Supreme Uprising Chapter 665

Chapter 665 Being An Ancestral Master Is A Tough Ask

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The woman in red had a unique charisma that aroused one’s emotions. However, ordinary people couldn’t be affected by her charm at the time.

Her sword was simply too quick!

She was a Peak Nebula-Grade!

Luo Yunyang judged the woman’s cultivation as soon as she made her move. Luo Yunyang, who used to train in the Sky Sword Sect and was considered a top Grandmaster in sword techniques, felt that the woman’s execution was too inferior.

Therefore, he didn’t even try to dodge. When the sword-light came close, he simply extended a finger.

It was not the Universe-Breaking Snap!

Although Luo Yunyang was not unwilling to execute it, this woman was simply not worth the effort.

With a gentle jab of his finger, the long sword in the woman’s hand flew away immediately. The force applied to Luo Yunyang’s fingertips caused a deep scar to appear around the woman’s wrist.

Blood streamed down her jade-white wrist.

The woman looked afraid, as she had never imagined that she would be incapable of blocking a single finger.

Could this really be the reincarnation of their Ancestral Master?

During the decline of the Donghua Ancient Sect, talks about the reincarnation of their Ancestral Master had been circulating among the sect.

Some people were extremely enthusiastic about it. They believed that one day, the Ancestral Master would be reincarnated and he would help the Donghua Ancient Sect regain its former glory.

Those people were led by their elder, Gu Mingping.

Similarly, there was also a group of people who simply did not believe this at all. These people felt that the Donghua Ancient Sect had to depend on itself to regain its former glory.

That group was led by the current Sect Master of the Donghua Ancient Sect, who was also the woman who had just swung her sword at Luo Yunyang.

Yin Feihuan had a very high status in the Donghua Ancient Sect. Not only was her cultivation base one of the best in the Donghua Ancient Sect, but she also ranked 39th in beauty in the entire Great Mystic Sky Universe.

Some people argued that Yin Feihuan had the looks to rank within the top ten beauty rankings, but she had slid to the 39th ranking because of her weak sect.

However, it was publicly known that Yin Feihuan had shouldered the entire Donghua Ancient Sect’s responsibility by herself.

Gu Mingping, the grand elder, was already too old so he had basically withdrawn himself from the public eye.

If it had not been for his status as a grand elder and his high-level cultivation, nobody would have believed his ridiculous ideology.

For many years, the reincarnation of their Ancestral Master had been regarded as a fantasy by many people.

Therefore, when Gu Mingping summoned most of the disciples, almost everyone thought that the person in question would be a liar.

This eventually led to Yin Feihuan attacking Luo Yunyang.

“Who are you?” Yin Feihuan asked as she took a deep breath. Her delicate face was full of shock.

Since Luo Yunyang was ready to accept the Donghua Ancient Sect, he wouldn’t deny his identity as their Ancestral Master.

“I am the Ancestral Master of the Donghua Ancient Sect. Didn’t Gu Mingping inform you?”

“You are not! The reincarnation of our Ancestral Master was in fact a baseless rumor. I, Yin Feihuan, will never allow you to use this excuse to plot against the Donghua Ancient Sect. Our disciples will never allow you to do this either.”

“Yin Feihuan, what have you done? How can you be rude to the Ancestral Master!” Gu Mingping reprimanded her.

After spending a few days with Luo Yunyang, Gu Mingping had started completely treating Luo Yunyang as his Ancestral Master, who had just been reincarnated.

Actually, there had never been any doubt about Luo Yunyang’s identity as their Ancestral Master. However, just as he had been about to introduce Luo Yunyang to the rest of the Donghua Ancient Sect’s disciples, Yi Feihuan had actually struck out at Luo Yunyang.

This was a disgraceful, unfilial action!

Because Yin Feihuan was too fast, he wasn’t able to stop her. However, he also believed that his Ancestral Master would be safe.

Sure enough, everything happened as he had expected. Luo Yunyang merely extended a finger to stop Yin Feihuan, who was the best person at the sword technique within the Donghua Ancient Sect.

“Do I even need your acknowledgment?” Luo Yunyang rolled his eyes at Yin Feihuan before turning his attention to the tens of thousands of cauldrons arranged outside the main hall.

“This is the Ten Thousand Cauldron Formation. Not only can it suppress and absorb the surrounding stars, but it is also an important sect formation.” The artificial intelligence with the female Divine Martialist’s voice spoke in Luo Yunyang’s ears.

“Why are you here?” When Luo Yunyang had checked his own belongings, he hadn’t found the silver tower at all. Hence, he had thought that the tower must have been left in the realm he originated from.

“I was still worried about you, so I split myself into two and tagged along.” The robotic voice sounded unfriendly as it added, “Remember, you’ll call me Wang Wujiang. I will answer to nothing else!”

Wang Wujiang? Luo Yunyang had never thought that the artificial intelligence would give herself such a name.

What an awful-sounding name!

“How did you come up with such an awful name?” Luo Yunyang asked bluntly.

“Stop spouting nonsense, you ignorant fella. My name means that I’m the best and the strongest. You… You’re making me mad.” An image of the raging female Divine Martialist entered Luo Yunyang’s mind.

“Alright, alright, alright! Wang Wujiang is a really nice name, okay?” Luo Yunyang was still glad that the artificial intelligence had come along. “You will be Wang Wujiang in the future.”

“I was already Wang Wujiang in the first place!” The artificial intelligence objected.

“I still have some information about the Donghua Ancient Sect. Here, it’s all yours.”

Although tons of information flooded Luo Yunyang’s mind, it was a simple task for him to process it by using his Heavenly Venerate spirit consciousness.

Yin Feihuan was glaring at Luo Yunyang. Her anger was suffocating her. According to their Sect rules, she, as the Sect Master, was the rightful person that was supposed to manage all their people.

However, the person that had just appeared had actually said that he didn’t need her acknowledgment. This was really…

Most of the disciples were watching Luo Yunyang suspiciously. Many of them did not believe the whole nonsense about the reincarnation of their Ancestral Master, as many years had passed already.

They believed that this story was a fabrication created by a group of elders in order to dupe them, just for the sake of keeping a glimmer of hope in them about the Donghua Ancient Sect.

“Why aren’t all of you paying your respects to the Ancestral Master?” Gu Mingping’s face stiffened after hearing what Luo Yunyang had said. He was afraid that the disciples would disrespect the Ancestral Master and Luo Yunyang would choose to abandon them.

His words did not receive a corresponding response. Most of the people were looking to Yin Feihuan for instructions.

Yin Feihuan huffed and chose not to speak. Hence, all of the disciples just stood by idly. Gu Mingping, who was enraged, screamed at a white-haired elder, “Impudence! Even you won’t pay your respects to the Ancestral Master?”

The old man, who was also an elder in the sect, was Gu Mingping’s disciple. His face turned bright scarlet after he was berated by his own master.

“Master, you have always trained on the back mountains, so you know nothing about the dangers lurking in the world,” the old man finally said after pondering this for a moment.

Although he had spoken in an indirect manner, he was still implying that Gu Mingping was getting old and muddle-headed.

Gu Mingping glared back at his disciple. Just as he was about to teach his unfilial disciple a lesson, someone began to laugh hysterically. “Isn’t it disrespectful of the Donghua Ancient Sect to ignore its very important guest?”

A confident young man appeared among the mountains. He covered hundreds of meters with each step, as if he was strolling in his own backyard.

“Xu Chunfeng, this is the Donghua Ancient Sect. Didn’t your master teach you some manners?” The old man who had just been berated by Gu Mingping snapped angrily at Xu Chunfeng.

“Ha ha ha! You’re right, Elder Zheng. I’m wrong. I should respect Elder Zheng, as we’re going to be a family soon.” Xu Chunfeng cupped his hands while he spoke.

Then, his attention was shifted onto Gu Mingping. “Ah, it’s great to see you here, Elder Gu. My Ancestral Master wanted to talk to you regarding the wedding between me and Feihuan. You saved me the trouble of going to look for you. My Ancestral Master is waiting outside your sect gate. I would like to invite Elder Gu and Feihuan over to meet him.”

Yin Feihuan grimaced as she chided Xu Chunfeng. “I’ve said so before. This is impossible. I would rather die than agree.”

Xu Chunfeng, who wasn’t surprised by Yin Feihuan’s attitude, smiled lightly and said, “Feihuan, I know. However, it’s not my decision. It’s Ancestor Master Yin Yu’s decision, so you can’t go against it.”

He waved his hands while saying that. Instantly, clouds gathered from all directions. The sea of clouds varied in color. However, when they converged, they formed six peculiar images.

One could see divine swords piercing the heavens, a formation disc suppressing the land, and beasts reigning the sects.

Xu Chungfeng laughed as the images appeared. “The elders of the six great sects have arrived. Feihuan, are you going to make them wait?”

This sentence was like a heavy load suffocating the entire Donghua Ancient Sect.

Suddenly, someone laughed and said, “You are a worthless bunch!”