Lei Qi, who looked like a charging bull, stopped in his tracks and just stood there in a daze.

"Shameless!" someone shouted.

Some other martialists from the Sky High Military started shouting abuse at him. Who was this Luo Yunyang? This was clearly a threat addressed at Lei Qi!

This sort of threat was indeed the most dangerous kind. Lei Qi's hands could protect his face, but if he focused all his effort on his face, what would happen next?

"What an immoral kid!" a female military officer who appeared to be in her 40s remarked with a smile.

She was a commander from the Dancing Phoenix Corps that looked young for her age. After this reprimand, she looked at the Eagle King and said, "It seems like you people really know how to nurture young martialists, Old Eagle."

The Eagle King's expression turned a little awkward when he heard this. He had always liked bluntness. If he couldn't accept something, then he would just settle it with a fight. However, this rascal Luo Yunyang was behaving really...

Actually, his refreshing behavior made him feel as if he had vented all his frustration!