Supreme Uprising Chapter 663

Chapter 663 Finding His Heavenly Venerate Body

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Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others all had solemn looks on their faces. They had never expected things to escalate this much.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang had been nearly forced to his wits’ end by Luo Yunyang, who was clad in armor. As the Sacred Emperors watched him, they couldn’t help but feel apprehensive.

If they made a move, they would be offending Luo Yunyang. However, if they didn’t, then the space-time treasure that Sacred Emperor Ding Guang wanted would fall into Luo Yunyang’s hands.

As they hesitated, Luo Yunyang’s chaotic hole blade light moved towards Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s Universe Flower, which was glowing with a golden radiance.

Once this Universe Flower was engulfed, Luo Yunyang would certainly be able to kill Sacred Emperor Ding Guang. His power wasn’t weaker than Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s and his spiritual consciousness far surpassed his.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s Universe Flower was scattering countless golden lights all around. Each beam of golden light contained the power of a star.

Unfortunately, although Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s methods were excellent, the streaks of golden light weren’t able to even create a ripple in the face of Luo Yunyang’s black hole blade-light.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s body had already started to form in the Universe Flower. However, he currently looked extremely furious.

“What are you waiting for? Are you all going to wait till I die and let Luo Yunyang reap all the benefits on his own?” Sacred Emperor Ding Guang shouted.

As he said that, Luo Yunyang spoke. “My enmity with Ding Guang has nothing to do with anyone else. Anyone who tries anything will become a mortal enemy of mine!”

Luo Yunyang’s words were an unadorned threat. When he said this, Sacred Emperor Moguo and the rest stopped in their tracks.

To people like them, threats from ordinary people didn’t mean much. However, Luo Yunyang’s words required some thought.

That space-time treasure might be very important, but before they could even understand how it could be used, they weren’t willing to make any moves that easily.

They understood Sacred Emperor Ding Guang and felt that he definitely wouldn’t die so easily.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s expression became more and more unsightly. When one-third of Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s Universe Flower started to get engulfed by the black blade-light, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s heart began shuddering.

Becoming a Supremacy was extremely important to him. However, Emperor Ding Guang felt that preserving his own life was more important.

Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others were taking a wait-and-see approach. However, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang couldn’t afford to wait! He eyed Luo Yunyang and suddenly made a decision.

“Luo Yunyang, you can have it all!” As he said that, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s hands moved and a beam of light shot toward Luo Yunyang.

There were treasures and jewels, as well as items he hadn’t yet understood that he had obtained from the Warrior Race.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up slightly when he saw these items. On the other hand, Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others looked solemn.

These were items that they had also hoped to receive.

However, as they were about to make a move, they saw Luo Yunyang wave his sleeves. The treasures that belonged to the Warrior Race mysteriously flew into Luo Yunyang’s palms.

This seemed extremely mysterious. Even Sacred Emperor Moguo, who was experienced and knowledgeable, also felt that this was inconceivable.

When Luo Yunyang obtained all these items, he waved his sleeves once again and took a step. Then, he completely stepped through countless voids.

Thousand Flow Convergence, Soaring Purple Crane!

This was a great mystic ability Luo Yunyang had learned from the Heavenly Venerate Purple Crane and the others during his exchange with them back in the Tianyun Void.

Now, he utilized this ability.

“Sacred Emperor Moguo, the people aboard my spaceship will be guests at your place temporarily. If anything happens to them, perhaps the two of us will have a showdown.” Luo Yunyang’s voice resonated as Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others were stunned.

Sacred Emperor Moguo had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would actually leave such a problem behind for him.

“What an impressive method! I really couldn’t compare to this sort of mystic ability.” Sacred Emperor Longyun sighed.

Sacred Emperor Longyun wasn’t the only one lamenting. The other Sacred Emperors were equally shocked. The two methods that Luo Yunyang had just utilized were simply unheard of.

They weren’t even able to react in time to the effects of those techniques. Before they could do so, Luo Yunyang had already vanished without a trace.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang struggled out of the black hole blade-light. He surveyed the empty void and then turned his gaze to Sacred Emperor Moguo and the others.

“Hope you are satisfied now!” he said with clear sarcasm.

Sacred Emperor Moguo didn’t say anything. He didn’t have a close relationship with Sacred Emperor Ding Guang, yet he also wasn’t willing to fight him without a good cause.

Upon seeing Sacred Emperor Moguo not say anything, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang turned his sights to the spacecraft filled with people from the Warrior Race. He was about to head for that spacecraft when Sacred Emperor Moguo said, “Wait a moment.”

“You want to stop me?” A blue glow flashed in Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s eyes.

Those who were familiar with Sacred Emperor Ding Guang knew that when his eyes shone with this sort of luster, it meant that he was already on the edge of erupting from rage.

“That’s right. I wouldn’t have any way of explaining to Luo Yunyang if I let you take these people away,” Sacred Emperor Moguo said in a pained manner.

“I would like to ask brother Ding Guang not to make things difficult for me on account of our friendship,” Sacred Emperor Moguo said calmly.

Sacred Emperor Ding Guang’s fury had reached its pinnacle. He wanted to ask whether Sacred Emperor Moguo feared making him unhappy.

However, he didn’t say anything. He had already understood what Sacred Emperor Moguo meant. Sacred Emperor Moguo was not afraid of offending him.

However, Sacred Emperor Moguo was afraid of Luo Yunyang.

Although this was a very unpleasant choice, Sacred Emperor Ding Guang exhaled sharply and turned to leave upon seeing the look in Sacred Emperor Moguo’s eyes.

“It would be best if we searched for his whereabouts on our own and found out what those space-time treasures can do exactly,” Sacred Emperor Thousand Change said.

Luo Yunyang didn’t mind the various Sacred Emperors searching for him. As soon as he had stepped through countless voids, he had already moved all the inherited treasures of the Warrior Race into the small silver tower.

These were components of the small silver tower. He hoped that this silver tower would give him the power to withstand the various Supremacies.

Upon receiving all these materials, the artificial lifeform within the little silver tower said not to disturb it for three hours before shutting off all communication between the little silver tower and Luo Yunyang.

During these three hours, Luo Yunyang flew around rapidly, changing his own location. Although he didn’t fear the Sacred Emperors, he had used up quite a bit of Origin Divine Crystals during his clash with Sacred Emperor Ding Guang.

Luo Yunyang didn’t have many Origin Divine Crystals left, so he wasn’t willing to squander them on any useless fights.

“Beep, beep, beep! Respected Honorary Emperor, because you have found a few components, the training tasks of the mid-tier training session have been enabled. Would you like to proceed with these training tasks?”

The artificial life form used the voice of that female divine martialist once again.

Was it talking about the mid-tier training center’s training tasks? Luo Yunyang momentarily felt a wave of disappointment when he heard this. This training center would have been somewhat useful to him if he had still been an ordinary Galaxy-Grade. However, he now possessed a Heavenly Venerate spirit consciousness.

The knowledge he had gained about the martial path during his 10 reincarnation cycles made him feel that he must probably have exceeded the standards of the mid-tier training center by far.

The mid-tier training center’s tasks would probably be a piece of cake. Naturally, the rewards wouldn’t be too great in Luo Yunyang’s opinion.

Furthermore, this training center seemed to have been damaged greatly. Perhaps there wouldn’t even be any rewards.

Luo Yunyang felt displeased when he thought about how he had actually wasted so much effort duking it out with Sacred Emperor Ding Guang to achieve something that wouldn’t aid him much.

However, under the circumstances, he already had no other choice.

Although he’d originally had no such intention, Luo Yunyang still decided to take a look. After all, this was something he had gone through great pains to achieve.

“Check out the tasks.”

When Luo Yunyang said these words, a virtual interface appeared before his eyes. He glanced at the levels of choices on the holographic interface and chose hell-mode.

Luo Yunyang felt that, out of all the mid-tier training center’s tasks, the one that could possibly interest him would be hell-mode. However, his face went rigid when he opened the hell-mode option.

The first task was actually the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew!

The Mysterious Sky Purple Dew wasn’t important. What Luo Yunyang focused on was the introduction regarding the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew. The Mysterious Sky Purple Dew was an ultimate treasure of the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos. A martialist only needed to apply a drop and it would provide miraculous uses.

Unfortunately, obtaining the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew wasn’t easy!

However, Luo Yunyang wasn’t looking at all this. He was only staring at the five words above the Mysterious Sky Purple Dew.

He clearly remembered what sort of place the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos was. Upon returning from his 10 cycles of reincarnation, Luo Yunyang had left his Heavenly Venerate body on that mystical little boat.

The selected direction of the little boat before his consciousness had returned had been towards the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos!

A great cosmos!

Longing flooded Luo Yunyang’s mind along with a tremendous pressure that had existed ever since he had found out that the Celestial World Supremacy had entered a reincarnation cycle.

What he wanted the most right now was to make his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast ascend. However, he also understood that, without any great opportunities, this advancement simply wouldn’t be possible within 10 years.

If the cultivation base couldn’t be raised, once news about the Celestial World Supremacy’s reincarnation spread, both he and the entire Human Tribe would face a massive threat.

Hence, even though he had been cultivating seriously these days, he still was under a lot of pressure.

If he could find his Heavenly Venerate body, then…

He read through the introduction of hell-mode. According to it, it would take his body 10 years to enter the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos and complete the assignment!

Without any hesitation, Luo Yunyang made his decision.