Supreme Uprising Chapter 660

Chapter 660 1800 Arrows Chipping Way At The Soul

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Luo Yunyang, who had once been a Heavenly Venerate, was accustomed to life and death. Hence, he thought that his will was as unyielding as steel!

However, upon facing Sacred Emperor Ding Guangs arrow, which was filled with endless might, Luo Yunyang felt his heart twitching.

If he had lacked the ability to stop the arrow, he would have taken flight. However, he knew that he could do so.

Although he would pay a great price to stop that arrow, Luo Yunyang couldnt bring himself to watch the entire warrior race die in front of him.

Therefore, after hesitating for a split moment, he dashed forward with his blade!

Luo Yunyang, who had already reached the Celestial Domain Grade, made use of his Black Hole Path to substitute his surroundings.

From a distance, it looked like a massive black hole that occupied half of the Star System was hanging over the top of the spaceship

Luo Yunyang was situated in the middle of the black hole, wielding a long blade in his hand that had turned black.

Everything that entered the black hole was absorbed by it. However, when the arrow was amplified by Sacred Emperor Ding Guangs supreme superior spiritual power and cultivation path, it pierced through the black hole and entered it as if it were a sheet of paper.

Although Luo Yunyang had already expected that to happen, he was still worried as he faced the oncoming arrows.

Luo Yunyang brandished his blade, causing blade-light to fill the space and darken the sky as it made contact with the light arrow. However, even so, his body still involuntarily retreated by thousands of steps while a mouthful of blood surged up in his throat.

Despite using the attribute regulator to improve his cultivation base multiple times, cracks still appeared on his hand and two drops of blood entered his arms.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang was sneering. He knew he had won when Luo Yunyang placed himself in front of the spaceship to block the attack.

Hence, he drew and released another sharp arrow from his bow once again without hesitation.

In a moment, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang had shot out over 100 arrows.

Swing, cut, cleave!

Luo Yunyang was slashing like mad with his sword. Every blade technique he knew was being used. The coordination between Luo Yunyangs Heavenly Venerate spirit consciousness, the Space-Time Eye, and his other techniques allowed him to locate the flaws of every arrow in the shortest time possible.

However, even so, his hands were still suffering increasing damage from Sacred Emperor Ding Guangs power.

Meanwhile, five tall figures had gathered on the peak of the Immeasurable Maha Mountain. Although they seemed to be sitting still, everything that happened 30,000 feet around the foot of the mountain was seen clearly by them.

"There have been 1,000 slashes so far. I admire this Luo Yunyang!" said a woman with a dragons head and a human body. She was covered in silver-white scales, every piece glimmering with a unique pattern.

The scales combined together to give off an extremely mystifying feeling. The woman looked gentle. In between her eyes was a piece of scale that looked like amethyst and made her mystifying aura much more peculiar.

"Longyun, are you intending to take action?" A man sitting on the left of the woman, who was at least 100 feet tall and had a full golden body, muttered, "I suggest that you do not intervene."

"Sacred Emperor Ding Guang has employed the battle warrant. Usually, when this happens, even Supremacies wont intervene. Moreover, the Supremacies also want Sacred Emperor Ding Guang to force Luo Yunyang into a dire state."

Although the mans voice sounded heavy and cumbersome, his judgment was clear and precise.

"The aura of that Supremacy is getting weaker and weaker."

He was referring to the Celestial World Supremacy, but he showed the respect that was required, as he was far inferior.

The woman ignored Sacred Emperor Gold. Instead, she turned to look at Sacred Emperor Moguo, who had a short, childlike stature and eyes that seemed like they had experienced countless vicissitudes.

"Moguo, do you feel this way too?"

Sacred Emperor Moguo sighed softly and said, "Intervening wont help us in any way. Furthermore, Luo Yunyang hasnt yet reached the dire state he should be in."

"He hasnt used his Divine Martial Battle Avatar."

After hearing that, the two other Sacred Emperors, who hadnt spoken, grew worried. One of them finally said, "What is the origin of the Divine Martial Battle Avatar? I dont think anyone in this world can create that battle avatar."

The Sacred Emperor who spoke had a body made of random junk metal, as if this mess had gone through countless repairs.

Only those that had dealt with him knew how horrifying the Machine Empires Sacred Emperor Thousand Changes was. Every piece of his tattered metallic body was a frightful memory of his fallen opponents.

"I dont know." Sacred Emperor Moguo shook his head and replied helplessly, "Ive tried to conduct research, but after scouring through tons of information, I still havent been able to discover the origin of the Divine Martial Battle Avatar."

As soon as he said that, Sacred Emperor Moguo suddenly exclaimed, "Do all of you feel like an opportunity is about to arrive?"

These words caught everyones attention, even though they had initially been focused on Luo Yunyang and Sacred Emperor Ding Guang.

All of them understood what Sacred Emperor Moguo had said. However, they had been trying to keep it a secret. Hence, when Sacred Emperor Moguo said this, their expressions changed.

This was a very big concern.

Luo Yunyang knew nothing about the conversation happening on the Immeasurable Maha Mountain. Actually, he was so weak that he couldnt find the energy to wield his blade.

1,800 slashes!

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang had shot 1,800 arrows, each arrow able to kill an ordinary Universe-Grade powerhouse.

Luo Yunyang was unable to resist the overwhelming force coming from all the arrows. He felt that his body was going to break apart if he continued to resist.

However, this wasnt without its benefits. Luo Yunyang felt his initially unsynced body and Heavenly Venerate spirit consciousness slowly perfect their coordination after he dealt out slashes and cleaves with his blade.

It was becoming perfect indeed.

It could be said that, in the past, Luo Yunyangs body had only been able to execute 30% of what he intended when his Heavenly Venerate consciousness had made a decision. However, he felt that it had improved and reached 40% now.

Although this was merely a 10% improvement, it was still extremely rare.

Luo Yunyang cleaved again with his blade at another incoming light arrow. By now, he had adjusted his Power Attribute to the highest level with his attribute regulator. However, the huge difference in power negated most of the effect.

Without the attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang might not have been able to sustain the impact of the light arrows.

The light arrow was destroyed once again in the middle of the chaotic hole after Luo Yunyang cleaved out several blade-lights. However, the power of the arrow shot out by Sacred Emperor Ding Guang was so strong that it broke Luo Yunyangs blade into two.

Luo Yunyang was left with only a broken blade and a grave appearance. He estimated that, given his current cultivation base, he would only be able to sustain a couple more slashes.

"Beep, beep, beep! The Divine Martial Armor is nearing completion. The Honorary Emperor will be able to use the armor in 10 minutes."

The voice of the artificial lifeform was heard in Luo Yunyangs ears.

Luo Yunyang relaxed a little when he heard that he would be able to use the Divine Martial Armor soon. With the armor, he wouldnt have to act so passively and receive blows!

It would have been easy for Luo Yunyang to sustain 10 minutes of beating from Sacred Emperor Ding Guang at the beginning of the fight. However, after taking a severe beating for such a long time, Luo Yunyang felt that he wasnt able to endure much longer.

"Sacred Emperor Ding Guang, do you think we can discuss this first?" Luo Yunyang yelled at Sacred Emperor Ding Guang after taking a moment to think.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang was surprised by Luo Yunyangs ability to endure for such a long time.

Although he had retained his strongest attack to deal with Luo Yunyangs Divine Martial Battle Avatar, he was also aware of the destructiveness of the power of the more than 1,800 arrows shot in a stretch.

Luo Yunyang couldnt withstand it!

With that thought in mind, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang snorted coldly. "What is there for us to talk about? Just have a few more arrows."

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang reached out for his divine bow again. However, this time, he did not use a long arrow.

Although the empty bow did not look as horrifying to some people, Luo Yunyang began to understand what Sacred Emperor Ding Guang was going to do when his palm pulled at the bowstring.

Like Bai Jingtians Mind Sword, this was a Mind Arrow. Although there was no physical shape to it, its power was no trivial matter.

If he hadnt dealt with the 1,800 arrows, Luo Yunyang would have been able to cope with this Mind Arrow. However, he was exhausted from warding off the 1,800 arrows.

He could still dodge it. Luo Yunyang felt that he would be able to dodge it if he transferred all of his attribute points to his Speed Attribute.

However, once he evaded it, everyone behind him would be annihilated by that arrow.

"Sacred Emperor Ding Guang, arent you trying to murder me because of that unknown treasure?" Luo Yunyang paused for a moment before adding, "Theres no way youre going to hog that space-time treasure all by yourself! No freaking way!"

Sacred Emperor Ding Guangs face turned dark when he heard Luo Yunyangs words. The reason he had decided to kill Luo Yunyang was exactly because he was reluctant to let other people know about this secret.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang, who was infuriated, unleashed his arrow again. However, before the arrow could reach Luo Yunyang, someone said, "Sacred Emperor Ding Guang, what is the rush? Shouldnt we talk about that space-time treasure first?"