Supreme Uprising Chapter 664

Chapter 664 The Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos

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After returning from his 10 reincarnation cycles, or rather, discovering that the Celestial World Supremacy had entered a reincarnation cycle, Luo Yunyang felt somewhat restrained by his surroundings.

This made him very uncomfortable. Thus, he kept trying to break through those constraints.

Although he had defeated the Forsaken Desolation Saint and made the Dahai Saint and the leaders of the other forces yield to him, he still felt the presence of these fetters.

According to his estimations, if the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts cultivation base could attain the Celestial Domain Grade, combining it with his Heavenly Venerate spiritual consciousness would allow him to battle the Blood Lotus Supremacy and the others.

However, his estimations were baseless, as he did not know if everything would go according to his calculations.

Furthermore, it wasnt an easy task to advance the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to the Celestial Domain Grade.

However, how could Luo Yunyang give up the chance to look for his true Heavenly Venerate body? As long as he could absorb the power from his Heavenly Venerate body, Luo Yunyang would be able to return without any fear.

"I will be in seclusion for some time!" Luo Yunyang mulled this over for a bit before entering the virtual realm and sending an invitation to the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others for a discussion.

Although the disparity in strength between them and Luo Yunyang was very large, they still possessed extraordinary judgment on the development of recent events.

After hearing that Luo Yunyang was going into seclusion to train, the Nine Path Masters glanced at each other before the Bloody Massacre Path Master said, "Yunyang, train well in seclusion. You dont have to pay attention to any other things."

"In fact, its only because of you that the Human Tribe has been able to achieve this much. As long as youre safe, the Human Tribe will not face many problems."

Luo Yunyang contemplated for a second before replying, "All of you take care."

He wasnt reluctant to mention the Celestial World Supremacy. However, there was nothing the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others could do even if Luo Yunyang told them about it.

On the contrary, this might instead adversely affect the Human Tribe.

Luo Yunyang knew everything would be self-explanatory if he was able to find his true Heavenly Venerate body. If he couldnt even ensure his own safety, the fate of the Human Tribe wouldnt be something he could decide on either.

After talking to his mother, sister and Yunxi in the virtual realm, Luo Yunyang entered the small silver tower.

"Honorary Emperor, youve selected to begin a hell-level mission. Please be prepared." The voice of the female Divine Martialist echoed in the small tower.

Luo Yunyang did not respond as he sat on a piece of black stone. The black stone, which was part of the inheritance treasure of the Warrior Race, had also been obtained from Sacred Emperor Ding Guang.

A black-light beam shone down from the top of the small silvery tower and wrapped around Luo Yunyang in an instant.

Luo Yunyang immediately utilized his spirit consciousness to sense the changes that were happening around him. However, his Heavenly Venerate consciousness was unable to detect any peculiarities.

In the process of being shrouded by this black light, Luo Yunyang felt his body traversing back and forth in different dimensions.

This feeling didnt arouse his spirit consciousness, as it was his body that was undergoing sudden changes.

In the beginning, Luo Yunyang was still counting the times his body underwent sudden minuscule and massive changes under pressure. However, he stopped counting after it changed over 10,000 times.

This was not because he was discouraged, but because it was getting increasingly difficult to analyze this and get something useful out of it.

Luo Yunyang sensed that his body was finally stabilized after an unknown amount of time. The restrictive black light wrapped around him also disappeared without a trace.

He slowly opened his eyes to survey his surroundings. When he did so, he saw a dried-up corpse belonging to a man staring back at him with a pair of bright silvery eyes.

Although Luo Yunyang was not afraid of any supernatural beings or ghosts, the appearance of that being was really frightening.

When Luo Yunyangs consciousness approached the spectral-like being, it suddenly landed on its face and kowtowed respectfully before him.

"Disciple Gu Mingping of the 1,350th generation of the Donghua Ancient Sect would like to pay his respects to the Ancestral Master!" The spectral-like persons tone was utterly sincere as he called Luo Yunyang Ancestral Master.

Luo Yunyang was confused as he watched the prostrating Gu Mingping. Baffled by what was going on, he wondered whether this was like what he had experienced during his 10 reincarnation cycles, when he had reincarnated into a dead being.

However, after taking a look at his body and feeling around him, Luo Yunyang was certain that he hadnt been reincarnated.

He had entered a new realm!

After taking a deep breath, Luo Yunyang surveyed his surroundings and sensed a repulsive force all around this void.

In the beginning, the repulsive force wasnt too obvious. However, as Luo Yunyang rapidly recovered his senses, he felt the repulsive force grow as well.

Gu Mingping suddenly spoke while Luo Yunyang was frowning. "Ancestral Master, the Heavenly Deceitful Jade Fluid is ready. You may get changed and take a bath in it!"

Luo Yunyangs heart twitched when he heard the name Heavenly Deceitful Jade Fluid. He began to look around his surroundings and realized that he was in a cave close to the center of the planet.

"Why are you calling me Ancestral Master?" Luo Yunyang questioned Gu Mingping after pondering this for a second.

"Because you are the Ancestor Master," Gu Mingping replied in his usual respectful tone.

Luo Yunyang decided to pay attention to Gu Mingpings cultivation. He utilized his spirit consciousness and determined that Gu Mingpings cultivation base had to be at the Galaxy Grade.

Luo Yunyang breathed a sigh of relief after confirming Gu Mingpings cultivation base. He did not wish to encounter someone he couldnt deal with after just arriving at the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

"Ancestral Master, according to the records in the ancient book, the successive Ancestral Master of this generation will need to be bathed in the Heavenly Deceitful Jade Fluid to wash off the filth after he appears." Gu Mingping looked at Luo Yunyang as he spoke calmly.

The Heavenly Deceitful Jade Fluid was in a pool not far away. Although it wasnt too outstanding in terms of spirituality, Luo Yunyang was sure that there wasnt anything harmful in it either.

After walking into the pool where the Heavenly Deceitful Jade Fluid was, Luo Yunyang felt the repulsive force on his body slowly dissipating.

Even some of the Origin Source Laws in his surroundings started to get drawn to him!

Luo Yunyang glanced at Gu Mingping, who was standing aside and used his mind power to envelop him.

Although Gu Mingping appeared to be very respectful, Luo Yunyang still felt that it was necessary to examine him.

Gu Mingping did not resist Luo Yunyangs mind power. Very soon, Luo Yunyang found out everything he needed to know.

The Donghua Ancient Sect was the last in rank but also the oldest of the seven major sects on the Qianliu Star.

In the history of the Donghua Ancient Sect, they had once occupied the entire Star System that the Qianliu Star was situated in, including tens of thousands of stars and domains. Once, they had owned a sect building that had occupied tens of thousands of miles in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

However, their territory had now shrunk to less than 10% of what they had initially had.

As the past hegemony of the Qianliu Star, they occupied the largest sacred land on the Qianliu Star, which was the Sacred Donghua Mountain that Luo Yunyang was on now.

According to Gu Mingpings memory, the reason for the Donghua Ancient Sects decline had been some kind of problem with their Ancestral Masters reincarnation pool.

In fact, even Gu Mingping couldnt remember exactly how many years it had been since the continuous cycle of Ancestral Masters of the Donghua Ancient Sect leaving and coming through the reincarnation pool had ceased.

Because the Donghua Ancient Sect lacked capable reincarnated Ancestor Masters to lead them in competing with the geniuses on the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, their sect had declined after several generations and become the worst of the seven great sects on the Qianliu Star.

Gu Mingping wasnt too sure of the details of the cycles of Ancestral Masters appearing and leaving through the reincarnation pool.

This was because the Donghua Ancient Sect seemed to have suffered some kind of calamity many years ago, causing their inheritance records to be incomplete.

However, Luo Yunyang was able to grasp a good understanding of the Donghua Ancient Sects origin after combining pieces of information he gathered from his own experience in the reincarnation pool with Gu Mingpings memories.

The Donghua Ancient Sect must have been established by the training base in order to help the trainees who took on the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos missions to be better integrated into this realm.

Or rather, it had been meant to give the trainees a suitable identity.

No trainees had entered ever since the silver tower had encountered problems, as even its core components had failed.

Without the support of the trainees, it was only natural for the Donghua Ancient Sect to decline.

After understanding all this, Luo Yunyangs first instinctive thought was that he needed the Donghua Ancient Sect. After his 10 reincarnation cycles, he now knew how important it was to be able to integrate an identity.

"Ancestral Master, I have already gathered all the disciples in the Donghua Ancient Sect and will have them visit you in the great hall." Gu Mingping greeted Luo Yunyang respectfully while Luo Yunyang came out of the Heavenly Deceitful Jade Fluid pool three days later.

After searching and observing Gu Mingpings memories, Luo Yunyang had discovered that Gu Mingping was basically a hardcore devoted disciple of the Donghua Ancient Sect.

The main reason he had been able to become an elder of the Donghua Ancient Sect was because his cultivation base was the highest among all the other disciples.

If Luo Yunyang wanted to find his true Heavenly Venerate body, he would need a lot of people. Although the Donghua Ancient Sect seemed a little weak, there were still tens of thousands of disciples.

This was much better than Luo Yunyang, who had arrived empty-handed.

He followed Gu Mingping into a simple, unadorned hall. Before Luo Yunyang could utter a word, a tall, curvy and attractive woman dashed forward with a raised sword and slashed at him.

The sword strike, which was well-practiced, was headed straight at Luo Yunyang!

"Liar! Are you trying to bully us because we do not have anyone? Today, Ill make you stay in the Donghua Ancient Sect forever!"