Supreme Uprising Chapter 661

Chapter 661 Great Mystic Abilityscattered Light Misplaced Shadow

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In Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s opinion, that treasure that affected space and time absolutely shouldn’t fall into the hands of anybody else.

Therefore, he had tried to kill and rob Luo Yunyang at the first possible chance.

Although this process couldn’t be considered perfect, it had at the very least given him the upper hand. However, he had just discovered that he had been a little impatient. That vile Luo Yunyang had actually mentioned that item.

This also verified Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s theory that Luo Yunyang had already seen that the treasure of the Warrior Race people was special.

Five shadows appeared in the void almost simultaneously. They all had varying figures. There were some as large as mountains, while others were only a meter or two tall.

However, their imposing manner as they stood out in the void, as if they were godly entities that controlled the sky, earth and fate, made people’s hearts tremble subconsciously.

The one speaking was a Sacred Emperor whose body was made from different materials. Luo Yunyang knew that person’s name the moment he saw him.

Sacred Emperor Thousand Changes!

According to legend, not only could his body transform into different sorts of weapons, but he could even develop Origin Source Laws through combination.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang wasn’t too surprised by the arrival of these five. He eyed Sacred Emperor Thousand Changes calmly and asked, “Thousand Changes, don’t tell me that you will go against me just because of the rubbish this bastard spouted?”

Generally speaking, Supremacies never fought to death among themselves. Sacred Emperors were the same. Therefore, most of the time, Saint Emperors rarely started feuds with each other.

“That would depend on whether my old pal is honest enough!” Sacred Emperor Thousand Changes said with a smirk.

“Alright, alright, alright. I will remember these words of yours, Thousand Changes.” Sacred Emperor Ding Guang snorted as he spoke in a slightly threatening manner.

Although Sacred Emperor Thousand Changes no longer said anything, the enmity between them had started to fester.

“Luo Yunyang, what kind of treasure did you just mention that involved the powers of time and space?” Sacred Emperor Moguo, who was the shortest, spoke up first.

Although Sacred Emperor Ding Guang was itching to kill Luo Yunyang, he realized that it was already difficult to stop Luo Yunyang the moment Sacred Emperor Moguo opened his mouth.

However, he wasn’t too worried, as the majority of the items were already in his possession.

Even if Sacred Emperor Moguo and the other four joined hands, it would still be difficult for them to snatch it away from him. After all, their cultivation bases were at similar levels. As long as he intended to escape, the five others simply would have no way of stopping him.

“Yes, that treasure touched upon the powers of space and time.” Right now, Luo Yunyang had to stall for time. He glanced at Sacred Emperor Moguo and chuckled. “If it had not been for your invitation, I wouldn’t have come across this!”

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang gritted his teeth. If only he had never come out and attracted such unnecessary trouble, things wouldn’t have reached such a state.

Now, Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others had rushed over. If he had known earlier, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang would have already attacked. Although people would have suspected him, these other problems wouldn’t have sprouted.

“What exactly is it?” asked Sacred Emperor Gold. The dazzling golden glow accompanying his tall, large body made him seem like some sort of deity. When he spoke, his voice sounded like the crackling of thunder in the void.

“I do not know either.” Luo Yunyang chuckled. “Everyone can ask Sacred Emperor Ding Guang. The majority of these treasures are in his possession.”

Sacred Emperor Moguo and Sacred Emperor Gold exchanged a glance before their gazes finally landed on Sacred Emperor Ding Guang.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang, who felt the gazes all around him congregating on him, contemplated for a bit before saying, “I haven’t fully studied those treasures yet either. They shouldn’t be complete.”

Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others had expected such an answer from Sacred Emperor Ding Guang. After all, their cultivation bases were rather similar. Basically, ganging up on someone when they reached the level of a Sacred Emperor wasn’t very common.

If one couldn’t beat the rest, one could run away!

“Brother Ding Guang, all of us have been working hard to transcend worldliness. Keeping all this good stuff to yourself isn’t really nice.” Although Sacred Emperor Moguo smiled, his words contained a hint of criticism.

However, there was also some intimacy to this criticism.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t too surprised by this situation. Right now, what he had to do was rely on the strength of Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others to stall for a while.

“You think I’m keeping all the good stuff to myself? If you were to discover stuff like this, I’m sure I wouldn’t be informed either.” Sacred Emperor Ding Guang mocked them. “For example, doesn’t Sacred Moguo have a type of valuable divine crystal?”

Sacred Emperor Moguo laughed. “That was also attributed to luck. Otherwise, how could such a treasure be obtained?”

“Brother Ding Guang, how about this? We will gather here again and take out all the items everyone has obtained during all these years and study them properly. What do you think?”

Although Sacred Emperor Gold and Sacred Emperor Thousand Changes didn’t say anything, the look in their eyes showed that they were very supportive of Sacred Emperor Moguo’s suggestion.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang smiled slightly. “That isn’t entirely impossible. However, the items I possess aren’t complete. You all need to help me stop Luo Yunyang. When I get the treasure that’s in his hands, we can all study it together. How about that?”

Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others all turned their attention to Luo Yunyang once again. Luo Yunyang could sense hostility coming from the pairs of eyes that were now trained on him.

He was even starting to sense some killing intent!

Time ticked by slowly. In three minutes, the Divine Martialist Armor upgrade would be completed. However, these three minutes were three especially important minutes for Luo Yunyang.

If he was unlucky, not only would everything backfire spectacularly, but he would also have to face the joined attacks of six Sacred Emperors. Even if Luo Yunyang didn’t die, he would definitely suffer greatly.

Although this was an extreme crisis, Luo Yunyang remained extremely calm on the surface. He smiled and replied, “If Sacred Emperor Ding Guang can take them out for everyone to participate, I could do the same.”

When this was said, the hostility radiated from Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others decreased. However, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang smirked. “What right do you have to join us and investigate the powers of space and time?”

“Perhaps you think that you can rely on that Divine Martial Battle Avatar of yours?” Sacred Emperor Ding Guang said unceremoniously. However, Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others seemed to agree with what Ding Guang had said.

Anyone that could become a Sacred Level existence was extremely prideful. There were even fewer of them compared to the Supremacies.

Although Luo Yunyang had relied on his Divine Martial Battle Avatar to create such a great reputation for himself that Sacred Emperor Moguo had sent someone to personally hand Luo Yunyang an invitation, Luo Yunyang was still subject to some exclusion.

After all, his status wasn’t based on his genuine ability. Due to this discrepancy, they found it difficult to acknowledge Luo Yunyang fully.

Luo Yunyang, who could tell as much from their expressions, smiled nonchalantly. “Although I’m not your equal in terms of cultivation base, I’m afraid that none of you were capable of killing Universe-Grades while you were at the Celestial Domain Grade.”

“Furthermore, I believe that if I entered the Universe Grade, you wouldn’t be my match. Therefore, you have nothing to brag about in front of me.”

Luo Yunyang’s tone was really mild, but the pride in his words couldn’t be concealed.

Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others had strange expressions on their faces as they heard these prideful words. They had believed that it would be difficult for Luo Yunyang to become one of them, as Luo Yunyang wasn’t relying on himself.

However, Luo Yunyang’s words made them all realize that there was a great gulf between them.

The reason Luo Yunyang wasn’t their equal was because his cultivation period had been rather short. Once Luo Yunyang was given enough time, they definitely wouldn’t compare to him anymore.

“I believe that he has the qualifications to join us.” Sacred Emperor Longyun spoke.

Sacred Emperor Thousand Change, Sacred Emperor Gold and the others didn’t speak. Instead, they looked at Sacred Emperor Moguo. Although there were no ranks among them, they had faith in and respected Sacred Emperor Moguo’s deductive abilities.

As Sacred Emperor Moguo mulled this over, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang spoke up. “There is no need for you to be at such a loss. As long as you move out of the way, my enmity with this person will be settled between the two of us.”

The moment he said this, Sacred Emperor Moguo nodded his head. “If you two have a grievance, you shall settle it.”

Sacred Emperor Longyun frowned. She had already sensed Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s killing intent behind his words.

Luo Yunyang’s Divine Martial Battle Avatar still hadn’t been utilized for some unknown reason. Without his Divine Martial Battle Avatar, Luo Yunyang was just like a tiger without teeth and claws. In many people’s opinion, Luo Yunyang wouldn’t be able to match Sacred Emperor Ding Guang without it.

Just as the Sacred Emperor was about to oppose him, Sacred Emperor Gold said, “We don’t understand this sort of matter.”

As the three of them discussed, Luo Yunyang started smiling. He glanced at Sacred Emperor Ding Guang and said nonchalantly, “Are you sure you want to fight to the death with me?”

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang didn’t say anything. He would rather let his actions do the talking. As his fingers moved, the dim and dark starry sky started to turn bright.

Vast lights and countless shadows started to scatter from Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s palm and move into the sky.

The expanse of void Luo Yunyang was situated in became filled with countless lights and shadows.

These lights and shadows were just one expanse of void. However, as Sacred Emperor Ding Guang executed his technique, they became countless.

The starry heavens multiplied boundlessly. Meanwhile, the stars and planets multiplied, becoming countless. Everything seemed to become immeasurable due to this technique.

“Scattered Light Misplaced Shadow!” Sacred Emperor Longyun’s voice quivered slightly.

Luo Yunyang had already sensed the might of this move even before Sacred Emperor Longyun had spoken. He knew that, if he were enveloped by this move, his body would be shattered into countless fragments.

Then, his fate would no longer be in his hands.

Unfortunately, he had no choice now!