Supreme Uprising Chapter 666

Chapter 666 Six Sects Unite The Strong Prey On The Weak

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A worthless bunch!

These words sounded simple. Even Xu Chunfeng had also used such words against some enemies in a pique of fury before.

However, Xu Chunfeng was pissed. He instantly glared angrily at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang had bathed in the Heavenly Deceitful Jade Fluid. Thus, his current cultivation base was something Xu Chunfeng simply couldnt sense at the moment.

Xu Chunfeng frowned when he wasnt able to detect Luo Yunyangs cultivation base. However, when he thought about his own support, he said sinisterly, "Sir, you talk very big indeed. Be careful, or the wind will cut your tongue!"

He then turned to Yin Feihuan. "Feihuan, lets go. Our Sect Master has come here personally. We shouldnt linger here."

Yin Feihuans face turned red when she heard Xu Chunfengs unbridled words. She really wanted to stab the shameless Xu Chunfeng. Unfortunately, Xu Chunfengs cultivation base was higher than hers.

"Young ones, Yin Yuzi has actually come. I will go see that ungrateful thing!" Gu Mingping bellowed angrily.

"Old Gu, you are too old already. Why bother getting so worked up? My sects Ancestral Master still respects you highly."

"He he After you come over to the Yinyu Sect, you will be a Yinyu elder!"

Gu Mingping snorted coldly. He took no notice of Xu Chunfeng as he said icily to no one in particular, "Yin Yuzi, what have you all come for this time?"

Although Gu Mingping generally didnt care much about the affairs of other sects, he was still the Grand Elder of the Donghua Ancient Sect, so he had power that most people didnt have.

"Ha ha ha! I was wondering whose spirit was that impressive. Turns out it was old brother Gu." A good-looking middle-aged man suddenly appeared in the void.

Luo Yunyang could clearly sense that this persons cultivation base was at the Celestial Domain 1-Grade. Gu Mingpings face stiffened the moment he walked out.

"He has broken through to the Celestial Domain Grade!"

"He he Entirely by luck. Some time ago, I entered the first level of the Celestial Domain Grade by relying on the Supreme Mysterious Sects tribulation platform." The man chuckled. "Luck from heaven!"

Gu Mingping took a deep breath and asked, "What have you come to our Donghua Ancient Sect for? Could it be that you wish to take over our sect?"

"Dont forget that back in the day, your Yinyu Sect was on the brink of being destroyed by the Innate Demon Sect. Back then, it was the Donghua Ancient Sect that took you all in," Gu Mingping said.

"The Yinyu Sect has never forgotten its debt to the Donghua Ancient Sect. Old Gu, the Donghua Ancient Sect is on the downturn. Im only doing this to benefit the Donghua Ancient Sect!"

Yin Yuzi said with a pitying look, "I cant just stand aside and watch the Donghua Ancient Sect that the Yinyu Sect owes a huge debt to just disappear from this world while nobody carries on its traditions."

At this point, he looked at Gu Mingping and said, "If you all join our Yinyu Sect, I could give you a branch of your own. Furthermore, your cultivation resources could be given by the Yinyu Sect."

Gu Mingping gritted his teeth slightly in anger upon hearing these righteous words. He knew that Yin Yuzi was very despicable. He clearly wished to acquire their sect. Although his intentions were dirty, this fella could actually make them sound justified.

"Uncle Master Yin Yu, our Donghua Ancient Sect has always had good relations with the Yinyu Sect. However, we find it difficult to accept this course of action."

Yin Fehuan, who was standing behind Gu Mingping, spoke resolutely. "Our Donghua Ancient Sect has many branches. Even if the entire Donghua Ancient Sect breaks off and gets severed, we would still have to answer to our Ancestral Master."

"Today, we would rather be a piece of broken jade than an intact tile!"

Yin Feihuan said this somewhat tragically, leading to a chorus of similar cries from many Donghua Ancient Sect disciples.

"We would rather be a broken piece of jade than an intact tile!"

"Our Donghua Ancient Sect has existed for many millennia. We absolutely wont surrender."

Yin Yuzi didnt really take Yin Feihuans words to heart. He just smiled. "You have no right to speak when your elder is talking."

Suddenly, he gazed out into the void. "It is getting late. Lets not let the other sect masters get impatient. Fenger, prepare everything. It is about time."

As soon as he said this, a tall, large old man riding a huge golden elephant appeared in the void.

This old man had a bright red face and a pair of huge eyes. Each eye contained three pupils of black, red and blue.

The huge golden elephant he rode was a Galaxy-Grade beast. The elephant hooted before the old man even said a word.

Its hoot sounded sorrowful.

The old man palmed the golden elephants head heavily, making that seemingly extraordinary elephant kneel to the ground.

"Wretch beast, how dare you be disobedient! You deserve a beating!" The old mans sonorous voice reverberated.

Many Donghua Ancient Sect Disciples glared furiously at the old man. This golden elephant was a mythical beast that guarded the mountain the Donghua Ancient Sect was on. 100 years ago, the sect master of the Ten Thousand Beast Sect, Master Yu Shou, had captured it.

The reason he had given for its capture was that this beast had an affinity for him.

Although the Donghua Ancient Sect had finally resigned itself to this, the sect master at the time, who had been Yin Feihuans father, had been infuriated. He had been an initial-stage Galaxy-Grade martialist, yet he had ultimately died from Qi Deviation.

It could be said that the animosity between old Yu Shou and the Donghua Ancient Sect was etched deeply in the hearts of many Donghua Ancient Sect disciples.

"What sort of person is brother Yin Yu? He has become a Celestial Domain-Grade entity. Such an individual is a respectable person in the Mysterious Sky."

At this point, Old Man Yu Shou looked clearly smug. "It is an honor for the Donghua Ancient Sect that he is willing to take you all in."

"This old man is still eager to eat, drink and have fun. Stop dawdling!"

He then continued sucking up to Yin Yuzi. "Brother Yin Yuzi, you are great at everything, but you have this habit you cant change! You are too kind and soft-hearted. Do you know the way to tame animals? You have to viciously discipline unruly and disobedient beasts!"

"This is the principle of tempering justice with mercy."

While this was going on, four others came over. Although these four looked weird and strange, each of them had the elegance of a lord. However, their expressions seemed to contain a mix of joy and worry.

The fact that they were standing by Yin Yuzis side demonstrated that the various large sects of the Qianliu Star had no objection to the Yinyu Sect swallowing the Donghua Ancient Sect.

"Now that things have reached this stage, are you all still going to be obstinate?" Yin Yuzis expression turned cold as he spoke menacingly.

When he said this, a man who seemed to be in his thirties stepped forward. "We pledge our allegiance to the Yinyu Sect. This is the only way out for the Donghua Ancient Sect. The Donghua Ancient Sects Monastic Discipline Hall is willing to pledge its allegiance."

"The Martial Cultivation Hall is willing to pledge its allegiance!" Yet another man stepped forward and spoke respectfully.

After these two led the way, at least half of the Donghua Ancient Sect disciples stepped out and pledged their allegiance to the Yinyu Sect.

The furious Donghua Ancient Sect disciples were all hesitant now.

Gu Mingping was shaking with rage. It seemed as though he had forgotten about Ancestral Master Luo Yunyang, whom he had placed great hopes in.

Although Luo Yunyang had already seen Gu Mingpings memories, he hadnt done anything.

Yin Fehuan, who had already drawn her sword, said icily, "As Sect Master of the Donghua Ancient Sect, I can die here. However"

"Dont talk about dying or living at the drop of a hat. Why dont you look carefully? These fellows are just a bunch of annoying houseflies." Luo Yunyang wasnt interested in continuing to watch this. He had come here for the sake of searching for his true Heavenly Venerate body and had no intention of wasting his time.

Thus, he had already made a decision by the time Yin Yuzi and the others came out.

Not only would he accept the Donghua Ancient Sect, but he would also make the Donghua Ancient Sects power speedily return to its previous heights.

When it came to searching for stuff, the strength of one and the strength of many were too far apart.

Yin Yuzi had never imagined that someone would actually come out. What was more repulsive was that this person had actually called them a bunch of houseflies.

Gu Mingping sobered up from his fit of anger. He looked at Luo Yunyang and knelt to the ground. "Ancestral Master, it is the uselessness of your disciples that let the sect fall to such a state. Please save the Donghua Ancient Sect!"

Gu Mingpings kneeling pose shocked the Donghua Ancient Sect disciples. Even Yin Yuzi and the other sects powerhouses were stunned. They stared at Luo Yunyang, trying to guess his origin.

The people who had betrayed the Donghua Ancient Sect reported Luo Yunyangs identity to Yin Yuzi.

"Ha ha ha! Gu Mingping, Gu Mingping An ancestral master reincarnation? That is something your Donghua Ancient Sect came up with to console yourselves out of despair. How could even a person like you believe this? How absurd!"

After saying this, he pointed at Luo Yunyang. "If he is a reincarnated embodiment of your Ancestral Master, then I am a living Ninth-Level Heavenly Venerate!"

Hooting laughter rang out all around. This laughter was filled with mockery that was directed at Gu Mingping.

"If you really are our sects Ancestral Master, then please save the Donghua Ancient Sect." Yin Feihuan gritted her teeth and joined Gu Mingping in kneeling before Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang could see that this sect master didnt really believe him. The reason she knelt was because she couldnt bear to see Gu Mingping kneel by himself.

"You are all really foolish!" Luo Yunyang shook his head. "The Ancestor has already left you all such great treasure, but youve actually lost sight of whats important!"

Atop his golden elephant, Old Man Yu Shou huffed. "Youre deceiving people!"