Supreme Uprising Chapter 667

Chapter 667 10000 Cauldrons Rise Absolute Obliteration

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"The Donghua Ancient Sect is really at the end of the line. In the past, they came up with this Ancestral Master reincarnation as a way to boost morale, yet now a real Ancestral Master has really been produced!"

"Exactly, being absorbed into the Yinyu Sect is perfectly normal!"

"The winds will always change. The era of the Donghua Ancient Sect is about to end!"

All sorts of discussions erupted all around the Donghua Ancient Sect. The speakers were disciples of the six great sects of the Qianliu Star.

They had come over hoping to gain some benefits as the Donghua Ancient Sect got destroyed. After all, the Yinyu Sect had already made a commitment to go through with this.

Besides some important spots that couldnt be touched, everything else was a free-for-all.

These discussions made many Donghua Ancient Sect disciples palm their heads. Meanwhile, others glanced at Yin Feihuan and tried to pull her up.

Yin Feihuan didnt get up. She continued to look at Luo Yunyang. Luo Yunyang could tell that Yin Feihuan wasnt hopeful, but her expression was entrusting.

He wasnt unfamiliar with this sort of entrusting look. This was a look someone had when they were helpless and desperate.

He looked at Yin Yuzi and the others before shaking his head. "Childish."

He then pulled up Yin Feihuan and tossed her into the leftmost corner amongst the 10,000 cauldrons in the large hall.

When Yin Feihua fell, Luo Yunyangs voice was heard in her mind. "Use the 36 Fundamental Styles."

The 36 Fundamental Styles were the Donghua Ancient Sects introductory techniques. Yin Feihuan had become well-versed in these techniques from a young age.

However, as her cultivation base had increased, these techniques that could only raise the intensity of flesh and bone had gradually been chucked aside by Yin Feihuan.

Yin Feihuan instinctively unleashed the 36 Fundamental Styles when she heard Luo Yunyangs words. The instant these 36 styles were unleashed, the massive cauldrons that had originally been calm started to vibrate.

Yin Yuzi definitely wasnt willing to get caught in a war while trying to absorb the Donghua Ancient Sect. Thus, at the first sign of trouble, he struck out at Yin Feihuan, who had started to use the 36 Fundamental Styles.

He was a Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse, so a palm containing overflowing power appeared in the void when he struck out.

Although this palm wasnt big, the eyes of the other martialists widened when they saw the jade-white palm appear.

The power they sensed was like a looming mountain thousands of meters high and a flowing river that was both wide and long.

This was unlike ordinary mountains and rivers.

Even a solar system would be blown up by this palm!

"F*ck you!" Although Gu Mingping had been slightly pissed off by Yin Feihuans refusal to listen, Yin Feihuan was still the Sect Master of the Donghua Ancient Sect so what she was doing concerned the fate of the sect.

Although he didnt know if Yin Feihuan would succeed, Gu Mingping still rushed towards the jade-white palm suspended in the void at the first chance he got.

His cultivation base was inferior to Yin Yuzis, so he had put his life on the line by doing so. However, he had merely made a move when Old Man Yu Shou roared with laughter and waved his hands. An illusory giant python appeared out of thin air and barreled toward Gu Mingping.

"Gu Mingping, I am your opponent!"

This giant python, which possessed Galaxy-Grade power, sealed off Gu Mingpings movements immediately. At the moment, he could only frantically ward off the python while glancing at Yin Feihuan from time to time.

He hoped that Ancestral Master Luo Yunyang would help out this time.

However, the Ancestral Master he had placed his hopes on just stood there without a care in the world while that jade-white palm continued to fall towards Yin Feihuan.

Just one palm would be enough to bury Yin Feihuan there!

Xu Chunfeng was somewhat anxious as he watched that palm crashing down. His Ancestral Master had already promised that Yin Feihuan would be allowed to become his wife.

Xu Chunfeng had longed for this great beauty for a very long time. He had put in a lot of effort to get Yin Yuzi to agree that Yin Feihuan could become his wife.

However, Yin Yuzi was now actually trying to kill Yin Feihuan.

Xu Chufeng wanted to shout and ask Yin Yuzi to stop, yet he felt as though someone was clamping his jaw shut. He knew that, given his character, Yin Yuzi would definitely be unhappy with him if he shouted.

If the Ancestral Master was unhappy, his future status within the sect would fall drastically. That sort of outcome would be really

After making a decision, Xu Chunfeng could only stand and watch as that jade palm imprint approached Yin Feihuan. Just as he was about to memorize the sight of this dazzling beauty in his mind for all eternity, a huge cauldron beneath Yin Feihuans feet shot out.

Green light suddenly enveloped Yin Feihuan!

That palm, which contained an overwhelming power, lashed out strongly. However, the moment the palm and the green light came into contact, that white palm was shattered within the void as if it was brittle jade.

Yin Yuzis facial expression turned stiff. He knew what sort of power this attack of his contained.

He had actually failed to do anything under the circumstances. This made him instinctively feel a little afraid.

As he hesitated, the other 9,999 huge cauldrons flew up simultaneously and expanded in the void. In just an instant, the area occupied by these large cauldrons glowed with a brilliant luster!

This extremely resplendent glow enveloped the sacred mountain the entire Donghua Ancient Sect resided on.

The huge cauldrons revolved while the glow spread all around!

A Galaxy-Grade powerhouse from the Yinyu Sect could tell that things werent looking good when this glow started to expand.

As a top powerhouse of the Yinyu Sect, he reacted instantly and unleashed a top-notch Yinyu Sect mystic ability.

Unfortunately, the shiny jade palm he released was instantly shattered by that glow. As the glow reached him, his body was turned to dust right away.

"Run, quick!" Old Man Yu Shou slapped the huge golden elephant he was on and turned to flee. It would have been nice if he had gotten something out of this, but even if he couldnt do so, he absolutely wouldnt be willing to stay here.

The huge golden elephant tooted and charged straight towards the area with the concentrated glow. Old Yu Shou was furious when he saw the golden elephants actions. He knew that the huge golden elephant was trying to get him killed.

At any other time, Old Man Yu Shou would have smashed the huge gold elephant to bits. However, he simply couldnt be bothered now.

The 10,000 cauldrons created a huge pressure in his heart. He felt that, under the current circumstances, his best option was really to preserve his own life.

Everything else would have to wait.

Unfortunately, the instant he took to the sky, the glowing lights struck his body. Although that body had been tempered over many years and consumed countless treasures and resources to create a protective coating, it was still smashed to smithereens by the glow.

"Mercy!" As the Sect Master of the Beast Control Sect, Old Man Yu Shou had always been a high and mighty character. However, he had already chucked his dignity aside and started begging for mercy.

As the glow reached him, he was shattered. Not even a single strand of his consciousness was able to escape.

The 10,000 cauldrons rumbled and the lights streaked like lightning all around. As these fine numerous lights struck people, they killed them instantly. However, as the lights passed through the ground the Donghua Ancient Sect stood on, not a single mark was left on it.

It seemed as if this had all been just actual light.

"Burrow underground!" Xu Chunfeng was already dumbfounded. He had watched as his master, his Uncle-Master and other powerful, authoritative figures had died one after the other, so he was scared witless.

He had never imagined that the Donghua Ancient Sect that they looked down upon would actually possess such a powerful weapon.

This weapon was so powerful that it made people despair!

Upon hearing the shout to burrow underground, he didnt hesitate. He immediately rushed into the ground. Although he had never learned any specific burrowing techniques, this wouldnt be a problem given the strength of his body.

Unfortunately, as he entered the ground and saw Yin Yuzi, who had similarly rushed into the ground, countless glowing streaks of light passed through the earth and headed for him and Yin Yuzi.

Yin Yuzi was frantically trying all sorts of methods and techniques. They were all Yin Yizis secret techniques that Xu Chunfeng had never seen him impart to anyone before. In the past, he had believed that, as long as he could gain just a part of them, he would be set for life.

However, those ultimate techniques that he had coveted greatly were swept away like leaves in the wind.

As his own body started to crumble, he noticed that Yin Yuzis body was rapidly disintegrating too.

"Donghua Ancient Sect, you you have no idea what sort of people you have actually offended! You dont know!" an unresigned Yin Yuzi howled, even though no one paid any attention.

A minute later, the lights that enveloped the entire sky and earth stopped. Only the Donghua Ancient Sect disciples were left standing within the sect premises.

Even the disciples that had betrayed the Donghua Ancient Sect were alive and well. None of them had died.

However, each and every one of them was currently trembling.

That seemingly holy glow had really scared them witless.

10,000 huge cauldrons floated in the void while Yin Feihuan, who stood atop them, overlooked everything like some sort of deity.

"Arent you going to return all these cauldrons to their original spots?" Luo Yunyang shook his head and said nonchalantly, "Such a great array formation was ruined in this manner by you. What a waste!"

Yin Feihuan turned towards Luo Yunyang!