Supreme Uprising Chapter 662

Chapter 662 The Divine Armor That Sweeps Everything

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According to a saying, an item could only be seen by many when it reflected light in many different directions.

The Scattered Light Misplaced Shadow Technique of Sacred Emperor Ding Guang turned a whole expanse of void into countless fragments based on the laws and the power of light.

As this fragmentation occurred, any people or things situated within the fragmenting void became extremely weak and started to shatter alongside the crumbling void.

This method was one of Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s special means. Using this once here meant that he would have to recuperate for 30 years before he could unleash it again.

After all, this also involved some Spatial Laws that he had yet to fully comprehend.

Right now, he was basically forcibly unleashing this move.

The person who had the deepest impression of the Scattered Light Misplaced Shadow Technique was naturally Luo Yunyang, who was caught up within it.

If he were to use one sentence to describe this technique, Luo Yunyang felt that the most appropriate expression would be “an apple about to be diced up by countless knives”.

If Sacred Emperor Ding Guang had used this move just now, Luo Yunyang would have fled as far away as he could without the slightest bit of hesitation.

However, the Divine Martialist Armor was now complete.

“Respected Honorary Emperor. You can activate the Divine Martialist Armor already.” A pleased voice spoke in Luo Yunyang’s head.

Luo Yunyang didn’t have any time to say anything to the owner of this voice. He gave instructions right away. “Battle Armor Activation!”

At his command, beams of light rapidly shot out from his body. As these lights flickered and flashed all around, a green helmet and armor with faint purple veins appeared on Luo Yunyang’s body.

This wasn’t anything world-shaking, nor was there any glorious resonance. However, Luo Yunyang felt his body get filled with a vast, boundless power when the armor appeared on it.

Although he didn’t have any time to open his attribute regulator, he sensed that this power wasn’t much weaker than the power he had possessed when he had fought with Bai Jingtian.

In the past, despite his Heavenly Venerate consciousness, Luo Yunyang had always felt that his strength was insufficient. However, this shortcoming disappeared in an instant now.

He turned his gaze to the countless lights and shadows coming at him from all directions and grinned.

Currently, all six Sacred Emperors were watching Luo Yunyang with unflinching eyes. The six of them were stunned when they saw Luo Yunyang actually grin while facing this sort of great mystic ability.

However, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang had a mocking smirk on his face.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang was extremely confident in his mystic ability. This sort of mystic ability was prepared for Sacred Emperor entities such as Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others. However, his hand had been forced by Luo Yunyang. Thus, he had no choice but to use it in a moment of desperation.

Besides those unparalleled Supremacies, who else could break his technique?

While Sacred Emperor Ding Guang was feeling good about himself, Luo Yunyang made his move!

This time, he used a cultivation technique that he had practiced during his 10 lifetimes of reincarnation—the Sky-Ripping Violet Blaze!

Back then, Luo Yunyang had cultivated the Sky-Ripping Violet Blaze Technique in the Tianyun Void.

Unfortunately, there was a considerable gulf between the Sky-Ripping Violet Blaze Technique and the Sky Blade. Thus, Luo Yunyang had never used it in the battle against Bai Jingtian.

In terms of gathering power for one strike, the Sky-Ripping Violet Blaze’s might was overwhelming. Its strike was like a raging current that couldn’t be blocked easily.

The reason Luo Yunyang had used this technique right now was because he felt that it was the most appropriate move against these countless lights and shadows.

A huge purple palm appeared in the void as Luo Yunyang brandished it. The moment it was swatted out, the purple palm collided heavily with the countless lights and shadows crisscrossing and heading for Luo Yunyang’s body.

Actually, the countless light dots all crashed into Luo Yunyang’s large purple palm at the same time.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The countless lights and shadows were like numerous mirrors as they clashed with the purple light and started to crack rapidly.

Boundless, vast destruction took place!

As all these mirrors shattered, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s calm face turned slightly red.

His shattering Scattered Light Misplaced Shadow didn’t just affect the might of that technique. It also ate into his cultivation path.

Other people couldn’t see this, but he knew very well that there was already a rupture within his internal universe.

Although this rupture rapidly mended itself, the hidden damage caused by this strike wasn’t resolved.

“Take my strike too!” While wearing this armor, Luo Yunyang felt that he had found again the feeling he had gotten when he had combined his 10 lifetimes in the Tianyun Void by using the Energy Shifter Ability.

This sensation made Luo Yunyang very happy. Actually, he was extremely delighted.

As this move broke Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s Scattered Light Misplaced Shadow Technique, Luo Yunyang used his palm like a knife and cut down Sacred Emperor Ding Guang sharply.

“Seizing the World With a Sweeping Blade!”

When this blade-strike was released, a grand overwhelming power descended on Sacred Emperor Ding Guang. Suddenly, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang felt a crushing pressure on his consciousness.

He wanted to evade it, but he knew very well that evading it wouldn’t do him any good.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang clenched his fists and unleashed his own Mystic Art Great Bright Fist. This fist-light illuminated everything like the sun.

However, as the fist-light clashed with the blade-light in the void, it was shattered. Although the blade-light had weakened, it still contained boundless power. Thus, it cut through Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s body.


Although Sacred Emperor Ding Guang wasn’t cut in two by the blade-light, he was still sent flying.

This was simply humiliating for a Sacred Emperor. Unfortunately, before Sacred Emperor Ding Guang could even react, Luo Yunyang had already come over. When his finger flicked lightly, countless streaks of lightning gathered within it.

Luo Yunyang’s movements had been very quick. In the blink of an eye, he had unleashed the Sky-Ripping Violet Blaze Technique and the Thousand Thunder Finger.

Although Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s surroundings were glowing due to the vast bombardment of thunder, his lights were continuously shattered. Even though his internal universe seemed flawless, it still started to get damaged.

More importantly, the planet that supported his internal universe started to crack.

These sudden changes left Sacred Emperor Ding Guang dumbfounded. It wasn’t just him. Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others were equally shocked.

They could barely believe that Luo Yunyang was beating up Sacred Emperor Ding Guang. They had never imagined that things would reach this state in just a few moments.

“Sacred Emperor Moguo, what exactly happened just now?” Sacred Emperor Gold asked softly.

Sacred Emperor Moguo didn’t know what had happened either, but he absolutely couldn’t say that if he wanted to save face.

After pondering for a bit, Sacred Emperor Moguo said, “If my guess is right, the reason Luo Yunyang was being suppressed all the way was because he hadn’t used the mystic art of his Divine Martial Battle Avatar.”

“He is using Sacred Emperor Ding Guang to train his own cultivation base.”

Sacred Emperor Moguo’s words were always taken seriously by the five other saints. However, although Sacred Emperor Moguo’s explanation seemed implausible, the other Sacred Emperors thought that this was the most suitable reply.

After all, Luo Yunyang wasn’t an ordinary person!

Even Sacred Emperor Ding Guang agreed with Sacred Emperor Moguo. Sacred Emperor Ding Guang had to pay a great price each time Luo Yunyang chopped at his Amplified Light Arrow.

Although he had assumed that there had been some kind of problem with the Divine Martial Battle Avatar, it seemed like this had all been done on purpose. This fellow’s ploys were really sinister!

He had been used as a whetstone, which made Sacred Emperor Ding Guang furious. However, Luo Yunyang simply didn’t give him any time to vent his fury.

The surging thunder had just dissipated when Luo Yunyang came over again. There were over 10,000 swords suspended in the sky behind him.

As these sharp swords took shape, a massive sword furnace absorbed and smelted the swords.

Then, the furnace shattered and the 10,000 shapes formed a single path of sword-light that shot over at Sacred Emperor Ding Guang.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s body was immediately cut in half by this sword-light. As his body was being sliced, he quickly utilized his Universe Flower to flee into the distance frantically.

Universe Flowers were very sturdy. Even a Supremacy would have to expend considerable effort to break Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s Universe Flower. Although Sacred Emperor Ding Guang could reform a new body, the blow he had just received had been too shocking and traumatic.

“Everyone, let’s act together and kill him. We will split the benefits equally!” Sacred Emperor Ding Guang shouted when he had already flown thousands of miles away.

However, as his new body was emerging from the Universe Flower, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang saw Luo Yunyang smiling at him.

Luo Yunyang was even faster than his Universe Flower!

“Take my blade!” Luo Yunyang had nothing to say to Sacred Emperor Ding Guang. A jet blade had already appeared in his hand and cut down towards Sacred Emperor Ding Guang.

A massive black hole formed from this blade-light and engulfed Sacred Emperor Ding Guang and his Universe Flower.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s Universe Flower shone with a magnificent golden radiance in a bid to stop itself from being pulled into the black hole.

Although he had confidence in his Universe Flower, he also knew that he would die, or at the very least suffer greatly, if he was sucked into the black hole.

“Quick, help! I am not Luo Yunyang’s match and neither are any of you. Don’t tell me you are going to let him keep it all to himself.” Sacred Emperor Ding Guang, who no longer cared about his dignity, wailed as he looked at Sacred Emperor Moguo and the rest.