Supreme Uprising Chapter 668

Chapter 668 Above Heavenly Venerate

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Yin Feihuan was a proud person! She felt that she had the right to be proud too.

Furthermore, everyone felt the same. One of the top five ranking beauties even gave Yin Feihuan a heartfelt evaluation.

"Youre ambition is sky-high!"

Many people agreed with this evaluation. However, some felt that it meant something more.

According to a common saying, people with sky-high ambition usually lived a paper-thin life. Therefore, many people doubted what the lady said.

However, Yin Feihuans subsequent actions stunned everyone, including Gu Mingping and the members of the Donghua Ancient Sect.

"Disciple Yin Feihuan offended the Ancestral Master. I plead the Ancestral Master to forgive my sins!" Yin Feihuan knelt on the ground as she spoke in a sincere, respectful manner.

Luo Yunyang wasnt very interested in Yin Feihuan. The reason he had helped the Donghua Ancient Sect was to bring the ancient sect under his control.

"No need for formalities." Luo Yunyang remained unperturbed. "All of you can handle everything from now on."

With that, Luo Yunyang waved his sleeves and walked over to the Historical Records Chamber of the Donghua Ancient Sect.

Although the Historical Records Chamber was very important to a sect, no one prevented Luo Yunyang from entering it.

Almost everyone regarded Luo Yunyang as the reincarnated Ancestral Master of the Donghua Ancient Sect.

How would he know the uses of the Ten Thousand Caldron Formation if he wasnt the Ancestral Master? If he hadnt mentioned it, Yin Feihuan wouldnt have known that the basic techniques used during their disciple training were a way to activate the sect-protecting formation.

"The rest of us also." The other hall masters who had supported Yin Yuzi all dropped down to their knees almost at the same time when they witnessed his death.

Such traitors were usually given the death sentence or severe punishment. However, Yin Feihuan chose not to do so after contemplating everything. Instead, she assigned them a new mission: to annihilate the Yinyu Sect.

The Yinyu Sect had sent out elites to occupy the Donghua Ancient Sect. However, almost all of them had been killed by the Ten Thousand Cauldron Formation.

Hence, it wouldnt be too difficult to annihilate the Yinyu Sect. This also meant that those people had to be forever loyal to the Donghua Ancient Sect after they made their move on the Yinyu Sect.

Although these hall masters were well aware of Yin Feihuans intentions, they were still very grateful as they made their way out of the Donghua Ancient Sect hurriedly.

"These people cant be trusted!" Gu Mingping said solemnly.

Yin Feihuan nodded gently upon hearing Gu Mingpings sincere advice. Although he wasnt in charge of the matters of the sect, he was still insightful.

However, Yin Feihuans attention shifted to the Historical Records Chamber. The timely appearance of Luo Yunyang had saved the Donghua Ancient Sect from a great trouble that had crippled them for years. However, this made Yin Feihuan feel that the Donghua Ancient Sect was no longer under her control.

Inside the Historical Records Chamber, Luo Yunyang wasnt viewing any records about martial techniques. He was looking at the historical records of the entire Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

Ninth Levels of Heavenly Venerate!

It was natural for the Donghua Ancient Sect to possess a huge collection of records, as it was a prosperous sect that occupied countless planets. There were even more records about cultivation techniques.

Most of the cultivation systems of the Donghua Ancient Sect were similar to those of the Divine Union, but Luo Yunyang even discovered an interesting phenomenon among them.

The naming of the various cultivation grades in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos was almost similar to the Tianyunshen Voids

For example, Galaxy-Grades were referred to as Earth Celestial-Grades in the Tianyunshen Void. In the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, the equivalent of a Galaxy-Grade cultivation was also an Earth Celestial cultivation!

Celestial Domain-Grades were Sky Celestials and Universe-Grades were referred to as Celestial-Thearches!

As he read this explanation, Luo Yunyang suddenly thought that the Tianyun Void and the realm the Divine Union resided in were like two lazy kids that only managed to learn half of what was available.

The kid from the Tianyunshen Dynasty had even strayed away from his studies.

Luo Yunyang pondered this for a bit before turning his attention to the explanation that involved the Heavenly Venerates.

He had once been a Heavenly Venerate and he would be facing Heavenly Venerate opponents soon. Hence, he cared a great deal about this.

There were nine levels of a Heavenly Venerate. After these nine levels, one would become an Almighty!

Although there were tons of ancient books in the Donghua Ancient Sect, most of them centered around cultivation grades, that was the only sentence that described the Heavenly Venerate.

Nine Levels of Heavenly Venerate!

Back when Luo Yunyang had been in the Tianyunshen Void and discussed cultivation techniques with Heavenly Venerate Purple Crane, they had talked about ones cultivation path after becoming a Heavenly Venerate.

Unfortunately, although they had reached the conclusion that there were still higher grades after becoming a Heavenly Venerate, they hadnt seemed to find a suitable cultivation technique to achieve this.

They couldnt tell why they could not find a way. However, at the end of the day, Luo Yunyang had heard Heavenly Venerate Purple Crane say that perhaps it was because of the realm they were in.

At the time, Luo Yunyang had not cared much about his statement. However, now, he kind of understood the meaning.

While the Tianyunshen Void wasnt small, it was still a void. This was like the difference between a lake and the sea.

A whale wouldnt be able to live in a lake, no matter how big it was, as it could only live in the sea.

There were still Almighties after the nine levels of Heavenly Venerates!

There were no records of what an Almighty was, nor how many Almighties there were in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos.

According to another ancient book, it seemed like the names of the Almighties couldnt be displayed on paper.

In addition to the cultivation system, Luo Yunyang also found differences in cultivation between the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos and the Divine Union.

The difference was the Martial Path Heaven Tribulation.

In the Divine Union, as long as the cultivator attained this grade, advancement would occur naturally. However, in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos, a tribulation would occur instead.

The Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation would occur as early as the Planet Grade. The cultivator would become much stronger if he managed to survive a tougher tribulation.

Although many martialists had perished due to their Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation, it also allowed many martialists to reap a larger benefit.

The Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation could solve the hidden dangers caused during cultivation, enhance the foundation of the cultivator, and

Because of the existence of the Martial Path Heavenly Tribulation, Luo Yunyang felt that the martialists in the Mysterious Sky Great Cosmos werent only a level stronger than the equivalent grades in the Divine Union.

Instead, they became many times stronger as the grades increased.

However, Luo Yunyang was more interested in the information regarding the mysterious flying boat. He quickly searched through the pile of records and finally found some information in a tattered ancient book.

"When the Sun and the Moon are side by side, a boat appears in the high sky"

Besides that sentence, there was also a drawing in the ancient book. It was the image of the flying boat.

"Disciple Yin Feihuan would like to seek an audience with the Ancestral Master." Yin Feihuans voice rang out just as Luo Yunyang put the book down to meditate.

Luo Yunyang, who had read through the ancient book and wasnt going to continue reading, agreed. "Come in."

Yin Feihuan was wearing a white dress when she entered and looked particularly attractive. After seeing Luo Yunyang, she bowed respectfully before him. Luo Yunyang raised his hands and asked, "What is this about?"

"Ancestral Master, I just heard that the Kunwu Sword Union and the other top ten sects are now marching towards our Qianlui Star," Yin Feihuan answered respectfully.

The Kunwu Sword Union? Luo Yunyang had found some information about the Sword Union while he had been looking through the records. He knew that, after the Donghua Ancient Sects decline, the majority of its territory had been gobbled up by the Kunwu Sword Union.

The Kunwu Sword Union had been prepared to capture the Qianliu Star back as well. However, the Donghua Ancient Sect had managed to conjure some treasures left behind by cultivators and deal with the Kunwu Sword Unions assault.

During the severe decline of the Donghua Ancient Sect, the Kunwu Sword Union had begun to ignore the regressing sect that was still on the Qianliu Star.

However, news of the Donghua Ancient Sect demolishing six great sects had reached the Kunwu Sword Union, thus making its members fearful of the threat the Donghua Ancient Sect was about to become.

More importantly, they had heard about Luo Yunyangs identity as the sects Ancestral Master. Hence, the purpose of this invasion was also to exterminate the Donghua Ancient Sect.

Luo Yunyang frowned after listening to Yin Feihuans report. He had gone there to find the flying boat, not to become the nanny of the Donghua Ancient Sect.

"Ancestral Master, the Donghua Ancient Sects most important Tribulation Platform was taken away by the Kunwu Sword Union. If we hadnt lost our Tribulation Platform, we wouldnt have declined so quickly!" Yin Feihuan cried out in hatred.

Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up when he heard that the Tribulation Platform was in the Kunwu Sword Unions possession. He was very interested in the Tribulation Platform, which could raise the difficulty of a martialists tribulation.

However, it couldnt be found on the Qianliu Star.

"Since they dared to come, well make this a one-way trip for them. Tell them that if they return half of the territory that belonged to the Donghua Ancient Sect in the past, as well as the Tribulation Platform in three days, Ill let them go."

Yin Feihuans beautiful eyes were staring at Luo Yunyang. She was here to talk with Ancestral Master Yunyang about how to deal with the army of the Kunwu Sword Union. She had never thought that the Ancestral Master was going to demand that the Kunwu Sword Union surrender half of what they possessed.

Her Ancestral Masters cultivation base was indeed light-years away from hers

Luo Yunyang waved his hands at Yin Feihuan, who had gone blank. "What else are you unclear about?"

"Nothing. This This disciple will handle it right away!" Yin Feihuan clenched her teeth and decided to go ahead with this seemingly ridiculous order. After all, she remembered how the Ancestral Master had made her activate the sect-protecting great formation.

How the Kunwu Sword Union would react to this wasnt Yin Feihuans problem anymore!